Himalaya Pilex Tablets

    • by Galega
      My wife has used Himalaya Pilex for more than one month. Her piles had resurfaced recently after being idle for few years. She was seeing blood during bowel movement. And, there was unbearable pain. I had already used many medicines on her with or without recommendation of a doctor, without any positive result. That is why I decided to give Himalaya Pilex a try.

      Himalaya is one of the most popular herbal pharmaceutical companies of India. It is reputed for being pioneer in research and development and its product is popular throughout the world. It is not tough for me to rest my trust to ...

Revlon Color Stay Light Medium Pressed Powder

    • Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder is said to last all day. It can last up to 16 hours. I bought one and I have been using it for around 2 months now. I usually apply it in the morning before going to work and not touch-ups afterwards. I find it to be light and does not fully conceal blemishes. It just removes the shiny, oily haggard look I get since I live in a tropical / humid country. You will not really feel it on your face but when you touch it your skin will feel silky ...