Laptops Reviews

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401

Asus has designed a unique device on the market that combines the most sought-after elements of consumers. This practically means great performance in games, above-standard battery life and beautiful design. On the laptop, I mostly appreciate its versatility, compactness and especially its design. Certainly depending on the person’s taste, a …

HP 1000-1127TU, Laptop (Notebook)

Is it the time of the year when you want a new gadget? Maybe a new laptop? Are you having difficulties on choosing the best brand and model for a laptop? Well, I congratulate you for having one less problem. I mean, you now have one less brand to choose …

Acer c710 wifi card replacement

After owning the Acer C710 for a few months, I became extremely frustrated with it because it had a poor wifi signal, and sometimes it didn’t detect signal at all. After dealing with this for some time, I chose to replace the wifi card because I …

Acer Chromebook C710 Hard Drive Replacement

About a year after purchasing this Acer C710, it would randomly give a hard error, and sometimes it wouldn’t boot at all. I formatted the the entire computer, and the problem persisted, so I assumed it was a problem with the hard drive. Anyways, I …

Macbook Pro 13

I first picked up a Macbook Pro with a 13″ Retina Display in May 2014. After unboxing it, the items that came with it (computer, charger, stickers, and startup manual) were neatly placed and had no scratches, so it started off well!
The setup of the computer is fairly easily, …

Gateway NE56R41U laptop

Before I bought the Gateway NE56R41U in February of 2014 I was a very big HP fan. I wouldn’t touch a gateway product after I had trouble with their customer service back in 2000.
In February of this year the time had come to buy a …

Lenovo G470 Core i3

Lenovo had been known for their expertise in making impressive devices, not only in laptops and computers but also in making storage devices, accessories and even software. This is the main reason why we purchased Lenovo G470 instead of going with Toshiba which is what we decided to buy …

Dell Latitude D 410 Laptop

The D410 is a slightly older model Dell, I’ve owned it since 2010, but despite a few minor technical issues, it has continued to work well. I personally prefer Dells over other manufacturers because of their longevity and it certainly lives up to that …

Sager NP7352 gaming laptop

I was looking for a new gaming laptop for my brother to take to college and wanted something that would last for at least his entire time at school, could be easily used for class work, and could still be used to play video games during his free time. …

Laptop ASUS A46C

A few months ago my laptop was broken and could not be repaired anymore. The technician said that my motherboard was burnt due to excess heat. So I had to buy a new one. I am a newbie architect, so I need a graphic computer. But since my budget …

2010 Apple Macbook Pro

I first bought my Macbook Pro in 2010, after three long years of saving. It cost me $2000 brand new, and i bought it as a present for myself for my eighteenth birthday.
Like all apple products, it had that distinctive look and feel. Sleek, new and well put together. …

Toshiba Satelite Gaming Laptop

I recently purchased a Toshiba C855D-S5104 series AMD Dual Core 4GB 500GB 15.6″ “gaming laptop” and realized that even though it did indeed hold many great gaming pieces, it was NOT for gaming. The laptop holds a horrible cpu that has a processor speed of 1.3 gHz (which …

Kinyo CF-201 USB Mini USB Laptop Dual Fan Cooling Pad

Being a laptop user who often places laptops on obstructive surfaces like carpet, I realized the importance of proper ventilation a while ago. When I picked up one of these cooling pads for just 6 Bucks, it seemed like quite a deal. A plain aluminum cooling rack is about …

Hp Envy M4 “Ultraportable” Laptop

The HP Envy M4 is currently one of the very few laptops out there that is categorized as “ultraportable”. This term means that the laptop is much smaller than your typical laptop, as well as much lighter and probably uses less power, but it also does not meet the …

Asus VivoTab Tf810C with Keyboard Dock

When the era of Tablet PC emerged into the market with competitors from Samsung, HP, Microsoft, Sony to namedrop a few, it was the Asus VivoTab Tf810C who stood out from its competitors. This versatile Tablet PC although having only a Intel ‘Atom’ Clover Trail processer which isn’t as …

Dell Inspiron N4050

My first laptop, Dell Inspiron N4050. I love it, although i got it 2 years ago. The reason i wrote ” got it ” is that i was awarded this laptop as a prize, for excellent academic achievement.
The laptop is elegant and beautiful. No numeric keyboard so you …

Macbook Pro 13″ 2.7 GHz i7 Dual Core

The high-end i7 13″ MacBook Pro is an excellent laptop that is slightly overpriced for its value, but is nevertheless one of the more affordable Apple products out there. The i7 model has several distinct advantages over its i5 predecessor, foremost of which is the processor. The i7 2.7GHz …

HP-G56 Notebook PC

This laptop did not live up to my standards at all. It’s not a cheap laptop, but definitely something you would want to get if you were on a budget. I however, did not know any better while purchasing this laptop, and did not decide to do any research …

HP Pavilion G4 Laptop

So I’ve had this laptop, for about two years and I gotta say. It’s not that good if you ask me.
First off, I want to talk about the functionality because I think that’s where it’s lacking a lot. I run into a lot of problems just doing the basic …

Dell D620 Laptop

The Dell D620 is an incredible laptop for the money. It is a bit dated now, but it still runs everything as strong as ever. It is highly upgradable.
If you are looking for an incredible laptop to do almost everything on, look no further in the Dell D620. The …

HP MINI 110-4250NR 10.1 inch netbook (black)

I bought a HP mini 110-4250NR one month ago. I wanted to buy a net book because I usually travel a lot. Therefore, I wanted something compact yet powerful enough to assist me in my works. I did some online market research before buying this product. I was looking …

HP dv7-6c95dx Laptop

The HP dv7-6c95dx is the all around laptop for doing any business work, school work, or even just browsing the web. I got this laptop for 800 dollars which is a bit too expensive (I found this laptop on Amazon for around 600 dollars).
The laptop itself has eight …

Dell Inspiron N5110 15R

As a student i was looking for a laptop that can give me sound performance and multitasking capabilities. After doing all necessary research i purchased the DELL INSPIRON 15R n5110 laptop in may 2012 with just 600$.
I purchased this laptop with standard specifications of 6GB RAM, 500GB Hard Disk, …

Apple MacBook Air 13″

Finally, the bring-your-own device philosophy is knocking at our office’s door, and in order to act like an exemplary worker, I have to be the first to follow it: I’m a system administrator, after all. So I dust my old 2008 MacBook Air, wipe its drive clear of any …

HP Notebook HP 430 Laptop

I was looking for a laptop that can give me sound performance, durability without being harsh on my bank account. After doing all necessary research – both online and offline – I settled for HP Notebook HP 430 Laptop. It is a good laptop from the house of a …

HP Mini 110-4250NR 10.1-Inch Netbook

I travel a lot and I was tired of carrying around my bulky Dell laptop, so I started to search for an alternative. I purchased the HP Mini 110 a few months ago, and it’s a small, magnificent device! It’s extremely portable, which is …

Macbook Air

Boasting a 13.3″ screen, the Macbook Air is easy to transport and very accessible.
Having owned the Macbook Air for four years, I have faced various issues with the device, however. First, my battery “imploded.” After taking the device into the genius bar for repair, genius bar representatives told me …

Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) Laptop for Video Editing

As an indie documentary filmmaker, I often find myself in remote places of the world with little ‘modern’ civilization. I thus needed a laptop to help me quickly capture the videos I shoot, preview the footage and eventually edit and make the final cut of the film. I found …

Asus Eee PC Seashell Series Netbook

This netbook is one of my favorite that I have purchased, and I have bought a lot of computers. I purchased this netbook as a secondary computer. I had already had other laptops, but I wanted something more compact so I could transport it to and from my college …

Lenovo B575 Laptop Computer

The Lenovo B575 is an underpowered laptop computer, which is more for every day documents than hardcore gaming and things of the sort. I have had the B575, which is what I am typing on right now, for about 3 months now. It is very unreliable, and consistently needs …

Lenovo Essential G580 Laptop

I had first brought myself a laptop when I joined an outsourcing job 5 years back. It was good enough at that time as the programming was not that troublesome and heavy on the system. As time changed and I had to operate several ide (up to 3 at …

MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Base Model)

Good hardware doesn’t come cheap, and Apple evidently sees its hardware as worth more than what they’re really worth. In July, I decided to max out my credit card to purchase a MacBook Pro with Retina Display - the latest MBP that’s slotted right between the higher-end MBP and …

ASUS G75VW-TS71 Gaming Laptop

It’s been quite a while since I got a gaming rig and now I finally have one. I think the Asus G75VW is by far the greatest I have seen. The performance on this thing is just amazing and there isn’t quite like it. Once you see it …

Microsoft Z3C Notebook Cooling Base Model 1388

A few years ago I had some issues with my laptop. It would turn on, but I could not see the visuals on my screen. I took it over to my dad to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it and he determined he thought …

Toshiba Satellite A205-S6808 laptop

I needed an extra computer to use for my home office and didn’t want to pay a lot for it. I needed something with the standard specifications, not with all of the bells and whistles. Since I was familiar with the Toshiba brand and the Satellite model, from using …

Sony Vaio VPCEA3M1E laptop

This is a laptop I am using to write my first review on this site. It is very aesthetically endowed however it is, in my opinion, disappointing functionally for its price bracket. it only has 4 gigabytes of RAM and has integrated graphics. This may not seem bad, given …

Samsung NP900X3B-A01CA Laptop

I got this laptop for mobility. I wanted something reliable and thin for me to carry around on a daily basis. I really like the specs offered and decided to give it a try. Although the screen comes in several sizes from 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches, I decided …

MacBook Pro, 15-inch, Late 2011

The latest model of the MacBook Pro boasts a number of improvements over earlier models, including a much faster processor, and a reasonably powerful video card. OSX Lion is currently installed on the system, and is to date the latest OS update.
Physically, the computer is quite a step up …

Apple Macbook Pro 15 inch

I really like the new macbook pro. The screen is large enough that I can watch movies and read articles from the other side of my bed. I like how the battery can last an entire day at university, so I dont have to bring my charger along with …

Compaq Presario CQ56 Laptop Computer

I purchased the laptop about a year ago and I immediately was disappointed only mildly by this purchase. The video Intel Family chipset is really a mediocre way to do anything aside from basic computing and surfing the web. The worst part I have found to be …

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is just one of those things that may not be very useful, but must have. I really like the lightweight and super thin design. It makes carrying a computer around much easier and less inconvenient. I actually find that carrying the MacBook Air is almost like …

Hp Pavillion g4-1117dx Notebook PC

It was some time last year that my brother and I decided that we were going to buy ourselves a new laptop, and after some looking around on the internet, we decided that we were going to buy the Hp Pavillion g4-1117dx Notebook PC, since not only was …

Acer Aspire One D255

I purchased this laptop last year in December. Although I already own a widescreen regular sized laptop, I decided to buy this product because I was looking for something that would be much easier to travel with. At the time, this product retailed for $258 in my …

Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 laptop

This is a review of Lenovo IdeaPad Y570. The Y570 is a laptop that grew on me from the moment I put my hands on it.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y Series addresses especially to gamers, film fans and audiophiles. I admit that I am not a gamer, but if I …

Asus Eee PC 1225C netbook

Asus Eee PC 1225C, is one of the netbooks from the Flare series and it promises to score well on the portability and autonomy, while providing satisfactory performance. But to begin by saying a few words about the design because for most of us it plays an important …

Acer Aspire Timeline TZ4810

Acer Aspire Timeline TZ4810 is a laptop that I got as a present two years ago and I use till now. The laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium installed on it and there were some trial programs, including anti-virus software, and games in original package.
The laptop is rather thin …

Compaq Presario CQ42 Laptop

I bought Compaq Presario CQ42 about 4 months back. I thought of buying Samsung but when I went to the shop he suggested me this. It comes with 14.1 inch WXGA TFT with BrightView screen technology and Intel Pentium dual core 2.13GHz processor and 320 GB hard disk capacity …

13- inch MacBook Pro Late 2011 Model (4GB RAM, Intel i5, 500GB storage)

Having to go to sleep while waiting for my old laptop to turn on was becoming a rather regular part of my lifestyle. Dragging myself over to the old heavy machine simply became so tiring that I did in the end have to buy myself a new laptop- preferably …

Acer Aspire 4738 Laptop

I’ve had this laptop for a year now, and this is what I have to say to it.
First, I have to list down the specs
Processor: I3
Ram: 3 GB
Rom: 320 GB
and it works at 2.40ghz
and it’s cheap. I assume it’s cheap because when my parents bought this in Dubai, there …

Speck Case SeeThru Satin for Macbook Pro

This product is very protective to your Macbook Pro. I wanted a case that would also transform the regular look of my macbook pro, but also be protective.
The case is really sleek looking, it is in a black colour however is sea through so you can see the …

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