Perfume Reviews

DefineMe Kahana Aquamarine Crystal Infused Natural Perfume Mist

I have a lot of perfumes. You can call me a perfume maniac, actually. And I rarely let the bottles out of my hands… because it is rare that they become empty. But Kahana Aquamarine Perfume Mist from DefineMe is a real diamond, so I used it so often that …

Adopt Vanille Bourbon perfume

I can’t tell you how long it took me to find the right perfume. First of all, there are very few brands that make cruelty-free perfume. All the Givenchy, Chanel, Marc Jacobs stuff is tested on animals or at least sold in mainland China, where animal testing is required by …

A Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is very appreciated for creating excellent perfumes and although they are quite expensive, I do love the fragrances belonging to this brand. When I came back from my holiday, I bought from duty free the favourite perfume of my father: A*Men Pure Havane. It has been released …

Rise Eau de Parfum by Beyonce

I have always appreciated Beyonce not only for its beauty but also for her remarkable career. She created a variety of perfumes, but Beyonce confirms that Rise is very special to her. Rise is described as being a little bit more intimate and personal than her previous fragrances. Rise represents …

Killer Queen Eau de Parfum by Katy Perry

“Own the throne”. This is the motto of the perfume Killer Queen created by the famous singer Katy Perry. Killer Queen is a floral fragrance and although I am not such a big fan of perfumes released by celebrities, this one draw my attention thanks to its unique design.I do …

Eau de L’Occitan Eau de Toilette for Men by L’Occitane

Few weeks ago,I went to buy a gift for my brother and I know that a perfume is the best present for him.He loves to try different fragrances and he always changes them.This time,I wanted to choose a distinctive fragrance and for this reason I chose Eau de L’Occitan Eau …

Roberto Cavalli Serpentine Eau De Perfume

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” (Coco Chanel). This phrase is definitely true.I do believe that a fragrance can play an important role in how you feel.A perfume is invisible, but so powerful!It does enhance your mood and make you feel more confident and attractive.Today, I would …

Versace Red Jeans Woman Eau de Toilette

Your scent is often the first thing people notice about you.I must confess that I am not a floral fragrance lover and I do prefer oriental scents because they always give me a distinctive note.Normally,I always test a perfume before buying it,as I don’t want to waste my money for …

Chopard Wish Eau de Parfum

I have a huge passion for fragrances and from my point of view,even the most luxurious outfit is incomplete without the finishing touch of a perfume.I love oriental fragrances and I do appreciate them for their long lasting power.Wish is an elegant perfume created by Chopard and I was really …

Soul Kiss by Story of Love (perfume)

One of my family members bought me the perfume Soul Kiss by Story of Love, and even though I’m generally a sucker for things that make me smell great, I just didn’t like this one. While I did appreciate the gesture, I wasn’t too thrilled with the fact that it …

Montblanc Emblem Intense (2014 Perfume for men)

For every guy there comes a time when he needs to buy a new perfume. Today I’m going to talk about Montblanc Emblem Intense for men. I bought it for myself yesterday after trying out different perfumes at my local pharmacy, and so far I am very satisfied with …

Bench Daily Scents Cologne Sunday Morning

I love Bench Daily Scents because they are affordable. They are also available at all Bench stores and even at groceries! This is convenient because almost all grocery stores sell Bench Daily Scents. I do not need to go to Bench stores just to buy Daily Scents because they …

La Rive Dream Woman Perfume

I really like La Rive perfumes because I get value at an affordable price. La Rive is Polish and they aspire to international trends. I think they’re doing a good job. Their perfumes are available in Europe and I’ve also seen Dream Woman available on eBay. I bought my …

My Life Perfume by Mary J. Blige

I was gifted with a bottle of Mary J. Blige My Life Perfume during the Holidays. I hadn’t known that Mary J. Blige had a fragrance that was released and named after her second album. As the product junkie that I am, I was overjoyed to have the …

Wild Essence by Halle Berry, fragrance

I was able to snag a bottle of Wild Essence by Halle Berry, during the Holidays after spotting it in my neighborhood CVS pharmacy. I was able to sample the fragrance at the decorated celebrity fragrance stand, and decided that I just had to have a bottle.
Normally I …

Sweet Honesty Forever perfume by Avon

Sweet Honesty is one of the most popular perfumes in Avon. The classic Sweet Honesty is very prevalent, so I chose Sweet Honesty Forever, the violent cap bottle 50ml. It costs 299 pesos, as far as I can remember. In addition, 50ml is a bit small for a price …

Zen Shiseido perfume

I would like to tell you my opinion about one perfume I started using very recently. It is the Zen Shiseido perfume. I used to use Opium by Yves Saint Laurent for a long time but a few months ago my husband bought me Zen Shiseido. At first I …

Avon Forest Interlude Classic Purse Concentre 10ml

Avon Forest Interlude Classic is the second best perfume I have tried so far. The first one is the Imari Seduction. My mom ordered Avon Forest Interlude Classic Purse Concentre 10ml, and I did not know yet that it has a good scent.
When my mom told me that …

Imari Seduction Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml

I have a favorite perfume from Avon and that is the Imari Seduction Eau de Toilette Spray. I have lots of empty bottle of Imari Seduction and I even make them as one of my bottle perfume collections.
Apart from Seduction, Imari is also available in other scents, such …

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Perfume

I want to talk about a very glamorous and amazing perfume - Victoria’s Secret Angel Dream.
My husband got this perfume for me when we were just dating, so around 1,5 years ago, and I still have half a bottle left, and I will explain why.
First, I would like to …

Michael Jordan Cologne for Men

I recently decided to purchase a 6 oz bottle of Michael Jordan Cologne for Men, but it wasn’t the first time I’d smelled this cologne. Picture it. A teenager’s bedroom, posters of Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan decorate the walls, and my friend and I sprawled out on the …

Body Fantasies Sweet Sunrise Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray

Body Fantasies is one of those brands I as a product junkie keep tabs on. Whenever I am in some of my favorite shops, I like to see whatever they have new on the shelves. Yes, I browse the website every now and then, but I like to find …

Victorias Secret Pink Ready to Party Body Mist

I was looking for a body splash to buy fairly recently, when I went into a store and saw that some of the Victoria’s Secret items were on sale. I’m generally not a fan of a lot of Victoria’s Secret products, but I was attracted to the fact that …

Francy Nights Perfume by Jessica Simpson

As an older woman, I am a little more choosey about fragrances and perfumes than I once was. While I have been using Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers for nearly 20 years as an everyday perfume, I still felt the need to have a fragrance that is strictly for special occasions. …

Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance

I have just recently received this wonderful fragrance as a gift, and I am absolutely in love with it (and the person who got me it). I’m not very good at describing scents, but I’ll try my best for your visualization.
So I want to start off on the …

La Senza: Hello Sugar! Perfume

I’m a huge fan of perfumes, and I never think of going out without putting on a spray of one of my favourites, which happens to be the Hello Sugar! bottle. Regardless of the very vast collection of perfume bottles I have (at least a couple dozen from which …

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Fragrance Mist

There’s something for me about the scent of sweet pea, always loved it. There’s a lot to this sweet and fruity scent. Looking up the ingredients we have sweet Pea, watery pear, juicy loganberry, blackcurrant, sheer freesia, luscious raspberry, pink peony soft musk, plum Woods. No idea …

Jasmine Musk By Tom Ford ( For Women ) Perfume

I got to experience this even if this is an old perfume. It came out in 2009 and I just had a chance to try it late last year ( 2013 ). The scents of Tom Ford look so generic if we judge it through its flacon, however I know …

Bath and Bodyworks White Tea and Ginger Fine Fragrance Mist

As a bath and body works fan, I tend to try my hand at their many scented products. I have found fragrances that I know that I can’t live without. While this may be the case in a lot of instances I’ve also found fragrances that were absolutely horrible …

Lady Gaga Fame Black Liquid Eau De Parfum Spray Unisex

Im very picky about my perfumes, I dont like anything too sweet but not too masculine either. I prefer understated, subtle scents. And I had been waiting forever for Lady Gagas Fame to be released thanks to all of the hype around her revolutionary “black fluid”. Well, to me …

Guess Night Perfume For Men

This is a new scent from Guess. I never tried using Guess scent because I thought that this brand has poor longevity. I always go for other brands and I have been consistent all these years. Just recently, this product appealed to me because of its alluring packaging …

Giorgio Armani, Acqua di Gioia - Eau de Parfum Spray

I am a perfume fanatic. I love fragrances and it is probably the only thing I would purchase without considering the price.
I wear perfume on a daily basis and I wouldn’t feel right If I for any reason did not wear it on any day.
I have a collection …

Bodycology Sweetpetal Fragrance Mist

Bodycology has been a brand that I have enjoyed in many different instances over the past few years. They never cease to amaze me with their different fragrances that range from sweet to woodsy. I like the fact that there’s a scent to appeal to everyone. So to say, …

‘Glow’ fragrance by J.Lo

One of my favourite perfumes is ‘Glow’ by J.Lo. ‘Glow’ is Jennifer Lopez’s first signature fragrance and I have been using this perfume since it was first released back in 2002. I love the scent of this fragrance so much that I still frequently use it today …

Bath & Body Works Country Apple body splash

I bought this body spray about a month ago during the Bath & Body Works sale event. I bought it for around $5, but I would have paid up to $15 for it. Bath & Body Works often has good sales where they mark down their fragrances …

Body Fantasies: Vanilla mist fragrance

I was given a try size bottle of Body Fantasies: Vanilla mist as one of the gifts on a trip from my older sister. She knew that I like the brand of body fantasies from the dollar store pretty well and because I’m a professed product junkie. Usually …

Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk Fantasy

Body Fantasies is the brand that is usually found in the family dollar. I typically call it the knock of version of more expensive white musk. I choose to try this perfume because of the strong woodsy musky scent. I will admit that this version white musk is pretty loud …

Body Fantasies Signature: Twilight Mist

I gave body fantasies signature: Twilight Mist one day when seeing it the family dollar for only $3. Normally I go for the other canned deodorant sprays for the same price that are imposers of actual name brand perfumes and colognes, but I decided that I would get something different …

Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume

Delicious! That is how my boyfriend described how I smelt when I debuted this perfume by popular pop star Britney Spears on our first date and for this reason I always make sure that I have a bottle of this on my dresser.
Fantasy by Britney Spears is attractively …

Vera Wang Princess Perfume for Women

Are you a girl who relishes in attention? Then this fragrance by popular wedding gown designer Vera Wang is for you.I first bought this perfume as a treat for myself six years ago and continue to purchase at least one 3.4 ounce bottle annually when I travel.
Whenever I …

Perry Ellis 360 for Women perfume

I first received a 100ml bottle from a friend who had received it as a Christmas gift from her parents and did not quite like the scent. She said it made her stomach feel upset. I reluctantly took it but afterwards was so glad I did.
What’s the …

Narciso Rodriguez For Her, Eau de Toilette

This review discusses the eau de toilette version of Narciso Rodriguez For Her (i.e., the one in the black bottle).
For Her is a very complex, musky fragrance that opens with a burst of orange flower blossom and osmanthus. If you’re not familiar with what osmanthus is, it’s a …

Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum

Fresh’s Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum is a lovely, flirty, light fragrance. I am personally a citrus lover when it comes to fragrances, so it is no wonder why I adore Sugar Lychee. This fragrance opens with a burst of sweet lemon notes. On me, I personally don’t …

Rive Gauche perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

To write a glowing review of this perfume would still not do it justice. This is the art of perfumery at one of its highest levels, and it reeks of quality.
The muskiest and sexiest perfume that has probably ever existed, this is well worth whatever price the shops are …

Lush Breath Of God Perfume

This is by far the strangest perfume I have ever had the pleasure of smelling, but I mean this in an extremely good way. This perfume managed to be clever (made me stop and actually think about the perfume) and entice me all at the same time. I mean, …

Lush 1000 Kisses Perfume

This perfume was like a window into a whole other world. Upon opening the bottle (very good LUSH packaging - plain black and sleek) I was greeted with the most wondrous of smells. It reminded me of warm spring days, flowers at a christening, and something else strange and …

Black by Kenneth Cole Perfume

I bought Black by Kenneth Cole Perfume by chance. I had been in one of my close friends who happens to be its long time users. I sprayed a little bit of scent on my hand and smelled that. I didn’t find anything special then. Later in the night …

Versace L’Homme Perfume

This scent was released in 1986. If I had to buy this, of course this is not my choice but a relative arrived from New York and gave me this as a present so I have to use it. The scent is pretty simple– in a traditional-shaped flacon and …

Calvin Klein Eternity (for men) Eau de Toilette 1.7oz.

Someone bought me this cologne for my birthday in 2012, and I have to say, i like this cologne. I like this cologne because it gives a fresh but not too strong smell. It’s great for a guy who is looking to wear something good smelling, but not too …

Davidoff Cool Water EDT Perfume

I bought Davidoff Cool Water EDT perfume online after one of my close friends recommended it. This perfume cost me $52. The cost is definitely well out of my comfortable range, but its performance has simply enthralled me. Currently, I am enjoying this perfume and looking forward to get …

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