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Lord of the Rings Fan Club Official Magazines

I’ve always been choosy in joining international fan clubs and being halfway across the globe, it was always a question whether it was worth it or not, and looking back now, it was. Since the release of the LOTR movies and now “The Hobbit” trilogy, I have been taking my …

The Daily Telegraph, newspaper

I am someone who enjoys a good read. I like literature too, ranging from translations of the classics of both Ancient Greek and Roman writers from Xenophon to Procopius and, in later writings, from Alfred the Great’s translations to the Brontes and all points in between.
What I am driving …

Its Just Some Random Guy, Youtube channel

Comedy sketches using action figures is not a new concept. I remember in the early 1990’s, Jon Stewart (later the host of The Daily Show) made a short using Barbie dolls to parody the survival film, Alive. Probably the most well known example of this comedy style …

Old School Wrestling (OSW)

On the internet, there is no shortage of resources for fans of professional wrestling. There is a majority that are distinctly American in their perspective, often marred by nostalgia. Save for the UK’s WrestletalkTV, the viewpoint of wrestling fans outside of the US is minimal. Fortunately, …

Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit

Satirist video game reviewer, The Angry Video Game Nerd, has spawned many a YouTube reviewer. Some have created a persona all their own while other have tried to ride his fury-driven coat tails. The Happy Video Game Nerd, Caddicarus, and Angry Joe stand out as some of …


I have been using Netflix for about 3 months now.
It seemed like the perfect service for me and my partner. We are both great movie and tv-show lovers, but as we are both tough and only just starting on the career ladder we cannot afford renting or buying movies …

Bead and button magazine

Do you like beads? Have you ever wanted to be a bead artisan? The Bead and button is a magazine for you. Interweave is the parent company of several crafting magazines, and they really know what they are doing. Every issue is packed with solid, helpful articles, contest news, …

Afar Magazine

Reading this magazine is one my most treasured experiences. I’ve really gotten a world wide account of life styles, traveling ideas and cultures by reading it. At the end of every month, I wait so eagerly for the next plastic covered paper to arrive in my mailbox. There …

US Weekly Magazine

I will admit that I never heard of US Weekly until I won an annual subscription to the magazine when I entered a contest. As someone who indulges in everything fashion and sometimes a little celebrity gossip, I was pleased when I started reading the magazine to see how …

US Weekly Magazine

When my nephews school needed to raise funds for new computers the students were selling magazine subscriptions. I decided to purchase two of the subscriptions. US Weekly were one of the two subscriptions I chose. I signed up for a year of service. I flipped through the magazine every …

Rush Limbaugh Radio Program

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative radio host. He is certainly the most successful conservative radio host out there. I agree with a lot of his views on certain issues but I believe that he is way to controversial and divisive. He is a conservative but I …

Fox News

I watch Fox News sometimes but I don’t watch it a lot. I consider myself somewhat of an independent and most of the shows in my opinion do have a conservative bias. Some of the main anchors include Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly and Greta Van …

Mirror Moms Magazine

With the rain pouring outside and two kids inside complaining about being bored and having nothing to do, I scooped up my car keys and said “Lets go”. I had no clue where I was going to go, but I knew I wanted out of the house and the …

Food and Family Magazine: 2003 Summer Issue

I like when summer rolls around because it means some good outdoor cooking as well as fresh fruits; however, I didn’t really the Food and Family Magazine: 2003 Summer Issue because it didn’t have an abundance of summer recipes I was hoping to read about.
The front cover of Food …

Food and Family Magazine: 2005 Fall Issue

I love the fall time not solely because of the golden leaves on the trees, but because it’s the best time for home cooks to bust on the slow-cooking recipes. In the Food and Family Magazine; 2005 Fall Issue, it captures everything about fall cooking for cooks: the fast …

Parker Spitzer TV Show

This is a TV show that’s show on CNN at 8 pm ET. Kathleen Parker and Elliott Spitzer are the current hosts. I have only watched it a few times but I have not been very impressed with it. Parker Spitzer covers mostly political stories but …

C-Span TV Network

This is a channel that broadcasts mostly government and political gatherings. I have been watching it for years and it’s certainly one of my most favorite channels when it comes to politics. There is no additional charge for it because it’s included with most basic cable and …

Canadian Living magazine

These magazines, Canadian Living, always look so appealing, so last year, I got a one year subscription. While I do occasionally enjoy the magazine, to be honest, I don’t think it was worth it to get a subscription. Part of my reason for feeling this is that you end …

NFL Network TV Channel

I have been watching this channel for years and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that’s a fan of the NFL. This channel provides 24/7 news and updates when it comes to the NFL. I love being able to turn to one channel to find all …

Fox Movie Channel

I watch this channel sometimes and I don’t believe that it’s a really good channel when it comes to watching movies. This channel is normally not included with basic satellite and cable packages so it will require an upgrade. In my opinion it’s not worth paying extra …

HGTV (Home & Garden Television) Cable TV channel

HGTV means Home and Garden Television and it is a tv channel that does a lot of home design, decorting and landscaping. I love watching HGTV and I’ve been able to get a lot of decoration ideas from HGTV. HGTV is a basic cable channel and …

American Idol TV show on FOX

I have only watched American Idol on a few occasions but I believe that it is a really good show. American Idol is a singing audition show that brings on contestants and they are voted on to decide a winner. There is a panel on celebrities that …

Lucky Magazine by The Conde Nast Publications

I bought this magazine from our local store and boy how I regret them. They are really thick and seem like a fashionista must have. It is really deceptive to look at especially since they are super thick and I thought I am getting value out of my money. …

USA Network Cable TV Channel

I love watching the USA Network and it’s certainly one of my most favorite cable TV channels. The USA Network is available with most basic cable and satellite packages which means that it usually doesn’t require an additional fee. The reason that I love watching the USA …

Lifetime Movie Network TV Channel

Lifetime Movie Network is a movies only channel that’s similar to the Lifetime channel but Lifetime Movie Network only shows movies. Lifetime Movie Network is not normally included with basic TV service so in order to receive it you will most likely have to pay an additional fee. …

The Price is Right Game Show

The Price is Right is a game show that runs on CBS. In my opinion The Price is Right is the best game show. Drew Carey is the current host of The Price is Right and he is always very energetic which makes the show a whole …

Love Letters Radio Program on DXMS, Cotabato City

Last December 2, following a visit to my mother’s grave in the province for her death anniversary, I got the greatest shock of my life. While I was still in the bus, my cellphone began beeping and ringing like crazy. For a moment, I thought my employer needed me …

BBC World News (radio)

My family and I listen to the “British Broadcasting Corporation” or BBC a lot, and one of the things which I like about it is the BBC World News. Over the years that I have been listening to it, I have realised that both the one that is aired …

CVM News Watch

Whenever I can’t get to watch the news programme “Prime Time News Headlines” or, there is some major newsworthy event I want another perspective on, I watch the “CVM News Watch” programme. It is a news programme that starts at eight in the night on one of our local …

Rolling Stone magazine

As with any publication, there are no doubt many different types of readers in the audience of the most ubiquitous music magazine, “Rolling Stone.” Some feel the writing and coverage in “Rolling Stone” is generally of a high standard and choose to subscribe, others only grab a copy when …

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer Halloween Goodbye Video

Just before Halloween 2010, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt released a video that was a goodbye to fans of her series, Ghost Whisperer. After five seasons on the air, the show had been canceled back in May. I’m not sure if the reason for the delayed goodbye had …

CNN’s coverage of Chilean Miners Rescue

Like thousands in America and I’m sure around the world, I was tuned into the coverage of CNN when the miners in Chile were rescued. This event captivated the globe for the last couple of months. These 33 men were trapped below ground, and no one even …

Beyond the Headlines news talk show

One of the radio talk show programs that I find to be both interesting and
sometimes annoying is a programme called “Beyond the Headlines”. Although I
am still not one hundred percent sure what time it starts, I know that it
usually airs on weekdays in the evenings after either the five …

Glee Season 2: Grilled Cheesus Episode

I switched channel in our television on ETC last night and watched Glee 2. I did not see the first part; the only part I saw was when the glee cast was feeling sorry for what has happened to Kurt’s father Burt. I hardly know what specific type of …

Prime Time News Headlines

Every day, once my family and I are at home, as soon as it reaches 7:00pm. we all want to see “Prime Time News Headlines”. This is a news programme that comes on one of our local television stations, TVJ. It is also one of the few things I …

Yahoo News

Once or twice when I am browsing the internet for news stories, I might see a story on Yahoo News that I decide to record. However, I do not use it too much since I think that going to Yahoo News to get the latest news stories comes with …

Baby Driver TV Commercial for Suburu

After decades of watching commercials on TV, I’m tired of them. I tend to zone out, multi-task, or change the channel when a commercial comes on. Sometimes, though, an ad campaign does capture my interest. One of those is the Subaru Dad and Kids campaign. …

Brown/Whitman: Face to Face TV Debate

Brown/Whitman: Face to Face was the first TV debate between gubernatorial candidates, Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. The two debated at U.C. Davis in California on September 28, 2010.
The best part of the hour long event is that they were forced by the set up to give short …

Sunday Contact with Ralston McKenzie radio programme

I have always thought that Jamaican radio on Sunday, and especially Sunday evenings could be quite monotonous for a young person, even though after coming to listen to my parents talk about what it used to be like, I realize it is much better now. These days, and even …

Target Fresh Grocery mail publication

The Target chain has added groceries to its aisles in 2010, and apparently, that has made its way into my area as well. I can tell because in my mail today was a large pamphlet full of images and information designed to get me to shop there.
I had …

Greatest Christian Hymns of All Time radio programme

Even though I am only slightly spiritual, I would not call myself a religious person, and am especially not interested in most Christian things, even though my family is Christian. Nevertheless, there is still that rare moment when I find something Christian or religious that actually piques my …

Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine

The Rachael Ray Everyday magazine offers a variety of tips and recipes for regular life (hence the “Everyday” title) and often comes packed with coupons and money-saving grocery lists alongside interviews with celebrities and Food Network chefs. Rachael Ray always includes a pet-friendly section that usually has one …

Nintendo Power Magazine

Nintendo Power is a Nintendo-product-oriented magazine that provides up-to-date news on upcoming games, exclusive content, and reviews of games and Nintendo products. The magazine usually has a central focus, one particular game that gets the biggest feature and review, but covers a wide range of games for all …

Fitness Magazine: July/August 2010

The July/August 2010 issue of Fitness Magazine was one of my favorites, which is why I’m reviewing it. A lot of times I just skim through this publication, but there were several articles or columns that caught my attention this time around which I’ll discuss below.
The article I …

CRNTalk with Robert Conrad: James Darren radio show

CRNTalk with Robert Conrad featured an interview with one of my all time favorite performers, James Darren, on July 22, 2010. The interview is available on the internet, if you’d like to listen to it. I’d recommend doing a search for the show to find a site …

CRNTalk with Robert Conrad: Stanley Livingston radio show

On February 18, 2010, CRNTalk with Robert Conrad did an interview with Stanley Livingston, who is best known as playing Chip Douglas on the 1960’s TV series, My Three Sons. While the interview covered only about a third of the half hour radio show, it was an informative …

Fox 11 News/ Good Day LA

My favorite news to watch in the morning is Fox 11 News Good Day LA. Steve, Jillian, and Dorothy are the best and keep me tune into the television. They make it interesting to watch and it is not boring at all. I have been watching them for years …

Men’s Health Magazine Philippines

Every man who is a health buff needs a source of medical tidbits. As health conscious as I am and since I play sports often, I subscribe to this magazine. It was launched locally here in my country five years ago and since then I have not missed …

Mintek DVD Player

For someone who is not that tech oriented I enjoy using gadgets and at least try to keep up to date with new ones. I was given a Mintek DVD Player as a gift and started using it as soon as I managed to set it up.
It …

Texas Roadhouse in East Madison, WI

For anyone, this is my favorite cheap steak restaurant. There is just something about the way they cook their beef, because it seems to be perfect all the time. The meat is also so perfectly seasoned, while being so tender. I love the perfected blend of different seasonings which …

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