Versace Red Jeans Woman Eau de Toilette
    • Your scent is often the first thing people notice about you.I must confess that I am not a floral fragrance lover and I do prefer oriental scents because they always give me a distinctive note.Normally,I always test a perfume before buying it,as I don't want to waste my money for something that I will never use.Last year,when I went on holidays,I was very surprised to see a perfume created by Versace that costed only 20 Euros. Unfortunately,there was no tester in that shop,so I couldn't smell it,but the price did convince me to buy it. Versace Red Jeans disappointed me little bit not only ...
L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Face Primer

    • Many years I was under the impression that a primer is an useless step in my makeup routine and I was totally wrong.Until I tried it I didn't realise how valuable a face primer is.I have combination skin type with oily tendencies and the primer which fits me best is L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Face Primer.I can feel the difference when I wear this product,because not only my foundation stays better,but it also minimases ...