Jewelry Reviews

The Ocarina Necklace, from STL Ocarina

The Ocarina Necklace is a six hole pendant ocarina from St. Louis Ocarina, and it was the second Ocarina I purchased from this company. It is only two inches in length and comes with an easily adjustable neck strap that allows players to wear the ocarina as a piece …

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Precious Metals 8 oz

I got married March, 2014 and July was the first time I decided to clean my rings. My rings are made of platinum - yes they are real! Be nice. Anyway, I went to Wal-Mart and picked up Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Precious Metals. The front of the container …

Pink Gem Antique Black Butterfly Belly Ring from Body Candy

Body Candy by far has definitely some of the most beautiful belly button rings that I have every seen, and at the amazingly low prices, BC really can’t be beat. I love every single piece of item I’ve bought from them and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality. …


The purpose of this review is to provide an honest report of my experiences using Jewelmint’s website. I will also try to my best to explain what the entire membership process is like from a consumer’s point of view.
Jewelmint began a few years ago and it gained a lot …

Hot Topic Acrylic Ear Plugs

An item I use on a daily basis is my ear plugs. They are for stretched ears, acrylic, and are from Hot Topic. The size is a 00, or about 10 mm. Their color is a bright green, and rather plain in pattern or single color. Overall, I love …

Rohr Jewelers

After searching for about a month for the perfect engagement ring, I finally found it at Rohr Jewelers. The store is conveniently located in the Cathedral Square area in downtown Milwaukee. The store itself is full of windows and is bright and cozy with wood floors and a beautiful …

Kloiber Jewelers

While I was already in downtown Milwaukee looking at another jewelry store I decided to check and see if there were any others in the area that I should look at. I was shopping for my own engagement ring and thought it would be a good idea to view …

Kay Jewelers

Though I’m not normally in the market to shop for big ticket items, I did once spend a few years as in retail sales and have been trained on how to offer high levels of customer service. Unfortunately for me, I did not find that at Kay Jewelers located …

3rd Ward Jewelry

I visited 3rd Ward Jewelry in downtown Milwaukee to look at engagement rings. They have a website listing the artists who supply them with their inventory and some basic information about each one, but not many examples of what they carry in store. The look and feel of the …

HSN Over the door mirror jewelry armoire

For as long as I can remember, my jewelry has been disorganized which causes me to take longer when it comes to getting dressed; not to mention all the tangles I have to deal with when it comes to my necklaces and bracelets. I just so happened to be …

Zales The Diamond Store

I entered Zale’s The Diamond Store by myself the other day to browse engagement rings. The store is located in Bayshore Town Center Mall in Glendale, WI.
What’s nice about the store is that it’s very easy to find. Though the mall has a combination of outdoor and indoor …

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry

I wasn’t sure exactly where I would end up selecting an engagement ring from but I knew I wanted to shop around and see a variety of rings before making a big decision. After seeing commercials for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry specifically featuring engagement rings I thought we …

Kesslers Diamonds

I recently got engaged and am looking for the perfect ring. Kesslers Diamonds is a heavily advertised business in the southeastern Wisconsin area and they pride themselves on their level of customer service and that they only sell diamonds. Logically would seem to make it an ideal place to …

Michael Kors Chronograph Watch

This was is around £200, and an excellent price for such an expensive looking watch! I saw this watch first in Selfridges and fell in love with it, it is a nice rose gold colour and complements my skin tone which is excellent. Some gold colours can make my …

Vampire Knight Yuki Cross Bracelet

Vampire Knight is a shojo manga serial created by Matsuri Hino and features students, half of which are vampires. It’s become one of my favorite mangas because of the angst, the drama, and because of the subtle humor within the otherwise serious comic. Besides the manga and …

Blitz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner

I decided to purchase this after the jewelry cleaner that I normally use was out of stock. This stuff is amazing and I believe I am going to start to purchase it a lot more. I purchased it from Wal-Mart and I paid 7 dollars for it. …

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner

I have tried several brands of jewelry cleaner but I have not found any that works as well as Connoisseurs. I just recently started using this jewelry cleaner and I have been impressed by how well it works. This jewelry cleaner comes in a 8 oz jar …

E.D. Marshall Jewelers

Like a lot of other people in these tough enonomic times, I’ve had a bit of a cashflow problem. So I thought I might sell some jewelry to make some extra cash. I decided to start with some vintage stuff: coral (which is outlawed … Body Jewelry Store

I was looking to buy some body jewelry online. I searched and searched on about 15 online stores and finally narrowed down my favorite products on a web site which I have seen before many years ago. The web site looks a bit old fashioned but the information …

Ernest Jones 9ct Gold Satin & Polished Knot Stud Earrings

I was looking for some stud earrings that were a little bit more substantial than just plain little balls, but which were still subtle and classic. My hair is short at the moment and so I prefer to wear small earrings most of the time. I chose …

Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Bean Pendant

As I had no gold necklaces at all I wanted to treat myself to something really special, so I headed for the Tiffany & Co website, like you do. I perused a wonderful chocolate box of various pendants and after much consideration I settled on the bean pendant …

Mirrotek Over the Door Jewelry Armoire Mirror Cabinet (Black)

I recently began the search for a good way to display my jewelry. Storing it in piles in jewelry boxes and containers just wasn’t working! I wanted a good way to display all my jewelry in an attractive fashion. And I found the product I was …

Histoire D’Or Jewelry

My daughters are as crazy as me when it comes to jewelry. The youngest one is particularly interested in gemstones. However, since they are still young, I do not really want that they wear something precious or valuable which they will eventually end up losing. In addition, as their …

Hagerty Jewel Clean and Silver Clean

I love my jewelry but with it comes the responsibility of cleaning them up and maintaining their luster. Upkeep is a tiresome chore but which I acknowledge must be done. I have been putting off buying an ultrasonic cleaner as for one, I do not know where I could …

Walmart Photo Pendant Heart Necklace

Christmas is in just a little under two weeks and, even though I don’t have all of my shopping done (my wife and I still need to buy a couple more things for our kids and something for my niece and nephew), I already have all of her gifts …

QVC Gold Satin Centre Hoop Earrings 9ct

These are the most expensive earrings I have ever bought, which is not saying much as they only cost £52 and they are 9ct gold. I wanted to treat myself to some earrings I could wear every day and sleep in, but I have never paid much for …

Timex Ironman Pulse Calculator Wristwatch

The Timex Ironman Pulse Calculator is ideal for a woman who wishes for an inconspicuous, resin wristwatch. I personally chose a wristwatch with a resin band because I’m allergic to most metals. Where the metal touches my skin, a rash forms. Resin material treats my skin kindly. Moreover, many …

Multicolored Bangle Braceletes from dElia’s

I love colors. My room is filled with color. My wardrobe is filled with color. And I love when my jewelry is filled with color as well. A great way I have found to spice up my outfit and add some pizzazz to my wardrobe is by adding a …

White Rhodium overlay Cubic Zirconia Bridal inspired ring set

When it comes to jewelry, I have a certain type that I like to wear. My husband decided to trick me one day. He knows that I’m not a fan of cheap jewelry. I can’t stand a piece of jewelry that cost under a few hundred dollars. I wasn’t …

Tiffany & Co. Charm Bracelet

Holly Golightly from the classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was right to love Tiffany’s jewelry. I love my new bracelet, given to me for my 16th birthday present. This is something thats will be usable forever and always a classic. The bracelet with the sterling silver change comes with …

Jennifer Lopez Collection Bangle Watch

I’m not sure how I really feel about this watch. There were a couple of things that I didn’t like about it but for the most part I can wear it with whatever I want to wear it with. It’s a difficult watch to wear though and that was …

Genot Bijoux (Jewels)

Jewelry shops have a special fascination for me. I do not even need to buy something because often, I like admiring the jewelry themselves especially those made of natural, precious or semi-precious stones. Even if I have some jewelry, I don’t have to wear them to appreciate them. I …

Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Bracelet Watch

For $70 I have found a great watch by Kenneth Cole. This is one of those types of watches that you spend at least $150 on. So to find such a great bargain, I was more than happy. There isn’t much negative things that I can possibly say about …

Tahiti and Pearls Jewelry

I never had pearls among my jewelry primarily because I prefer stones. It always seemed to me that pearls are not stones. However, I always like seeing pearls on other people’s ears, hands or neck. I was visiting the Grand Place in Brussels last weekend when I saw …

Maryse Hoffmann Bijouterie

I had a single stone of Tanzanite (from Swala Gem Traders in Tanzania) which my husband gave as a present 2 years ago. I finally decided to have it set into a ring since he offered anyway to pay for it. I had it made some months back.
I …

Kay Jewelers in Madison, WI

I went to Kay Jewelers in West Towne Mall in West Madison, WI. I was buying an engagement ring and had asked some of my co-workers where was the best place to shop. One person suggested Kay’s and said that they got their wedding ring from there. Personally, I …

Cost Plus World Market Jewelry

I’m a sucker for inexpensive yet well designed costume jewelry. My favorite place to shop for it used to be Long’s Drugs. They always seemed to have tons of fun designs and a lot of the time it was on sale. But, it’s not the same now that Long’s …

10kt Yellow Gold Pear-Shaped Garnet Bezel Earrings by Collection

This is the second fine jewelry item I have purchased from Amazon without realizing it was their exclusive jewelry line called Collection. I’m no jewelry snob, so it doesn’t bother me that I’m not buying from some established jewelry maker. So long as Amazon can assure me that …

14kt Rose Gold Diamond Flower Pendant by Collection

I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I decided to use all of it on jewelry. Interestingly enough Amazon appears to have its own exclusive fine jewelry line called Collection. I love to get a good deal on gold and crazy good deals appears to …

Daniel’s Jewelers

I wanted to start collecting my own jewelry and was looking at different places to purchase from. I didn’t have the money to purchase the whole thing so of course I needed credit to establish it. I went to several different jewelry places that did not approve me because …

Orthodox Icon Locket Pendant Jewelery

This is the most exquisite locket that I have ever seen. The craftsmanship is amazing. There is so so much attention to detail on it and it won’t ever be out of style. The size of the actual locket is a medium size and will fit a small picture …

Eye Scream Jewelry’s Hearts

This is the most exquisite piece of jewelry in my collection at home. I adore wearing this with all my beautiful lace shirts or even a cute little tank top to dress it up a bit. It is beautifully hand crafted and is in the Gothic Victorian styling that …

Carla Amorim Universo Onyx and Gold Cocktail Ring

I don’t think my taste for fine jewelry embodies a gothic style. I’m more on clean lines, neutral tones and shapes. For embellishments, between the so called no-color colors – black and white, I prefer the latter to not douse myself totally of black articles as I love …

MontBlanc Star Sterling Silver Earrings

I sparingly shell out money on jewelry, but if I get the urge, it has to be really special. I saw this pair of earrings advertised in a magazine, price was available upon request as the usual advert understatement for certain items probably costing an arm and a …

Erickson Beamon Crystal Snowflake earrings

While Erickson Beamon may sound unheard-of, to me the name rings a bell - not mainly on the prestige jewelry market, but in the fashion scene. I got to check some of their pieces commissioned for high-fashion brands, as well as a little of the items they did …

Chanel Metal and Glass Pearl Ring

Last year, I happened to drop by a visit in Hong Kong and was enthralled by this novelty ring. I am quite meticulous with my purchases and didn’t intend on spending out of sheer whim. Nevertheless, I went home with sour grapes thinking a piece of glinting …

Pianegonda Cosmic Drops Rhodium-Plated Topaz Ring

Pianegonda is one of the more commercially marketed brands in fine jewelry. With its superimposed insignia engraved on their crafts, I think the label certainly prides itself as a brand status for luxurious accessories. And I tend not to like their industrial modern designs except for a …

H. Stern Highlight Star 100-Carat Amethyst and Diamond Ring

This is literally my most precious gem. It still gives me shivers every time I ring it on my finger. Jewelry, of course is purely ornamental. I started my fondness for shining shimmering objects once I could afford them. I suppose it’s an inherited attribute …

Lia Sophia Jewelry

Lia Sophia jewelry is the most affordable, high-quality jewelry I have come across. It is made of rodium (a member of the platinum family and tarnish-free; more expensive than silver and gold but affordable with Lia Sophia), at least 14 karat gold, gemstones, natural stones, glass, and cut crystal. …

Avon Jeweltone Crystal Panel Cuff Watch

I’m not very crazy about buying Avon products, but for some reason my mother keeps buying them. Some time ago she bought the Avon Jeweltone Crystal Panel Cuff Watch for me too, even though I didn’t think it looked all that great in the Avon catalogue. I also knew …

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