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  • I found it in perfect size for my work and study sessions, along with private time use
  • All of these games worked with no problem
  • Battary life – 8/10 – Not the best, but still beats a lot of other netbooks

    • by Tomer G.

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      The Asus eee 1201n model was, when first published, a bit of a breakthrough in the notebook world, due to its higher performance. I had decided to buy it, mainly for the reason most notebooks use smaller screens and I was afraid for my eyes. As I’ve seen other notebooks, EVERYTHING is much much smaller and working a lot with your computer in such a small sized screen makes some people concentrate their eyes harder, causing hesdaches and eye damage.

      Due to the fact the 1201n model comes with a 12.1 inch sized screen, I had decided to go with it.

      I do not regrat that.

      Asus eee 1201n features: ———————————- Screen – 12.1 inch – Bigger than most netbooks yet smaller than most laptops. I found it in perfect size for my work and study sessions, along with private time use.

      Proccessor – Intel Atom 330 – Stronger than most other netbooks, you can feel this netbook works better than some laptops in the market, but

      that is also due to its RAM memory.

      RAM memory – 2 Giga (up to 3 giga in total) – A big advantage, almost any other netbook comes with 1 Giga RAM, along with the stronger proccessor, this is a real good combination.

      Hard drive – 320 Giga – HUGE for a netbook, no more needs to be said.

      Graphic card – Nvidia ION – One of the first netbooks to use graphic cards other than intel’s build in. That’s really important if you plan on using for your netbook for more than just office and web surfing.

      USB – 3 USB panels, 2 on the right, 1 to the left.

      DVI – 1 DVI panel to the left.

      I tested this netbook on a few terms: Games – Again, this is a netbook and not a laptop, and atom proccessor is not an i7 one, tests had been made with games which doesn’t require a gaming machine. Games tested: Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Quake 4, Starcraft 2 ...

      • beta. All of these games worked with no problem. The only difference I found from my desktop computer was the loading time. The games runs smooth.

        Graphic programs – Used with photoshop CS3 – Slow loading, works smooth afterwards. A bit slow on some fonts though.

        WiFi – This netbook supports the N WiFi signal. I got a 2 line signal while being about 400 meters away from my router. Connection stayed solid.

        Battary time – Under high performance – 2.5 hours without running heavy programs, 1.5-2 hours while running heavy programs. Balanced – 3 hours without running heavy programs, 2 while running heavy programs. Minimal performance lasted 4 hours, 2 hours with heavy programs.

        Bottom line: —————– This is not the product you want if you’re just looking for a surf/office netbook, its way more than that. I would also suggest getting rid of most of Asus programs as they slow things in the computer. I should also add that this netbook comes with Win7 home,

        Office2007 trial and Asus freebie programs. The keyboard is big enough due to its bigger size. The mouse pad is great as its not smooth like in other netbooks. There’s a slot for SD cards as well on the right side. A webcam is built in, and it’s a pretty good one. Playing bluray quality movies on this netbook went smooth as well. The price is still a bit too high, I would suggest waiting a bit or scanning the web before getting it, or try to bid on it if you find the right place. Suggested price – Not more than 375$.

        Reviews: ————- Size – 9.5/10 – Perfect for a netbook.

        Screen – 9/10 – Smooth led screen, sharp and sturdy.

        Battary life – 8/10 – Not the best, but still beats a lot of other netbooks.

        Design - 8/10 – Nothing too special comparing to other eee models. Still looks good though.

        Accessories – 9.5/10 – Built in camera, SD reader, DVI port, Win7, Office2007 trial and more.

        Price – 6/10 – Too high for a netbook.

        Again, if you’re looking for a surf/office netbook, skip this one.

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