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Duinkerken Gluten Free Biscuit Baking Mix

Duinkerken gluten-free biscuit baking mix is the best one of its kind I have tried so far and for a number of reasons. The biscuits are easy to make, have a great taste and superb texture, and the price is comparable to other brands.
When I first purchased the brand, …

Sparkling wine of Cava Jaume Serra

So, here is the story of how I came to know an interesting sparkling wine of Cava Jaume Serra. We decided to hang out with my old friend. I’ll tell you right away I am a fan of sparkling wines, and I prefer rose one’s most of all. But …

How I cook pizza at home

In my opinion the dough is the most important part in any pizza. I’ve discovered the best dough recipe. You will need:
2 glasses of flour
One glass of warm water
8 gr of rapid rise yeast
1/2 tea spoon of salt
2 spoons of olive or seed oil

Put the flour into the bowl, …

WaWa Lemon Iced Tea is THE BEST Iced Tea on the Market!

If you have never tried Wawa’s Lemon Iced Tea you’re really missing out!
I’ve been a huge Iced Tea fan my whole life, but the big named Iced Tea makers have alwways been a disapointment to me.
I won’t name any names here, but I will say that if you try …

Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee Range

I first decided to try the Azera coffee range when I became addicted to proper ground coffee but didn’t like the inconvenience of making it. I was never satisfied with the regular granules and found them harsh and bitter if I ever wanted to try them without milk.
Now this …

Baileys Coffee Pods - Original and Mocha

So, a coffee pod company has teamed up with Baileys to produce a flavoured coffee pod that is compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. Nespresso compatible coffee pods with a hint of original Irish cream flavour sound delectable, but they are actually a little disappointing in my opinion. I made …

Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract or vanilla bean seems to be such an unimportant thing, when you see it in the list of ingredients, but it’s not and there’s a big difference between the vanilla flavor or Vanillin and the real vanilla extract. I didn’t realize that until I actually got myself …

Violife Vegan Cheese Alternatives

Violife is probably the biggest vegan cheese alternatives brand in Europe. Their products can be found in most European countries and in most big supermarkets. I’ve already shared my thoughts on 2 of their products, which are Violife Creamy Original and Violife For Pizza. In this review, I want to …

Vegan Protein Blend of Fea, Hemp, Quinoa - Now Sports Plant Protein Complex

Protein powder is not just a crazy supplement for athletes anymore, but something you can find in almost every house. I was kind of sceptic about all these supplementing for people, who don’t do sports professionally, but my opinion has changed a bit, as I started running and decided to …

Bottega Nero Dark Chocolate Liquor

Alcohol is something I’ve never written a review for and it’s not that I don’t drink, it’s just that I didn’t want to write about things like wine and beer, since it’s really hard to explain the flavor of those (at least for me) and will unlikely give people …

Diet Pepsi Lime

Diet foods are a huge sector of the overall food production right now - diet ice-cream, diet chocolate, diet bread, diet sodas etc. I’m not a big supporter of the whole reduced fat/carb/calories industry, but there’re a few products that I’m actually pretty happy with and this Diet Pepsi Lime …

Kadylas Tahini, sesame seed butter

Tahini is a very special thing. You either love it or hate it, there’s no way you can be indifferent about it. For those of you who don’t know, tahini is a sesame seed butter that is widely used in middle eastern cuisine and is an essential component of dishes …

Ben&Jerry’s non-dairy vegan ice-cream

Vegan ice-cream is a big thing right now, as a lot of people choose to follow that cruelty-free lifestyle and a lot of people also have a lactose-intolerance or a milk allergy, so the market of dairy-free ice-cream is growing with every day. I’ve tried a lot of vegan ice-cream …

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate (vegan)

I absolutely love hot chocolate. I even drink it during the summer, which, I think, proves how strong my feelings towards hot chocolate are. I usually make my own hot chocolate with cocoa powder and natural sweeteners, but every time I see a new drinking chocolate powder at the store …

Vegan chocolate in Europe

I’m a huge chocolate fan and I’ve estimated that I consume about 15 kilos of chocolate a year, which sounds insane, but it’s not that bad if you divide it by 365 days. People say there’re benefits to eating chocolate on a daily basis and I like to believe that, …

OMG! Organic Matcha Powder

Matcha lattes are a big thing now and I believe there are actual caffes dedicated to that drink, which make it in different flavors. At first I was really grossed out by the idea of the green tea with milk, but then I tried it a few times and I …

Earth Circle Organics Maca Powder

I am a big believer in the healing power of foods and thus I love trying all kinds of superfoods that promise to do all kinds of magic to your health/body/skin etc. One superfood I was particularly interested in is the Maca Powder.

First of all, let me quickly explain what …

Trapa Sugar-free 80% chocolate

I’m a chocolate addict and sometimes I consume scary amounts of chocolate. So as any conscious human-being, I started looking for healthier chocolate options. Cocoa itself is actually one of the healthiest foods on Earth, it’s the sugar, milk and other additives that make the chocolate bar unhealthy. So if …

Now Foods Better Stevia Liquid Sweetener

For the past few decades major food companies have been coming up with the new calorie-free sugar substitutes. Thanks to them, now we are all familiar with such words as erythritol,maltodextrin, dextrose, saccharin, aspartame and Sucralose. However, certain studies have linked these long scary names to the development of cancerous …

Raw Organic Cacao Nibs from Now Foods

Trying new superfoods is pretty much my hobby. Every 2 months or so I order a bunch of stuff that is said to be really great for you and test it out. To be honest, most of the time the things I order don’t become my staples, but it’s still …

Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Yeast

I’m crazy when it comes to trying out new, weird and unknown foods (though they have to be vegan). I literally spend about 1/4 of my income on Iherb, which is a great website to buy health foods and natural skincare from. I rarely like any of the advertised superfoods, …

Oatly Vegan Ice-cream

Vegan ice-cream is not something you can surprise people with anymore. America is the queen of vegan ice-cream and part of the reason why I’m looking forward to going back there this summer is actually the dairy-free ice-cream. In Europe, however, there aren’t that many brands that make the cruelty-free …

Lindt Milk Raisin Hazelnut chocolate

Hello there, chocolate lovers! Yesterday I read that the chocolate industry might go extinct in 40 years and that news actually got me thinking: what are we going to do without the chocolate? Obviously, that news could be completely false, but if it’s true, we should definitely start appreciating that …

Violife Original Flavor melting cheese for pizza

As a newborn vegan, I don’t really miss the cheese. I don’t ever crave it, my taste buds have pretty much changed, but melted cheese is still my greatest weakness. As soon as I went vegan, I started looking for the cheese alternative that melts. I have already tried the …

Smart Made Mexican Style Chicken Bowl

I have recently begun trying to lose weight and save money on lunch which has led me to prepackaged meals. I stumbled on this one at the store and bought it because it looks slightly less processed and a little more interesting than many other frozen options. This …

O’boy Original chocolate drink mix

Even though the Halloween season isn’t over yet, I’m already feeling the Christmas vibe (mainly because it’s already snowing here in Russia). The hot chocolate and cookies season is officially opened in our house, so every evening our apartment smells like spices and chocolate. I usually make my own hot …

Milka choco cows

Milka Choco Cows (aka the only cows I eat) are my favorite cookies in the world! I prefer them to any other cookies, including the chocolate chip ones, double chocolate chip ones and all the other delicious treats you can find out there. Milka is really the only milk chocolate …

Fazer Kismet liquorish candy

Liquorish is the kind of candy I crave once in a while, but it’s actually pretty unique in terms of flavor, there’s absolutely nothing like it out there. It’s a perfect combination of sweet and salty and the texture feels really nice too. It’s pretty chewy, but it’s not as …

Miracle noodle shirataki pasta, zero calorie food

I’ve always been a curious soul, who loves trying all things new. Actually, trying new things is one of my biggest passions, whether that’s new activities, new places, new makeup or new foods. New foods and new food concepts are my ultimate weakness. I’m not a vegan, but I get …

La Chocolaterie de Provence ligne gourmet chocolate with Espelette pepper

I love chocolate and I have tried lots of different brands and flavors of it. At this point, it’s hard to surprise me with a new flavor, but I still try all the unusual chocolate I see. Green tea chocolate and chili pepper chocolate isn’t something that’s new for me. …

Dandies all natural vanilla marshmallows

I’ve been a vegetarian for quite a while and because of that I know how many foods contain gelatin. I have learned to check the labels and ingredients lists and it’s crazy how many foods actually have gelatin hiding in them. It’s different yogurts, chewy candie, gummy bears, chocolate desserts, …

Kit Kat strawberry bar

I loooove Kit Kat bars (mint Kit Kats and peanut butter Kit Kats are the ones I could sell my soul for), but I had to teach myself not to eat those XXL chocolate bars every day for the sake of my health. Gradually, I stopped buying them at all, …

Alpro Hazelnut Original

You don’t have to be vegan to love plant-based milk. I love eating oatmeal for breakfast, but I absolutely hate the oatmeal made with milk. The water-based oatmeal also gets boring sometimes and you want something creamier, so that’s when vegan milk comes in handy. Almond milk seems to be …

Lindt Intense Mint Chocolate

I’m a big lover of mint and everything mint-flavoured and luckily there’s enough minty things out there. Lindt is my favourite chocolate brand that doesn’t change its quality standards and keeps up with the job of making high quality Swiss chocolate, famous all around the world. They also happen to …

Hershey’s cherry cheesecake bar

Who doesn’t love Hershey’s chcolates? And by “Hershey’s” I mean all the Kit Kats, all the kisses and all the Reese’s. I don’t know, probably there’re peope like that, but I’m not one of them. I have to admit that I used to be a big fan of those and …

Alpro soya vanilla soy milk

I’ve been trying to find the perfect plant-based alternative to milk for my cappucino in the US, but I had no luck. However, there’s no problem with that in Europe and today I’ll show you one of my favourite options that I go for when I’m in Russia or anywhere …

Earthly Choice Organic chia seeds

I’ve been trying to introduce different types of superfoods into my diet, but I’m not the kind of person who would eat something that tastes like s*** just because it’s heathy and supposedly good for me. I believe that you just need to find the foods that you like and …

Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams

I don’t think that any words can express my love for peanut butter. And there are no words to express my love for chocolate either. That’s why I was looking for this peanut butter everywhere, but for some reason Houston’s supermarkets had Peanut Butter & Co peanut butters in every …

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Maple&Brown Sugar (lower sugar)

Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast: it tastes great (if cooked right), it doesn’t take much time to cook, it’s healthy, it suites most people’s needs (it’s usually vegan, it’s gluten free and I don’t know anybody who’s allergic to oatmeal) and it’s cheap. Seriously, is there a better breakfast option? …

Alpro plain yogurt alternative with almond

Hey there! I used to explain why I eat vegan products in every intro of my review, but that’s not gonna happen anymore. I’m just gonna say that I’m not a vegan, so I remember very well how the dairy tastes, meaning that I can give an objective assessment to …

So Delicious Coconutmilk Butter Pecan ice-cream (No sugar added)

I love the ice-cream and I’ve tried all kinds of it: regular cream-based, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-carb, low-fat, vegan. But never have I tried vegan ice-cream with no sugar in it. This one looked interesting to me since that seems to be the only low-sugar vegan ice-cream. I picked the “Butter …

Justin’s mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I’m a huge peanut butter fan and everything peanut butter flavoured immediately goes into my cart. I really love Reese’s peanut butter cups, however, I’ve been hearing a lot about Justin’s Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups lately, which are also organic, lower in sugar and vegan. I haven’t seen them …

So Delicious Coconutmilk yogurt alternative unsweetened

Trying out vegan stuff has become one of my obsessions lately. There are so many dairy and meat alternatives at the store now, it blows my mind. I’m a vegatarian and I eat dairy, however, I’m cutting it out a lot, I don’t use regular milk in any recipes anymore, …

Hershey’s Cocoa 100% unsweetened cacao powder

I’m a real chocolate addict, but eating chocolate bars and adding chocolate syrup to every meal isn’t exactly helping to be fit and healthy. This unsweetened cacao powder is my savior. It has helped me make healthy chocolate recipes and has genuinely made my life better.

This whole box of cacao …

So Delicious Unsweetened Coconutmilk

I’ve been trying different plant-based milks for the last few months and, apparently, I’m really picky since I don’t have a favourite yet. This milk didn’t find its way into my favourites either. Even though I like So Delicious and I think their coconut milk products are really nice, I …

Organics Organic Vanilla Soymilk

I’ve been trying to find a perfect plant-based milk for my coffee for the last few months or so, but I couldn’t find the one that would froth well and taste good at the same time.
However, I’ve always known that soymilk frothes well, but it tasted disgusting when I tried …

Quaker 100% Whole Grain Old Fashioned Oats

Oatmeal for breakfast is probably one of the best things the mankind has ever invented. I don’t really like savoury breakfast foods and the oatmeal is my favourite thing to eat, and not just for breakfast. That alone makes chosing the best oats a very important thing for me. But …

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter with premium chocolate

Peanut butter is an essential part of my life now. Lots of people swear by almond and cashew butters, which are fancier, but I love the classic peanut butter and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. Powdered peanut butter is still something new to me, …

Peanut Butter&Co White Chocolate Wonderful

Lately I’ve been on a hunt for a perfect, smooth peanut butter for my toasts and snacks. Jif Peanut Butter is probably one of my favourites because of its relatively clean ingridients list and the low price. But even when I’m in love with a certain food, I don’t stop …

Mint creme Oreo

Who doesn’t love Oreos? Seriously, what can be better than 2 chocolate cookies with the sweet creamy filling in between? I love Oreos, but those are one of the worst things to eat. But as many other processed GMO foods they are delicious.

I don’t usually buy Oreos, but when …

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