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1 Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • I think that's fair evidence that there's a problem

    • by sbronson

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      My family and I went to Costa Rica over the Christmas holidays in order to see family. While we had a loose itinerary, we made some things very planned out and organized, like our airfare, hotel details, and car rental. We made extensive reservations and as far as we were concerned, everything was set.

      We got to Costa Rica, landing in the San Juan Santa Maria International Airport. We reported to the Alamo stand, which is where we had our car rented from. We walked to the desk, itinerary with reservation number in hand. All of a sudden, the people in front of us turned to each other and said, “There’s no more cars?”


      pardon me, but I’m fairly sure the job of a car rental company is to supply cars for those who are willing to pay for the temporary use of them. So to run out of cars is like a KFC running out of chicken. So as the people in front of us tried to battle it out with agents who only spoke Spanish–at an International Airport, mind you–we went over to the Hertz stand. They happily rented us a car, for almost $350 more than Alamo had promised us.

      I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, so I attempted negotiating the details of the rental with the Hertz agent. When discussing GPS systems, the first ...

      • man, who was also bilingual, said that there would be a twenty dollar charge for the GPS. The second man, who only spoke Spanish and didn’t realize what the first man had said, told us that it came basic with the car. After checking the details with several workers at the Hertz center a few streets down, the Spanish speaker was clearly confused. Confused how? He was giving us the details of an Alamo rental. However, he was wearing a Hertz shirt. I think that’s fair evidence that there’s a problem. The man works for both agencies? Or rather, the one I’m convinced of, had they combined into one service and were scamming all
        the Americans?

        Now maybe it’s just the San Juan Santa Maria branch of the Alamo car rental service that is so corrupt. But if these two companies were oh-so-loyally running this miraculous scam, they must have gotten approval from their higher ups. We paid an exorbitant fee for car rental and were forced to pick a more expensive car, all because Alamo wasn’t organized enough to handle our reservations, keep to their word, and maintain efficient customer service. It’s ridiculous to handle a business the way they do.

        Never again will I deal with Alamo Car Rentals, whether I am traveling within the States or abroad. There’s just a point where a consumer just can’t, and won’t, do it.

    Jenna says :

    I had a similarly poor experience. Alamo performed that same scam on me in Calgary.
    Sara Bronson replies :

    I am sorry to hear that but unfortunately I am not surprised. I am glad to know it wasn’t a personalized task, but hope they do not continue this scam throughout the years.
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