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Virgin Mobile Broadband On the Go with No Contract USB Device

I’m an internet fanatic. Anything that has to do with the internet I’m all over it. That is one of the reasons why I got Virgin Mobile Broadband 2 Go. It allows me to take my internet on the road, which is fitting for me and my lifestyle.
Virgin …

Evo 3.1 Mbps Wireless Broadband

One of the most famous and largest Internet service providers of Pakistan is PTCL, it provides many internet solutions to its users. Its evo products is one of them. Evo’s 3.1 Mpbs Wireless Broadband was the first internet connection I bought for my pc. I didn’t really knew what …

Evo Wingle 9.3 Mbps Wireless Broadband

Ptcl is Pakistan’s largest and leading telecommunication company. It provides telephonic and Internet services to its users. A few months back when I was looking for an Internet service provider, I decided to give Ptcl a try. I was looking for a wireless broadband connection, I had previously used …

Verizon Novatel Wireless USB 760 Internet Device

The Novatel USB 760 is a mobile internet device, I use it with Verizon and it performs well! I use it occassionally with my laptop. The pre-paid data plans are a bit pricier than the post-paid, but I have no complaints about the price, …

WildBlue Exede Satellite Internet Service

If you’re familiar with WildBlue you’re likely to know about their original internet service, the new Exede service is a huge improvement! Of course it functions more efficiently, but it’s also more reliable. But, it also has downsides that I’ll get to in …

Wi-Tribe 4G broadband Internet Postpaid Plan 598 (up to 1mbps)

Today I returned my wi-tribe wifi modem and had my Wi-tribe internet service disconnected. Not because I wasn’t happy with the service but because a land based DSL was required for my new home-based job. I decided to submit a review of this internet service before I totally forget …

Cox Communications of Las Vegas

I recently switched my Internet and phone service from Century Link to Cox Communications. I needed something with TV, Internet and phone for a decent price. Century Link was great except for the high price of service. The bill kept getting higher every month so I switched.
When I called …

Verizon FiOS Internet

It was a day of much happiness when my outdated DSL (basic bundle) was replaced with the lightning-fast speeds of Verizon FiOS. The installation itself was rather lengthy, as some complications on their end popped up, making the entire process no shorter than five hours; but in the end, …

Digitel and Sun Cellular Postpaid Internet

Our office have listed with Digitel and Sun Cellular Postpaid Internet up to 3MB/s with WIFI almost a year ago. On its first month, we did not have any problems with our internet connection. Though, our expected connection rate of at least 80% of their promised rate is quite …

Globe Tattoo @ Home Bundle 2MBPS

My husband and I are internet addicts. We don’t usually travel but we spend most of our time just surfing the net and discovering new things through it. Early this year, we have moved to a new place, because of that we had to terminate the service of out …

MTS MBlaze Braodband Data Card

I am using MTS MBlaze Braodband Datacard since last six months. My experience with this data card is somewhat a mixed one. On the one hand, this data card provides competitive tariff plans, and on the other hand it sometimes irritates me with faulty connections and problems with log-in.
My …

SmartBro Unlisurf 50

Before purchasing a Globe Tattoo Broadband stick, I’ve been with SmartBro broadband stick for a long long time. I used it for more than a year and was satisfied with it during those times. I am not a techie geek, so I spend only a couple of hours a …

T Mobile USB Stick Mobile Broadband

I’ve used pay as you go mobile broadband on and off for the last couple of years and in the past have used USB sticks from O2 and 3 Mobile before recently changing to T mobile.
My reason for choosing to buy the T Mobile USB broadband dongle was due …

Globe Tattoo SUPERSURF50

When it comes to broadband stick, I prefer using Globe Tattoo for it is the best when it comes to internet speed. It has up to 3.2kbps speed and is ideal for downloading movies or clips from the internet. Definitely a must purchase for students who does tons of …

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go

I was recently without Internet because I had to cut it off as a result of unexpected unemployment when my computer crashed. I work from home utilizing the Internet so I had no choice but to find a new Internet connection immediately when my computer came back to me …

Pay Pal From The Perspective Of A Seller

I had been a Pay Pal customer as a buyer for a long time. Pay Pal may be accessed at Then I decided to become a seller on eBay. As a seller, you have to add certain items to your Pay Pal account.
I tried repeatedly …

Afrihost ADSL Internet Service

Using the ADSL internet service from Afrihost was an extra service for me because I have been using their Web Hosting service for about two years now. The web hosting service is very good and quite affordable, in fact I would go as far as saying it is very …

Mio Box by Singtel

My home uses a 100 megabytes per second(mbps) modem, the Mio Box, provided by Singtel, an telecommunications provider. Although it has posed its fair share of problems, I can safely say that it has been a rather trustworthy and reliable provider of high-speed bandwidth.
The 100 mbps network has …

Sun BroadBand Prepaid Kit

I purchased their Broadband prepaid kit for Php1,400 which includes a USB, preloaded SIM card, and installation CD. I believe it is the first version ever launched. At this time of writing they have newer versions with newer features. I am not sure if it has something to do …

Tekksavy DSL Internet Service Provider

We have had Teksavvy for several years now after switching from Rogers Cable. The reason we switched from Rogers was because of the prices that were at least 50 CAD to 60 CAD or more. I convinced my mother to upgrade to faster speed, but it was …

PLDT myDSL Plan 999

Working as a home-based researcher requires me to have a fast and reliable Internet connection to perform efficiently. I’ve been subscribed to the PLDT myDSL plan 999 for almost a couple of years now and so far I have never been disappointed.
What I love most about this service is …

Xfinity (Comcast Internet Service)

Xfinity is an internet service provided by Comcast. To give a bit of context, the main reason why I switched to Xfinity from my previous internet service provider, AT&T, was because Comcast offered to bundle the three services of cable, telephone, and internet for …

PLDT - myDSL Broadband Internet

Last year, I needed to have an internet connection at home for my home-based job. Then, I saw this brochure from PLDT-myDSL Broadband Internet. They have these package plans. I was interested to try their service. I applied for a Bundled Plan 1299. This plan includes unlimited use of …

Smart Broadband Wireless USB Stick

I bought a SMART Broadband wireless USB stick for 999 pesos because I travel frequently and I need an Internet connection all the time. Bought brand new, it comes with free Internet for one week. I found the device handy and compact, just perfect for travel. What’s more is …

Comcast/XFINITY Internet

I’ve been using Comcast internet since they came out around 1987 in Woodbridge, NJ. In fact, I was part of the beta testers in Woodbridge. Since the beginning, I have been a very happy customer. The support I’ve received from them has been outstanding. Comcast …

Cox Communications

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I had to find an internet company quickly to find keep in contact with my family in Vancouver. Even though I didn’t know anyone from Vegas, it seemed Cox was the latest buzz. On TV, Billboards, and even the locals! So, i …

My Survey - Online Survey Site

Many people these days are opting to make quick, easy money online. That is exactly what I do. However there are many different ways of doing this, a very popular one being online surveys.
But with so many different survey sites, so many are scams, and many more seem fruitless. …

BT Broadband Service Provider

Up until recently my broadband internet service provider was AOL. I had been with them for 6 years and although I wasn’t really very happy with their service, I was loath to change as I thought it would be too much hassle. But the crunch came when AOL put …

LIME formerly Cable and Wireless Jamaica

Competition is always good and that spells well for us as customers. I certainly wish there was stronger competition in the internet service provider arena here in Jamaica. I currently get my service from LIME formerly Cable and Wireless in Jamaica. It has been so much like pulling a …

Dropbox Online File Backup Storage

One of the things that I’m scared of the most is loosing my files on the computer. Currently I am writing my master’s thesis and I have been very diligently saving my files both on the computer and Megaupload so far. I did not mind the process of saving …

Shareaza File Sharing Program

Several years ago a friend of mine told me about Napster, I was blown away with the fact that you can just freely download any music instantly on your computer. I used it for a couple of songs but when I went back a few days later to get …

Smart Broadband and Customer Service

Smart introduced their broadband after the popularity of their telecommunication services. Their broadband offers a better way of having an internet even without having a telephone. Because of the good reputation of Smart, we decided also to apply to their broadband service. We were really happy when …

Dollar Surveys, found at dollar, is a survey site offering web users the chance to earn spare cash by taking surveys for various companies through their site. Like many other people in these tough economic times, I recently began investigating alternative means of making some extra cash …

Globe Wi-Max

The Philippines is really starting to catch up technology and communications. Yes, the fact that you can see internet shop in almost every community in the urban, most average household have internet connection. There are also wi-fi area in almost every mall in the metro, even in coffee shops.
With …

Sprint 4G internet service

I ordered Sprint 4G internet service and I have to say that’s it’s nothing that I expected. There aren’t many internet providers in my area so I decided to give this a try because if not I would have needed to get dial up. It costs 70 …

Smart Bro Plan 495

We all know that the world now revolves around computers and internet. Unfortunately, the internet providers here in the Philippines are very few and because of that Filipinos really don’t have that much of a choice.
I was a SMART postpaid subscriber, one of the biggest internet …

Orange Internet Everywhere

I used Orange Internet Everywhere in Valencia, Benidorm, Malaga, Cordoba and now I’m using it in Marbella Spain. Total usage time is more than three months.
Q. Does it provide an internet access ?
A. Definitely not. It just pretends.
It works like this :
- 50% of time somehow good.
- …

Tata WiFi

I stay in a decent area in Bangalore and the place is filled with many techies. I purchased a internet service for my daily activities. I purchased Tata wifi internet connection in the month of November of 2010 which was available in good price and easy to install. The …

Cricket Wireless Broadband Service

In the past, fast internet service was nearly unobtainable for me. Living in a rural area, I didn’t have many options. It seemed I would have to fork out hundreds of dollars for satelite service. But now with all the cell phone companies providing a little usb modem you …

MTS MBlaze data card

Am using MTS Mblage internet data card since 4th of January this year. Am using this card for the purpose of online chatting with my clients. I was looking for a good internet connection. Searched inn so many ways. Finally i got in touch with an …

AOL Internet Provider

AOL, America on Line is one of the top internet providers. I have been with AOL since 2002, I’m not sure why I have stayed with them this long. I think it is a fear of the unknown and having to change my email address on so many accounts …

Wi-tribe Move Up Plan 998

I am a happy user of Smart Bro Plan 998 and have been using it for three years now. For bloggers and Facebook users like me, a very reliable internet service is a must! There was almost no service interruptions or technical difficulties with this ISP (Internet …

SmartBro Router Share It

I have been using Smartbro services for one year now. As much as I want to discontinue my subscription, I cannot because there is a contract of up to two years. Clearly, from the tone of my first few words you will be able to decipher that I am …

Axxess Prepaid Uncapped ADSL

With adsl line rental from the monopoly of telecommunications in this country, Telkom, and an adsl internet package of 1 gig a month, I soon had to find an alternative way in which to connect to the internet by supplementing it when the one gig of data was used …

Verizon Wireless USB720 mobile broadband card

I love the Verizon USB720 mobile broadband card because it is great and it allows me to get on the internet almost anywhere. This card is somewhat expensive in my opinion but I believe that it’s certainly worth it. The Verizon USB720 is a very small …

Comcast Internet

I believe that Comcast is a good internet provider when the service is working but I have had a few issues with their service. The package that I have for Comcast is 3.0 MBPS and it is very cheap. Comcast was also able to provide me with …


I ordered the AT&T DSL service and the modem and installation instructions were sent out very fast. My AT&T DSL service has been working great since it was installed and I have really enjoyed it. I switched over to AT&T DSL from dial up and the AT&T …


I used HughesNet internet service for a short time period and the service was not great at all. The HughesNet internet service is very expensive and it is not nearly worth the amount of money that they charge. The customer service is also terrible and they were …

Wildblue satellite internet service

I purchased Wildblue satellite internet service because it was the only high speed internet service available in my area. The other option that I had besides Wildblue was dial up and I needed a faster internet connection. I decided to contact Wildblue and the service was installed …

Airtel Broadband Internet Connection

Just reading an advertisement compelled me to take a connection of Airtel Broadband. Though, I regret that of my decision and I sincerely wish that I should have gone through some personal research about it before making payment.
This is one of the worst Broadband connections that I ever encountered. …

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