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The Call of the Wild, film (2020)

On the whole, I liked this film. It is kind, heartfelt, sincere, and even touching in some places. But the plot is not devoid of sins, clichés, and too simple script decisions. I know that the movie is based on a novel by Jack London. Let me tell you right …

Joy, movie (2015)

Childhood is a beautiful time. Everyone had a lot of plans for the future. Everyone wanted to do something great and become known throughout the country. We built some exciting inventions and tried to create something new, although there was not much sense in these inventions.
It’s in the …

The Interpreter, movie (2005)

Have you ever suffered from knowing your mother language? Silvia Broome (Kidman), a translator working at the U.N. headquarters, witnesses a conspiracy in the language of the small African country where she was born. And, as luck would have it, she understands everything.

A federal agent, Tobin Keller (Penn), is …

JOCKER, the movie (2019)

After watching the movie JOCKER, I stood up and started applauding. True, I was the only person in the audience who did so, but I made my feelings known. And now I will try to convey them to you.

Arthur Fleck is a typical loser. He lives with his mother, gets …

COBRA, the movie (1986)

When motorcyclists start chasing under the window in the middle of the night, I immediately think of this movie. Sly was so good at shooting them with a machine gun on the move! Except I wouldn’t take a machine gun, but a heavy machine gun and enough ammo to go …

The Death of Stalin, movie (2017)

I watched the acclaimed film The Death of Stalin. What can I say? A good comedy, similar to Monty Python’s work - in some places absurdist humor that makes the film funny in the best sense of the word.

The plot does not sag anywhere. It is interesting to watch from …

The Founder, movie (2016)

Most of all, I like movies about how a business is created. That’s why I watched the movie The Founder with great interest. It seems that everyone knows the story of the great McDonald’s. Who Ray Kroc is and what year he met the McDonald brothers. Suddenly, it’s only a …

HER, the movie (2013)

HER is one of the most interesting, innovative, and highly acclaimed films of 2013. Critics and audiences alike are passionate about this film. So what’s the reason? Initially, I thought it was solely because of the trendiness of this project, its sci-fi shell, and put the pretty picture.

But how …

NOMADLAND, the movie (2020)

The film by Chloe Zhao, who acted as writer, director, producer, and editor, really surprised me. It is an adaptation of Jessica Bruder’s novel of the same name, but it is shot in a documentary style. NOMADLAND was a breath of fresh air for me in the world of glamour, …

Bridge of Spies, movie by Steven Spielberg (2015)

“Bridge of Spies” is based on the true story of the February 1962 exchange of Abel, a Soviet spy arrested in the United States for Powers, an American pilot shot down in the USSR. Spielberg himself insists that he was not interested in political expediency.

New York lawyer James Donovan …

Birdman, movie (2014)

Yesterday I saw the movie Birdman. Those who expect it to be another action film with superheroes or, on the contrary, a monotonous story about the main character’s crisis with an emphasis on art house, existential experiences with a hidden meaning will be disappointed.

A film with its own twist, …

Whiplash, movie (2014)

Whiplash is a movie whose title gives you goosebumps! A sparkling story of inspiration and energy about what we can do for our life’s purpose. A powerful and impressive film about musicians with great music.

Inspiration is essential in everyone’s life. Think back to those moments when you didn’t notice hunger …

Ocean’s 8 movie

I love going to the cinema to watch new movies, however, a lot of the new movies turn out to be quite disappointing. Ocean’s 8 is one of those movies that can be both phenomenal and boring, so you don’t know what you’re going to get when you buy a …

The Boy 2016 Horror Movie

The Boy is about a nanny, Greta, who is hired to take care of a boy while the elderly couple goes on a trip. Greta is played by Lauren Cohan, actress from The Walking Dead, so initially I was pretty excited to watch this movie. Unfortunately, It ended up being …

Friend Request 2016 Horror Movie

Friend Request was another movie that was attempting to get in on the popularity of the internet horror movies, such as Unfriended. Essentially, the main character is haunted by a being that is inside of the internet, and they have to figure out a way to defeat the demon before …

Death Note, Netflix movie

This movie, created by Netflix, is a live action take on the anime Death Note. I will say right now that the anime version is easily one of my favorite shows, and when I heard that Netflix was creating this I was excited but didn’t really expect much from it. …

Mr. Nobody, movie

This movie follows the life and stories of Nemo Nobody, played by Jared Leto. The visuals and story telling in this movie is some of the best I have ever seen, not to mention the music used at many points in the film fit perfectly with the scenes they are …

It Follows (horror movie)

It Follows is a story about a monster that is sexually transmitted, and once you have him following you, he doesn’t stop until you’re dead or you transmit it to someone else. This movie is another fantastic addition to the horror genre, and is well recognized as being one of …

Creep (2014 horror film)

This was easily one of my all time favorite horror films I have ever seen. I feel that the camera work and the acting from Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice were simply amazing. If you are someone who enjoys found footage style films, you’ll enjoy this one a lot. In … movie

French comedies are always a great choice, if you want to watch something light, something funny, yet not something dumb. I watched a ton of those and I think I can distinguish a good comedy from a bad one and this is a pretty good movie to watch on …

Call Me by Your Name (2017 coming-of-age drama film)

Call me by your name is an adaptation of the homonymous book of 2007 that comes to open the minds of many. This story begins in northern Italy of 1983, where Elio (Timothee Chamalet), a 17-year-old boy, spends the summer with his parents. He spends the days waiting for the …

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017 adventure comedy film)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a 2017 adventure comedy film that it’s a sequel to the 1995 movie Jumanji, based on the children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg. The movie is set twenty-one years after the first film, and it follows four teenagers who are …

Ready Player One (2018 science fiction adventure film)

Based on the beloved book by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One presents the story of Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan), best known as Parzival in the game, a teenager living with his aunt in a poor area known as “stacks”, a low-income district, where houses consist of mobile homes …

Love, Simon (2018, Movie)

Love, Simon is a movie released in 2018, based on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. It stars Nick Robinson as Simon Spier, a young teen in high school who has one mysterious secret.

He has a very happy life, really nice friends, a beautiful family …

The Disaster Artist (2017 Biographical Comedy-Drama Film)

A lot of biopics (or movies about real people) are made about successful people who did amazing jobs in their respective fields. I can’t think of many films that do the opposite until The Disaster Artist. A movie about director Tommy Wiseau who made the worst (as some would say) …

I, Tonya (2017 Biographical Film)

Tonya Harding was the subject of one of the most controversial events of figure skating history. She was accused of cheating her way to the US Olympic Team in the 1994 Winter Olympics by taking part of attacking her opponent Nancy Kerrigan. It became a really big controversy that disabled …

Lady Bird (2017 Comedy-Drama Film)

When Lady Bird was named the best reviewed movie of all time by review-aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, my interest in the movie skyrocketed. After all, I am a huge fan of Saoirse Ronan. At such a young age she has managed to become one of the most celebrated actresses of her …

A Man Called Ove (2016 Swedish Comedy-Drama Film)

There are hidden treasures from the film industries of other countries. If you know how to find them then you are lucky. Usually, the best way to get started is to look for the nominees of Best Foreign-Language Film at the Oscars, they have a wide variety to choose from. …

Stronger (2017 Biographical Drama Film)

For what it’s worth, biographical dramas are too often hard to pull off. Directors and storytellers need to be cautious with the underlying melodrama that this type of movies usually evokes. While it’s good for some viewers, experienced moviegoers looking for good or better films are going to be disappointed …

Coco (2017 Pixar Animated Film)

Unlike recent years, animated movies really dove down in quality. The Emoji Movie is considered as one of the worst movies ever made; The Lego Ninjago’s critical acclaim failed to match its predecessors’ wit; and then we have Despicable Me 3 and The Boss Baby. We did have The Lego …

Chasing Coral (2017 Netflix Documentary Film)

I have never been a fan of documentary films before. But since the time I decided to really immerse myself in different films, I have learned that movies should have no boundaries. That I should take away my preferences and just watch about everything. The result of this self-induced process …

Columbus (2017 Drama Film)

“Every frame a painting,” is a term that could be aptly applied to this movie. And awhile its fairly static camera movement could mean a slow-burning calorie to be devoured by any human being watching this, the results are staggering. This is a widely-fleshed drama of two suffering characters trying …

To the Bone, original Netflix movie

I love the movies that give you something to think about. Sometimes I watch the movies that might disgust me or make me cry, but those movies cause more emotions than any horror movie, watched alone in the darkness. “To the bone” is one of those movies that give you …

Colossal (2017 Sci-Fi Comedy Film)

Very few movies get you to unexpected places. Most of the time the movie starts and 5 minutes in you know where it is taking you. Perhaps one of the biggest problems of blockbuster filmmaking is that everyone is running out of ideas, immediately sticking to a single genre that …

Love You to the Stars and Back (2017 Filipino Romantic Comedy Film)

I am always wary in spending money watching local films. However, my sister dragged me to watch this movie called “Love You to the Stars and Back” (I know such an awfully long title that doesn’t match the movie at all - Philippine local films have plenty of that) yesterday …

10 Cloverfield Lane, movie

Given the name of the film and the crew behind it, one wouldn’t be wrong to think that this was somehow related to the found footage giant monster movie, “Cloverfield”.
You can tell that it isn’t a direct sequel, but I did figure it was some kind of spin-off. …

‘Star Trek Beyond’ 2016 movie

In 2009, Paramount decided to reboot the long running “Star Trek” franchise with a new series of movies that scrapped the previous continuity and showed us a younger, less experienced Enterprise crew.
The results were largely positive, though it had its detractors (especially those who had been life long “Trek” fans.) …

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ movie

Star Wars movies that take place before “A New Hope” don’t have the best track record. When Disney acquired the rights to the franchise, however, they decided to take another crack at it.
Was this a way to milk the cash cow beyond just doing another trilogy? Yeah, …

Spider-man: Homecoming - (Movie 2017)

It almost seems every few years we have a new Spider-man franchise. While I’m definitely a fan of the days where Toby Maguire graced the screens as Peter Parker/Spider-man, Spider-man: Homecoming took me to a more refreshing look at Spider-man himself.
The Spider-man franchise starring Maguire and …

Moana - Disney animation movie

With two small girls in the house, it is inevitable that our movie selections revolve around animations that the kids can watch. Moana, the Disney animation movie about a little girl that gets “chosen” by the ocean to save their tribe is such a stunning movie that I don’t even …

Wonder Woman - Superhero Movie (2017)

In the battle of DC vs Marvel, Marvel has come out on top due to the high quality of each film they make. DC has suffered with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad- two movies that had all the necessary hype surrounding it but didn’t …

Yoga Hosers, horror comedy

I’m a fan of Kevin Smith’s work. I enjoyed the “View Askewniverse” movies as well as “Red State”. I’ve also enjoyed his podcast “Fatman on Batman”. I have yet to see “Tusk” but I was able to check out it’s sequel/spin-off “Yoga Hosers”.
The fact that this follows …

Doctor Strange, 2016 movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand with “Doctor Strange”. Not only does this movie introduce a new hero and defender of the Earth, but it even manages to expand the scope of the already epic franchise as a whole.
True, it is an origin story, but it …

The Insanity (2016 Chinese Comedy)

The Insanity is a 2016 Chinese black-comedy film directed by Rao Xiaozhi, starring Wan Qian, Zhou Yiwei and Wang Zijian.
*I suggest you don’t watch the trailer, because it contains spoilers.*

I am speechless. I still haven’t gotten over the impact of the movie although it has been 2 hours after I …

One of Us (2017 Movie)

One of Us is a horror, drama mystery film directed by Blake Reigle. It actually feels more like a thriller rather than a horror film as there is nothing horrifying or scary about it.

The story starts off with journalist, Melanie receiving a call for help from her friend, Haley.
Melanie …

Threads of Time (2012 Chinese Movie)

Thread of Time is a romance film with some documentary aspects that follows the life of a talented prostitute, Liu Ru Shi.

I don’t know what to make of this movie, it is the first of its kind that I’ve watched. It is atmospheric but awfully slow and mellow. The dialogues …

Bunshinsaba 3 (2013 Horror Movie)

Bunshinsaba 3 is a 2013 horror movie directed by Korean director Ann Byung Ki.

The story follows Lina, mental patient after she is released from the institute. The first thing she did after her release is to look for her daughter, Xiao Ai.
She was reunited with her daughter after an accident …

Mommy (2014 Canadian Drama Film)

Most often than not, small films like this one gets buried in a year full of blockbusters. Which is probably the reason why I was not able to watch this the year it was released. Admittedly, 3 years ago, I was not too much of a fan of smaller movies. …

Cities in Love (Chinese Romance Anthology)

This romance anthology is made up of 5 love stories that happened in 5 different cities – Prague, Shanghai, Paris, Hokkaido and Florence. The stories portrayed different kind of love relationships.
I am usually not a fan of romance films, the reason I watched this is because of a few …

The Vanished Murderer (Suspense Crime Action Thriller)

I guess I am on a marathon of Jiang Yiyan’s movies. I’ve previously mentioned why I became a fan of her and I won’t repeat myself here again.
A thing I realized about her movies is that, she usually has very interesting roles but the movie itself is always lacking somehow. …

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