Furniture Reviews

Burlston Luxura Manager’s Chair, Black

This is the chair that I have for my PC at home. I spend a lot of time in this chair, playing games, watching movies, etc. I’ve had the chair for about six months now, and can say that it is everything someone could want in a chair. Looking online, …

Hofta drawer separator, by Ikea

Unfortunately, the closest Ikea store is at 300kn from my house so I never go there and I never order stuff from there because when it is about furniture and similar things I kind a prefer seeing it with my own two eyes then buying it online. Moreover, their shipping …

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

We are big Tommy Bahama lovers so when our son started playing sports at the local field, we were so excited to finally have a reason to go purchase these chairs.
The biggest plus for us was that they had both a carrying handle and backpack straps, making carrying …

Super-Bungee Chair Mini

My 10 year old son has been talking about wanting a bungee chair. We first saw one on display at a retail store and I thought it looked a bit sketchy. I guess for someone his age it might be ok but surely not a fully grown adult.

South Shore Stor It Collection 4 Cubby Storage Shelves

When I was looking for toy storage cubbies for my toddler’s toys I looked at multiple options. We proudly own kids themed storage, storage chests, open toy boxes, bins and baskets and the Stor It cubby. My favorite of all our toy storage items is definitely this unit. …

Ave Six Curves Valencia Velvet Slipper Chair, Chocolate Brown

I recently purchased a chair for my home office. Previously I only had a desk and chair in my office. It was suggested to me that I buy another chair in case someone else wants to come in my office and visit with me so I bought a chair. …

Canton Bookcase from Joss & Main

At the time of my purchase for this, I had not spent more than $100 for a bookcase and I didn’t think that I would spend a little more than $200 on such a product until I saw this Canton Bookcase from Joss & Main and I just fell …

Mariposa Table & Floor lamp from ZGallerie

When I saw the matching Mariposa Table & Floor Lamp from ZGallerie, I knew I couldn’t have one without the other and that I needed to have both. They’re very simple, yet very elegant looking, and would add a look of sophistication to any room they’re placed in. These …

2-Pack Krabb Wall Mirrors from Ikea

When I saw these Krabb Wall mirrors from Ikea, I could not believe the price; $10.00 - That price wasn’t even for 1 mirror, but two. So, basically that was just 5 bucks a mirror. Which are decent, full length sized mirrors. Since the one I previously had broke, …

Furlicious Wingback Desk Chair from PB Teen

When I saw this Furlicious Wingback Desk Chair from PB Teen, I knew I just had to have it. I wasn’t even looking for a desk chair as I already had one, just a simple black office chair that was just there for me to sit in when I …

Handbags and Shoes Wall Decal with hooks from Wake Up Frankie

After purchasing my first wall decal from and loving that one so much, I looked at the various others that they had available on the site to see if the were to my liking and came across this Handbags and Shoes Wall Decal with hooks from Wake Up …

“Relax” Shelf Sign from Seventh Avenue

If there’s anything I need a daily reminder of, it’s definitely to ‘Relax’ because I don’t do that enough on a daily basis. In fact, I rarely do such. I’m not even sure I know the definition of the word anymore; Being an over-thinker about pretty much everything there …

Malm Occasional Table from Ikea

When I first saw this Malm Occasional table from Ikea (On display set over a bed in one of their rooms set up for display), my first thought was how awesome it was that this was like a desk for the bed and took those bed tables to a …

Large Black Rose Beaded Chandelier from Wake Up Frankie

What I like most about this Large Black Rose Beaded Chandelier from are the spaced out black roses that frame the outside of the chandelier, on the top as well as the bottom. Although a different color, they match the ivory colored rose lamps that I also bought …

Bouquet Panel from Wake Up Frankie

When buying curtains, I tend to stay towards the darker choices because at night, I like my room to be completely dark unless I happen to want a small night light or such on, but most of the time I don’t want any light from outside coming in and …

Amanda Iron Scroll Bed from PB Teen

I had been eyeing this Amanda Iron Scroll Bed from PB Teen for quite some time now, as well as a few others before finally deciding that this was the one I wanted to go with - Wasn’t initially thrilled about the $800 price tag for a queen frame …

Illuminated Tree from Seventh Avenue is one of the handful of online stores that I shop at; One day, quite a few years ago, I randomly received one of their catalogs in the mail and flipped through it, immediately falling in love with the kinds of unique and gorgeous products that they offered …

Parisian Love Seat from Wake Up Frankie

Now, I been wanting a similar styled couch as they Parisian Love Seat for quite a while now, but given the almost $700 price tag plus the cost of shipping; This wasn’t an item that I was too willing to splurge on for myself even though I really wanted …

Savannah Bedding in Dove by Pier1 Imports

When I saw this Savannah Dove Bedding at Pier1 Imports, I knew I just had to have it. I fell in love with it the very moment that I saw it. This was one of the first products that I’ve purchased from Pier1. Note; This bedding ‘Set’ doesn’t come …

Silver Bird on a Branch Wall Decal from Wake Up Frankie

Now, I don’t buy many wall decals and all I have bought in the past were only ones that came from the dollar store and this Silver Bird on a Branch Wall Decal from Wake Up Frankie is the most expensive, although cheap, and best one that I’ve come …

Scroll Jewelry Holder from Wake Up Frankie

This is a review for the Scroll Jewelry Holder from Wake Up Frankie, which is the most recent product that I’ve purchased from and as with a few other handful of items I’ve bought from this site; I’ve been waiting quite a while to get because of the …

Shades of Rose Accent Lamps from Wake Up Frankie

I’ll be reviewing the Shades of Rose Accent Lamps from which are a pair (Meaning the set comes with two matching lamps) of gorgeous Ivory colored lamps with very elegant rose-detailed lamp shades. There are six roses, (Which is the same fabric used on the to of the …

Lily XIV Vanity by Wake Up Frankie

Let me start off this review for the Lily XIV Vanity from Wake Up Frankie by saying that this piece has to be, by far, one of the most beautiful vanities I have ever seen; Not only is this a gorgeous piece of furniture, but the quality is amazing …

South Shore Soho Double Six Drawer Dresser

I purchased the South Shore soho double six drawer dresser for my son’s room because he has outgrown his old dresser. The previous one dresser had small draws, and the little that used to be shiny and gold appeared to be rusting, and they were always coming loose. I …

Hemnes TV Storage Combination Cabinet

I have been watching the HGTV channel and have been inspired to recreate my room to fit my personality and needs; therefore, I wanted to update the current tv stand because it is shorter than what I expected when I put it together and it only has a minimum …

Essential home storage bench

Every since I saw a storage bench similar to this one in Finger Hut’s shopping catalog, I just knew I would be able to find one closer to home without the need for the extra delivery expense.
Since the lid to my last chest broke I have needed to …

Shabby Chic White Belgravia Dressing Table Mirror

My daughter selected white furniture for her room. We bought every thing white that included white Chester drawer, white book rack , white site table and a beautiful rod iron bed in white colour. The room looked beautiful with light pink shade wall and the same pink curtains.
Then …

Ozark Trail Deluxe Arm Chair

I purchased this chair at my local Walmart for about $10. I was pregnant and needed a chair that I could bring to work and stash out of the way. It was my chair of choice because it was light, easy to carry and small enough to conceal. The …

Winsome Space Saver Drop Leaf Table Set

This breakfast bar set is fantastic! I love it! I was looking to make an addition to my kitchen so I decided to purchase it. I was looking for a set that didn’t take up much room in my small kitchen, and this has been a …

Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

If you’re someone that has multiple children a bunk bed is almost essential. I have experience with many, and this Walker Edison model is one of the best that I’ve used! I purchased this bed from a local furniture store, but I also found out that it’s …

Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit In White

My husband and I designed a modern playroom for our new house that we moved into about a month ago. When we were drawing up plans, we looked at a lot of blogs to get ideas and finally came across one that had these shelves turned on their sides …

Ikea Kritter Children’s Chair In Black

We recently moved into a new house and gained another room, which we decided to turn into a playroom since we have two small children. We went with amore modern design and were on a hunt for black kid sized chairs for months. My husband and I finally decided …

Sleep Number c2 King Bed

I’ve always had issues with my back, especially when my boyfriend has the exact opposite taste in bed firmness as I do. I had always been pretty convinced by the commercials for the Sleep Number beds, and after getting one, I am incredibly satisfied with this bed! I haven’t …

Distressed Bronze Mica Shade Swing Arm Wall Lamps, style U2871

After searching for a while, I found the lamps, Distressed Bronze Mica Shade Swing Arm Lamps,an arts and crafts style, at I had gotten a new bedroom suit and knew that it was time to get rid of my old swing arm lamps and settle on a …

RealSpace Magellan Collection L Shaped Office Desk

For the past year I have been searching for a work desk that I could put in my home office, and I decided to shop at Office Depot because I knew they would be the perfect place for me to find a great office desk for home. Also, I …

Shell Bentwood Dinette Set from Walmart

I was so exited when I received Shell Bentwood Dinette Set. I checked customer opinion and there were so many positive reviews about it. I opened the box and it was just as it’s pictured on the web. It’s shiny, espresso color and looked very modern and cool. …

Serta Mattress

Being the overly picky worry wart that I am, I was terrified to try a new mattress. At this point I had been sleeping on the exact same mattress my entire life, buying one after the other. I really hate change. However …

Chrome Sliding Cabinet Organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond

My kitchen is cute, but on the small side. I don’t see myself wanting to do a kitchen remodel any time soon so I have to make the most of the space I have. I use my kitchen a lot and so I’m always looking for little ways to …

Ethan Allen heirloom end table with nutmeg finish

A few months ago I went to a storage auction in Palm Bay, Florida. I found some great items including a signed football, and gold jewelry. I also found a nice Ethan Allen table from the mid eighties. It was a heirloom style and had these nicely carved …

Mainstays Triple Mesh Sorter

Mainstays Triple Mesh Sorter
I bought a Mainstays Triple Mesh Sorter from Wal-Mart not only because I liked the idea of having separate sections for light, dark, and red clothes and fabrics, but because the mesh bags advertised were removable and the sorter itself has wheels for supposedly moving it …

Avenue Six Curves Hour Glass Chair

This is an all around fantastic chair! It has exactly what I need and look for whenever I’m looking to buy one. Let me start by saying that I’ve had this for about three years now. The quality is impeccable, it’s put together well and that’s without …

Step 2 Write Desk

We got our soon-to-be 2 year old son the Write Desk by Step 2 about 4 months ago. The desk is amazing, from a mom’s point of view anyways. Our little boy is very high energy and from the first time he saw the built floor model at Babies …

Ikea Fjelldal Loft Bed

The Ikea Fjelldal Loft Bed. Small bedroom solution: check. Pain in the butt to assemble: check.
As the proud owner of a very tiny bedroom with too much stuff to put in it, I knew I needed something that would offer me more …

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Outdoor Lounge Chairs

I purchased two of these chairs recently for $50 each. The price was well below that of similar chairs I had seen. Because of this, I was a bit worried about the quality of the chairs, but I wanted to give them a try since our …

Techni Mobili Complete Computer Desk

I was in the market to purchase a new computer desk so I decided to go with this one. I was a bit skeptical of it initially because I thought it was too small but I have really started to like it. I purchased it from Office …

Casual Style Cappuccino Dining Table

It was time for my previous one to go so I decided to purchase this dining table. I have only owned it for about a month but I really love it. I purchased it from Lowe’s and I paid 120 dollars for it. The price is …

Select Comfort Numbers Bed

4 years ago I purchased a Select Comfort Numbers Bed. Like many others, the traditional beds did not support my back properly and each morning I awoke with lower back pain. After watching several infomercials and visiting my local Select Comfort store, I decided to invest in their product. …

Planar 90863 Meuble TV (TV furniture) from Vastiau Godeau

I bought a lot of furniture from Vastiau Godeau and one of the things which was in the last batch of furniture I purchased was the TV stand for the living room. This is a piece of furniture which is about 2 meters in length and less than …

Sterilite 3-Drawers Set

I went home one urgently one time to look for my bill receipt. I have to clear something for my credit card bills. Unfortunately because everything of my things in my bedroom was all cluttered, I cannot find it easily. I have to check on every cabinet because I …

Reckitt & Coleman Old English Furniture Wipes

Reckitt & Coleman Old English Furniture Wipes are furniture wipes that cleans and protects furniture. These furniture wipes are not very expensive at all in my opinion and I usually pay 4 dollars for a container with 25 wipes. These furniture wipes are certainly worth paying 4 …

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