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Corsair 5000D Airflow Glass PC Case

Corsair’s airflow oriented high end case swings in at 160$ dollars but is it really worth its price tag?

Starting off the 5000D airflow is at Corsair’s higher end range of cases with a price tag of 160$ at time of writing on Corsair really has focus on performance and …

Mazer Gaming Mouse

This Chinese Brand of gaming peripherals is number 1 in amazon for gaming mice that is cheap but functional. This Mazer mouse sounds exactly like the sort of thing that you would expect from a sketchy chinese company, a cheap rip off of the famous gaming computer mice/keyboard company …

Dell XPS 8700 Desktop PC

The XPS 8700 is a high-caliber PC, and it’s awesome for gaming and multimedia! I purchased the 8700 about 3 months ago, but I also owned an older Dell XPS, and traditionally they have been high-quality computers. However, the 8700 is actually a bit cheaper than some …

Dell Alienware x51 gaming mini desktop

I’ve had this Alienware x51 model for a couple weeks now, but that’s not where this review starts. It started after my old computer crashed in blazing inferno. Minus the blaze. So I wanted a new one, something a little less of a Frankenstein than my old computer. …

Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Graphics Card

If you’re a PC gamer like I am, the graphics card is critical. Most of my games require tons of resources, and I’m pleased to say that the GTX 660 is up to the task. The video quality is amazing, and it has greatly …

Cooler Master NotePal LapAir R9-NBC-LPAR-GP

At first, having another device to carry along with my notebook to meetings, seminars and exhibitions didn’t seem to be a good idea, given that the device was about the size - and weight of the notebook itself. So, what does this thing do? Basically, it cools your notebook …

Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop Computer

I purchased a used Optiplex 745 about a month ago and it’s a fairly decent computer. I just want to mention that this model is no longer manufactured by Dell, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to purchase it new. After checking …

HP Pavillion s5610f Desktop Computer

I certainly don’t know everything about PCs but I’m able to tell when I’m using a good one. When considered entirely, I do believe the Pavailion s5610f is first-class! I first used it about a year ago, and I’ve been very impressed with it since the first …

Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard

If you are a gamer, and it’s night time, you don’t want to have to turn on a bunch of lights just to see which key you need to press. Even if you have a lot of feel with a keyboard, even the best can get mixed up and …

Ulta Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx

I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliner, but I was a bit strapped for cash last time I needed to replace my liquid Eyeliner. I am a big fan of Urban Decay’s liquid eyeliner, but it is so expensive! I decided to take my chances and give the Ulta …

ASUS EEE Pad Slider SL101 Tablet

My dad bought this tablet for one reason - it has an attached keyboard that slides out from underneath, transforming this tablet into a miniature laptop. Although it’s a nice laptop with a convenient keyboard, there’s not much else to this tablet.
First of all, this tablet cost about $600, …

Got2b Playful Styling Pomade

A few weeks ago, I got cute little short hair cut that I can flare out for a cool sleek textured look and have been using the Got2b Playful Styling Pomade for my hair. The pomade helped me style my hair and keep my hair in style beautifully throughout …

ASUS 1025C-MU17-BK Netbook

I decided to get this ASUS netbook while it is on sale. It has been quite a while since I’ve used an ASUS netbook. This netbook actually has some really nice specs compared to other netbooks. My Acer is a bit worn out so it this ASUS one will …

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

Microsоft Hаrdwаre hаs been аrоund а reаlly lоng time mаking everything frоm keyboards tо mice tо gаming jоysticks. Sоme оf these prоducts аre designed fоr performance, while sоme оthers fоr аesthetics аnd ergоnоmics. They lаunched their new Bluetооth Mоbile Keyboard 5000 оnly а shоrt while bаck аnd we decided …

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22″ LCD Monitor

When I built my newest computer, I needed a monitor to go with it and decided on the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW. I wanted a decently sized monitor for the time that looked nice, was in my budget and was preferably from a company I trusted. I had never had …

Samsung NP530U4B-A01US Ultrabook

The Samsung Ultrabook actually is just a decent computer. I find that the specs are not the greatest as a result of its size. I guess this is the disadvantage of a really thin laptop. The Ultrabook caught my eye mainly because of its thinness. In other words, the …

Acer Predator AG3610-UR10P Gaming PC

I’m actually not a big fan of Acer computers. They usually don’t have the best quality nor the best performance. Nevertheless, the Acer Predator caught my eye mainly because of its specs. I am pretty satisfied with how the computer is equipped so I decided to make an exception. …

HP Dreamscreen 400 Touch Screen Computer

I was simply mesmerized when I learnt about HP Dreamscreen 400 Touchscreen desktop. Since I was looking to buy a new desktop I decided to go for it because it was a good offer with such a low price. I bought it online by making a payment of Rs. …

Sony Vaio VPCL231FX All In One PC

I have a Sony Vaio laptop but never an all in one computer. I am pretty satisfied with their laptops, but never have I tried the all in one computer series. I decided to try this one mainly because all in one computers don’t take up nearly as much …

HP Omni All in One PC

The HP Omi is actually a bit old in terms of the performance. I was quite surprised to see that it is still equipped with an Intel Pentium G620 processor. This isn’t really an issue as the speed is still there. The speed is 2.6 GHz, which is more …

ASUS N55SF-EH71 Laptop

I decided to upgrade and get a better laptop. I’ve been shopping around and decided to go with this one. I found this at TigerDirect and it was only $949.99 plus tax which is just a thousand bucks. To me, it is still pretty cheap considering the fact that …

Reliance 3G Tablet PC

It was the advertisement of Reliance 3G Tab which had compelled me to check it. I did and decided to buy one. The price of this Tab is quite low at just Rs. 12,900 ($240). The Tab also feels lighter and thinner than others available in the market. However, …

Apple iPad 2 (16 GB with Wi-Fi)

Apple iPad 2 provides its user with a sleek, pencil thin design. I particularly like the side views of this product: it is techno-incredible. Also, you can fold the cover under so that it stands up; much like a regular PC—except it is really, really thin: …

Shuttle X5020T-PLUS All-In-One PC

This all in one computer actually isn’t the greatest. I find their set up to be quite strange actually. Their specifications and components used are quite strange as well. One thing that caught my eye is that this computer is Linux based. I have never used one of these …

Cybertron PC X-Plorer2 TGM4240A Gaming PC

I actually don’t know why this computer would be classified as a gaming PC. The way I see it, this computer has all the physical specifications. However, for some reason, the performance still isn’t the greatest. This computer runs on Windows 7 Home Premium. It has a 1 terabyte …

HP ProBook 4730s XU076UT Notebook

I got the HP ProBook and I love it. This was given to me as a gift and I could totally use a laptop this powerful.
Let’s get started with the specifications. This laptop has an Intel i7 processor. At quad core, it can reach a speed of 2.9 GHz. …

Acer Inspire Laptop

The Acer Inspire laptop solved my vacation problem. I always miss having my computer and Internet access when I’m on vacation. I end up having to use the hotel’s computer to check my email. I don’t get to play any of my games because the guest computers are always …

Apple’s Macbook Air

Apples Macbook Air may cost a pretty penny but in the end it is well worth the payment. I have owned a Macbook Air for about 6 months now and I can personally say that it is one of the best computers that I have ever owned. Its reliability, easiness …

Apple Magic Mouse

We got this product to go with our new iMac and at first, we really loved it. Although it has a great design and is easy-to-use, the short battery life is a huge downfall in terms of expenses. I love the product itself, but I hate how often I …

Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop computer

Let’s see, this review is being written on a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop computer while in the background a television show is running on another screen and there’s a word-processing screen at the top, running a popular text-editing program on top while this review is being written. Meantime, there’s a …

The Dell Optiplex Desktop G1 Computer

I have used three different kinds of computers for the past ten years but the Dell optiplex G1 Desktop computer is the best for me as far as PC’s are concerned. My dell Desktop computer does not encounter many problems because it has strong components which can withstand enough pressure.
My …

ASUS Eee PC 1015PX-MU17-BK

The Asus Eee PC is actually a pretty good net book. This net book can handle a lot in my opinion. I was able to run several programs without a problem and I have to say that this net book is very easy to use. It works very well. …

Saitek Eclipse I keyboard

I bought the Saitek Eclipse I keyboard because it was inexpensive compared to other back lit keyboards, but its actually a really nice keyboard. You just plug it in and it works. It doesn’t feel cheaply made at all, it has a high quality feel. The …

Media-tech Tiny Nano 2.4 Mouse (MT1078R)

Well this certainly is a travel mouse. It is really and I mean really small. Now this does make it easy to carry around but it also makes work with it a bit harder, especially if you have big hands. I have tiny hands and I do feel this …

SYX Venture VXP3D Desktop PC

The SYX was at an amazing price so I believe I definitely got a deal. The price was $399 for the desktop. I guess the main reason for the cheap price is because of the Intel Pentium processor. I guess it is a bit outdated compared to what is …

HP 100B XZ812UT All-In-One PC

I got this computer because it was at a very good deal at $299.99. There is a rebate so I had to pay a bit more for it. I am currently still waiting for the check (money) to be given to me for the rebate. Overall, I think that …

iMac 17″ Desktop (2003 Model)

A while ago, my family used to own an old Dell desktop computer. It was outdated and had been slowing down on us for a while now. It got to the point where it would take 20-30 minutes to boot up and start using the internet, which is TERRIBLE. …

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5214

The first thing I noticed on this laptop is the 2nd generation Intel i3 inside. It uses an i3-2310M processor. This is just the model. I noticed that then 2nd generation processor is slower than the first generation. It isn’t very slow; the speed is 2.1 GHz compared …

ATI Radeon HD 4350 Desktop Graphics Card

About two or three years ago, I purchased a Dell Inspiron 546 desktop computer, to do mainly light gaming. Because of this, I did not invest in a very good processor or graphics card. I now regret that decision, because I recently had to upgrade my CPU, motherboard, and …

ViewSonic VX2433wm 24 Inch LCD Monitor

I remember back in the day that we used to always use and trust ViewSonic monitors for the CRT (cathode ray tube, big bulky monitors) monitors that they would release. That is how we came about buying a ViewSonic LCD Monitor.
Aesthetic Design
The border panel around this monitor is …

Fly Fusion Pentop Computer

I waited around for a long time to buy this at a good price and after doing a ton of research from others’ reviews. When I did finally make my purchase, I got one for my son and two for my students. All of them have learning disabilities. The …

Soul Calibur 2 game

I like Soul Calibur 2 as it is based on the use of different weapons for combat. I was able to mix and match different weaponries of any types to my advantage. The game provides more excitement with how my character moves, which are so life-like. Unlike other …

MSI Microstar AE1920-001US All In One

The MSI Microstar is an all-in-one desktop computer. It features an 18.5 inch touch screen display. This all-in-one PC saves a lot of space. Unlike the traditional computers where the monitor is separated from the rest of the body, the MSI actually combines the two. I find that this …

Samsung SS-NB10-N145JP02 Net Book

I own a netbook, but it broke. The screen no longer works so I decided to get myself another netbook. I don’t want to pay too much as I only want to surf the internet when outdoors. I just want a basic netbook that has internet capability. Luckily, I …

HP GM324AA mouse

I believe that this is a wonderful mouse. It’s an HP device and I wouldn’t expect anything different from HP because I have owned several items that are made by HP and they are some of the best in my opinion. I have owned it for a …

Patriot Xporter 16GB Flash Drive

This baby is fast and I mean fast. We can get 30 MB/s transfer read speed when transferring a file onto a SATA II SSD. Writing is a little slower as expected but not enough of a hindrance to use it against this thumb drive. The …

Apple Mighty Mouse

Aesthetic features
The Apple Might Mouse is the only Mac mouse released by Apple that I have actually owned and used. It is this clean white design that is so simple and elegant that makes it so attractive. It is without a doubt a beautiful mouse. The …

Labtec speakers

I have had these speakers lying around for a while before I used them. In fact, I think I used them solely for my portable MP3 player in my room when I did not have a second computer or laptop from which to play music from.
It is a …

Linksys WRT54GL Router

This router is a beast. The fact that they still sell this at a reasonable price for a product that is over 5 years old is a testament to the fact of the greatness of this product. It has such a long life that people are buying …

Microsoft Intellimouse Optical Mouse

This older generation mouse is great. I have been in possession of two of these and they have a remarkable life (except for those Logitech’s MX 518’s) besides a few parts that stop working intermittently and then start working again.
The mouse is designed very simply which is what …

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