Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Spot Gel
    • Spot treatment is something every girl (and even a guy) should have in their skincare arsenal. Some breakouts are quite unexpected and happen due to different reasons, so it doesn't matter how good your skincare is, there is still no guarantee that you won't have zits again. That's why I like to have some sort of spot treatment on me all the time, because those things can actually remove the pimple before it comes out. ...
Daiya dairy-free provolone style slices

    • Have you ever wondered what all those substitutes for cheese, meat, poultry, sausage, ice-cream taste like? I'm not vegan and I'm not dairy-free, but I've always wondered whether those things taste legit or not. I might not remember what real beef tastes like, but I do know the taste of cheese and other dairy products so I can tell if the vegan product tastes similar to the real things or not. I picked this slices of "cheese" at Randall's out of curiosity and let me tell you: I was quite ...