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Xiaomi MI A1 mobile phone

I first purchased this phone a few months back to replace my Galaxy S7. This was classed as a flagship phone but I was never 100% happy with it considering how much is cost. So I thought I would look at something a little cheaper, something with stock Android, …

NOKIA 3310 Dual SIM

I bought this NOKIA 3310 a few days back from Flipkart for a price of 3310 INR.
I already have UMI plus smart phone with me but as I am working as a Functional Consultant in Chennai I need to travel a lot and there will be lots of calls to …

Microsoft Lumia 650 smartphone

I am not the person who buys and changes smartphones often. I do not buy them when a new model arrives in the shop just so I could have the latest hit. I buy a new mobile phone when my old one becomes old, when I cannot install new applications …

Apple Iphone 6, 16GB

My experience with the iphone6 was pretty much a positive one. I started using the Apple products five years ago and the first Apple phone that I owned was the iphone 4 and since then I always had an iphone for my personal mobile phone.

The one thing …

Remax RC-008i Fast Series Data Cable (iPhone Accessories)

As a heavy gamer, I am always armed with my portable charger for my iPhone when I leave home. And of course, I would need a lightning cable to go with it.
I’m a clumsy and rough user, I walk my dog and swing a rat to death with the …

EShine Home Button Assembly for iPhone 6S

I purchased this EShine Home Button Assembly to replace the original home button on an Iphone 6s Plus. The issue was that the button would get stuck, which would cause it not to work at times. Altogether, it took me about 45 minutes to install the new part. …

Samsung galaxy E5 USB Charging Port Replacement by TheCoolCube

I purchased this charging port to alleviate a charging issue on a Samsung galaxy E5. The issue was that the phone would randomly not charge at times. It was essentially an issue with the port itself because it was fairly loose, and if you pushed the charger in …

EShine Earpiece Replacement for Iphone 6s

After having issues with distorted sound on the Earpiece speaker of an Iphone 6s, I purchased this EShine earpiece replacement as a fix for the problem. At 45 minutes the installation was a bit time-consuming, but I would say that it was definitely worth it. A phone repair …

EB-BE500ABE Battery Replacement For Samsung Galaxy E5

I purchased this to replace the battery on a Samsung Galaxy E5. It was disappointing because the phone would only stay charged for about 20 minutes and then it would shut itself off. Unfortunately due to the design of the Samsung Galaxy E5 you can’t just remove the …

Omnirepairs iPhone 6s Plus Front Camera Assembly Replacement

On an Iphone 6s I had issues with the front camera being extremely blurry when taking photos. The issue did not occur when using the back camera, which essentially meant that the back camera was defective. I wanted to get this repaired at a phone shop, but it …

8 GB LG Tribute Smartphone (2015 Version)

February of 2016 I decided to go into the Sprint store near my home to purchase a new phone plan. I had an iPhone I wanted to try to swap services with but it was not compatible so I was left with the only option of purchasing a cheap …

LG G3 after two years. Is it still worth buying?

LG G3 the flagship smatphone of the company in 2014!
But is it still worth buying after two years?
I’ve been using the G3 for two years and I’m loving it so far. I don’t really want to go to the smallest details of the specs here so I will only …

Smartphone Blu Advance 4.0 (Android)

I’ll start by saying that I’m no technology expert by any means. I’m the opposite actually, I don’t know much about phones and I’m very basic when it comes to them, I don’t experiment too much and just use few important apps that I do use regularly, and a …

Speck iPhone 6 Galaxy Case

This is a review for the Speck iPhone 6 CandyShell Inked phone case in the color Galaxy Purple.

This is the iPhone case in its packaging. The case was easy to get out, no hassles. The company guarantees that the galaxy print on the back of the case will not …

Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE

I went back to Nokia/Microsoft Lumia a few months ago. My old phone fell and the screen broke so I decided to buy a new one instead of having it repaired. So I went a local smart phone dealer and among all the phones I decided for Microsoft Lumia …

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

So I got my Sony Xperia Z Ultra almost a year ago and I can say that I am overall happy with it. Although I cannot deny that there are some bad points that I should point out regarding this product.
1. If you are a selfie addict, I do …

Moto X Play Android Smart Phone

I have been using Moto X Play for 10 days before writing this review. I will be truly honest with you guys about my experiences with this phone and I will likewise attempt to list up its pros and cons. Above all else, Moto X is an exceptionally fascinating and …

Sony Xperia ZR Smartphone

Sony Xperia ZR is an android smartphone.It falls under price of around 300$.Which is neither expensive nor cheap for a android phone like this.In this price i could say that it is the best choice available in the market.It has Android v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system which can be upgradable …

Samsung Galaxy Fame smart phone

I got Samsung Galaxy Fame smart phone from my employer a few weeks ago. I use iPhone as my private phone so the switch to Samsung didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would. This Samsung phone uses Android operative system and as I have never owned an …

Samsung Galaxy Chat Model Number GT-b5330

I bought this unit Samsung Galaxy Chat Model Number GT-b5330 with Android version of 4.0.4. Chat in the UAE on 2012. I opt for this unit because I’m the old fashioned type of cellphone user who texts a lot, and is used to physical qwerty type of keypad at the …

Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)

Samsung is one of the brands that has been well-known for making the best Android phones. It is also a new feature that Samsung has made several of their products dual sim enabled. I am lucky to have been able to experience this awesome feature from Samsung Galaxy S Duos …

GioStock Samsung Galaxy S4 IV i9505 i337 Rear Camera Replacement

After using the camera on this Samsung S4, the pictures were badly distorted. The pictures were awful whenever taking photos with the back camera. I take a ton of photos, so this was a bit disappointing. After taking the phone to a local phone …

Samsung Galaxy S4 Motor Vibrator Replacement

On this Samsung Galaxy S4 the original vibrator quit working at all, which was a bit frustrating. After having this problem for some time, I purchased this ePartSolution replacement. I wanted to replace the part myself because I didn’t want to pay nearly $100 to …

Zeetron Samsung Galaxy S4 I337 Premium Charge Port Replacement Kit

I purchased this Zeetron part to replace the charging port on a Samsung Galaxy S4 I337. FYI, I should probably mention that this particular part is only for the GSM versions. It’s incompatible with any cdma versions. Anyways, the charging port was badly damaged, …

Mimi Touchscreen Replacement for Black Apple iPhone 4S

After dropping this Iphone 4s the screen cracked, and it was almost unusable. After taking it to a phone shop, they wanted to charge $75 to replace it. I chose to take a chance at replacing the screen myself because I didn’t want to pay …

BennyLouis Vibration Motor Part Replacement for iPhone 4

On this Iphone 4 the vibrator was extremely light, and it wasn’t as intense as it originally was. Unfortunately there were also times when the vibrator just didn’t work at all. Anyways, after being frustrated with the issue for some time, I purchased this part …

NY1718 New Original iPhone 4s (A1387) Battery Replacement

I purchased this to replace the original battery on an Iphone 4s. The problem with the original battery was that it wouldn’t hold a charge. The phone would say that it was fully charged, but when you unplug the charger it would shut off after …

FIXSTOP iPhone 4S WiFi Signal Antenna Flex Cable replacement

The problem with the wifi on this Iphone 4s was that it would not detect any signal. All other Iphones would get a signal, but this one wouldn’t, so I assumed it was an issue with the wifi antenna. Also the problem persisted after doing …

iPartshop LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 5C

I purchased this Digitizer Assembly to replace a cracked screen on my friend’s Iphone 5c. It’s not the oem screen, but it’s an excellent part, and it’s up to par with the original. I appreciate the quality because I’ve purchased a few non-oem Iphone screens, …

ePartSolution-iPhone 5C WIFI Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

I purchased this to replace the WIFI Antenna on an Iphone 5c. The issue with the oem antenna was low signal. The phone would drop the wifi, and at times it would just not detect it at all. It was essentially impossible to access WIFI. I …

ePartSolution- iPhone 5C Power Volume Button Flex Cable Switch Connector

I had to replace this Flex cable to fix the volume buttons on an Iphone 5c. The issue was that the volume buttons were stuck. It was more of a task than I expected, and it was time-consuming. However, I should say that the volume buttons worked …

NY1718 New Original iPhone 5/5C Cellular Antenna Replacement

One of my friend’s Iphone 5c had issues with signal, so I agreed to replace the phone’s antenna. The problem was that the phone would say “no signal”, and it could not make or receive calls. This would happen despite being in an area with …

Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Charger Dock Connector Port Flex Cable Replacement

I had issues with this Iphone 4 not charging. The charging port was a bit loose, and if you hold the charger all the way in it would sometimes charge, so I assumed it was a problem with the charging port. To save money I chose …

CellularFactory Cellular Antenna Ribbon Signal Replacement for iPhone 4

I replaced the cellular service antenna on the Iphone 4s because the signal was very low and it would constantly drop calls. I assumed it was an issue with the phone’s antenna because this also happened in good coverage areas. On average the phone would …

NY1718 New Original iPhone 4s Front Camera replacement

The back camera on one of my friend’s Iphone 4s worked, but the front camera was distorted badly, and you could barely see any photos. Anyways, we got this part as a replacement for the original front camera. After replacing it the phone now takes exceptional photos with …

Iphone 5c 16GB motherboard replacement (Verizon)

I ended up having to replace the motherboard on an Iphone 5c that had issues charging. The battery and the charging port had already been replaced, but the issue persisted, which of course suggested that there was an issue with the motherboard. To replace the motherboard on the …

Epower Mall Black Home Button Flex Cable Replacement for Iphone 5

I purchased this to replace the home button on an Iphone 5. The home button was stuck so it didn’t work at all. FYI, this part does not come with the outer cover. Nothing was wrong with the outer cover on this home button so this was …

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i

People nowadays are fond of big, gigantic phones. Why don’t we explore the other way? Today, I am going to review the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i. As a gamer, I also need to know about gadgets and phones so I stumble upon using this said phone. Want to know …

BennyLouis Vibrator Motor Part Replacement for iPhone 5C

I used this BennyLouis vibrator Motor to replace the original vibrator on an Iphone 5c. The original essentially failed, and when the ringer was off the phone didn’t vibrate at all. The issue continued after the phone was fully reset so I assumed the vibrator …

Goliton Earpiece Speaker Flex Cable Ribbon Replacement for Samsung S4

I replaced the Earpiece Speaker on a Samsung S4 because it gradually started to fail, and it eventually quit working altogether. I assumed the problem was with the Earpiece Speaker because the phone could make calls when using it on speakerphone. In the end the …

iPhone 5C front camera with proximity replacement

Although it’s not the original Apple camera, I would say it’s a pretty exceptional part, and to me there’s no difference between this an the original camera. To add context I should mention that I replaced the front camera on this Iphone 5c because the original …

Iphone 4s A1387 8GB motherboard replacement

I purchased this to replace the motherboard on a water-damaged Iphone 4s. The oem motherboard had tons of corrosion so of course it needed to be replaced. The phone did not come on when using another battery and charger, so I assumed it was an …

FIXSTOP Samsung Galaxy S4 Rear Camera Flex Cable Replacement Part

I purchased this to replace the rear camera on a Samsung Galaxy S4. The issue is that the phone was dropped, and unfortunately the camera glass broke. When taking photos they were badly distorted so the rear camera was essentially worthless. Anyways, this Fixstop …

Zeetron Premium Earpiece Replacement Parts with Tools Kit (iPhone 5C)

The Earpiece speaker failed on an Iphone 5c that I was working on. The phone was dropped in water, which lead to this particular issue. There was a bunch of static on the speaker so you couldn’t make phone calls unless you were using speakerphone. …

Zeetron Headphone Audio Jack Flex Cable for Iphone 4S

I bought this part to replace the Headphone jack on an Iphone 4s. The issue was that the jack was fairly loose, and it sometimes didn’t work. It was a pretty tough replacement mainly because you’ll have to remove the battery and the volume buttons to …

BennyLouis Vibration Motor Part Replacement for iPhone 5C

I purchased this to replace the vibration Motor on an Iphone 5c. The original vibration Motor failed, and it’s a bit annoying if the vibrator doesn’t work. The vibrator didn’t fail entirely because sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn’t. Anyways, this is …

Goliton dock charging port flex cable For Apple iphone 5C

After having issues with the original charging port on an Iphone 5c, I purchased this Goliton replacement part, and I’m pleased with the purchase. I should mention that original part sometimes didn’t charge, and it would randomly give an error saying “accessory not supported” when using …

NY1718 New Original iPhone 5c Rear Camera

I purchased this to replace the Rear Camera on one my friend’s Iphone 5c. The issue with the original camera is that it would cause photos to be completely black, so it was essentially useless when taking photos. It is a bit tough to replace …

Zeetron Loud Speaker Premium Replacement Kit for Iphone 5c

An Iphone 5c that I worked on had a defective speaker, so I purchased this Zeetron replacement. The issue was that the Loud Speaker did not work at all. It was definitely an huge inconvenience. However, if you played music via the headphone jack …

Apple Iphone 5c A1248 OEM Speaker replacement

I purchased this to replace the speaker on an Iphone 5c. The issue was that there was a ton of static and distortion on the speaker. This did not happen with the Loud Speaker, so it only happened on phone calls, when not using speakerphone. …

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