Rail transportation in Kansai area and Nagoya
    • Kansai is located in Central Japan with Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and few other smaller cities in the region, while Nagoya is a city located some 190 km to the north east of Osaka. These cities are very popular among foreign tourists because they are rich of temples, shrines, castles, palaces, and also foods. It is seldom that a foreign tourist only does sightseeing in a single city within this region as the distance between these cities are not that far. Last June I booked a hotel in Osaka and visited the surrounding cities including Nagoya, one full day each.

      Intercity trains are the ...

Smite - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game

    • Smite is a mythology Moba game. It has over 90 gods from multiple different pantheons. It's published by hi-Rez and It's generally a 5v5 conquest based mode. This a free to play game and done very well, the only payable are the gods and cosmetics. Gods are easily purchasable within a few games of playing. This is by far the most played game I have. This is one of them games that's replayable due to it's online system ever changing. It's currently available on Xbox, Pc and Ps4. ...