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This site use to be a Christian forum. Not anymore. Now it is a family run, as it always was, opportunity to make $ due to add space. Turn off your ad blocker to see the ad’s pop.
Basically it is like this, anytime you log on and see Staff … Christian forum

I’ve been a member of Worthy now for a number of years. As of late the site has gone down slowly seemingly post at a time on all boards there.
There’s the secular boards sections for news and whatnot. Then there are the religious forums for Apologetics discussions, Defense of …

This is not a site dedicated to the Christian faith!
Be aware of the header that forewarns you dear reader. “Bible Discussion”. That does not mean as experience will tell you that they respect the Bible. It means just what it says. They discuss the Bible. And they have …

BibleForums.Org = Christian Bible Community Discussion Forum

Not a true Christian forum in my experience. BrianW is the head administrator there. He’s rude and he bans people without warning and for no true TOS violation.
The site is not what any Christian would call a Christian community. Rather, its long time members that are prone to …

Erawan Shrine

Before writing a review of the Erawan Shrine, perhaps a short history lesson will be appropriate for the reader to understand my fascination with this comparatively unassuming shrine.
The Erawan Shrine is located right next to The Erawan Grand Hyatt hotel. The legend of the Erawan Shrine begins with the …

Eastern Lightning Church

While searching for church to attend in the southern Chinese city of Zhongshan where I have recently settled, I met a very personable Christian woman who quickly won me over with her warmth and friendliness. Before long, she was visiting me at home and we chatted for hours about …

First Baptist Church Woodstock

A couple of years ago I was looking for a church that had a good singles ministry, and I heard from a neighbor that First Baptist Church in Woodstock is a great church to attend.
I tried First Baptist Church and knew right away that this is the …

Pathways Community Church

I found Pathways Church almost by accident. My kids and I had moved to Florida and were looking for a church to visit, and were going to attend a service at an apostolic church that my sister-in-law suggested. However, we missed the bus that would get us there …

The church of the Transfiguration of Jesus, Sumy

I have visited my favorite cathedral today. I adore it always. It’s located in the centre of Sumy (a Ukrainian town), and it was built in the 18th century. The architecture of the church combines the virtuosity of …

Word of Life Bible Church

The word of life bible church also called the international gospel center is among the top churches in Nigeria today. The pastor of the church is Ayo Oritsejafor, the current national president of the christian association of Nigeria ( an umbrella body of the christian faithfuls ) The church …

Holy Family Catholic Community

I have been attending Holy Family Catholic Community, a Roman Catholic church, for 10 years with the rest of my family ever since we moved to the area. We absolutely loved the priest, the community, and even the building itself. Since being there, there have been two new priests …

St. Boniface Church in Metro Toronto, Canada

St. Boniface Church in Scarborough, Canada is a Roman Catholic church, and as such, it looks like a traditional house of worship. It is a sparkling white church, which cannot be missed as one traverses Markham Road on a busy Sunday morning. It was my mother who …

Malvern Christian Assembly in Metro Toronto, Canada

Malvern Christian Assembly is another anointed Pentecostal church in the community, established through grants provided by its so-called sister church; the Scarborough Gospel Temple, which I think, is one of the oldest Christian churches in the area. In terms of looks, Malvern Christian Assembly is a contemporary church …

Scarborough Gospel Temple in Metro Toronto, Canada

Of all the Pentecostal churches I have attended, this is the best one of all. In fact, I like all the pastors here, they sound really anointed to preach the Word, and they all say their piece without fear, even if it might feel uncomfortable for some members …

Unity Church

In Ft. Lauderdale, my cousin took me to a church he wanted me and my mom to come check out It was a small christian church by the name of Unity. When I walked in I wa greeted by several people and recieved a packet of info on …

El Shaddai, a Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement

My next door neighbor is an avid El Shaddai member, and she has long been convincing me to join her in one of their services. I had been very hesitant to do so, as I had heard about …

Westminster Abbey in Mission, Canada

I first got wind of the existence of a monastery in Canada when I worked during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I confided to my co-workers that since the age of 25, I have always wanted to become a monk. However, I got too preoccupied with my …

Revival Fellowship

I was baptised into the Revival Fellowship on my 30th birthday at the urging of my mother who had become a very enthusiastic member several months before. Since I had been through a lot of personal problems and was at a loss to even imagine how my future might …

Bayside Church

Bayside Church (New Covenant Christian Denomination) in Granite Bay California is one of the best churches I have ever been to. Check out more information about it on The pastor is Ray Johnson and he is absolutely inspiring. He is energetic and passionate but he also likes …

First Baptist Church of Norco in Norco, CA

Not even a full decade ago, First Baptist Church of Norco stood almost empty. Only six senior citizens attended Sunday services. Then a redheaded pastor from Alabama came and rejuvenated the church. Soon, every pew held a believer on Sunday mornings, raptly listening to the message the doctor had …

Joel Osteen Television Ministries

I have to watch Joel Osteen every week because it just makes me feel much better and makes me more apt to stay positive about things. It can be hard to get through a week without something negative sneaking in. When I listen to Joel Osteen each week, it …

Universal Life Church Monastery

The Universal Life Church Monastery, whose website can be found at, is a religious organization which welcomes the nonreligious. The Universal Life Church encourages people, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof, to become ordained ministers who can officiate marriages, funerals, and baptisms. The organization …

Mosque of bahrain

I have been going to different mosques in Bahrain last year and I visited Grand mosque where I felt like I have entered into heaven. The basic rule we had to follow there before entering the holy prayer hall was that ladies had to compulsorily wear burqa. I chose …

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship- Campus Christian Group

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an national collection of campus Christian groups. Many colleges and universities in the United States have a chapter of InterVarsity. I participated in one of these chapters at Trenton State College in New Jersey. The group met every week in one of the …

Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish

One of the churches where we usually attend Sunday mass is the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish located in West Triangle, Quezon City. We like going to the church because it has a community feel which for me is essential when going to mass. It …

Santuario de San Antonio Parish

Last Sunday, I attended a wedding at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park. The church is a good venue for a wedding because of the ff. reasons:
1. It is fully air-conditioned. This is very important especially with the hot and humid weather we have here in …

Revelation Life church

I’ve been attending some different churches in order to find the right one for me. recently a patient at the eyecare facility where I work invited me to her church and I decided to try it out. Revelation Life really is the best one I’ve come across …

Way of the Master is a fantastic website unlike any other. Kirk Cameron (from the TV show, Growing Pains) and Ray Comfort are expert teachers. They explain how to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Christians by using the Ten Commandments. This technique is quite …

St. John’s Lutheran Church

St. John’s Lutheran Church is a great church to go to and get a good message. It really is really great church to go to and I love the pastors sermons and the people of the congregation are really nice and very friendly and go there for the love …

Unity School of Christianity

The Unity School of Christianity in up town Overland Park is a wonderful accepting church for people of all walks of life. They accept people from all religions and all races. They hasve a beautiful meditation room that plays quiet calm relaxing music that is really soothing and will …

St. Mary’s Queen of Angels Catholic Church

I just love the magnificent beauty and splendor of St. Mary’s Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Russell, Kansas. All the people who go there for mass are really great nice friendly people and they welcome you with open arms. The church is so big and so beautiful and …

Inspiration Ministries (Christian Ministry)

Sunday morning I was flipping through the channels to see if there was anything interesting on television. I turned on a religious program from Inspiration Ministries. In this program, evangelist Mike Murdock was making an appeal for money. The number was on the bottom of the …

Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church is run by the Rev. Fred Phelps. It is a fundamentalist Christian community, not affiliated with the Southern Baptists. However, it shares many of their fundamentalist beliefs. They believe that all gay people are going to hell and that America is facing …

Roman Catholic Church

I live in a country where Catholics are dominant, I study in a Catholic school and I grow up learning so many things about Catholic faith and beliefs. Catholic believes in saints and the head of the church is the Pope which resides in Vatican. The priest where white, …

Joyce Meyer’s Ministries

A few year’s ago I decided to do some soul searching. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I really didn’t know what to think about things. I have not always been the most religious person, but I do take religion very seriously. I have attended church regularly …

Destiny Church of God

I was looking for a church to attend around town. I had heard some rants and raves about the church Destiny. I decided to try it out since I had heard so much about the establishment and Pastor Johnson. It was quite a large church and when I got …

Disciples of God Full Gospel Church

I recently became a proud member of Disciples of God Full Gospel Church. I have attended this church many times over the years, and have enjoyed it greatly. It is a small church with no more than twenty members. I like small congregations, because it allows for personal attention …

Canyon Ridge Christian Church

This church is really wonderful. It is a non-denominational Christian church in the Northwest part of Las Vegas. There are several things I like about this church.
First, there are five weekly services (two on Saturday evening at 4PM and 6PM) and two on Sunday morning (9AM and …

Franklin Congregational Church

I haven’t practiced my faith for many years due to my change in attitude towards the condemnation of your fellow man for whatever reason most would find unsuitable. Considering my concerns coming back to my faith I found this particular church (Franklin Congregation) style of worship to be very …

New Morning Star Church

I visit this church occasionally because my wife is currently active there. The current head minister became the pastor in the spring of 2001. At that time the church was always full on Sundays, and had a thriving youth ministry. Since then many of the members …

El Shaddai, a Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement

I believe El Shaddai, a Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement led by Mike Velarde is one big cult. This El Shaddai first started only as title of a radio program on DZXL with no less than Mike Velarde himself as the anchor. I had the opportunity to listen to …

Holy Land Rosary on EWTN

Holy Land Rosary on EWTN every morning at 7:30am EST is by far one of the best possible Rosary shows that I have ever prayed the Rosary to. I know that in my own experience of watching a variety of Rosary shows to pray the Holy Rosary to I …

Seacoast Church Online

I’ve long heard a lot of really good things from my family and friends about Seacoast Church, a contemporary Christian church based out of South Carolina, so I was open and willing to give Seacoast Church a try via its dynamic online site. I will admit that at …

The Fundamental Baptist Church

After I left the Roman Catholic Church, I hopped from one religion to another in my quest for a religion that would satisfy my spiritual longing. This led me to one faith that made me spiritually filled. This is the Fundamental Baptist religion. It was first my brother who …

Pentecostal Church (Pentecostalism)

In the early 1980s’ I was on my way to exiting from my Roman Catholic faith and the first religious belief that I tasted outside of my Catholic Faith is Pentecostalism. A friend in college was attending one Pentecostal Church in Magallanes and upon her persuasive invitation I joined …

The Seventh Day Adventists Church

I was almost convinced to join the Seventh Day Adventists Religion by a very good friend. My good friend shared to me about some of their beliefs which I find really acceptable. They believe Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible and they claim Jesus is at the very …

The Islamic Faith of the Muslims (Islam)

I have several Muslim office mates and while we are dealing harmoniously on business matters I think we can never ever agree on the issue of faith. I’ve discussed with them one time about their Islamic faith and from all their explanations I simply could say Islam is completely …

The Bible (Why I trust and love this Book)

When I was able what is real Christianity is all about my life was completely changed. The Bible has been my constant companion and became my daily meditation. What made me trust the Bible. I trust the Bible because I am sure that this the true word of God …

The Methodist Church

One of my favorite woman of faith is Suzana Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley the founders of the Methodist Church. I’ve read about their great labor as missionaries and I am also impressed with the hymns written by Charles Wesley. Because of the good things …

The Church of Christ

Way back in 1995 I had an officemate who invited me to her Church. The name of the Church is the Church of Christ. Of course I was then in search of a church that could tell me the truth and could show me the way to heaven so …

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