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Helsinki to Stockholm cruise by ferry, Viking Line shipping company

So I just came back from my mini cruise to Sweden and I wanted to share my experience with the shipping company called Viking Line. Viking Line is a quiet famous Finnish company that does cruises around Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Aland islands. They have multiple ferries that do regular …

Ferry from Piraeus port to Ikaria Island, Greece

My name is Andreea and today I’m going to talk about the ride with ferry from Piraeus port to Ikaria Island, Greece.
Piraeus is the largest port in Greece, situated near Athens. We were 4 persons traveling by car from Bucharest, approximately 1.200 kilometers away from Athens. The ride from …

Sarawak River Cruise

Twenty US dollars or 60 Malaysian ringgit (RM) is a good value for Sarawak river cruise in the city of Kuching. Moreover, it was written on a notice board at Kuching Waterfront river port that 10% discount would be given. However, the ticket officer does not give you the …

Carnival Ecstasy leaving from Galveston Texas

Last year I went on a cruise with my wife and we chose Carnival Ecstasy. It was the cheapest price for 7 days. The trip went to Cozumel and Yukatan. The price was great. The food was very tasty. I liked how you could walk around the ship at …

From NY to Bermuda Cruise (NCL)

My dad booked this family cruise because we had done a family cruise years earlier on Royal Carribbean, and we all had a blast. This year was special since it was my parent’s anniversary year, and I was turning 21. The cruise was meant for an anniversary …

Royal Carribean- Sovereign Class (Majesty of the Seas 4 Night Cruise)

I have waited months for this beautiful, hot day on July 3rd 2011- the day I finally get to go on my first big cruise in 19 years of living! While going through the whole process, waiting in lines, and filling out paperwork before arriving on the ship, my …

Tauck Cruise on the Rhine and Danube

This river cruise is absolutely fantastic. We boarded a five star river boat in Amsterdam, Netherlands and spent fifteen days sailing along the Rhine, Meine, and Danube rivers until we disembarked in Budapest. Along the way, we were offered a wide variety of shore excursions, including castle …

Adventure Cat Sailing Charter

For my best friend’s 35th Birthday last year we decided to do a girl’s night out and go on this boat alone, the two of us and another friend and leave our husband’s and kids at home. I don’t normally live in the Bay Area but …

Blue and Gold Fleet “Happy Hour Cruise”

Growing up near San Francisco has afforded me with the opportunity to take advantage of all of the ferries and cruises in the area at one time or another. A year ago my husband and I were visiting my family in the Bay Area and it …

Golden Gate Ferry

I cannot remember the first time I took this ferry. When I was a child each of my parents lived on a different side of the Golden Gate Bridge, my mom in Marin and my father in San Francisco. Your two main options to …

Seattle to Bremerton Ferry

One of my brother in laws lives in the Puget Sound area of Seattle on one of the smaller islands. Now you can get to and from Seattle by going around and using the bridges, and I have done that as well, but nothing is more …

Cruisin’ Family Fun Style

We should have known from the beginning what we were in store for when we were greeted at the airport by the cruise shuttle coordinators. We were greeted warmly with smiles and assistance. Transportation was provided from the airport in Miami to our cruise ship. We …

Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise

Whenever I travel to a city which offers a river cruise, I always make it a point to try to fit it into my itinerary as it always relaxes me and offers a different vantage point to see the city. I love the feel of the wind while …

Upper and Lower Dells Tours, Wisconsin USA

For someone who loves nature, history and photography, this Wisconsin Dells tour is the answer.
We purchased our complete Dells boat tours at the ticket booth at around 9 am and had breakfast at a nearby restaurant while waiting for our tour. The first part was the two-hour Upper Dells …

Norwegian Epic cruise

I was a guest on the Norwegian Epic in February 2011. This was my first Norwegian cruise; however, I have cruised with Royal Carribean several times. The Norwegian Epic is the biggest ship in Norwegian’s Fleet. There are several pros and cons to this ship. I …

Carnival Glory Western Caribbean 7 Day Cruise

Being my first time on a cruise, I did not quite know what to expect. My boyfriend had previously been on the Carnival Valor and had loved the experience. Therefore, we decided to go on the 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise on January 9, 2011.
We opted for the …

Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System

There are some parts of Alaska that you can only access by either the Alaskan Airlines or by the ferry system. And believe it or not Juneau, Alaska, the Alaska State Capital, is one of these places. I wanted to visit Juneau and after comparing prices of airline tickets …

Waterfront Boat Company Sunset Cruise

Since the Waterfront Boat Company seemingly offers about four to five cruises throughout the entire day, my showing up and requesting to go on the sunset cruise without pre-booking arrangements was more than welcome and there were about eight other people going on the same cruise. This was one …

Robertson Cruise

Since boat cruises are generally quite costly, having the opportunity to go on one for $14 was something I simply would not let pass me by and I showed up at the Robertson Wine Cruise premises one Monday morning with the hope of going on one of their cruises …

Lite Ferries (Danilo Lines)

In the past couple of years, I have been using Lite Ferries of Danilo Lines as my transport of choice between the islands of Cebu (Toledo) and Negros (San Carlos City) because the vessels are relatively big enough, comfortable, and safe especially when the seas are rough. Most importantly, …

Chao Phraya Cruise, Bangkok

This is one of the attractions that made me come to Bangkok. Chao Phraya is used as a transportation route for residents of the city, so it is not surprising to see many local people packed with tourists on the boat. I began my journey from Sathorn pier as …

Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises is probably the most well-known and least expensive cruise line. As one could expect, it has its ups and downs. I’ll try to remain objective, as some aspects of the cruise are undeniably great, while some are absolutely sickening.

CTN Tunisian Ferry Company

I recently took a trip to Tunisia from France, and rather than flying, decided to take the ferry.
I was both really impressed and quite disgusted by the ferries. Outgoing, the ferry was over two hours late arriving into Marseille, which meant we were seriously delayed leaving. Apparently this is …

Cruising down Loboc River in Bohol

Bohol is has a very rich environment. It is well kept unlike other cities in the Philippines. A lot of tourists visit Bohol because of its beaches and some even go there to dive because of its rich marine life.
I went there with my family for 3d/2n trip. One …

Carnival Cruise

I just came back from a Carnival Cruise leaving Miami and it went to Grand Turks and Caicos, Nassau Bahamas and Half Moon Cay Bahamas. It was the best experience I have ever had vacation wise. Once you get used to your body swaying, the whle trip is soo …

Private Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise by Tigger 2 Charters

At a total cost to the equivalent of US$1466.00, this cruise is something I would never actually afford myself, especially not on a regular basis, which is why it’ll be something I’ll remember for as long as I live as it was given to me as a courtesy gift …

Tigger 2 Charters Wedding Cruise-Sightseeing

Recently going to one of my long time friend’s wedding, it was really something new to me to have the ceremony carried out on deck a beautiful cruise ship with the reception being completed as part of a sightseeing cruise.
Service: The catering and service was simply out of …

Statendam Ship Of Holland America Cruises

Welcome to luxe paradise at sea on the Statendam of Holland American Cruises. The interior boasts of beautiful architec and art galleries throughout the entire ship from the Lido deck to the Van Goh Starry Night Theatre.
The Staterooms are like a home away from home with …

One Day Bahamas Cruise

The one day cruise from Miami to Freeport City in the Bahamas cost $99 per person on Discovery Cruise (formerly Scandinavian Sun), and is an all day cruise from 6 am until 11 pm. I enjoyed most of it, but did have some complaints (along with some good …

Royal Caribbean International Cruise lines

My friend and I booked a cruise on this line a few years back and we just had the time of our lives. The ship itself is massive and has amazing amenities like dinning, spa, rock climbing wall, pools, areas for kids, and that is just a few that …

Royal Caribbean International

My husband and I took a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s “Grandeur of the Seas” a couple of years ago. It was our first cruise experience and we absolutely loved it! We got a great price for people who are at least 55, and that is what it took to …

Puget Sound Ferry

Being a former military family my husband and I have traveled a lot. Among our travels we were stationed in Silverdale Washington which is right across the Puget Sound from Seattle Washington. In order to get across to Seattle without driving you can go on the Puget …

Lac Du Saint Sacrement Cruise

Lake George is one of the most popular tourist areas in New York besides New York City. Everywhere I go, I always find people that have heard of Lake George and visit there often during the summer. Luckily, I live about ten minutes from this area so I have …

Manhattan Boat Cruise

I went on this boat cruise during freshmen orientation in Lower Manhattan for Pace University. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be all that exciting since it was just orientation, but I was very wrong. Of course, since it was for my university, we got to go …

Ferry Service between St. Thomas and St. John provided by Varlack Ventures

Varlack Ventures operates the ferry service between St. Thomas and St. John. Unfortunately, I can’t give them high ratings for anything, but they’re the main source of transportation between the two islands. They’re definitely the most affordable option among very few options, but their service is consistently …

Carnival Cruise to Bahamas

This past summer my family and I took a 4-day Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas on the Sensation ship. We boarded from Port Canaveral, Florida. From the moment we stepped on the ship, we were in the vacation mode. Our bags were being taken care of, …

Norwegian Cruise lines

I have been on many cruise lines. Most are very good. I have traveled from Alaska to Mexico to Caribbean on cruise lines and I plan to travel on many more. Of the 7 cruises I have been on the last 3 have been Norwegian Cruise Lines. Norwegian is …

Norwegian Cruise Lines

We took an Alaskan cruise aboard the “Norwegian Wind” - it was amazing! It was my first cruise, so I guess I really don’t have anything else to compare it to - but I really couldn’t find many faults with it at all.
We boarded in Vancouver and as we …

Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise Ship

In January 2009, I took a trip with my whole family on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. It was a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise that stopped at ports of call like Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands.
This ship was absolutely amazing. From the decor …

Brittany Ferries

I cross to France fairly regularly and I have been by every means that you can take. I have travelled by plane and hovercraft. I have taken the Chunnel by Eurostar and I have also taken a variety of ferries. Most recently, in the case of ferries, I …

Moby’s Ferries From Livorno/Civitavecchia to Olbia or Cagliari

Sardinia and Corsica are two lovely islands in the Mediterranean sea. In my experience going there by ferry gives you the possibility to enjoy your trip much more than arriving directly by plane.
A really good thing is that it is possible to catch the ferry in Livorno, 20 Km. …

The lberia Crusie

The lberia Crusie is the reason why I have been with my husband as long as I have. I love him and I love him because he is romantic. Last year he took me on the lberia Cruise for our honeymoon. It was a surprise because when he brought …

Royal Carribean (Eastern)

On February 7th my husband and I set sail on the RC Independence of the Seas for a 9 day cruise through the Eastern Carribean. Being terrified of boats I was somewhat leery of what I might experience. Well, we’re going again next month.
The Independence was like living …

Fiordland Cruise - New Zealand ‘Fiordland Expeditions’

Although Im born and bred in New Zealand, I had never been to Fiordland in the south of the south island. Known for the Milford Sound and Milford Track walk (one of the worlds great walks), Fiordland is one of the most beautiful spots in the world, but …

Corsica Ferries

I used this service a while back when travelling from Livorno, Italy to Ile Rousse, Corsica. This was a really lucky break as normally the ferries which leave from Italy usually only go to Bastia, which means you will then need to travel about 70 km to get to …

Caledonian MacBrayne ferries, Scotland

Caledonian MacBrayne is a government-owned company that provides ferry services between the western Scottish mainland and many of the nation’s islands. Its distinctive black and white ships with red funnels are a very familiar sight in some of the remoter parts of Scotland, and can prove an absolute lifeline …

Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship

The Caribbean has been a constant favorite of mine for cruising. I just love the wide stretch of the archipelago and the surrounding islands when you pass by is something worthy of anticipating. I just rush outside and gaze at the shores of those places the ship will pass …

Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise is one of the activities to look forward to for any tourist who visits the Bohol province in the Visayan Region of the Philippines. Most packaged tours to this laidback province include this cruising activity for lunch time. This is because the Loboc River Cruise …

Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship

This Cruise Ship Offers different itineraries. From Alaska to Vancouver, Mexico to Los Angeles or Auckland to Sydney. I was on the Auckland to Sydney route at that time.
My first reason why I had a great time when I was on this cruise ship is the size of the …

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