Milk and honey Rupi Kaur
    • Hello there! I want to share my thoughts on a book that has become very popular lately. I've been seeing it all around instagram, youtube, goodreads and all that good stuff fot the last year or so. Actually, it claims to be a collection of poetry and prose and I do love some good poetry so I was rather interested in purchasing it. However, it turned out to be a little bit dufferent from what I ...
Nestle Ceregrow Multigrain Cereal


    • by Galega
      When my son turns 2 years old, I had to discontinue Cerelac as well as Nusobee Crescent Formula which sufficed his nutrition requirements. However, he was still having strong dislike for home made solid foods. At that time, I saw a TV commercial of Nestle Ceregrow, a new solid food product which is meant for toddlers between 2 to 5 years of age. After checking nutritional facts, I decided to give it to my baby immediately.

      The response of my son was good. He loved the taste. I think the taste is something similar to Cerelac which he used to take without any problem. As suggested by ...