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Audible app (for listening to Audible audiobooks)

Audible has been around for quite a while and all the bloggers and all the youtubers have been talking about how great it is. For those who for some reason haven’t heard of Audible or just don’t really know what it is, Audible is a seller and producer of spoken …

EasyFit kcal Counter - Android App

About 7 months ago I became determined to start a diet so that I could lose weight. I spent hours looking up information and apps that could help me in this endeavor. At first, I tried things like MyFitnessPal and a few other calorie counters, but I felt like they …

myFitnessPal app

There has been a lot of fuss around being healthy, watching your diet and eating well. I do find it weird since it seems like health and fitness are well-marketed products and not the essentials that have always been around. But that good marketing for health really comes in handy, …

Wake up app - Alarmy

We all know that waking up early in the morning is a very hard thing to do. Sometimes, it makes us late or make us unable to go to where we should be going at all. So I’ve been using an app to help me wake up more efficiently without …

Controllers for All (iPhone Tweak)

As someone who loves gaming but doesn’t really want to get MFi controllers because they’re pretty much restricted to connect with Apple devices, I end up having to look for tweaks and hacks to get third party Bluetooth controllers to work with my iPhone.
After much research online, I found Controllers …

Parcel - Delivery Tracking (iPhone App)

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping and sometimes I would buy from overseas too. So I would like to be able to track my items easily without having to navigate through a bunch of slow loading websites in foreign languages that I don’t understand.

So I eventually found Parcel …

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free to download video (and audio) converter that can be downloaded from

It is a powerful converter than can convert up to 500 video formats and codec, including the H.264, MKV, MPEG4, AAC, AVI and WMV. It is also able to convert audio files.

I love …

Stylebook App

Today I’d like to tell you a little about an app that has helped me organize and transform my unruly closet. For years I have watched as my closet has turned into over-stuffed, disorganized, disaster area. Mornings were a nightmare as it would take me forever to find specific …

Ubuntu (free, open source operating system)

Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system. It’s a distribution of Linux, in case you don’t know about Linux, Linux is an open source operating system as well, made in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux by itself is available for development and distribution but any developer and distributor …

Tinder V3.1.1 Dating App for Android

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps around. I’d heard about it for some time before I finally decided to download it. After about a week I could understand why everyone was so addicted to it even though I …

Spotify, Music App Available on IOS and Android devices

Music is the universal language and what do you think is the best way to listen to new and hit songs in your gadget? Well, we’re lucky to have the Spotify app both in the AppStore and Play Store. The app lets music lovers use it for free and even …

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 home edition speech to text software

Dragon is speech to text software designed to help people become more efficient. I am a visually impaired person so I use Dragon because typing is difficult. There are many disabilities that affect a person’s ability to type and Dragon is a great solution. As a writer by trade, …

Amazon Silk Browser for Kindle Fire

When I first started using my Kindle Fire I couldn’t help noticing that there were a few apps that it came with. One of these was the Amazon Silk Browser for Kindle Fire. I was just so happy for my new tablet that I didn’t do what I would …

Corel VideoStudio X7 Ultimate

I grew up around a software programmer, so I am very critical when it comes to trying out new software. Corel VideoStudio X7 is a software that I purchased because I was tired of using iMovie for my Video editing tool. A friend of mine explained that Corel VideoStudio …

Google Chrome Web Browser

I have used Google Chrome for a few years now and I fully believe that it is the best web browser. After using Internet Explorer for who knows how many years, it was an absolute relief to switch to Chrome. It’s extremely simple to use, in my opinion. I …

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate (software)

Some time ago I decided that I was going to make an animated film and therefore I wanted to do some research by getting some stills of a few video clips that were going to influence some scenes especially. My biggest problem at the time though was not finding …

VLC Media Player 2.0

I often download media files that aren’t compatible with Windows Media Player. VLC Media Player’s awesome because it’s compatible with most media formats. There aren’t many files that I haven’t been able to play since I started using it. FYI, if you’re interested …

Google Chrome Version 30

Traditionally I prefer using Firefox over most browsers, but there are many aspects of Google Chrome that I like. I’m pleased with it’s performance, it’s efficient, operates smoothly and it doesn’t require a ton of PC resources. It swiftly loads web pages and it’s …

Windows 8.1

My college-age daughter bought a touchscreen laptop with Windows 8 at the beginning of the school year and hates it, so I approached the upgrade to a new laptop and Windows 8.1 with some trepidation. I ended up choosing a laptop without a touch screen, opting to spend my …

Microsoft Office 365 Online Subscription

My new laptop shipped with a free one month trial of Microsoft Office 365. I have known that I need to upgrade, but I wasn’t in a position to spend hundreds of dollars to do it when Office 2010 came out, so I have been using Office …

VLC for iOS

Since always VLC has been my favorite PC media player. The reason is fairly simple: it can play virtually any media file type without the need of installing third party codecs. It also is multiplatform and can run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s also available for …

The Google Chrome OS

I’m using my Google Chromebook to write this review and have owned a Windows laptop also so I believe this review will be unbiased and fair. The Chromebook is a linux based OS made by Google and has unique and standard features.
First of all, the Chromebook is …

Opera 15 Web Browser

Last month, on July 2nd, Opera Software released version 15 of the Opera web browser. Development for the 12.x branch is still in procces but Opera 15 is the new generation of the Opera web browser. Opera finally got on to the fast release cycle wagon that Mozilla and …

“Textgram” iPhone app

I first discovered the Textgram iPhone app a few months ago after one of my friends had posted one of their awesome Textgram creations on Twitter. I really liked their “Textgram” and after finding out what app it was from, I was very interested to get it. …

YTD Video Downloader

Every single day I surf the internet there is no way for me not to visit I love to watch new videos every day from all over the world, I enjoy doing that so much, it’s so educating and fun most of the times, helps to let me …


Over the past year, Instagram has become one of the most popular smart phone apps worldwide and is one of the apps I continue to use and enjoy the most in my daily life. The concept of Instagram is to add different light filters and effects to …

Xilisoft Move Maker 6

While I don’t like to mess with movies or videos that I have, for I don’t like to lose picture quality, I like to make music videos for my son, as well as making Sing-Along music videos for him. So, when I started to look at the best movie …

Papa John’s Pizza Mobile App

Papa John’s is easily my favorite place to order pizza delivery from. When they added the option to order online, it made things even easier. However, downloading the “Papa John’s” mobile app is what really made ordering pizza the easiest. It’s as simple as pulling out my iPhone, clicking …

Linux Mint 15 32Bit Cinnamon Linux Operating System

Unlike with Linux Mint 14, I actually did not use Mint4Win but rather used UNetBootin to create a live USB boot and did a fresh (clean) install. I was pleased with Mint 14’s performance and so I doubt it will change by much. Also, Mint 15 boasts the driver …

Notepad2 Text Editor v4.2.25

Notepad2 is a free text editor for the Windows operating systems with a look and feel similar to Microsoft’s Notepad but with many advanced features that make it especially suited for programming like syntax highlighting, auto indentation, encoding conversion between multiple encoding formats, newline conversion between Windows (DOS), UNIX …

SSH Telnet client Moba Xterm 6.1 Personal Edition

I spent close to one month finding the perfect solution for doing SSH/Telnet (client) into remote servers. And I finally found it, the Moba Xterm 6.1 Personal Edition. It is a very small 13.5 MB executable file that includes SSHing, Telneting with multi-tabs, X11-forwarding and an awesome graphical …

GraphicsGale Animation Graphic Editor

GraphicsGale is a graphics application used to create pixel art. I think the main advantage of this software is that it is specifically made for making pixel art. You see, a lot of other graphics programs can do pixel art just fine, it’s just that it will take MUCH …

EditPlus Text Editor software v3.51

EditPlus is a text editor for Microsoft Windows with many features specially suited for programmers like syntax highlighting, code folding, find and replace with regular expressions support, auto indentation, auto completion, a tabbed interface, FTP integration (to upload files to a remote server), among others. A few days ago …

Corel Painter 12 software

If you’re a digital artist or if you ever even some much as tried to use the brushes in Photoshop, you really owe it to yourself to check out this program. If you enjoy painting or drawing, this program will be exceptional for your needs. This program will provide …

Paint Tool Sai painting and drawing software

Let me first say that I’m not a professional artist. I just a mediocre average artist who just draws for fun.
This is practically my default drawing program. A little backstory; before I got this program, I had used Microsoft Paint to draw and that was..well something. You get …

PaleMoon Browser - optimized FireFox

I always loved Firefox, simply for the sheer number of add-ons and configuration options available. But over the period of time (i guess I started around FF version 4), the browser has really become sluggish and there were issues with memory leaks especially with Vista. So with heavy heart …

Adobe Flash Professional CS6

A while ago, Adobe rolled out their new Creative Suite, which was the anticipated CS6, given users a whole new batch of software to use.
I’m just going to give my opinion on what I think are the important aspects of this software and then you can decide whether you …

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 Software

After using several different anti-virus software packages over the years, I believe my current purchase of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 wins hands-down. The software product provides its user with high-end security; is simple enough to use and comes in at a very good price point of $29.95. …

Anime Studio Pro 9

As far as the new features, one of the biggest additions to this version of Anime Studio is the timeline. When you boot up the program, you’ll notice that the copy, paste and delete buttons have been removed from the timeline, because all the functions for these buttons are …

Norton 360 2013

I am using Norton security software since last three years for my office workstations. This year I bought Norton 360. My decision stemmed from the fact that I was experiencing some serious malware attack in recent months.
Norton 360 is not only a strong mechanism to stop malware along with …

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

I have used various Adobe products previously. This is the first time that I decided to invest money to buy proprietary Adobe software. I was looking for a powerful photo editing software for my office work. I didn’t need to look for longer and bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. …

Pivot Animator 4

Pivot Animator is a free program created by Peter Bone that allows you to create basic 2d animation by frame-by-frame animation. You basically have an object that you can create with joints that rotate and you can move these joints to create an animation.
Pivot has grown a lot …

FL Studio 10 Digital Audio Workstation

I just want to say first that I’m not a music producer or a professional or anything like that. I just make music sometimes for fun. I got Fl Studio because it was suggested to me by a friend. I heard what people made using it and I was …

Audacity free sound editor

Audacity is a free sound editor.
I like it because it’s simple and easy to use. I think the best thing about Audacity is that it has all the important features that people would look for in a sound editor program.
It offers equalization, compression, reverb, a phaser, a normalizer, …

Adobe Flash Professional CS4

Before I say anything about the program, I just wanted to do a little soap box thing. If you want to draw cartoons, you don’t need a professional program to do it. There a lot of people who hold off on things until the get the “tools” that others …

SoundHound voice recognition app

Lately, I’ve been listening to the radio and I catch glimpses of songs whose title I didn’t catch, and I can only remember how the song went which so easily etches itself in my mind. Some of those songs I really like, yet I don’t know nothing else than …

DVD Flick DVD Authoring Tool

Over the last years I’ve tried many DVD authoring tools. There are many options, some that cost some money, some other that where free. The ones that where free usually had too little features or couldn’t handle some of the files I intended to convert to DVD. And as …

Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32 Bit

I got the Windows 8 Pro download edition for $39.99. I was told that the price is expected to increase so I got it while it is still cheap. The $39.99 is for the setup download, not for the disk. The disk costs twice as much and I simply …

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7

I got the Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7 over the holidays as there was a discount. The normal price of $59.95 was reduced by ten dollars so it was a deal I wasn’t going to miss out on. I’ve been using Pazera Video Converter Suite for a couple of …

Tansit iPhone App

I have an iPhone and usually like to browse my App Store once in a while for some free apps. I don’t like to pay for a lot of them because I have in the past and found them to be pretty useless or short-lived.
I was recommended an App …

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