Car rental Reviews

North Wheels Rent A Car

We had a pretty long itinerary when we visited Chiang Rai in Thailand last July. Some of the places can easily be spotted by means of google map, but some others cannot. All places are spread far away one to another in Northern Thailand. Due to this, the best …

Thrifty Car Rental (Port Elizabeth and Cape Town Airports, South Africa)

After comparing prices between car rental and buses (and weighing the pros and cons of each) for my trip to South Africa, I decided for the price difference, the freedom of renting a car was worth paying a bit more. I looked into several car rental companies and finally …

Enterprise Car Rental in Tualatin, OR

Most of us have had the impersonal experience of renting a car at an airport rental desk. You arrive tired from your flight, or excited to start your vacation, and either way, the rental desk is the last place you want to spend your idle time. Few …

Enterprise Car Rental New York

My family owns a 1996 Chevy Tahoe that we purchased used back in 2007. It has been a great car until about 5 months ago when it hit a little bump in the road. All of a sudden we had a huge leak and found out late at night. …

Alamo Car Rentals

My family and I went to Costa Rica over the Christmas holidays in order to see family. While we had a loose itinerary, we made some things very planned out and organized, like our airfare, hotel details, and car rental. We made extensive reservations and as far as we …

Enterprise Car Rental

I’ve used this location for car rental at least 30 times in the last 10 years. I think the service has gone down considerably in that time, but I suppose that with the economy like it is they have to cut back like all businesses.
My first suggestion is to …

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Las Vegas

We took the shuttle from the airport to a large building that contained every car rental company you could imagine. We originally had a car reserved with Dollar Rental with the assumption that they would be cheaper than the big name car rental companies. We instantly ran into a …

Budget Truck Rentail, Pleasanton, CA

We rented a 26 foot moving van and a vehicle trailer for a move from California to Washington. Budget was the closest rental location that had what we needed, and had a pretty competitive price, so we made the reservation with them. We were supposed to pick …

Hertz Rental Car

I rented a car from Hertz a few years ago due to the fact that I wanted to use my debit card to rent the car, and Hertz was the only company that would allow me to rent a car with my debit card. I rented from the Hertz …

Budget Rental Cars Tucson Airport

I have traveled to the Tucson area on a regular bases for the past few years, and have in turn rented from a number of different rental car companies. One of the primary reasons I rarely rented from the same company consecutively was the hidden fees that seem …

Enterprise Rent A Car

When I was rear ended while driving my Audi A4, I was extremely upset and scared. Tons of thoughts were running through my head ranging from whether or not I was injured, whether or not my car was totaled, and how I was going to get to and from …

Enterprise Car Rental Service

I have rented from Enterprise several times now, and all the time from a different city, so I have a lot of experience dealing with the companies policies, staff, cars and their deals. Of all the rental car companies that I have had the opportunity to use, both …

Car4Rent (Poland)

Every year a small group of us goes to the mountains in the Czech Republic for a weekend retreat. We usually rent a car since it’s much easier to go by car than by train. This year we had a bigger group so I needed to rent a van. …

Cars and Cycles Auto Center

My husband and I went looking for some jetskis as we are into water sports and scuba diving, and all of my in-laws are as well, so it was a family thing and we planned on buying jetskis that were second-hand but still in good condition and planning on …

Enterprise Car Rental in Oxford, Pennsylvania

When getting ready to drive to Florida from Maryland, the closest car rental business was in the next state, about 10 minutes from where we lived. It was an Enterprise car rental place and their rates seemed very good. They have an unlimited miles plan that keeps the rates …

Enterprise Rent A Car

Well what can I say about this car rental place. I can say that they didn’t give me what I wanted and that I hated their business motto. But then that wouldn’t be nice nor would it be true. I have found that Enterprise Rent A car is one …

Enterprise Rent a Car in New Orleans

I travel frequently across the Gulf South which necessitates driving hundreds of miles a day. I first came upon Enterprise in Baton Rouge Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. I was exceptional experience with the staff of Enterprise Rent a Car in Lafayette Louisiana. They were polite …

1st Choice Car Rental

I travel to Las Vegas often and I needed to went a car so I had found a car rental place called 1st Rental in Murrieta. It was near by my home which was very convenient for me. I previously was renting vehicles at enterprise but had moved and …

Enterprise Rent a Car

I needed to rent a car so I could drive from San Antonio to El Paso, to pick up my daughter. I didn’t really know much about rental cars and went with the first place I called. I went to the Enterprise rent a car, because I needed something …

Enterprise Rent a Car - Seneca, SC Location

Because I’m a car enthusiast that enjoys driving all of the new vehicles as they become available, I use quite a few car rental companies on a fairly regular basis. Although I normally pick other companies because of the selection of vehicles, I recently had to use the …

Hertz Rent-A Car rental car service

I used this car service one weekend to go and visit my family down in Houston, Tx. I was a bit surprised at how difficult it was to rent from them. It seemed that no matter what I tried I could not get a local number for them on …

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Radcliff - KY

After a car accident I had to find a car rental and after having watched to many TV commercials I decided to give Enterprise Rent a Car a try. Fortunately Enterprise Rent-A-Car is nearby. They were very helpful with processing my insurance claims; I never had to pay …

Hertz Car Rental San Francisco International Airport

The Hertz office at San Francisco International Airport is an example of a car rental company that is actually doing the right thing from a business point of view. Many times when I rent a car, it is a necessary evil in order to have transportation but by …

Dollar Rent A Car

I was to take my youngest daughter to Louisville Ky. to take her college entrance exam and needed to rent a car. We are a one car family and my husband needed our car to be able to go to work while I was gone.
We went online to …

Hertz Car Rental Miami International Airport

Let me start by saying that as a company, I think Hertz is one of the better car rental companies out there and is certainly the car rental company that I choose to use whenever I need to hire a car. Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of …

Hertz Car Rental Scottsdale, AZ

I was in a car accident in January of this year, and had coverage for car rental with my insurance for a month and after that my insurance carrier would pick up the tab. When I went to go pick up the rental car at Hertz, the agent asked …

Europcar car rental Marseille Airport

I was in Marseille, France last May 2009.I rented a car from Europcar for 4 days.I ordered an economy car.When I got to the Europcar counter at the airport ,I waited at least 30 minutes or more .There was a long line and only 3 rental agents are available.One …

EuropCar Jakarta

I did not know before that we can rent a car in Jakarta through Europcar. I know that renting a car from Europcar is the easiest way to rent a car but I thought it was only in Europe.
I had to rent a car when we had to …

Enterprise Rental Car Company

We haven’t really had to rent many rental cars in our day, but the only company we will use when we rent a car is Enterprise. Our car insurance company used them when we have a vehicle totaled out and we were more than happy with them. Since the …

Budget Car Rentals in Chandler, AZ.

I had to rent a vehicle because of my car having to go into the dealership for repairs. I have rented vehicles in the past from several different companies but have never rented from Budget before. The main reason I decided to go through Budget was because of a …

Enterprise Car Rental

Recently my husband and I needed to take a trip from Arizona to San Diego. We both have older cars so we rented to assure a more stress free trip. We chose Enterprise in Chandler, AZ. They had a great manager that helped us get a great car… except for …

Gilbert, AZ Hertz Car Rental

I had a need to rent a vehicle recently due to my vehicle needing to go into the dealership for repairs. I am a Triple A member and this Hertz location is one of the rental companies who offers a discount to Triple A members. I made the decision …

Rusty’s Auto Rentals in Chicopee MA

Rusty’s auto sales is located in Chicopee MA and has been there for quite some time but I am saying this right away that this place is only a decent place to rent a car but it is by far not the best place around and in my opinion …

Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Elkins, WV

Enterprise Rent-a-Car of Elkins, WV has recently relocated to a more accessible location. They are now located right off a main road in Elkins and the parking lot is much easier to get into than the old, ridiculously sloped one.
The building that the new office is in is very …

Avantage Car Rentals Kuala Lumpur

We were in Malaysia on a 2 weeks trip and decided to rent a car instead of depending on our friends in bangsar. There were too many rental car agencies in K.l and to my surprise most of them were rather expensive. We decided on this Advantage rental car …

E-kuta Car Rental

Last two weeks, we had a great holiday for 9 days in Bali. We were from Jakarta and we don’t know any body in Bali. We decided to rent a car but since I’ve never do it before, I really have no idea about what kind of car rental …

Seoul Mapo-gu Budget Rent A Car

I am currently on a trip in Seoul, Korea. Not a vacation trip though, it was more like a work related trip. I have never been here before and I was not in a mood for exploring too, so I decided to ask my travel agent for a good …

Rent 4 Less Car Rental ( San Diego, CA )

I finally got the vacation I deserved after a year of begging for it from my manager. I chose to go to San Diego because I had relatives and friends there whom I had not seen for a number of years. However, having jobs and families to …

Enterprise Car Rental

I recently had an accident which did some damage to my car and my insurance company paid for a rental through Enterprise.
When I took my car to the body shop for repairs, I did not need to supply any information at all- they immediately called Enterprise for me, and …

Enterprise Rent-a-Car at Woodland Hills

This enterprise location is definitely bigger than all other locations in the surroundings and obviously they have cars there most of the time. But I am not very happy with the service. They sounded arrogant always and most of the time people there keep changing. One time when they …

Deluxe Rent A Car LAX

I am a big fan of - EXCEPT in Los Angeles. At LAX, this site always directs you to Deluxe, since they are almost without exception, the cheapest company in the area. There is a reason for that, their cars are old and abused, their service marginal at …

Kumho Rent A Car ( South Korea )

Aside from many other recommendations, my travel agent recommended a great car rental agency when I visited Seoul, South Korea on a very important business trip. I always opted to rent a car during my trips out of the country because this was much more faster and convenient …

The The Dollar St. Ann Car rental

The only reason why I went to Dollar St. Ann Car rental was because I was in need of a car fast. The only place I was going to be able to get a car from right away was this place. I regret it though because of how much …

Budget Car Rental, Nashville, TN

My husband and I traveled recently from North Carolina to Illinois. This involved a car rental as the plane lands about 3 hours short of where we are going. Before we left on our trip I researched many car rental places and made many phone calls. …

Hawk Car Rental Kuala Lumpur

I decided to rent a car while I was in Johor Bahru. This is the part of Malaysia which is adjacent to Singapore. After my trip to Singapore I have to stay for a week in Johor Bahru for some personal matters so I rented a car. My friend …

Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental made my life a living heck (excuse my language) when I went there to rent a car. There were so many thing that I hated about this place, that I don’t have the time to list everything. So I will list the few that made a …

Thrifty Car Rental Melbourne

I really wanted to reach the remote places of Melbourne and that’s why I decided to rent a car. My voyager attitude always lead somewhere distinct and far. I was told by a close friend that one of the things that you should do is to explore the city …

Jakarta Car Rental

When you are in Indonesia, try to have a private english speaking tour guide if you don’t want to get lost and if you want to save time. But the most convenient way of all if you are staying there for numerous days, rent a car! This place has …

24 Rent A Car Davao

I went to Davao and I needed a car service for the duration of my stay. It is quite a stay because I was there for several days so it is best to have your own chauffeur and your own car. This was the Car rental company that was …

Atwest Rent A Car - San Diego, CA

I recently rented a car from Atwest Rent-A-Car in San Diego California. I chose at west because it is one of the only car rental services in Southern California that will rent to someone 21 and Under. They charge $15 extra for renting to underage drivers. The company was …

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