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  • Until a few days later when I decided to wear it one night
  • I noticed the ring kept getting caught on everything
  • His family took it as well as they could, but I know that they were upset
  • After this experience I don’t trust jewelers with my jewelry, especially Kay’s

    • by Queenbeezie

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      Kay Jewelers is a untrustworthy company. My husband had given me a ring that had been in his family for many years. We decided to have the stones reset.

      We took the ring to our local Kay Jewelers. The ring was sent off to get reset.

      I went in a few weeks later to pick the ring up. It looked beautiful.

      I was happy

      with the ring at that point. Until a few days later when I decided to wear it one night.

      I noticed the ring kept getting caught on everything. It never did that before, so I knew this had to be from Kay’s resetting the ring.

      I took the ring to be adjusted and they told me I would have to wait a few weeks before I would ...

      • get the ring back. I was fine with that.

        What I wasn’t fine with was the phone call I got a few weeks later. They told me that my ring had been damaged in the resetting process! I asked them how damaged it was and I was told that there was nothing left of the stones.

        I was so upset. I didn’t know how to

        tell my husband and his family that this ring was damaged.

        It had been in his family ever since he could remember. His family took it as well as they could, but I know that they were upset.

        After this experience I don’t trust jewelers with my jewelry, especially Kay’s! I will never purchase anything from them again. I wouldn’t recommend Kay’s to anyone!

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    Brittney G says :

    My fianc and I are absolutely disgusted with Kay Jewelers. He purchased a ring for me in early December, 2009. My birthstone is sapphire, so he had a three stone ring customized with one large diamond in the center and two sapphires all should have been princess cut. He received the ring in late December only 2 days before he wanted to propose to notice that Kay had set the ring with sapphires that were smaller than what he paid for, and one was cut round, the other was cut princess So, immediately after receiving my ring it had to be sent back for resetting. Two weeks later, we got to pick the ring up, and now it has TWO ROUND sapphires instead of two new, larger PRINCESS sapphires. Ok, we send it in AGAIN. Another two weeks and we get the ring back. This time, the stones are correct, but they are crooked, and I don`t mean a little bit, they were noticeably crooked. So we send it back in. Finally, another two weeks and it comes back and looks good I am able to wear my ring for about 3 months before having to take it in for the mandatory 6 month inspection. We take it in for the inspection where we learn that one of the stones is loose, and the employee young man, very nice noticed that one of the sapphires was still a little crooked at this point I was willing to live with it , so he was going to have sapphires reset. Super. We get the ring back two weeks later of course , I am able to wear it about a month and a half before one of the prongs holding a sapphire catches on my sweater and breaks right off. So, back to Kay we go. Two weeks later, the ring comes back from having the prong re-tipped . Here we go again, the sapphires were crooked, and the prongs were so long that they were bent over the sapphire, obscuring enough of it from view for me to become upset. We didn`t take it home, told them to send it back immediately to have it fixed. At this point I am very upset and in tears. Out of the 8 months we have owned the ring, I have been able to wear it about 5 months of this time. I had to walk away from the store to calm myself while my fianc speaks with the manager to try and resolve this in some fashion. At this point they have had my ring for a month, and all I want to do is return the ring and replace it somewhere other than Kay Jared JB Robinson, or any other Sterling company store. My fiance did not pay over 1300 so that we could RENT a ring from this company, because at this point that is what it feels like. I feel like I`m getting Punk`d.

    Terri McAuley says :

    I took my wedding ring into Kay’s to have some loose stones tightened and re-channel any stones that needed it and it took 3 weeks. Four days later, I caught it on my pant leg and a stone popped out. I took it to a real jewelers who showed me on the microscope how the gold pedestals had been ground down to the point there was nothing to hold in the diamonds. They offered to re-fix it but why would I trust them to do the job again if they can’t do it right the first time? I’ve had this ring for 32 years and never had a stone fall out like this. I had a real jeweler fix it and it took 3 days and they did a fantastic job of building up the gold pedestals.

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