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Archbishop Moeller High School

I graduated from Archbishop Moeller Highschool as of this year, and had been going there since 2014. I have gone through the entire Moeller experience and can tell you everything about it. It should also be noted that the tuition for the school currently is $13,850. I can tell …

Smartphone and computer application to learn languages - Duolingo

I have been using Duolingo for about two months now and I am starting to realise what a great and easy-to-use tool it is. I guess it is a good tool for those people who are just starting to learn a language and need it to get by in a …

Cambly - English Tutoring Website

In the past months, I have been searching for some work from home opportunities that’s not completely mind numbing, and I really think I’ve found it. Cambly is a website where you tutor English to students from around the world and get paid $0.17 for each minute.

Initially, when I first …

Vila Universitaria (Vila 2) UAB

I stayed in Vila Universitaria (Vila 2) for over 40 days in the summer of 2012, when I was doing my internship at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). This hostel basically caters to Masters and PhD students or for those working in UAB. Therefore, I had to produce a …

5 Logical tasks (part 3) Solutions

Here We will discuss the solutions of 3-rd set of 5 logical tasks.

At first this task seems pretty meaningless. Anyway we end up with 2 doors, where one of them has the prize behind it, while the other one is empty. And then you might ask, “So …

5 Logical tasks ( part 3 )

Here is the third set of 5 logical tasks to feed your brain a little more. You can also find the first and the second sets of 5 tasks here and here. I keep collecting the best and the most challenging logic tasks for presenting to you …

Faber Castell 9000 2B (Pencil Designed For Computer Exams)

In preparation for the board exams, our study center gives us weekly exams using scantron based answer sheets (similar to the actual board exam). I always want to have the best materials during quizzes so I tried to look for other pencils aside from the mainstream Mongol pencil.
I bumped …

HackerRank, competitive programming website

I love competitive programming much because I love programming and I love logical puzzles. Competitive programming brings those 2 together as one. HackerRank is a website where you can practice Competitive programming but it has some great advantages over other websites like that.

When I say “practice …

5 Logical Tasks 2 Solutions

Here we will discuss the solutions of the second set of 5 logical tasks. You can also have a look at the first set of 5 logical tasks and at the solutions of the first set of 5 logical tasks.

Let’s begin with the easiest task. The first thing which …

Ashford University

Ashford University is a division of the Bridgepoint Education system. Ashford consists of a few brick-and-mortar campuses. Ashford University also operates as an online college.
Ashford University may receive high marks as being one of the most “military-affiliate” friendly colleges, but please, I beg you to believe when I say …

5 Logical Tasks II

This is the second set of 5 very interesting logical tasks for some brain melting. Here you can find the first set and the solutions of the first set.

Here I will show you another 5 very interesting tasks. The tasks are ordered from the easiest to the hardest. Some hints …

5 Logical Tasks Solutions

Here we will discuss the solutions of 5 Logical tasks. You can view the tasks here : 5 Logical tasks .

For clarity we will call the positions of a cup as + ( the normal position) and - (the upside down position). So, we begin …

5 Logical tasks

Logical tasks are a very good way to train your brain. Thinking is a very complex process during which your brain transfers electrical impulses from one region to another, the more you think the more active and flexible your brain is. Let’s have a look at some logical tasks which …

Yang Tai Chi for Beginners (YMAA Taijiquan) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Towards the end of December 2014, I was determined to become a healthier and happier person during the winter break in light of the constant stress that school put on me. After careful consideration I decided that I wanted to learn Tai Chi. At first I looked up free tutorials …

Grafix 12×12 in Chipboard

One of the second models I had to make in my first Architecture class was made of chipboard. Now close to my college was a store that sold most of the supplies to the Architecture class. However since they were the only game in town they charged a ridiculous amount …

W3schools learn web programming online

There are various books, websites and applications to learn one of the most famous and developing professions: programming. Here I will show you a website which is a very good one when it comes to learning programming.

The site w3schools ( is a very …

CodeCademy - website for learning web programming

Now, technologies grow and develop, and more and more programmers are required worldwide which means that more people are getting interested in programming and want to learn programming. The question is, where to learn programming effectively?

CodeCademy is one of the methods. It is an extremely good website. (visit at …

Understanding and accepting the Monty Hall Problem

Monty hall is a very special mathematical problem. It is pretty simple to formulate and explain, but accepting it is a little hard because it seems incorrect. Here we will try to understand and accept the idea of that problem.
So, let’s begin with the “tale” of …

Stag Hunt - philosophy of math

Stag hunt is another interesting math problem, which is simple to formulate, but impossible to give a perfect solution. The Stag Hunt problem is pretty similar to “The prisoner’s dilemma” .
Let’s begin with the formulation of the problem. First of all, for having a good …

The TOEFL IBT (internet based test) personal experience and advice

TOEFL is an abbreviation of Test of English as Foreign Language. It is an English test organized by ETS which is widely accepted (you can register an ETS account and register for the TOEFL test at ) . If you are applying to college or for a job, there …

TUMO center for creative technologies

TUMO center of creative technologies is a place where people between the age 12 to 18 can visit and learn a lot of interesting and entertaining stuff. It is almost 4 years old. I visited TUMO for 1 year and I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with …

The Prisoner’s dilemma - philosophical sides of math problems

There is a little and a very interesting problem in math game theory called “The Prisoner dilemma”. This problem is a special math problem, it doesn’t have a perfect solution and it really has a very intense philosophical side.
Let’s begin with the problem itself. The problem …

English Vocabulary in Use, Pre-intermediate and intermediate level by Stuart Redman

When I was learning English I decided to choose this book to improve my vocabulary. I didn’t know much about this book but the cover was pretty and I decided to take it. They say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but this was an exact opposite case.

As …

Learn English online with LinguaLeo

I remember a few years ago, when I knew a little English, I came across a website called LinguaLeo ( ) which was just another search result of my query “learn English online”. I stopped by to check it out and after a little exploring I understood that …

ALISON - Online Courses (Free Online Study)

The cost of higher education, in many places, is on the up - without any discernible improvement in quality (or even any noticeable change to the content).For this reason any advertisements for free courses have a powerful draw.
It is quite often the case however, that upon a little more …

Mesopotamian Gallery at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute has four primary exhibits: Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Persian collections. The Museum’s Egyptian, Persian, and Nubian exhibits are on the smaller side, but are still quite good.The most impressive and largest collection is the Mesopotamian gallery which also contains the neo-Assyrian collections, which …, language learning (iOS and Android apps, Chrome browser extension)

As someone who is currently trying to learn Spanish, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help me gather vocabulary and practice new words. One of my favorite applications for this purpose is allows you to have almost any word defined, pronounced, and added to your …

Writing prompt, parlor game: The Storymatic Classic

I bought this boxful of writing prompts online for my use when I’m working with my drafts. The cards came in a neat sturdy box. It was small so it can be brought along anywhere.
The basics of Storymatic according to the instructional booklet was to draw two gold cards …

Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching Institute

I have read and replied lots of stuffs about Vajiram and Ravi Coaching Institute in Delhi. After going through various comments, I have decided to share my own experience with Vajiram and Ravi on ReviewStream.
I had joined Vajiram and Ravi in 2012 only for Psychology. I couldn’t clear the …

Duolingo - learn languages online, website

I’ve always been fascinated by languages. It’s been a long held goal of mine to become fluent in Spanish, although I didn’t become too serious about it until I started to take formal Spanish classes in school. Finding that the class moves much too slowly, I began to seek …

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a college that provides classes at brick-and-mortar locations throughout the United States as well as online. I have only dealt with Rasmussen’s online courses and I have to say that in many aspects, I seriously regret my choice of attending Rasmussen College online.
The coursework, at least …

Career Launcher (CL) Institute for CSAT Preparation

I had taken classes in Career Launcher (CL) for CSAT 2012. I cleared CSAT, but could not go past the Mains phase of Civil Services. Here I will share my experience with CL launcher to help other students.
UPSC had introduced CSAT in the Civil Services Preliminary examination in …

Walden University

Walden University is headquartered in Minnesota and offers online classes to those seeking bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and to complete doctorate programs. Walden recently opened up a small selection of minors for those in business, communication, and some health-care fields.
I enrolled for a BA in Communication in October 2011 …

Rio Salado College

Last fall I had to attend Rio Salado College because the college I attended to attain my Bachelor degree did not offer a teacher licensure. I did not want to attend Rio Salado because I had felt it was substandard due to some exposure to the college prior …

Northwestern California University of Law

I have been attending Northwestern California School of Law (NWCU) for about 10 months. It has been a challenging experience, as law school should be, but definitely enjoyable.
NWCU is an independent study program, which I would only recommend for people who (1) love school, (2) have an enormous …

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Course

Recently I have become interested in learning how to play the guitar. As a beginner I was looking for some sort of course that would teach me the basic skills so that I could master the fundamental skills of guitar playing. I heard great …

Kenyon College Undergraduate Psychology Program

I would recommend the Kenyon College department of psychology to anyone planning to study psychology at the undergraduate level. From a student’s perspective, the professors are excellent. They provide one on one tutelage for all students wishing to major in psychology. All of the classes are taught by professors …

Brooklyn Brainery

The concept of the Brooklyn Brainery is very admirable: a few curious individuals asking others to share their knowledge and have as many people as possible partake. I was thrilled by the prospect and signed up to receive monthly newsletters, detailing the classes they had available. The emails are …

Buffalo State College

I went to Buffalo State College because it was one of two schools in my price range and desired geographic location that offered degrees in both Nutrition and Dance. I was struggling with deciding between the two schools, and I finally decided to go to Buffalo when I …

CUNY Hunter College

I first came across Hunter College through a college search during my junior year of high school. I was searching for in-state schools in the new york city area that weren’t too expensive, had dorms, and had programs in nutrition as well as dance. After researching and …

University of Houston

I’ve been to the University of Houston for a semester. I’m still a freshman.
UH offers many programs and many majors for all types of fields. However, it was obvoius that they favored the business college. They would build new building for the business college and leave the other graduate …

Cactus Shadows Highschool

I’ve been going to this high school for three years now and it is a decent school. There may be disciplinary problems but that is to be expected in a public school. It is a fairly safe school even though it does have certain drawbacks. There is a drug …

Khan Academy ( by Salman Khan

Khan Academy is a website with the domain name created by Sal Kahn to host his video tutorials on educational subjects such as mathematics, science, physics, humanities, history, economics, finance, SAT math, Singapore math, etc. Sal created the website after the high positive public response of the first …

Hinds Community College in Pearl, MS

I had recently graduated from high school and moved from a different state, so I was in need of a college to attend. I did not know about a college in Mississippi, so I was very excited once I moved to hear about Hinds Community College.
Hinds …

Everest Institute, formerly Georgia Medical Institute

Georgia Medical Institute, now is known as Everest Institute, to be an ideal school for me for medical assisting.
Everest Institute was an ideal school for me because the medical assisting program I attended was eight months long and fast paced. I was almost daily …

HP SmartCalc 300S

This calculator is very useful for students. However, I still find it just as useful for office use as well. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on one of these calculators. After using it out for a while, I really wish I could have discovered such …

Jones Driver’s Education

Last summer, I was getting ready to apply for my first driver’s license. In Georgia, Joshua’s Law requires that all applicants under the age of 17 take a full course of driver’s ed. So, as annoying as I was sure it’d be, we signed me up.
The fees for the …

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen, or Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) as it is the Dutch name of it, is the 2nd oldest and one of the biggest in the Netherlands. It is located in the city of Groningen, in the North East boarders of the Netherlands.
The University has 9 faculties, 9 …

Cristofori Music School

Cristofori is a leading distributer and provider of musical instruments and lessons in Singapore as well as in South-East Asia. I first kept away from it during my pursuit to learn a musical instrument in fear of higher prices and the hassle required; however, this opinion soon changed …

Score More Interactive Student Help Resource Packs (Maths and Science)

It was a simple question from one of my cousins (whom I’ve taken under my wing) that led me to take action now, while I can to set him up for a bright future. That question was “Why on earth do I have to learn the reproduction and life …

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