Blackwood Crossing puzzled-based game
    • Blackwood Crossing is a puzzled-based story driven game. It's currently available on PS4, Xbox and PC. The price of the game varies, on PC it's £11.99. Xbox is £12.79 and £12.99 for PS4.

      You play as Scarlett and have to navigate your way around the game searching for Finn. You're both orphaned and have lived together for majority of your life, as the story progresses through your character learns different magical abilities that they can use to complete puzzles. The focus of the story if the divide between the two of you as you both become older. There's a boy with a ...

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, game

    • This is an action-adventure game that's available for the PC,PS4,Xbox One. The price varies depending on what device you get it from and where you get it from. On steam, it's £39.99. Xbox/PS4 £44.99. This game is about finding the cup of immortality. Along the way, you have to fight forces and find out the truth behind the immortality. I recently picked this game up for cheap, it was £13 roughly. In the 20 year celebration version you get all the season pass content and outfits to gear your character up ...