Art Reviews

“The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver

I bought this cleaner primarily because I’ve started taking a painting class at my college, so I use oil paints quite frequently. Oil, like charcoal, is a very difficult material to wash off of anything - especially brushes. Normal soap just doesn’t work at all, and other brands (like …

Studio Decor 12×12 Black Hinged Shadowbox

When I made 3 dimensional scrapbook pages for my father and husband for Father’s Day, I needed something suitable to frame them. This shadowbox was the perfect frame for my projects. What I actually did was take a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper and add a poem …

Bazzill Basics Smoothies and Bling Cardstock Paper

One might wonder how something as simple as a piece of paper could possibly be worthy to write a review on. I use cardstock for so many reasons ranging from origami to scrapbooking and this cardstock is by far superior to that of any other. For starters, …

Artist’s Loft gouache paints

Gouache paints are basically opaque watercolours. That have a binding agent and a higher ratio of pigments to water; white pigment is added to them to make them opaque. Designers and illustrators initially used gouache however many artists are switching to a digital format now a days.
Artist’s Loft brand …

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art

It’s a beautiful DIY art & it’s so easy, although I never tried it before. I’ve watch a lot of videos on youtube on how to make it. And it looks so fun, and it would be funner if you do it with your friends ;). What you need …

Musée d’Orsay (The Orsay Museum) in Paris, France

I am a huge fan of Impressionism, so when I had a 15 hour layover in Paris, I knew Musee d’Orsay was my number one destination - and I was not disappointed. This beautiful art museum located not far from the Eiffel Towar (and many other popular attractions in …

Forever Friends Baby Winnie the Pooh and Baby Tigger Canvas Print

My five year old daughter is a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh and all his little friends, we’ve kitted out her bedroom with lots of Pooh Bear goodies but for the wall art I decided to ring the changes with a set of Baby Winnie and Friends canvases. 
This …

‘Damien Hirst’ Exhibition at the Tate Modern

Open since April 4th, 2012 at the Tate Modern in London, the ‘Damien Hirst’ exhibition is a huge retrospective of the work of this titan of modern art. The exhibition is spread over several rooms in the main exhibition space at the gallery, and shows some of Mr. Hirst’s …

Thomas Eakin’s The Gross Clinic painting

Thomas Eakin’s The Gross Clinic is upon first glances exactly as the name sounds, gross. With dark colors, this painting sets an extremely grim and foreboding setting. The second my eyes are set onto the painting when I visit the Philadelphia Art Museum, I am transported to a time …

Lego Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

This wonderful piece of art was created by the English artist Mike Stimpson and is a modern (and very fun!) take on the iconic Lunch Atop a Skyscraper image, the original depicting a line of 1930s construction workers eating their lunch on a beam suspended above the New York …

Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio

This beautiful art museum is the crown jewel in Youngstown, Ohio, and it’s unfortunate more people don’t take advantage of this wonderful place. If you live in the area, or you’ll be visiting nearby, this museum is definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in art.
The Butler Institute of …

The Art Place Center in Marietta, GA.

I went to the Art Place for the first time to watch my friends drama class that she teaches perform a version of the Shakespeare play “Much Ado about Nothing.” I did not know anything about the play, but I wanted to come and support my friend. …

La Doll Premier Polymer Light Weight Stone Clay

This certain type of polymer clay was purchased from a local crafting store. I was attracted to the idea of creating all sorts of different little figurines and jewelry, similar to the kind that I admire online when browsing sites popular with clay aesthetics. The many possibilities filled my …

Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens

Hillwood Estate’s tagline is, “Where Fabulous Lives”. I thought that was a pretty pretentious thing to say, until I went there and found out that it’s actually true.
This museum blew me away. I’m a big Russian art fan, and a friend of mine suggested I …

Gadsden, AL Country Shop Art Gallery

I had never had the pleasure of going to an art gallery before, and my first experience with one was a really nice experience. Not only did I get to go to a gallery where I could enjoy some great artwork, but I happened to go on …

Art 1st Sketch Diary

I am someone that does a lot of drawing. I really love using this sketch diary. It allows me to easily draw without a lot of hassle. It has the design of a tablet so I’m able to easily flip through it and find …

Pentel Hi-Polymer Large Block Erasers

I am someone that enjoys drawing so erasers are always a necessity. I have used many different types but I have to say that these are one of my favorites. They are fairly cheap, they erase well and I have not had any issues with …

Pigma Micron Art Pens

The first time I ever purchased these pens I was required to buy them for my 2D design art class I was taking in college. I bought the eight pack black Pigma ink that comes in sizes 01 through 08, one being the smallest point size and eight being …

Degenerate Art Ensemble

The Degenerate Art Ensemble has popped up here and there throughout the years, offering viewers a taste of their obscure and unique style of pop-ish take on traditional horror and occult art topics. Now, through June 19th this amazingly beautiful art troop is giving Northwestern residents a chance …

Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers
Although a still life, this oil has a life of its own and I feel it possesses the uncanny ability to come alive and observe the observer. It forced me to open my heart and feel. At first glance this appeared as simple sunflowers in various …

Derwent 36 Watercolour Pencils Tin

I have found that these Derwent 36 Watercolour pencils are absolutely fantastic! I think that the quality of the pencils is very high, and there is a range of different colours to use. Whether you use them dry or wet, I can assure you that these are excellent quality …

Rebecca Latham’s “Blue-Hyacinth Macaw” Painting

Rebecca Latham’s painting entitled “Blue-Hyacinth Macaw” is not only vibrant in the colors that are chosen to represent the animal, but so lifelike that it’s almost hard imagine that this wasn’t just a picture taken instead. So much detail is given to this painting that everyone, whether you are …

Rebecca Latham’s “Change of Season-Black Chapped Chickadee” Painting

Rebecca Latham’s painting entitled, “Changing Season-Black Chapped Chickadee” is the perfect visual representation of the changing of the season. Just as the title of the painting suggest, this little bird is a sure sign that the season are changing, and winter is approaching. The marvelous part of this painting, …

Rebecca Latham’s “Summer Blossom- Queen Butterly” Painting

Everyone loves the wings of a butterfly, they are colorful and bright, and sure sign that warm lazy days are ahead. Rebecca Latham’s painting entitled “Summer Blossom-Queen Butterfly” is just that indication. The painting is rich in color and captures a still life meaningful wonder of an every day …

Rebecca Latham’s “Attitude” Painting

The icy stare of an owl may not be something that many people have seen first hand before, but it is certainly something that we have seen in pictures. Now, with Rebecca Latham’s painting entitled, “Attitude” it is something that can be seen in the form of art as …

Karent Latham’s “A Little Mischief” Painting

The painting entitled “A Little Mischief” by Karen Latham is the perfect painting to depict a fox cub doing what they do best, looking for a little mischief. The honest beauty of this painting lies within the art of the natural world that the artist creates, as well as …

Karen Latham’s “Black and Blues” Painting

The wildlife painting by Karen Latham entitled “Black and Blues” is a beautifully created piece of art that really captures the essence of the animal it portrays, as well as the beauty of the natural world. It’s magic, but real life magic that in tangible and out there for …

Big Book of Drawing

I received the Big Book of Drawing as a Christmas present and I absolutely love it. I have always loved to draw and my mom was an artist so I would say I have some artistic ability but still need some help improving some of my drawing techniques. Rather …

Josephine Wall’s “Titania and Oberon 2″ Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled “Titania and Oberon 2” is a magical painting that captures the famous characters of William Shakespeare’s play, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Viewers can be clearly wrapped up in the beauty of the play and the wonder of the characters. Josephine Wall has done an extremely remarkable …

Josephine Wall’s “Light of the Rose” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled “Light of the Rose” is a painting that really stretches the imagination. And while it is certain that this might in fact be a painting that is too creative and dreamlike and well….fantasy for some, there is no denying the great art of the painting. …

Josephine Wall’s “An Even Smaller World” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled “An Even Smaller World” is a rare piece of art that captures a world that is even smaller than the world shown by the fairy that is depicted in the painting. I find the colors of this painting to be Earthy and natural, and the …

Josephine Wall’s “Dreams of Atlantis” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled, “Dreams of Atlantis” is a magical painting that depicts life as a mermaid. It’s beauty and grace, and sea green landscape make for a dream like scene, where you are seeing the image but yet not really taking it all in. If any painting captures …

Josephine Wall’s “Polar Princess” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled, “Polar Princess”, really captures what would be considered as well….a polar princess. In the wintery and icy wonderland that is her home, viewers can see this princess scoping the terrain that is most likely her kingdom, with her winter friends in toe. And even though …

Josephine Wall’s “Beachcomber Fairy” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled, “Beachcomber Fairy”, is the perfect depiction of a fairy who searches the beach to find lost treasures. The intricate detail of this painting, of the fairy and all her treasures, are so remarkable. The artist has done a wonderful job of bringing to life a …

Josephine Wall’s “Ferry to Fairyland” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled, “Ferry to Fairyland”, is a beautiful masterpiece that captures the quiet moments in the night when the world is asleep and the magical creatures of the night come out to the safety of the darkness. There is a sea of colors that cascade around the …

Josephine Wall’s “Vision Seeker” Painting

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled “Vision Seeker” gave me a sense of peace and spirituality. She has captured a moment, however magical and mystical it may be, that brings a sense of light towards beliefs and meaning in life. Her use of colors, even though the scene is depicted as …

Josephine Wall’s “The Discovery”

Josephine Wall’s painting entitled, “The Discovery”, is not only part of her more mysterious and colorful of paintings, but one that opens up a world that really has no bounds. Her use of color and technique with the paint brush is one that cannot really be summed up in …

Wyland artist

I have been a long time dolphin and whale lover, so I try to fill my home with pictures of them, but there is one artist who is above and beyond one of the best undersea artists in the world. His name is Wyland. I have tons of real …

The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso’s work has always been amazing and far out of the ordinary from what everyone was used to seeing. The Old Guitarist is no exception to it either but like every one of Picasso’s painting they each hold a unique message to the viewer. Perhaps his message is …

Paul Stanley’s paintings

You may or may not know this but the rhythm guitarist and singer in kiss is also an established painter. I had no clue that he had the artistic ability until I saw an advertisement for his painitngs to be sold along with a meat in greet in …

Mike Carey Drawings

Occasionally people decide they want a wolf for a pet. These individuals purchase their wolves and take them home. They then find their landlords present them with two options: to find another home for the wolf, or to find another home with the wolf. In Northern California, Michael Carey …

Hobby & Crafting Fun Eye Pin

Eye pins are a must if you make your own jewellery. But for a thing so small and simple they are kind of expensive, well most brands are anyway.
I was really happy when I found these in my local hobby store, a pack of 100 was just under 2$ …

Fimo Gloss Varnish

This is a newer Fimo addition. When I realized I needed something like this I went to the hobby store and they said it has been on sale for only a few days now. Although in a way this product is untested I decided to go with this product, …

Fimo Soft polymer clay

As jewellery making is my new hobby, making my unique beads should and is a part of it (although it is a part that I am not exactly proud of).
I own a small selection of Fimo soft products - the colours that are hip in this pre Christmas times …

The Coiling Gizmo Econo

I have lots of spare time. Until recently I mostly used my spare time on the computer or in the bed (to excuse myself when I said lots of spare time this does not mean the whole day - a few hours a day). Although it did take me …

R. Thomas Jones Drawings

People who wish to decorate their homes or offices, in a black and white theme, should look into R. Thomas Jones’ drawings. My family has three of his drawings. Two drawings are of houses in San Francisco, the other is of the train on the tracks in San Francisco. …

Josephine Wall’s “Fairy Ear Wings” Painting

The painting entitled “Fairy Ear Wings” by Josephine Wall is a magical painting that really has no purpose, but is captivating and entrancing none the less, and satisfies the needs for childlike fantasies to come to life and be portrayed through a painting.
I really like the colors that the …

Jim Shore Designs, Inc.

Jim Shore Designs, Inc. creates and sells some the most eccentric and colorful artwork in the art industry today. Sculptures, created for all occasions, are the most common art forms the company produces. Jim Shore artwork can be found and purchased online as well as at retail stores, such …

Richard Earl Thompson

My artwork is foundation of the decor of my home. My furniture, flooring, window treatments and paint colors have all been chosen in deference to my artwork.
I have long been a lover of impressionism, namely contemporary impressionism. While I of course adore the works of artists like …

Josephine Wall’s “Surprise Visitors” Painting

The painting entitled “Surprise Visitors” by Josephine Wall is an enchanting painting that I would think to be many girls deepest desires as a child. To see a fairy. This painting is magical and mystifying with the great talents of the artist working to make a memorable canvas of …

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