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Geneva Pink Gold Tone Dial Watch

I guess the old adage is true: You get what you pay for. Geneva watches are pure garbage and unfortunately I had to learn this lesson three times over. The first two times I thought it was pure coincidence because I purchased a cream color and mint green Geneva …

Polar A300 watch

I was looking for a new watch that measured my Heart Rate (HR) at the gym. I used to have the most basic polar in the market. So I decided it was time to upgrade. I looked at all the different brands available but none of them were filling my …

Karrimor Life Coach watch

I purchased this “life coach” as I was searching for an inexpensive heart monitoring device that did not require the use of a chest strap. As the only other models available costed up to 4 times as much, and I had found this on sale, I decided to purchase …

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch

Being a boy I really like watches. But I never really had an idea of how a smartwatch would feel on my wrist, which is the reason why I thought of buying the Gear 2 which was the first smartwatch that got my attention. The best thing about this watch …

Seiko Men’s SKP332 Brown Leather Strap Dress Watch

I have a small wrist (~6 inches in circumference) so for years, I haven’t been wearing a wristwatch. All of the watches that I see when passing by the cases at the mall are way too big for me. To me, a big watch on my wrist looks like …

Anne Klein Women’s Silver-Tone Swarovski Crystal Accented White Plastic Watch

I am an obsessive fan of huge analog watches. I am just irresistibly attracted to simple watches with a big analog face. It is more like a man’s watch, so in order to preserve my femininity (and match the watch to my everyday clothing), I had to compensate and …

Orpat TBZL - 607 Alarm Clock

I think that this alarm clock is a nice one. I am currently using one of them and it is working perfectly. This clock has an attractive design. The best part in this clock is that in night, when you can not see the time properly, then just press …

Ed Hardy Watches

They say that the type of watch that a person wears determines what type of person they are. True or untrue watches these days are unique, bold, crazy, and decked out to the max. I am a type of person that loves unique things and one of the most …

Casio Alarm Chrono Water Resist 50M Watch

My Casio watch is my favorite worn object. I value it over my clothes and glasses, as it is the most helpful object I could ever need. With accurate timing, extreme durability, and a built-in timer, I have all I ever need time-wise strapped to my wrist. I wear …

Timex Women’s Expedition Metal Field Watch

In my younger years, I use to only wear sport watches. Always had a thing for them and the fact that most of them were glow in the dark. So my last watch broke on me and it was time for a …

Armitron Women’s Pink Bracelet Watch

I love buying watches at Walmart since their prices are so good. So one day I stumbled upon the Armitron Women’s Bracelet Watch and I just had to have it. I bought it for around 18.00 and couldn’t wait to start …

Timex Womens T5J151 1440 Sports Digital Watch

I would not probably call myself a watch woman as I find that I am not very careful when it comes to handling watches and for a few watches that I have owned, I have ended up either scratching the face or breaking the band. Most of the …

Stuhrling Original Men’s Classic Delphi Venezia Automatic Skeleton Black Watch

This is a review of the Stuhrling Original Men’s Delphi Venezia Automatic Skeleton Watch. I purchased this for around $60 from a deal a day site around Christmas time 2010. The retail is $425 but nowhere sales it for that much. It seemed like a great price and shipped …

Skagen Men’s 233LTMN Titanium Black Mesh Watch

It feels really comfy, keeps time very well, the clasp is simple to use, and I have gotten numerous compliments on it. This watch has made me proud to wear a Skagen watch. Next I observed it weighs almost nothing, it is really thin. I often forget to take …

Zoo York Men’s Zy1029 Spring 2011 Silver Dogtag Watch

I first ran into this watch while it was on sale at the mall. At first sight I saw that it had a chain along with it and it could actually be worn as a dog-tag, or be used as a key chain. It was very stylish and had …

The Trendy Black Valentino Quartz Wristwatch

A while ago, my husband and I went shopping in one of the malls in our place. While we were at the watch section looking for a new wristwatch to buy, I went to the ladies watch section and saw this black band wristwatch of Valentino Timepiece Collection. …

Seiko Courtura watches

I have been a fan of Seiko watches due mostly to their brand image, as I have not owned any before now. That all changed when my girlfriend , being very intuitive (after I ’subtly’ showed her on display) brought me the Seiko Courtura for my birthday. I used …

Timex Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch

When I started jogging one year ago, I was looking forward to experiment how my heart could react to my new found exercise. I could run for sometimes, relax abit and take my pulse; keeping in mind that in most cases, the heart rate will be almost equal to …

Swatch Originals Gent Wristwatch in Just White (GW151)

I’m the insensible person who likes to buy expensive watches, but complains why I never get to wear them as often as desired. Well not every day is a good time to show off that shiny dress watch. And I take extreme care to keep my watches …

Casio F-91W watch

The F-91W Watch is a the current model of Casio’s budget, no-nonsense classic. The timepiece costs very little; I picked mine up for just £8.99, but have subsequently found better deals online. The key features of the watch are an LED display, showing the time; a daily alarm and …

Casio AW-81-1A1VEF Illuminator Combi Watch

This Casio watch is one of the best in terms of practicality. It usually costs around $15 and comes with nearly every feature you can think of. It has both analog and digital timekeeping capabilities. The analog hands even glow in the dark. But if that’s not enough, there …

Citizen Ladies Eco-Drive Solar-Powered Watch

I thought I would review my fabulous Citizen Eco-Drive that I have been wearing for about 5 months now. I love it. I love the concept of these watches anyway - the fact that they are driven by solar power makes them so cool. My dad …

Garmin Forerunner 305 with heartrate monitor

I bought the Garmin 305 just after Christmas. My new year’s resolution was to get out and do some more running. I’ve always been a keen runner however I struggle for motivation some times and that was the driving reason for purchasing this watch. The main thing I wanted …

Casio Men’s Analogue Resin Strap Watch

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who likes an everyday watch and a best watch. My previous everyday watch I had had for about five years. It was very cheap when I bought it, about £2.50, it was a silver coloured metal with a …

Emporio Armani AR0172 Ladies’ Wrist Watch

On my birthday two years ago, one of my best friends got me an Armani watch. Up until then, I had never owned an expensive watch, but straight away I could see the difference in terms of quality and detail when I compared it to other (much cheaper) watches …

Fossil JR8122 Watch

I got this watch as a gift for my birthday. I was so happy when I received them. They are packed really neatly in a tin container and the watch look so classy sitting in them. I am mostly in to girlish watch but I have been looking for …

Must de Cartier Vermeil Argent923 Vintage Watch

I have to agree with my zodiac sign that I’m a very possessive person. It’s true that I’m materialistic and I like to own things. Perhaps that trait reflects my current situation. I’ve been saving up every last dime of my fortunes to get a new …

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

I have to admit that I like my Garmin Forerunner quite a bit. I workout frequently, so it really comes in handy. I am a runner and biker; the instanteneous readout for distance, heart rate and running pace are excellent features. I often use this data to make key …

Commemorative 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Swatch Wristwatch

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Swatch wristwatch is one amazing watch I would recommend to everybody, especially the sports buff. In addition, if you do scuba diving as well, then good for you. This watch is blue, while the prints are white. The first thing that …

Certus (Junior) Watch 647441

Just after a few months when school first opened, my daughter kept complaining that the strap of her watch is torn. Indeed, it was looking very tattered but she bravely wore it to school everyday. It was not visible considering that she wears sweaters all the time on account …

Timex Ladies Sports Watch 0075304824305

Timex watches are all high quality , durable , and not that expensive. Basically they are comfortable watches that will last a good long time , and you can wear them anywhere. They are cute and stylish , and function great. If you are looking for a good watch …

Timex T49011 Gents Expedition Alarm Watch with Leather Strap

A friend of mine send me some Amazon vouchers as a gift . I did not have any idea what to buy with the Amazon vouchers. I wanted to buy some thing for my personal use and so checked the sit. I found few things as worth buy …

Suunto T6 watch

Suunto T6c watch is known for its advanced features most specially in terms of monitoring one’s physical activities.
The watch comes with an excellent training software that collect and records comprehensive workout data. It also includes the heart-rate transistor belt, that sends heart-rate data to the watch which allows …

Aigner Amalfi Ladies’ Watch

This ladies’ watch is very feminine and it comes in two colours: light baby pink and classic black. The black leather strap has the Aigner “A” Logo on the front in a stainless steel alphabet, while the pink leather strap has pink embossed letter A’s on it. This watch …

Tommy Hilfiger Westport Watch

This Tommy Hilfiger watch is very unique and it’s also a water-resistant watch. It’s so cheap at the price of only $70 and I can’t believe this is so affordable! It’s called the Westport Watch and it has the colours blue and red as Tommy’s logo and the straps …

Bulova Marine Star Men’s Quartz Watch

You know there are a few things that I have to talk about when it comes to this watch. I have a lot to talk about when it comes to customer service as a whole. I thought that the Bulova Marine Star Men’s Quartz Watch had potential. I’m not …

Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch

I just bought the Tag Formula 1 and first off let me say I love the watch, Looks great, good size, Not too big or too small, Bezel clicks strong, weight feels good, keeps perfect time, BUT, I hate the cheap Quartz movement, NOT the quartz movement, The cheap …

Citizen Titanium Watch

Though, I am not a watch freak, nevertheless, I got one for myself. Now, after using this watch for quite some time, for six months to be precise, I have become a perfect watch freak. It is quite impossible for me to go outside without making my wrist looking …

Timex Expedition Chrono Alarm

Many years ago, I got this watch because I needed a reliable digital watch with timers, alarms, chronometers, etc. The watch proved to the a great value. It has 3 alarms that you set to ring at certain times of day. The chronometer is useful in sports as a …

Skechers Defy Men’s Watch style #30321

Compared to my mom (who collects watches), I was never a critic when it comes to it. I wear what ever is available, or what I see first. But there came a time I was forced to look for specific description.
Since an active member of a health care …

Gruen: Swiss-made Watch

I bought my Gruen watch at BJ’s for $39.99. The box advertised a seemingly overpriced $190 regular-price tag, which I couldn’t believe from the beginning. But the watch itself was quite nice, featuring a large face, a heavy, solid wristband, and a nice black/gold design. I wanted a nice …

Skagen 582SSLC Watch (for women)

Earlier this year, I was looking for a simple but sophisticated black watch that I could wear to work as my old one was already damaged. I am the type of person who does not need many watches, I just wanted one that was practical and classy and …

Timex Marathon Watch

I have relied on my Timex Marathon Watch to keep me on time for almost eight years and I love it!
I find that the style of my Timex Marathon is sleek and slim. I do not like to wear metal watches, which usually are analog. I like the digital …

Hannah Montana Kids Silver Gem Heart watch

If you have kids then you know they love merchandise with their favorite celebrity on it. They really do not care how poorly made the item is or what it looks like, as long as it has the big celebrity of the day on it or has their …

Casio Watch AQF-102WD9BVDF

Being a sports watch freak, I decided to go for this Casio watch in this summer. The reason was its stunning look coupled with affordable price. Additionally, I had heard that when it comes to sports watch, Casio provides best option because of its wide experience in dealing with …

SEIKO stainless steel, water-resistant watch

SEIKO, product number: V743-9A20
I received this watch as a birthday present. It is made of stainless steel and has a blue face with a little slot instead of the number 3 that tells you the day of the week and the day of the month. I’ve tested it’s water-resistant …

Casio Baby-G Whale Series: BG169R-1BDR Watch

I’ve been eying g-shock watches for the longest now, and I finally decided to get one. Now I’m a student in college, and trends come in and go, but I’ve noticed that the g-shock phase is still in if you will. I didn’t get it when everyone else had …

Lego Kids R2D2 Star Wars Kids Watch

We purchased this watch for our son and my nephew last Christmas. My son did not really need another watch, but our nephew is a huge star wars fan and when my son picked this watch out for him he begged us to get him one too so …

Hannah Montana Kids Gold Tone Mesh Rock Star Digital Watch

I will try not to be too critical of this watch because of the price. When I paid $7 for a watch I knew I would not be getting quality. A lot of other people will complain about what a cheap piece of foreign made trash this …

Timex Kids Digital Race Fast Wrap Watch

I purchased this watch for my 4 year old son after buying my 7 year old son a watch. I don’t think a 4 year old needs a watch as he has no where to go and is almost never without a grown up, but this is what …

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