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Job at Anchor Packaging, Paragould, AR Plant

I keep hearing all these advertisements I’m here in Paragould for Anchor Packaging and, in the the advertisement, the phrase ‘we haven’t had any layoffs’ in x amount of years. This phrase really is irritating. The company itself probably has not had to lay anyone off in years, but …

51talk Online Home-based English Teacher

I have been recently scrolling through job reviews and I have noticed that nobody has written anything about 51talk yet. Thus, I decided to share my experience with you guys.
51talk is a China-based company which connects Filipino online English teachers and Chinese students who want to learn English …

Convergys Work From Home

Putting together all the information you have seen about work from home, some are right out scams and some are real jobs.
I have been working at home on home business and w-2 jobs for over 13 years.
In home business I expect nothing more or less than performance pay as …

Hausernet Mail Decoy Work at Home Job

A couple of years ago, I was searching the internet for ways to bring home some extra money. I came across a site called Hausernet Decoy ( I was very curious so I checked it out. They hire people throughout the United States as contract workers …

Mary Kay Consultant Career

As a full time college student with loans piling up I wanted to find a way to help reduce my growing debt while I was in school. I had attended a couple of Mary Kay parties in the past and began to think about the possibility of becoming a …

ChaCha (Online job)

Recently I have been very interested in making some money on the side. I work full time but of course supplementary income can never hurt. There are many websites out there that can put a few extra bucks in your pocket and I was researching them when I came …

The Content Authority (Online Job)

In an attempt to make some supplementary income and better hone my writing skills by keeping them in practice, I’ve recently signed up to write for several websites, including review stream. Although I enjoy writing about my experiences, I do get frustrated about how long it takes to accumulate …

KGB Philippines, Work-at-Home Job

I was looking for a way to earn extra income online and my friend told me to try working as a work-at-home agent for KGB. It is a text service company providing answers to all sorts of questions, catering United States, UK and Ireland customers. For a few months, …

Working for is a website that requires you to answer customer questions. I only did this for about a month but I didn’t have a very good experience with it. One of my first criticisms about it is that there was a lot of information to complete for …

These days there are lots of people who have graduated from their chosen career without a job. They have to search and go whenever they think they could find the possible opportunity suited for their career. It is hard to find job outside because of the competition and being …

Express Personnel Employment Agency

Express Personnel is an employment Agency that’s located in Tupelo, MS. The Express Personnel office is very large and it’s always very clean and attractive. I have experienced many different employments agencies and I would certainly have to say that Express Personnel has provided me with the …

ChaCha is a very low paying online job and I don’t believe that working for ChaCha is worth the amount of money that they pay. ChaCha receives questions from customer pertaining to any subject and the worker has to find the answer and send it to the customer …

Greenhouse Assistant at Leong’s Nursery in Burnaby, Canada

For someone who loves plants or gardening, the job of a Greenhouse Assistant at Leong’s Nursery in the city of Burnaby should be a dream job. However, only a basic knowledge of plants is required. Thus, no fancy degree in plant science is needed and the job …

Farm Laborer at Randhawa Farms in Abbotsford, Canada

Randhawa Farms is a great farm to work at. Currently, they are looking for a farm laborer and management is willing to pay $9.14. It does not say whether experience is required, so I guess anyone who wishes to work in a farm environment is free to …

Farm Laborer at Pine Meadows Tree Farms Limited in Chilliwack, Canada

December is usually the month of the year when farms are looking to hire workers, although work in the farm usually does not start until April or closer to the summer. However, some farms might start work earlier, depending on what they have planted in their property. …

Career Assistance and Resources for Employment Center in Mission, Canada

CARE Mission is one of many employment resource centers, which seem to be scattered all across Canada these days, and for a good cause. The truth is, the unemployment numbers are rising, which is why the Canada-British Columbia Labor Market Development Agreement has provided the funding for such …

Oil Sands Worker in Fort McMurray, Canada

For the longest time, I have been considering working in Fort McMurray, Canada’s self-professed oil capital. While the whole province of Alberta is given this title, there really is not much oil activity in major cities of Calgary or Edmonton. These twin cities, at the most would …

Options Whalley Employment Resource Center in Surrey, Canada

With the harsh economic realities of our time, employment assistance agencies and their offices are just mushrooming across North America, more so perhaps in my city than any other city in Canada. Am I supposed to be thankful about this development?
Of course, I am! And I’m pretty …

Esso Gas Station Clerk in Surrey, Canada

I got called for the job of Esso Gas Station Clerk on October 31, 2010, after I submitted my application by email. At this time when economic depression is all around us, I was pleased to get a call back from the manager just a few days after …

Account Manager Position at Mogo Money in Surrey, Canada

The first thing you need to know, when applying for a job as Account Manager at Mogo Money is that the hiring process can be pretty detailed, organized, and extensive. After I applied for the job by email, I was contacted within a span of only three days …

Pick and Pack Worker at Isaac Freight in Richmond, Canada

Working as a Pick and Pack Worker at Isaac Freight in Richmond is an easy, temporary job. One big perk is that you get paid every Friday. For a light job, $9 per hour seems fitting enough.
It seems that this job will be on for two weeks, …

Canada Post Office Worker in Burnaby, Canada

I worked here for about two months, in July and August 2010. This Canada Post office is inside a busy 7-Eleven store. Like many Canada Post outlets, this one is owned by a private business called Cascades. I had one month of rigorous training.
It …

Crew Member at a Tim Hortons Coffee Franchise in Saskatoon, Canada

A job as a Crew Member of Tim Hortons is kind of like your average fast food job, with a few differences. It’s definitely an entry-level job, the kind that most students like to do in the summer, or until they find out what they really want to …

2010 Employment Resources Fair for Immigrants in Delta, Canada

I attended this job fair on October 13, 2010, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Of course, I was not there the whole time. I stayed for about an hour, and left only once I was satisfied that I had applied for every job that appealed to me.
In …

Overnight Crew Member at McDonald’s Restaurant in Saskatoon, Canada

The job of an Overnight Crew Member at McDonald’s in Saskatoon, Canada is pretty much the same as in any McDonald’s restaurant in North America, or around the world. For starters, it offers a shift premium ranging between one to two dollars per hour.
And that’s because …

Hemlock Resort Job Fair at Hemlock Valley, Canada

If you enjoy working at a ski resort, or want to be part of one, this is your chance. The Hemlock Resort at Hemlock Valley, British Columbia is having a job fair on November 6 and 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Don’t forget to bring …

Customer Service Representative at Storage for Your Life Solutions Inc. in Surrey, Canada

Storage for Your Life Solutions Inc. (SFYL) is a storage company that has storage locations in the Canadian cities of Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, and Mission. This is a big, family-owned company that really takes care that knows how to take care of its employees.
I was called for an …

Temporary On-Call Tech Geek at Blink Media Works in Vancouver, British Columbia

I applied with Blink Media Works on October 13, 2010. The position was for a temporary and on-call Tech Geek. Based on how the position was advertised, I thought they needed a tech geek who was not only savvy with PCs, cellphones and other tech gadgets. …

Substituting in Citrus County Florida

Since I am a full time university student, finding a job that will work for my school schedule was quite complicated. When my mom introduced me to the idea of substituting in our home town of Citrus County, I really became very excited at the idea. My major is …

Supply Analyst job

I have been doing this job for six years. I honestly can say that this job made me mature and full of stress but I am happy to be with this kind of job and I can say I am proud that I survived every challenge every day. I …

Mcdonalds manager corporate

I have worked for McDonalds for a little over 5 years. I started when i turned 15 because they were the only place that would hire that young.
In that time my pay has almost doubled as well as my position. I have worked for both corporate …

JCpenny customer service job in Providence RI

Years ago I took a job at JCpenny in Providence Rhode Island, at the Providence Place mall, and I adored the job. I was a customer service rep, and I loved all the aspects of the job. I loved working at the cash registers in all the different departments. …

Working at Dunkin Donuts

Last year, in desperate need of a job, I applied to Dunkin Donuts, hoping to get a bite. I was called back, interviewed, and a week later given a uniform, hat, and an intense schedule that started my days at 7 am. Working at Dunkin Donuts was one …

Starcrest of California

I have never work before and wanted to finally get a job. I had just hit the age of 18 and had a child so I needed to be on my own and support us. I heard that Starcrest of California is always hiring so I decided …

Easylife Health Care

I was looking through a local classifieds ad paper when I seen that this company, Easylife Health Care was hiring for healthcare specialist. It didn’t say much about the job in detail, just that they were hiring and what the job entails. I called the number and was scheduled …

I.P. Relay Operator

I didn’t want a tiring call center job by making calls based on quotas or having the most stressful job by being a call center agent by being a customer service representative, it was going to be my first job in my life ever so I wanted to be …

Furniture Mart

I applied for a job at Furniture Mart in El Paso. My main objective was to get the job like each an every individual. So, I put in the application with hopes of obtaining the job. Two days later I received a call from the company explaining that i …

Working at CVS/Pharmacy

This CVS in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania was my first job. I started the summer before my senior year of high school as a cashier part-time. Right away I was welcomed by my fellow employees. I never felt that I was in way or intruding on …

Working for Chili’s

As a server who currently works for Chili’s Restaurant I can say that it is a very hit or miss job. This is by far not my first restaurant nor serving job. In fact I had worked in three restaurants prior, all major chains. Chili’s is …

Retail merchandiser for Hallmark job

If you’re looking for a semi-flexible job that will allow you to set your own hours, then working as a merchandiser for Hallmark may just what you’re looking for, however you need to be clear on what your responsibilities will be before accepting the challenge. It’s not just …

Peace Corps

Signing up for the Peace Corps is something that many people consider at one time or another. Deciding whether or not to take the plunge is an intensely personal decision, and one not to be taken lightly.
I joined the Peace Corps because I was interested in adventure, life in …

Phoenix Trading

I have my own home business which is very convenient for me and fits well with my lifestyle. I sell greetings cards and gift accessories from home. Phoenix Trading is an established company selling through independent traders in England, France, America, Australia and New Zealand. I trade in France …

Supplies Telesales Job - Intuit, Inc. (call-center)

Call-center work can be tedious and frustrating, as anyone with call-center experience knows. It can also be engaging and the pay and bonuses tend to compensate for the more frustrating customers. With experience in call-centers elsewhere, I went to Intuit knowing I would have a broad spectrum …

Capital Credit Alliance

I saw that Capital Credit Alliance was hiring in the paper and need a job so I decided to call. I was scheduled an interview and was hired on the spot. A couple of days later I began my training which was a few hours long, they went over …

Seven Eleven job sales clerk in Billerica MA

This wasn’t a bad little job but there were both pros and cons to working at this particular location and I have worked other locations but this one was certainly a little different than the others for a few reasons and the biggest reason would be the foot traffic …

United Personnel employment agency in Springfield MA

United Personnel was an employment agency located in Springfield Massachusetts and too be honest this place was actually not that bad which surprised me because the place was located in a pretty horrible section of the city and I didn’t feel quite safe leaving my vehicle outside of the …

Addeco employment agency in Springfield MA

The Addeco employment agency over in Springfield was a horrible experience and this place sucked in so many ways and I am confident in saying that the negatives certainly outweigh the positives about this place and the bottom line is that this place really sucked big time. This place …

Connections Hiring Fair in Richmond,Canada

I attended this job fair on May 4, 2010, just three days after my contract with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ended. I was desperate to find a new job and get employed as soon as possible.
This hiring fair was the brainchild of Connections Youth Resource Center, …

Trugreen salesperson job in North Andover MA

Trugreen was a company that specialized in lawn care and I answered an AD in the paper that sounded pretty decent and although the job wasn’t that bad I found it to be something that wasn’t worth doing for a few reasons. The first reason would have to be …

Bil-Ray group Sales person job in Marlborough MA

This was a sales job that I responded to after reading in the paper that I could easily make all this great money by doing easy work but what the AD didn’t mention was that this was going to be selling windows through the Bil-Ray group which during the …

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