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At first, I was excited to apply for the product. My main reason is I’ll be linking it with my PayPal account, since it was a cash card and can be used to withdraw money. The features are great - no maintaining balance, and it would only cost me …

Netspend Prepaid Visa Card

Netspend Visa Prepaid cards. Boy oh boy what a luxury to feel the expense of using it each time you need it for purchases.
First time users have to first buy the card to load it. A minimum of $10.00 at selected participating stores. Average minimum of $20.00 at most …

Payneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard

Once upon a time a couple years ago I used to be one of those people who completely depended on getting my money from PayPal in the form of a cheque. It was both maddening and annoying because I would find myself budgeting time for up to two months …

Payoneer Debit MasterCard

The people who earn money online always look towards Paypal to withdraw their hard earned money. But unfortunately, Paypal is not supported in all of the countries, and Pakistan is one of them. It gets pretty tough for me to withdraw my online earnings. As their are little to …

BMO has screwed up my credit history

28 years ago my husband and I attended a marriage preparation course. We were recommended to apply for a credit card in the wife’s name so that she would create a credit rating in the event that something should happen to the husband. We already had a …

Bank of America Mobile Banking App

Being a Bank of America customer, I thought I would test out the Bank of America mobile banking app. Personally, I downloaded the app onto my iPhone 5, but it is available for Windows phones, Droids, Kindle Fire, and more. I am so glad that I downloaded this application, …

ManulifeOne Mortgage

The first mortgage that I entered into was with the Royal Bank of Canada. I thought I was getting a pretty sweet deal, with 2.95% interest, and making double payments each month. In about twenty years, I’d be mortgage free! It seemed exciting.
After hanging out with …

Paypal Prepaid Mastercard

I’m an Ebay seller, which means I use Paypal a lot. For anyone that’s used Paypal you’re likely to be aware of the lengthy time that it takes to transfer money to your checking or savings account. It can take up to five days. …

Spotware cTrader Trading Terminal

I’ve used Metatrader 4 for just about forever and only recently starting to look for other trading terminals especially with better order management and analysis system. Luckily, I found a broker (TradersWay) that offers a low deposit cTrader account. I decided to try it out because I’m a scalper …

MahiFX Forex Broker

I only recently noticed MahiFX after reading several positive reviews regarding the broker. At first, I was quite hesitant as this broker is quite small, but that doesn’t make it any less competitive. This New Zealand broker offers a very tight spread especially for a market maker. In fact, …

Fingerhut Fresh Start Credit

If you have less than perfect credit and can not get the credit you want to make purchases for home furnishings, jewelry, electronics, etc., you may want to check out Fingerhut Fresh Start Program.
Fingerhut has a credit program called Fresh Start Credit for people with bad or no credit. …

AMEX Platinum Cashback Credit Card

Ever since earning a salary I have wanted to make the most of the cash! This alone is something that I am good at doing, yet I knew I could do more. I have tried several schemes and financial products in the past, and in reality I didn’t get …

TD Bank

If you are looking for a bank, I highly recommend TD Bank! I recently opened an account with this bank when no other bank would help me. I had an old account that is listed with chexsystems that has been paid but I can not get removed …

Capital One Rewards Credit Card

I have had experience with several different types of consumer credit cards, and I have found this card to be the best fit for me. When you are using credit, there are always potential pitfalls, but if you put this type of card to use, it can be… …

Money Changers in Sydney, Australia

Last February (2012), I visited Australia for leisure. My wife and my son accompanied me. As Australian dollar (AUD) is used as means for legal tender throughout the country, beside US dollar (USD) bills I also brought some 100 AUD for our first needs in Australian airport and transfer …

ICICI Bank Savings Account

I am using three savings accounts of three distinct banks but it is the ICICI Bank savings account which gives me utmost satisfaction. I am a customer of ICICI Bank Savings Account since last four years and there is a feeling in me that the bank has always endeavored …

US Bank El Cajon, CA

Finding a reliable bank these days can be tough. Especially in this collapsing economy who knows whats to happen. If I knew the answer to this I certainly would not be sitting in a small apartment that smells like cigars. I would like to write about a bank which …

Bank of America Montvale, NJ

Packed in rural area roughly five miles away from New York is Bank of America’s Montvale, New Jersey business office. It features state of the art depositing machines and withdrawal gadgets that make banking for any consumer easy, convenient and fun. There is enough square footage inside the building …

Netspend Debit Card

Netspend debit cards are prepaid cards used as a debit/credit card with checking account features. Netspend debit cards are not credit cards. They bear the Visa logo so you can use them the same way you would a Visa credit card. I started using Netspend seven years …

SunTrust Bank on Whitemarsh Island, Georgia

I opened up an account with SunTrust on Whitemarsh Island because it was conveniently located, and I am friends with one of the employees. I really enjoyed going there, and even when my friend wasn’t working, all of the employees were extremely nice and helpful.
My favorite thing about the …

BDO Credit Card Mastercard Black

I received a bank-endorsed BDO Mastercard Black with a Php30K limit in March 2011. This is the first credit card under my name (I had a supplemental Citibank Gold VISA which I used on occassion), and I’d say that it’s pretty convenient to use as far as credit cards …

Academy Bank

In certain areas in the US, you might see a branch of Academy Bank at your local Walmart. Colorado is a prime example, it’s where I encountered it for the first time. Academy is a bank that offers accounts to those who might otherwise be rejected for …

Pay Pal From The Perspective Of A Buyer

In 2007, I started buying items on the internet. Soon I located eBay, which used Pay Pal. I went to to investigate. After entering all my personal information, they asked specifically for credit cards to be used. I only entered one card. But …

Moneybookers Electronic Currency Banking Service

I started using Moneybookers back in 2008 when I was getting a bit serious about earning money online as a freelance writer amongst other things and since Paypal wasn’t offering full services to South Africans at the time, I needed an alternative way in which to send and receive …

OKPAY Electronic Currency Service

I stumbled across the OKPAY site ( while running a Google search for a currency converter service since I had some money in my Moneybookers account that I wanted to transfer to my Paypal account, and also just to see what the rates and options are but I ended …

First National Bank

I’ll be the first to admit, I never really considered using the banking services of First National bank, even though it is among the big four banks in South Africa, but Standard Bank and ABSA are probably the biggest of the big four.
What made me go to FNB
In all …


Paypal is probably the best known method of payments for online transactions. I’ve been a member of Paypal for eight years.
As an avid online shopper, I love to see Paypal as an option for payment. It is so much faster when checking out. With other credit cards you …


Alertpay is an online payment processor just like Paypal. There are some industries that Paypal do not work with so if you are doing a lot of online work or business like me, it is also good to set up Alertpay. This payment method has a very easy-to-navigate interface. In …

Payoneer Pre-Paid Debit Mastercard

I was given my own Payoneer pre-paid debit Mastercard because I worked as an affiliate in one of the money-making websites I joined. We receive our commissions through this ATM card. The website to which I work as an affiliate shoulders the cost of membership. Given that we were offered …

When it comes to online payment services, gives the most reliable and prompt service. I started using this service when demands for online jobs started to increase. I signed up for a paypal account since most of my employers required paypal account. It was very easy to apply …

Unionbank Philippines Eon Visa Card

I got my first Unionbank Philippines Eon Visa Card just last first week of June. I applied for this card when I started getting online jobs. Most of the payments from employers are through Paypal which in turn requires a local debit card to receive payments. There are a …

EON Visa Debit Card

At first, I was hesitant to earn online because I had no idea how I will be able to get the money. Then I have read from some of my fellow Filipino bloggers about UnionBank’s EON Card. I was still hesitant after discovering the EON Card because I was …

Citiseconline Stockbrokers

I first went into stock trading of Philippine stocks last year through a personal broker. I initially invested around P30,000 which I soon found to be too low to make the stressful stock trading worth it. Along with the high commission rate and the not-so-on-the-spot advice the …

Green Dot Online Shopping Card

Just recently I purchased a Green Dot Online Shopping card from the local grocery store. Initially I was looking for a prepaid Visa card that I could use online to purchase items without the worry of having my identity stolen and losing a lot of money. What I got …

Smart Money Card (Remittances)

I do certain online jobs and get paid, most of my employers pay via PayPal and from PayPal I transfer it to my bank account. The problem with using PayPal for freelancers online, especially those from the Philippines is the fact that PayPal requires a credit card or debit …

Unionbank EON Debit Card

Unionbank’s EON debit card is a safe way to conduct your online transactions. Now that more and more Filipinos are getting into online jobs and businesses, there is a growing need for a faster and safer system to receive payments via the internet. Before, most credit cards only allowed …

USAA Federal Savings Bank, Financial Services

I’ve been a long time user of USAA for both auto insurance and personal banking and have yet to be disappointed. I’ve had banking services with several banks, from regional to national chains, and have always found a way to be frustrated or disappointed by the services, or lack …

Donald W. Causey and Associates PC accountants

Now days most people use free online services to prepare and submit their taxes, but I want to talk to you about my experience with Donald W. Causey and Associates PC. They are an accounting firm who prepares your taxes for you among other things, and help …

Eon Unionbank’s Paybill Facility

I’m writing this review for fellow Eon Unionbank debit card holders, who are wary of using this facility. I believe it would be of tremendous help to those unsure of risking their money on electronic bank transfers, in lieu of standing at long queues to pay bills. …

BB&T (Branch Bank and Trust) Banking Services in Middletown, MD

BB&T Banking Services, Middletown, MD
819 East Main Street
Middletown, MD 21769-7722
(301) 371-8860
I have been using BB&T (Branch Bank and Trust) banking services since I was old enough to have a checking account. The branch I use in particular is located in Middletown, MD, even though I now only live there in …

Bank of America Banking

I have heard many different horror stories about Bank of America. They are not consistent in their service, they do not contact you about important information or questions they may have, they have poor service. In my experience, however, all of these have proven to be completely false. Bank …

PNC Bank Online Student Loan Services

I used PNC’s Online Student Loan Services to cover my second year of tuition for my undergraduate degree and have worked with them since for various educational funding processes. I had shopped around for a suitable loan for some time, but none were as reasonable as PNC. I even …

China Banking Corporation

I opened a Savings account last year on this branch because I am scouting for banks and possible bank products I can apply for. This bank perhaps is one of the top 10 banks in the county, but not in the top 5.
I will review not the bank but the …

Chase Bank

I opened a student checking account and savings account at Chase a few days after turning 18 years old, making it my first bank. I chose to open my first bank account as an adult with Chase due to the fact that they are a reputable, well known bank …

Citibank Bank

I have had accounts at a myriad of different banks including most of the major branches and have found Citibank to be one of the most accommodating and convenient. I live on Long Island where there are a myriad of Citibank branch locations which is one of the predominant …

Capital One

I love and appreciate Capital One
When I turned 18 I was eager to start building my credit. I was told countless times about how important your credit was to keep, build, and maintain. At the time, The main thing I wanted my credit for was to finance a car, …

Applied bank unsecured visa gold credit card

I like knowing which credit cards are a good investment and which ones are a bad investment, and believe me: Applied bank unsecured visa gold credit card is a BAD investment. The idea behind the Applied bank unsecured visa gold credit card is to help people with bad credit …

Security Bank e-secure Mastercard

I was a bit surprised to receive from the mail another card from Security Bank. I really don’t want to have an additional card and I was a bit pissed off. However, I found out that this card is an e-secure card wherein the line forms part of …

Capital One Online Banking

Capital One online banking is a banking that I have just signed up for mainly because it offers interest on the account. At first, I didn’t know Capital One offered checking accounts because their only products were savings accounts and personal and business credit cards. However, once I learned …

Eon Visa Debit Card

Eon Visa is a debit card which can be availed at a bank in the Philippines, the Union bank. To qualify, you have to submit any two of the required valid IDs which could be a driver’s license, a passport, birth certificate or health insurance ID among others.
I recently …

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