Milka Cake and Choc, soft cake
    • I have already written several different reviews about Milka products, and that is because I really like the Milka brand because their chocolate is quite tasty. I was really surprised when a few years ago I noticed that Milka started making cookies and different cakes but I must admit that I rarely buy them. The fact is that they are very expensive and once I start eating them I cannot stop, so I prefer not buying them at all, plus Milka products, except chocolates, are rather expensive. ...
Microsoft Lumia 650 smartphone

    • I am not the person who buys and changes smartphones often. I do not buy them when a new model arrives in the shop just so I could have the latest hit. I buy a new mobile phone when my old one becomes old, when I cannot install new applications or upgrade the old ones or when the battery does not last long enough to make a phone call without being stuck with my head near a wall because today's chargers have very short cables. I find that incredibly discomforting. When my old smartphone was too old to install new applications I bought a new one. I decided to take Microsoft phone because my ...