Apple Iphone 6, 16GB
    • My experience with the iphone6 was pretty much a positive one. I started using the Apple products five years ago and the first Apple phone that I owned was the iphone 4 and since then I always had an iphone for my personal mobile phone. ...
Elica - eczema, skin asthma treatment


    • by Junmae
      I would like to share my wonderful experience with Elica. Elica is a topical ointment used to treat Eczema. I can say that this is the best skin treatment that I used.

      My 1 yr old child suffered from skin asthma and her Pediatrician has prescribed Elica. Aside from the ointment, the Doctor did not give any medicine for her skin rash. So at first I was very hesitant with this ointment because I saw on the TV commercial that is a treatment for Eczema. But then, since this was the advised by her Doctor, I bought it. My god! That small tube, which is just 5g, has cost me around 420 ...