Web Hosting Reviews

BinHoster Free Hosting

For the last six months I’ve been hosting one of my blogs on BinHoster, a free web hosting service that offers great features like 10 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth. That’s much more than what I need for my site. Based on my experience on …

Free Hosting No Ads

Free Hosting No Ads is a real good choice for a web hosting service. It has a pretty decent set of features that include 2000 MB of disk space, 10 GB of monthly bandwidth, the fact that it let you host unlimited domains and subdomains, that it gives free …

Go Daddy’s Website Tonight

Would you like to have your very own website without spending hundreds of dollars paying someone to design it? Do it yourself with Website Tonight from Go-Daddy, I did!
I use Ebay like many of you to buy and sell things all the time. I was frustrated by some policies …

000webhost.com Free Website Hosting

I first started using 000webhost.com in 2008 and was with them for about 2 years. I had searched for free web hosts that offered a decent amount of space and bandwidth, PHP and most importantly, an automatic installer for popular scripts (I was still too new at everything to …

HostGator Web Hosting

As a virtual new internet website owner, I decided to investigate various web hosting services. One of my first experiences was with HostGator.
The first introductory page to me was more impressive than the competition. It did not try to upsell me with every box. It was …

GoDaddy WebHosting

I have been a user of GoDaddy for almost a year now. They were the first web hosting service I tried. Unfortunately, I shoudl have done more homework before my purchase.
I was new at making websites. After buying a domain name at GoDaddy, I thought I …

GoDaddy Web Hosting Service

I am an aspiring web developer and I currently have a project in the works. In the past year I needed to purchase a web hosting service and I went with GoDaddy. And I really have mixed emotions about GoDaddy.
For a paid web hosting service I think the prices …

Dynadot Web Hosting Service

With web hosting services averaging around $50 for 12 months, I was surfing around the net to see if I couldn’t find anything cheaper as $50 for the web hosting spanning an entire year is not a bad price at all for me, the problem was popping it all …

Domain.com webhosting

Domain hosting at a reasonable price; or so they advertise, I suppose that’s true but I’m too new to really know if I’m getting my money’s worth. Do I get what was advertized? I think I am, though after I had already gotten myself all set up and …

Weebly.com Free Website Builder

With all the free website builders and free hosting sites available on the internet these days, there is really no need to go the expense of paying a monthly or yearly fee for the privilege. The only downside to these sites is the fact that you have to include …

Webs.com Free Website Builder

Not having much money to set up a website I scoured the internet to find sites that allowed me to build a website for free. There are quite a few. Some, although free are quite restricted as to how many pages and what you can do, whilst others appear …

Dynadot Affordable Web Hosting Service

URL: www.dynadot.com
Of all the web hosting services I have made use of, Dynadot is proving to be the cheapest and most user-friendly up to so far.
I came across Dynadot by searching ‘cheap web hosting’ in the Google search engine and I was particularly looking for one that had Paypal …

Hostgator Web Hosting Service

With Paypal a payment processor that is supported by Hostgator, one of the biggest if not the biggest web hosting services around, getting my website through their service up and running was simple enough on the logistical side of things, but on the technical side it proved to be …

Afrihost Web Hosting Service

As far as web hosting services go, there is a whole lot to choose from and my choice of going with Afrihost was more of a random decision than anything else.
Nonetheless, the fact that it is a local hosting service gives me that peace of mind of being able …

Yahoo Web hosting

My wife wanted to put together a small business so I suggested that she checked out Yahoo Web hosting (small business.yahoo.com) I figured that this would be perfect for her because Yahoo makes it really easy for you to put together a website in no time. They aren’t overly priced …

Xnet2.com web hosting

This company is one of the most horrible companies that I have ever ran into in my entire life. I say this with much love but at the same time I Want to let it be known that I can’ t believe that I Even messed with them in …


Weebly has become a personal favorite of mine. If you are into Wordpress and all those other high profiled web creation sites then you might find Weebly.com one of the better ones. I found this web creation website through google. I was interested in creating a personal finance blog …


I’m pretty sure people have talked about this hosting company in the past. I can vouch that I’m not the only person who has taken time out their day to talk about such a whack web hosting company this is. I have never been so disgusted in my life …

Yahoo! Web Hosting

I was recently canvassing on various web hosting sites like Hostgator, Pow Web, and Go Daddy, and my uncle who was running his own website was using Go Daddy, but I was a newbie on these things and only needed a very simple website with a simple web design …


I have tried tons of different web hosting companies in my time and so I have a lot to say when it comes to how people are running their business and how they treat their customers. I don’t want to talk bad about anyone but if you aren’t doing …


I think that I would recommend this company to just about anyone who is into the green thing. I went with this hosting company because my husband was with them and he has been with them for a long time now. I haven’t heard him say anything negative about …

Godaddy Web Hosting

Godaddy Hosting was the first web hosting company that I went with when I started building websites. I figured that this company had something to offer due to all the commercials that I was seeing on the Tv. I wanted to try them out because they seemed much more …

Homestead and Intuit Software and Web Hosting from a Web Design Newbie

So after a couple frustrating attempts at building a website I finally stumbled upon Homestead (the company) and Intuit Web Design Software. The company’s name is Homestead, but they use the website building software called Intuit. I signed up for a 30 day free trial to test what they …

Host Monster

Last year, I used to have a web business by running multiple sites with Adsense. I was a webmaster who runs 10 different websites with over 100 pages. I used to have my websites under 2 web hosting accounts from 2 companies until I decided to sign up under …

Pandela Web Host

Last year I ordered a web hosting package at Pandela worth $7 a month. My decision was based on their low fee, which was actually charged on a monthly basis not yearly.
This is a web host which was more than I asked for. I have 10 websites, all …

Blue Host

I used to have 15 blogs run by Wordpress a few months ago. My blogs used to be run on a free web host account, but the web host place adverts on the blogs because it was a free account, so I decided to transfer to a pro web …

000webhost Free and Paid Website Hosting

On the search again to find a free website host that could meet my needs, I came across 000Webhost at http://www.000webhost.com. I have to say that I am beyond impressed.
000Webhost offers free, extensive site hosting services that just aren’t typically available at no cost. They offer a generous amount …

Yahoo Small Business Webhosting

I first tried Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting a few years ago when I needed a hosting service for a personal site that was too large scale for most free web hosting services. So I thought that I’d give Yahoo’s Small Business Web Hosting a try and I absolutely …


I’ve been active on the internet nearly fifteen years, and one thing that I’ve learned is that finding a good and reliable website host is much more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. However, two years ago I found 110mb.com
110mb.com is a free hosting site with …

Tripod Web Host

I was looking for a web host to host my hobby website, but I did not want to pay for a monthly web host. So when I saw Tripod, I tried it out. I was happy to report that it was a decent web host which can actually be …

000Webhost free webhosting services

000webhost.com is one of the coolest webhosting providers I’ve ever signed up for. I started using it around a year now. It was indeed my first webhost for my first website.I like their services for many reasons; absolutely zero cash-out,no ads, 1500mb disk space, and site builder since I …

Hostgator Web Hosting Company: Reseller Hosting (Aluminum Package)

From what I gather, this is one of the largest, if not the largest hosting companies offering their trade to the entire globe and I was quite keen on trying out one of their services.
I signed up for one of their Reseller Hosting Packages; the Aluminum package, which goes …

Host4Africa Web Hosting Service

Up to so far I now have four different web sites that I am having hosted with Host4Africa, so impressed am I with their service and I am planning going for a fifth one too.
While there is a choice between six hosting packages, ranging from US$1.3 per month (Basic …

Weebly.com Web Hosting and Site Design

Weebly.com is a site that allows users to create and host their own website through Weebly’s services. To create a domain with Weebly in its URL (for example, JaneDoe.Weebly.com) is free, and to use Weebly’s basic free editor, all a user has to do is include a small …

Host Baby

I have a website through Host Baby. I have been very happy with their services. it’s primarily for bands and musicians. There are a lot of cool features. It’s like you design your own site as far as the theme and style. Then you upload …


It seems like everybody has their own web page these days. We love to keep people informed with our blogs, Facebook profiles, and Twitter pages. There seems to be a trend toward having a page of your own on the web so you can share things with friends, family …

Pinghoster Web Hosting

Last month, I searched Google about a free web hosting service where I can install WordPress for my blogging activities. I was very pleased when I see among the lists a web hosting service that offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. The site was www.pinghoster.com. …

Hostgator Webhosting Services

Hostgator was recommended to me by several contact who host websites of their own. After checking it out for a brief moment, and doing some research, I decided to buy in to the basic package for a year.
Already I could see a few things wrong with Hostgator (though they …

Dreamhost Web Hosting

For more than a year I’ve been hosting a website with Dreamhost and I am very happy with it. I did get a great deal: unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for two years for less than 10 dollars! That’s not their standard price, as they usually offer their …

Byet Host Free Hosting

A great hosting solution available for free is Byet Host, with a plan that gives 5500 MB of disk space and 200 GB of monthly transfer, that’s more than many paid hosting service offer. But there’s still more! You can host up to 50 domains, again more than many …


GoDaddy.com is the best place for web hosting services. GoDaddy.com is an easy to use, affordable way for everyone to have their own website services. Domain names start at just $1.99 – most people can scrape that up by pulling out their couch cushions! GoDaddy.com has made their web …

AwardSpace Free Hosting

Looking for free hosting? Check out AwardSpace, they have a very attractive free hosting plan, offering 200MB of disk space, 5GB of bandwidth and let you host up to 2 domains. They also offer PHP 4 and 5 and 1 MySQL Database. I’ve got an account with them and …

000webhost great and free webhosting

There are lots of free hosting providers out there. One of them, and really one of the best, is 000webhost. They give 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth wich is a lot, even more than some paid hosting companies offer. You can use and 2 …

Paradigm Solutions Super Reseller Hosting

Since I always wanted to start a web hosting business, but with a lack of proper funding to invest in the required infrastructure to do so, reseller hosting was an option I considered for a long time and finally signed up for it to get my business up and …


I am using Justhost to host my 2 websites since last 11 months. Justhost is really economical for small businesses and it’s price starts from just 2.95 AUD if you choose opt for its 5 year plan. If you go for one or two years plan then price may …

Grroop.com Web Hosting Service

Grroop.com is a website hosting service that provides both free and paid services to users who sign up to create a free website. Signing up and setting up a site isn’t too hard. It’s easy to type in what you want and insert photos, videos and links. …

webs.com Web Hosting Service

Webs.com is a web site hosting service that offers free hosting to users who sign up for it. I use the free service to host my site. It’s very easy to setup a site and get it live. There are plenty of templates to choose from …

Webs.com free web hosting

Webs.com is a free web hosting service provide online. In my opinion it is a very average hosting service. As they say, you get what you pay for.
While thee service is initially free, you have the option of buying credits to which you can apply toward …

Bravenet webhosting

When I started my own website I didn’t know who to go with. I read on a website written by a teen girl who teaches HTML to kids that she uses Bravenet so i decided to give that a shot.
I went on their website and at first tried …

Atspace free web hosting

Atspace is a free web hosting service online. Users have to sign up and choose a username which will be a part of his url which starts with http://atspace.com/members/. I signed up for this service because I had no money for a hosting service back then, and I was …

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