La Chocolaterie de Provence ligne gourmet chocolate with Espelette pepper
    • I love chocolate and I have tried lots of different brands and flavors of it. At this point, it's hard to surprise me with a new flavor, but I still try all the unusual chocolate I see. Green tea chocolate and chili pepper chocolate isn't something that's new for me. I've tried spicy chocolate before with pepper in it, but this one, that my friend brought me from France, quite impressed me. It's the protagoniste of todays's review - Chocolaterie de Provence dark chocolate with Espelette ...
Himalaya Pilex Tablets


    • by Galega
      My wife has used Himalaya Pilex for more than one month. Her piles had resurfaced recently after being idle for few years. She was seeing blood during bowel movement. And, there was unbearable pain. I had already used many medicines on her with or without recommendation of a doctor, without any positive result. That is why I decided to give Himalaya Pilex a try.

      Himalaya is one of the most popular herbal pharmaceutical companies of India. It is reputed for being pioneer in research and development and its product is popular throughout the world. It is not tough for me to rest my trust to ...