Revlon Photoready Foundation (vanilla)
    • I have a pure passion for foundations and altghough I have a massive collection,I can't stop from buying more.I change them almost daily,depending on the needs of my skin.When my face is clean,without major imperfections,I like to wear a light foundation which provides a dewy finish.One of my favourite drugstore foundation is Revlon Photoready.It has a liquid texture which offers a luminous ...
Sun Triple Clean Laundry Soap with OXI


    • by duckfan
      My family goes through a lot of laundry so we go through a lot of laundry soap. Because I have children we are pretty hard on clothes and I rely on the laundry soaps I use to get out stains. I also do not have a lot of time to spray and pretreat clothes, but want my clothes to look as good as possible so I do expect more from laundry soap.

      Sun is my favorite discount laundry soap. I do not think it works quite as well as a bigger brand such as Tide, All or Gain, but for a cheaper brand it works adequately and the price on it is often much better than the larger brands. The daily ...