Kit Kat strawberry bar
    • I loooove Kit Kat bars (mint Kit Kats and peanut butter Kit Kats are the ones I could sell my soul for), but I had to teach myself not to eat those XXL chocolate bars every day for the sake of my health. Gradually, I stopped buying them at all, although I still can't resist eating a Kit Kat if it's in the same room as I am. A few month ago I saw this "limited edition" strawberry goodness and my obsession started again with a new ...
Sephora The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Skin and Hair, book by Melissa Schweiger

    • If you're a makeup and beauty addict such as myself, then you will already have your own copy of Sephora's beauty book about makeup, skin, and hair; if you don't, then you should go grab you a copy from Amazon immediately after reading this review. Every since I purchased my copy I have not been able to put it down and I have read it at least 10 ...