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How do I do a gift bow?

Hi friends, I used to sell stationery: for school and the office.
In addition, at my retail outlets, salesmen wrapped gifts. They wrapped them in the paper, wrapped a beautiful ribbon, and attached a pretty bow.
At first, we used automatically assembled bows or pre-made bows. But then I did the …

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild Disappearing Cheshire Cat mug

Christmas is slowly approaching now and many people, myself included, start thinking about the presents. I like giving people special things that I know they’ll love, but it is sometimes hard to find something new and something that isn’t completely useless. Yesterday I was looking for some cute presents …

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

Hey, it’s getting into Christmas time/ holiday season again, and you know what that means…(Other than the annoying companies who like to shlock their crappy products WAY too early in the season using the timeless tunes of carols.) No, I mean, this time of year is the season for …

Nanoblocks, Toy

Nanoblocks are what you get when the Japanese fascination with miniaturization meets the Danish toy phenomenon LEGO. First released exclusively in Japan in 2008 the expanding range of Nanoblock sets has now found footing in over 31 countries including the USA, UK and France. The tagline for the product is, …

Pegasus Coin (2014)

Recently, I was given a coin as a gift. Generally when I buy or receive coins, they’re generally Canadian. This coin that was gifted to me was made for Tokelau, New Zealand. Tokelau is an island and a territory of New Zealand. The coin is called ‘Pegasus’, and it is …

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (2014) Pure Gold Coin (0.5g)

The ‘Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep’ coin is a decent coin for anyone’s collection. It comes in a standard maroon, Royal Canadian Mint box (similar to a jewelry box). The inside of the box is lined with black velvet and within the black velvet lies this coin. It’s a pure gold …

Fine Silver Coin - Jewel of Life (2014)

Put simply, this coin is magnificent. I love this coin because of the meaning it holds and how lovely the coin design is. Before I describe the coin, I must say this isn’t just for coin collectors but also for anyone who desires a unique piece of jewelry.
This was a …

2013 $20 Fine Silver Coin Untamed Canada: The Arctic Fox

I collect coins as a hobby and the 2013, fine silver, Arctic fox coin is definitely an exquisite piece in my collection. I purchased the Arctic fox coin from an authorized dealer of coins made by the Royal Canadian Mint.
The coin comes in a maroon box (reminiscent of a …

Bath And Body Work: Winter Candy Apple 3-Wick Candle

This is a great winter/fall scent and has a very welcoming aura, when lighting this up. The scent is exaclty what it states it is, with a hint of something spicey. The scent covers up the whole room in the matter of minutes. Soon after a short period of …

Tea Forte: Kati Tea Brewing System

One day while shopping in the small downtown of Oshawa I stumbled upon a small store named “The Gift House”. In this store it was like a wonderland of unique gift ideas and the Tea Forte: Kati Tea Brewing System caught my eye.
It was a basic idea for loose-tea …

Shakespearean Insults Mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

I first found the Unemployed Philosophers Guild on a daily deal website that I love. I noticed their quirky, funny gifts that ranged from insightful to frivolous, but the Shakespearean Insults Mug really made me laugh. Anyone that is very smart, slightly nerdy and studious, but still has a …

PR Gallery Bunny Collection Stretch Canvas - Bunny Girl

A friend bought this for my (then) weeks old son - she was on a shopping trip to New York and this was his ‘birth’ gift, along with other similarly themed decorative presents. It’s not the largest piece of wall art, measuring just 9″ high and 7″ wide but …

Plant Theatre Herb Garden Kit

This is a wonderful gift idea, I should know I was gifted this along with another of Plant Theatres kits.
The kit contains 6 packets of different herb seeds (basil, parsley, thyme, chives, coriander, rocket), 6 starter growing pots from peat, 6 peat expandable peat blocks, 6 plant markers and …

Philosophy Happy Honeysuckle Gift Set: Shower Gel and Body Lotion

My scent-sensitive self lately is taking the direction toward easy, uncomplicated, and cheerful scents. I cannot explain why, but I seem to have caught a happy bug or something. Maybe the scents and sensations of the things I’m using of late have something to do with it. …

Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pens

I came across the full range of Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pens while in a souvenir shop in Titisee, Germany. I have seen these pens in brochures and have been wanting to buy them but they are always out of stock in the Swarovski outlets I have inquired with. …

Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe Hair Removal Gift Set (epilator and shaver)

When my aunt sent me this hair removal gift set, it was more than enough to make my day. I would least expect someone to mind how I manage hair growth and shower me with a handful of products, as hair removal isn’t everyone’s business other than my …

Emily’s Dark Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookie’s from Wal-Mart

Emily’s Dark Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies are the perfect gift for any occasion that not only taste good, but also deliver an entertaining fortune inside each cookie. The price of these cookies varies however depending on where you purchase them, but if you purchase them at Wal-Mart then the …

Lotto For Lovers

Valentine’s day is a day reserved not just for lovers, but for people who do love or receive love from family and friends. However, if you happen to be in love during the month of February, and Valentine’s day approaches without you knowing what it is you’re going to …

Sunburst Basslet Wall Sculpture by Barbara Melby-Burhans

I bought this cast paper wall sculpture at People’s Pottery in Willow Grove, PA, which closed down years ago. They carried all kinds of handmade metal sculptures as well as art glass, ceramics, and jewelry. I love all different kinds of tropical fish because of their bright colors and …

Mint Green Heart-Shaped Perfume Bottle by Zellique Studio

I bought this perfume bottle at Langman Gallery in Willow Grove, PA about seven years ago. I was excited over it the first time I saw it, but I didn’t buy it right away, because it cost over $100. When I went back to the gallery the following weekend …

Thomas and Friends Wheelie Bag

I was struggling to get something for my friend’s son’s birthday this year. He is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and I eventually found a Thomas and Friends ‘Wheelie’ Bag. I thought it would be appropriate since they were due to go on holiday; I thought …

Lavender Mini Perfume Bottle by Glass Bohemia

I bought this little bottle in a women’s boutique called Sea Weeds by the Sea, which is located in both Cape May, NJ and Stone Harbor, NJ. They carry women’s clothing, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories. This perfume bottle was so tiny that I was instantly drawn to …

Aquablue Passion Flower Dichroic Weight by Glass Eye Studio

This piece is fifteen years old, and yet Glass Eye Studio is still creating it. It is featured on their website. I think that is amazing, because I have a few other GES pieces that are no longer being created. I guess they were either limited-edition pieces, or they …

Red Flower Paperweight by Glass Eye Studio

I bought this paperweight at a store called People’s Pottery in Willow Grove, PA many years ago. I used to work in that particular branch, although there was a bigger and more beautiful People’s Pottery store in King of Prussia, PA. The Willow Grove store was a mini version …

Peach Perfume Bottle by Rosetree Glass

The art and jewelry gallery where I bought this has a special case that is marked “Under $100.” The case only contains perfume bottles, not jewelry or anything else. I think this peach perfume bottle was in that case for a while before I finally decided to buy it. …

Lilac Crystal Cat by Larson

I am a cat lover, and I’ve owned a couple of cats over the years. So naturally I love to collect cat figurines, whether they are made of crystal or clay or what have you. I have some interesting cat knick-knicks in my bedroom, and they come in varying …

Glass Squirrel with Acorn by Scott Bisson

Scott Bisson is a glass artist who is known for creating very realistic glass sculptures of insects, frogs, snakes, and reptiles. He has even created octopus sculptures! If you google his name, then you will come up with websites that feature his work. I think it is truly amazing …

Champagne Perfume Bottle

I bought this perfume bottle in a gift shop called People’s Pottery, which is where I used to work. They sold all kinds of handmade metal sculptures, art glass, and ceramics as well as handmade sterling and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work there very long, …

Flower of Scotland Paperweight by Selkirk Glass

I bought this paperweight at a local gift shop called Ashley Avery Collectibles. I have had this piece for about ten years now, and I never knew what kind of flower this was or what the name of the paperweight was. Well, I am just now doing some interesting …

Cloisonne Miniature Teapot with Birds

I started collecting miniature teapots about ten or more years ago. I don’t remember what motivated me to start collecting them. I think it’s because I saw how popular they were in the gift shops in my area and even in Cape May and Atlantic City, NJ, where I …

Clear Perfume Bottle by Josh Simpson

The gallery that carried this piece was having a sale, so I was very lucky to be able to get it at half-price. I bought it seven or eight years ago, but if I remember correctly, it was originally $150. So I got it for $75. That is still …

Baccarat Crystal Spinning Rabbit

If I remember correctly, I bought this little crystal rabbit about seven or eight years ago at the jewelry store Bailey, Banks & Biddle. They were located in the mall near my home. They sold giftware in the back of the store, and they had a nice selection of …

Dragonfly Perfume Bottle

I do not know who created this perfume bottle. Underneath it are the written words “Townsend Studio.” But when I went online and looked that up, I found out that Townsend Studio is a photography studio. There is a glass artist called Milon Townsend who makes glass creations of …

Stainless Steel Bi Fold Men’s Wallet

I purchased the Stainless Steel bifold wallet from Stewart Stand for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He is very particular about his wallets and always has a problem with them bending or creasing after a short while due to a heavy load of cards and cash. This wallet …

Lalique Crystal Spinning Top

To be honest, I was not even sure what this crystal figurine was until I did some research on it a few minutes ago. And here I have had it all this time (about eight years), not knowing what it was! I bought it in a jewelry and gift …

Tiffany Crystal Cat Figurine

This glorious crystal cat figurine was a limited-edition piece, and I believe it was made exclusively for Tiffany. The words “Tiffany & Co” are printed underneath it. When I saw this piece, it had my name written all over it. I am a cat lover, and I love the …

Amber Perfume Bottle by Chatham Glass Company

One big reason why I purchased this piece was because a local gallery had it in their section of “Half Off” merchandise. But I don’t remember what I paid for it. I would imagine that it was around $50 or so, because I know that particular gallery carries some …

Three White Flowers Glass Paperweight

This paperweight is signed “RMJ” underneath, but unfortunately, I don’t know who that is. I don’t know whether those letters are someone’s initials or whether it’s the name of the glass company. I wish I knew, because this has always been one of my favorite paperweights. I bought it …

Deep Red Sideways Heart by Christofle

I bought this crystal heart about ten years ago at Bloomingdale’s. They used to carry a vast and very impressive collection of giftware that included Limoges (porcelain boxes), Waterford, Halcyon Days Enamels, Swarovski, and Caithness Glass. I don’t believe they carry Limoges, Caithness, or Halcyon enamels anymore (at least …

Lalique Crystal Rooster

I have collected a few Lalique and Baccarat crystal animal figurines. Their pieces are similar in many ways. I like some of the colors that they use in their collections. At the moment, their website features a lot of black crystal, and that is always very cool and classy. …

Lalique Crystal Owl

I bought this owl in the giftware department of Bloomingdale’s. They carry some interesting glass pieces (figurines, bowls, etc.). Some of them are very modern, so they have a chic design that really pulls you in and makes you want to take a closer look. I have always loved …

Baccarat Crystal Turtle

I bought this crystal turtle at a jewelry store that was having a huge sale, and they carried some giftware as well as jewels. I always get Baccarat and Lalique confused, because their animal figurines are very similar in size and design. I think one big difference between them …

Lavender and Green Mooncrystal by Caithness Glass

This is the very first paperweight that I ever purchased, and it is almost 20 years old. I purchased it some time in the early 1990s. Since then, I have collected dozens of glass paperweights and figurines. But this is the one that started it all and got the …

Red Poppy Paperweight by Caithness Glass

I purchased this glass paperweight in Bloomingdale’s at a time when they carried Caithness art glass. I don’t think they carry it anymore. Caithness is a company from Scotland that produces gorgeous handmade glass paperweights. I have a few of them, and I think they are all fascinating in …

Bluebird of Happiness Figurine by Terra Studios

The way I ended up getting this piece is an interesting story. I was in the Norman Rockwell Museum in Philadelphia, PA, because I had done a charcoal drawing for the president of the museum. It was a drawing of Norman Rockwell himself, and I went there to see …

Beige and White Flower Paperweight from Schuster Studios

I bought a couple of Schuster Studios paperweights at an art and jewelry gallery near my home. I have actually purchased a large variety of dazzling glass pieces from that gallery over the years, but this exquisite paperweight is one of my favorites. Schuster Studios became established in 1972, …

Pink and White Glass Figurine by Zeke

I bought a few glass pieces from Marilyn Kimble Holt at an expo several years ago. This piece was one of them, but she told me that her son Zeke made this particular piece. He even signed it underneath. I had never seen any of Marilyn’s work before that, …

Snowy White Paperweight by Marilyn Kimble Holt

I had the pleasure of meeting this glass artist, Marilyn Kimble Holt, at a local expo several years ago. She had many of her beautiful art glass figurines and paperweights on display and for sale. So I was lucky that I had the chance to purchase a few of …

Blue and Purple Crystal Peacock

I bought this crystal peacock about fourteen years ago, but I still love it as much as I did then. I have not grown tired of looking at it. It has no logo printed underneath it, though, so I don’t know the name of the company that created it. …

Black and White Paperweight by Dynasty Gallery

I saw this paperweight in a gift shop in Chesapeake City, MD, when I was visiting relatives. I was in the process of buying a couple of other items in the shop, and my eyes kept resting on this paperweight. I couldn’t leave the shop without buying it, knowing …

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