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Cofra Lightweight Polyurethane Safety Boots

I got these Cofra lightweight safety boots from Mister Safety Shoes Inc 1250 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W 1K8, Canada. Cost $113 dollar including tax so I was quite pleased.

Compared to the other boots on offer they are a good balance. there was a pair that was $60 …

Nike Men’s Flex Show TR 4 Cross Trainer

These are the shoes that I wear when I am going for a run. I do not use them often, but I can tell you that when I decide to go running/walking for about an hour I never feel any discomfort from my feet when I wear these shoes. I …

Legacy Adjustable Hat from Miami University

Last year I purchased a hat while visiting the school Miami University, and I have worn this hat nearly every day since then. It is easily the most comfortable hat I own, and even though the hat is associated with Miami University, you can get the same quality hat with …

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s 2-Eye Daytona Boat Shoe Gray

I’ve been wearing these shoes every day now for about 8 months, and can say they are still in pretty decent shape. They do have a few scratches on them, but if I were to just go to the shop and purchase some cleaner, I could get rid of it …

Scholl Light Legs Compressive Tights 60 Den (Black XL)

Buying tights has always been a hassle to me.I am very tall and slim and I always struggle to find the right size.I tried so many brands and all of them let me down.I was very surprised when I saw that Scholl created some special tights:Scholl Light Legs Compressive Tights,but …

Nike Men’s FS Lite Run 3 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s FS Lite Run 3 Running Shoes is a pretty good shoes in my opinion. I bought it for 60$ on Nike Store near my place. I think it would be more expensive if you buy online. It is not too expensive and it is a good shoes for …

Relic Brand Mint Green Handbag/Purse

I purchased this purse 2 days ago and I absolutely love it. It’s a beautiful mint-green color, which I find to be cute and also unique. Although it doesn’t match with everything, I think it’s versatile enough that I will get a lot of use out of it. One of …

Adidas Neo, cloudfoam vs city K, running shoes

I like to exercise and run but I am always having trouble with running shoes because when I go shopping for running shoes the pair that I like always costs a lot of money and I rarely like shoes that are perfect for running, so I am always in dilemma, …

The Jacket Maker, custom-made leather jacket

The Jacket Maker is a custom-made clothing company infamous for recreating famous jackets from movies, television shows, comic books, and video games. When my absolute favorite jacket fell apart I asked this company if they could not only recreate my favorite jacket but to make it out of stronger material. …

Merrell Women’s Jarcadia Sandals

I’ve had issues of tired feet after prolonged walking even inserting corks when I wore flat shoes but I wasn’t satisfied.
After following a friend’s recommendation and I had worn Merrell’s Women’s Aster sandals before, I bought a replacement when my old Merrell Aster sandals retired after almost 6 good …

Wipes to remove dirt and salt stains on leather or suede Cleans Nettoie by Aldo

Today I am reviewing the leather and suede wipes made by Aldo called Cleans Nettoie. Their product description: “These all-natural, all-weather wipes are specially formulated to remove dirt and salt stains on leather or suede in seconds, and also protect against permanent damage.” There are 15 wipes in this package.

The …

E9 Montone Climbing Pants

It is true that there are many pants suitable enough for climbing, but there is something a little different about wearing a pant that has been designed and built with one specific purpose in mind.
For the privilege of wearing such a pant you are going to have to fork …

Fossil Jeans Clutch Grey/Blue

I never knew about Fossil brand until one day I received a souvenir from my sister that is Jeans Clutch Grey/Blue by Fossil. I was excited to get it because it is beautiful, trendy, and most important is the functionality.

I was attracted with the colour combination-grey and blue which is …

Crocs Springi Ballet Flat

Being in a job that requires me to stand most of the day has really taken a toll on my feet, and especially my lower back. I need to have a shoe that is not only comfortable on my feet, but that can ease the pressure on my back …

Bare Lifts - The Instant Breast Lift

One of the most difficult experiences that women undergo is sagging breast, and I certainly started to notice this issue after I turned 30 years old. I recall watching a segment on Oprah Winfrey’s show where an expert suggested for women to place a writing pen underneath their breast …

Brooks Running Adapt Glove 2

I like to go running and be outdoors, even in the middle of winter. It is not so easy to do as the temperature drops, but a lot of companies make options and clothing for those of us that like to be a little adventurous. I was debating purchasing …

Nike Free 5.0 women’s running shoe

I recently purchased a pair of Nike Free 5.0 women’s (2014 model) and am very pleased with my purchase!
Before I committed to a pair of sneakers, I did quite a bit of research into the shoes and tried on many different pairs before settling on the Nike Frees.
About me: …

EMU Australia Stinger Lo UGG boots

If you didn’t know there are a lot of different types of UGG boots in Australia as in Australia the term UGGs is just a generic term for sheep skin boots.
I always used to buy UGG Australia products until I recently realised that UGG Australia is owned by a …

Women’s Jersey Tamis from Old Navy

These tank/cami shirts from old navy are absolutely wonderful. I originally got them to wear on their own but after trying them on realized that they will show a lot of my extra bulges. In that respect you have to be leery when buying them if you …

Lion Brand Homespun yarn for knitting and crochet, bulky weight acrylic yarn

I love to crochet. I can also knit, but crochet, that has been my passion for years and years. My aunt would say “the house could be falling down around her, but she would have her crochet hook in her hand.” ( she taught me how to …

Vibram five fingers running shoes for long distance runners

These shoes may be…well, not so pretty. They may look a little strange, and they have certainly inspired unsolicited comments from complete strangers. People have stopped me in the store to ask about them. People have stopped me MID RUN to ask about them (um, did I …

Keds Champion Originals, Men’s Canvas Shoes

Keds Champion Originals are the original sneakers. They have been around since 1916 and for good reason. The shoes provides a classic and simple style that is unmatched by competitors. At only $45 a pair, the shoe offers great value with great style.
I pick my shoes based on style …

QLook Polarized Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

It is summertime and I want a nice-looking pair of sunglasses when I’m outside in the sun. I considered sucking it up and paying $80-100 for Ray Bans but instead I chose to try the QLook brand sunglasses that are available on Amazon for only $2.01. I was skeptical …

Rit Dye Liquid (Royal Blue)

I had an old white lace dress I wanted to wear for a wedding however, its inappropriate to wear white at a wedding. So I went to Michael’s and picked up an 8oz bottle of Rit Liquid Dye. I had a 50% off coupon so it only cost me $1.50. …

Carhartt Sandstone Jackson Coat

In High School, I made the mistake of getting a light-colored skiing jacket. It can’t make it more than about a week without looking like I rolled around in used motor oil. The corduroy jacket I got in College may have looked nicer, but it barely fought off the …

Servis Shoes

Servis is one of the leading shoe companies of Pakistan. It has got its stores in almost every city of Pakistan. It offers a wide range of shoes for men and for women, whether it is slippers, boots, joggers or sandals for women. You will find every shoe of …

Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoes for Women

I recently decided that I would like to try running, and after trying to do so with the wrong shoes, I decided to invest in an actual pair of running shoes. I’m not a runner, so I did a bit of research, talked with salespeople and tried on a …

Vibram Five Fingers Toe Shoes

Vibram Five Finger Shoes are truly a unique shoe experience. I’ll review the shoe experience below from my personal experience with owning 6 pairs.
Why you need to try Vibram’s toe shoes:
Imagine yourself once again being 10 years old running barefoot through the grass in the backyard. The “naked” …

Saucony Jazz Original shoes

Hi there fellow sneaker heads! This review is all about the Saucony Jazz shoe. Saucony is is an American manufacturer of athletic shoes. The brand is famous for their stylish yet functional shoes built for all kinds of people and all kinds of terrain. The jazz however, is …

Nike 60 Board Shorts

I never purchase board shorts from Nike. I only buy from O’neill, Ripcurl, Billabong and Hurley. Nike for me is for sneakers and bags. I have purchased a few Nike walking shorts but not board shorts. I was attracted with the design that is why I purchased this. It has …

Neoprene Fitness Gloves

I have some workout equipments at home and if I feel lazy going out or I do not have time to go to the gym, I do a quick routine for 30 minutes to an hour at home. While performing these routines, I use hand gloves. I have …

H&M Felt Slippers

My mum bought this pair of extremely cute felt slippers for my son that I totally adore from H&M. It has an embroidery bird appliqué on it however, to be precise, it looks like a penguin. Regardless of a penguin or a bird, it is beyond cute! My …

Bershka Open Back Dress

Since Christmas and New Year is just around the corner, I started my quest on finding the perfect dress that could crystallize my look. I wanted something which looks fun but at the same time classy and chic, bearing in mind that I had a budget on it. …

Nike Free 3.0 Men’s Running Shoes

I love sneakers because they are my ultimate partner when I am jogging, playing basketball or working out in the gym. I have bought Nike Free 3.0 Shoes because it was appealing to me when I saw it in the store. It is stylish and very unique. I have been …

Men’s Koosh Spa Cuff Tamarac Slippers

My son and I bought these slippers for my husband for Father’s Day and he absolutely loves them. They are made by Slippers International which is a family owned business and I truly believe they put a lot of time into their items. My husband says these …

Nike Victory Track and Field Spike

I have been a fan of Nike since I was a child. Their products, company mission, and branding is in my personal opinion among the most impressive in the world. As a collegiate-level track and field athlete who has worked in the specialty running show business for nearly 5 …

The Children’s Place Toddler Boy Bootcut Jeans

These are my absolute favorite jeans to dress my toddler in. He has a long skinny waist and reasonably long legs. He’s in the higher percentiles for height, but lower for weight so finding jeans that fit him right is pretty hard. I swear by these …

Old Navy’s The Flirt Style Jeans

I have a very long torso with no behind and average sized thighs. It is extremely hard for me to find jeans that fit me well. They are either too baggy under the butt area or practically fall off my waist when I bend over. I …

Kiwi Leather Shiner and Whitener

Kiwi is a shoe shining brand for all leather shoes. I use these products daily as I run a shoe shining business. I personally own this type Kiwi and will say that you will want to use a base polish before hand. Basically you remove the cap press down …

Mesh Sleeve Color Block Sweater from Gap

I recently purchased this sweater in 2 different colors when Gap was having a sale. I’m 5’9 and I ordered the large tall and it fit perfectly. One thing I’d like to point out is that I don’t think it would be long enough for super tall …

The Sweetheart Boot Cut Corduroys from Old Navy

I have always loved corduroys but lately the brands I’ve tried lately are either too expensive or they just don’t fit right. Someone suggested to me to try the ON corduroys and I am glad I did. First of all, I have a very long torso and …

Sanuk Baselines Shoes

The perfect shoes for lounging, or kicking it, or chilling, or relaxing. The Dude would’ve worn the Sanuk Baselines if they had been around in the early 1990’s. And if he could’ve afforded them.
The Baselines look classy. They’re lightweight, and the sole conforms to your foot to make them …

Tek Gear Performance Capris

As a stay at home mom, I’m always looking for something comfortable to wear around the house but will also look decent if I run out to the store. Comfort and style do not lack in these Capri pants. The best part about them is they are …

Billabong “PX Flux” Recycler Series Swim Wear Boardshorts

I love collecting board shorts. My love began when I love going to the beach, surfing and wake boarding. To match this, of course I have to wear proper attire and ever since I have tried my first board shorts, I have loved this clothing. I love …

Toezies Lounge Socks from Grommet

These Toezies Lounge Socks from Grommet are probably the best socks that I have ever worn. Before seeing these, I never even knew this kind of style of socks existed and I really hoped that despite my disliking for wearing socks on a daily basis, that I would love …

Ben Hogan Polo Shirts (available at Walmart)

It’s a new day when I go into a major, and often vilified, retail outlet and see color in the Men’s department. It’s even more amazing when I am drawn like a moth to a flame toward these bold and exciting choices, ranging from a deep plum (Blackberry Cordial) …

Shoes Of Prey (, Custom Made Shoes

About few weeks ago, I randomly came across a brilliant website called Shoes Of Prey. I had been browsing Facebook and noticed their ad on the side of my page and decided to check it out. Shoes Of Prey is an Australian site that lets you design …

Nike KD V Elite Basketball Sneakers

If you’ve seen my reviews, you might find that I’m a bit of a Hyperfuse fan. However, I’m also a Kevin Durant fan. I liked the Zoom KD IV enough, but skipped on the KD V. However, the KD V Elite is a whole ‘nother level—after all, it’s what …

Avery T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Pack of 18

I tried Avery T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Pack of 18 when I was looking for a way to design my own shirt through printing and ironing on. I settled with this product and tried it with a trial shirt, which …

Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes

About two years ago, I became quite interested in bowling. In fact, it had become my new favorite hobby. After going to bowling alleys time after time and using the bowling shoes that the bowling alley owned, I figured that as often as I went bowling, it was time …

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