The Handmaiden (2016 Foreign Film)
I have been longing for this holiday break because my movies watchlist is getting longer and longer. I have more than 50 films to watch out of passion but as soon as the school year starts again next month, I may have trouble watching them all.

Last night I chose to watch The Handmaiden, a foreign film (from South Korea) that has been highly recommended by film buffs around the world. Prior to seeing this, I had no idea what this film was about. I love surprising myself, and while there were hiccups in the beginning of this movie, the middle until the end completely blew my expectations ...
Morley Bad Horsie 1 Wah Pedal

I play mainly metal music and some hard rock/blues sometimes, and the Morley Bad Horsie 1 wah pedal does the job very well in those genres. There is not much to figure out or reading the manual to understand how it works. And this is one of the great things among many others that I like in this product. ...