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Psoriasis and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis a few years ago and kept on having to get prescriptions for anti-biotics and Prednisone (Cortisone). It is a very painful, itchy skin disorder for which there is no cure, only treatment and it can occur at any time as it is triggered …

Axe Brand Inhaler

Medicated, menthol and Eucalyptus oil based vapour inhalers have been around since the 50s and their popularity has not waned. This is especially true in Asia.
Almost everyone has bought and tried a inhaler to get instant relief from blocked nose at least once.
The most popular one is …

Patanjali Jamun Vinegar (Sirka)

Two consecutive sugar tests have proved that I am on the verge of becoming a diabetic and I need to do something to avoid becoming diabetic. I started to do with utmost importance. Apart from lifestyle changes, I have also taken some safe and herbal supplements. One of these is …

Patanjali Anti - Bacterial Herbal Hand Wash

I have decided to rely only on hand wash and soaps during Covid - 19 pandemic. I am not of the view of using sanitizer for prolong duration. For hand wash, I have tried 2 - 3 products and have zeroed in on Patanjali Anti-Bacterial Herbal hand wash.

I bought …

Intiwash Feminine Hygiene Wash

My wife was compelled to speak to a doctor because of persistent problem of itching coupled with foul smell at her private parts. After little bit of physical examination, the OBGyne prescribed some medicines, mainly hormonal medicines along with V Wash. Unfortunately, V Wash was not available in the market …

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As a gamer, blogger, and teacher, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. By the end of the day, my eyes are completely blood shot and I look like a zombie walking around! My eyes are constantly burning and they feel tired. My wife had a …

Patanjali Amla Juice

Amla Juice has become one of the most selling herbal products in India. Baba Ramdev and Patanjali should be given credit for the same. My father has been taking it for many years. I had also started to take it only recently after my father goaded me citing multitude of …

Source Naturals Sublingual Glutathione Complex

A couple of years ago I started getting very interested in my personal health and wellness. I researched diets, vitamins, and supplements looking for the right combination.
I was looking to feel healthy, and maybe slow the aging process a little.
I searched articles online, and than I began reading research …

Pitch and Trek Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Protection against mosquitoes is very important for me. Mosquitoes bites are not only severely itchy, but they can be also very dangerous. I tried many sprays and lotions which promise to keep mosquitoes far away and the majority of them disappointed me. Today I am going to review a product …

Cymex Cream for Cold Sores

When I am very stressed or when my immune system is weakened, cold sores never fail to appear. It is very difficult to get rid of them and we all know how painful and unattractive they can be. There are so many pills, creams and ointments available on the market …

Tricovel, hair loss solution

If you are suffering from hair loss and you have already tried all of those products out there and nothing has helped you so far, you might want to give Tricovel a chance.
While suffering from PCOS and insulin resistance, my hair started thinning rapidly. I was trying to …

White Glo Toothpaste for coffee and tea drinkers

I’ve always had a problem finding a nice whitening toothpaste that:
1. Wouldn’t make my teeth sensitive
2. Would be cruelty-free
3. Would actually work
Finding a toothpaste that would follow this criteria was really hard, because it would be either non-cruelty-free or simply wouldn’t have any effect on my teeth. I tried …

Lush Boom Toothy Tabs, dry oral hygiene

When you think about oral hygiene, the first thing that comes to mind is the toothpaste. However, not so long ago people were only using tooth powders and dry, but more natural, toothpaste alternatives. Lush still stands by the old traditions and offers a few different dry oral hygiene products. …

Savlon Antiseptic Cream

I have tried many antiseptic creams and one of my favourite one is Savlon. I first bought it from England and it did impress me as it is very cheap yet effective and it can be used to treat a variety of skin problems like cuts, minor burns, insect bites, …

MRM Melatonin 3mg, sleep aid

Melatonin is a must for me, since there are sooo many situations in my life, when I need some help falling asleep. I know that I’m not the only one like that and a lot of other people also rely on melatonin pills from time to time. Finally I …

Forever Living Aloe First Natural Soothing Spray

Before reviewing this product,I would like to mention that I am big fan of Forever Living products.One friend of mine told me about this brand and since then,I use their products every day.
Although the prices are quite high,the quality is simply amazing! Aloe First spray is always present in …

Himalaya Koflet Cough Syrup

I am a big fan of Himalaya’s products as they are natural and they provide rapid results without causing any side effects. Whenever I have problems with a stubborn cough, Koflet syrup does help me to combat it in only few days. This syrup is beneficial in dry and productive …

Boiron Sedatif PC, Homeopathic Treatment of Anxiety and Mild Sleep Disorder

I do love the products created by Boiron because they are natural and they don’t cause any side effects. This french brand is the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world and it does offer an alternative to conventional medicines. Sedatif PC was specially designed to calm anxiety and …

Centrum Silver Men 50+ Multivitamin

When I want to take a complex supplement, Centrum is always my first option. Every time I use it, I feel that my body has more energy thanks to its formula based on a variety of minerals and vitamins. They have recently released a new product specially designed for men …

How do I stop hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem and it can really affect our self-esteem. I decided to fight this annoying problem because my hair makes me feel feminine and beautiful and I don’t want to loose it. I made a plan and I do respect it carefully and it seems that …

Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Lotion

My youngest son was prescribed Stiefel Physiogel AI Lotion by a dermatologist. He had red bumps all over the skin with itchiness. The antihistamine medicine was not sufficient to solve the problem. His body was looking quite terrible at that time.

I bought one pack of this lotion and was …

Cystiphane by Biorga Food Supplement for Hair and Nails

I tried a variety of supplements for my hair and some of them provided good results, but unfortunately their effect didn’t last long time. Cystiphane is a supplement designed by Biorga, a leading brand which proposes treatments and food supplements to protect the skin, hair and nails. I took the …

Cetebe Imuno-Active 60 Capsules by Gsk

When we have a cold, Vitamin C is the best remedy as it boosts our immune system. Since I have discovered Cetebe Imuno-Active, I am not anymore vulnerable to flu, colds and other illnesses. In the winter time, I always had problems with severe flu, but thanks to this amazing …

Essentiale Forte 300 mg by Sanofi Natural Cleansing Liver Supplement

My grandmother always told me that prevention is better than cure. I don’t have major problems regarding the health of my liver, but after a friend of mine had hepatitis I understood that it’s vital to take care of my liver. Essentiale Forte by Sanofi is one of the most …

Doppel Herz Aktiv Omega-3 Extra 1000 mg

I have always believed that the best investment I can ever make is in my own health. I try to respect a healthy balanced diet, but most of the time, I also take some supplements in order to correct any deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 offers a broad …

Ducray Anacaps Reactiv Food Supplement for Hair and Nails

My dermatologist advised me to take Anacaps Reactiv in order to stop my annoying problem with hair loss. He explained me that the main factor which determines hair loss is the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Like our bodies, our strands require nutrients to grow strong and healthy. When it …

Nutrilite Salmon Omega - 3 Soft Gel

I was advised to take Omega 3 supplement for long by my doctor after one abnormal ECG report. Only recently, I decided to take it. I did little bit of research about the available brands and selected Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3. I have previously used Nutrilite Daily and Nutrilite …

Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste

Patanjali Dant Kanti has replaced Colgate to become the most selling toothpaste in India. I have started to use it only recently. This is another endeavor to bring my family to use as much herbal and organic products as possible. I bought one 100 gm pack of Patanjali Dant Kanti …

Zandu Chyavanprash Health Benefits

Friends, today I am going to give my opinion about Zandu Chyavanprash. It is a famous Ayurveda medicine. I have been using this product for a long time. I have had very good health benefits using this.
Speaking of the elements found in this product, it contains Gooseberry, Ashwagandha, …

Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder with Green Tea

Nutrilite Protein supplement is one of the best products in this category. I have used it for fairly long time. It is available in two variants: All Plant Protein and Protein with Green Tea. My choice is Nutrilite Protein with Green Tea. It is also 100% herbal, means All Plant …

i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

When it comes to a home based pregnancy test kit, my favorite has always been i-can. All pregnancy test kit of this nature works in the same way, but still this remains my personal choice for its accuracy. I work at a hospital run by my sister who is …

Playgard Dotted Condom

When my wife had vaginal infection, I had to use condom while making love. The last time I used Playgard Dotted Condom. I find it better than my previous choice, Manforce.
I bought one pack of Playgard condom containing 3 pieces for Rs. 20. It means it is quite …

Liv 52 Syrup, liver supplement

Recently, I had a case of liver inflammation. The symptoms were sudden loss of weight and continuous dark urine. Some tests were done to diagnose the problem. Fortunately, tests didn’t reveal any Hepatitis.

The doctor prescribed me some medicines. One of them was Liv 52 Syrup. I had taken Liv …

Charcoal facial detox

This soap is really quite good. It’s probably one of my all-time favorite bath products. One of the first things you notice about it is that you get a pretty big bar of soap. It lasts for quite some time, even if you bathe every day. There aren’t any …

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

This is a very good source of protein for people that hit the gym and cant get sufficient amounts of protein from normal food intake. Whey is a derivative of cheese. It’s value is around £24 for 908g, I purchased the 2.2kg for £44. The price varies depending on …

Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat - For Improving Sleep and Alleviating Stress-Related Muscle Pain

This Sleep Induction Mat is manufactured by Bulletproof - the same person/entity behind the famous “Bulletproof Diet.”
Advertised benefits include:
-Fall asleep faster
-Upgraded sleep quality
-Muscle relaxation
-Energy increase
-Supports healthy endorphin and oxytocin release
-Maintains healthy levels of stress
The product measures approximately 18″ wide by 31″ long and weighs about 1.5 pounds.

While I don’t personally …

Dabur Hingwashtak Churna

Dabur Hingwashtak Churna was suggested to me by my uncle for long term relief from gas. I am not a chronic gastritis patient, but yes I do suffer from flatulence more than often. Having spicy foods trigger this type of problem for me. I have periodically tried many medicines, …

Splat Lavendersept toothpaste

I’ve been trying to make my lifestyle more and more ethical over the past 3 years and finding cruelty-free products is one of the ways to do that. Almost none of the stuff that I use now is tested on animals, including things like hand soap, cleaning products and even …

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

Prickly heat is a seasonal problem in the Indian subcontinent. It is quite common in my area and we all have to somehow deal with it, particularly during summer. Nycil Prickly Heat Powder is one of the most popular brands to fight this problem. Since my childhood, I have …

Softovac Powder

Softovac Powder is my favorite laxative. I have always detested the idea of using chemical laxatives because they are harsh on stomach. I have seen my grandfather suffering because of the prolong use of chemically formulated laxatives.
Softovac is different as it is entirely prepared with herbal formulation. It …

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Weight Loss Pills

I have never been the type of person to rely on weight loss pills, drinks, foods, and other quick fix methods to lose weight because at the end of the day they are in fact quick fixes, and they do not instruct someone how to properly change their diet …

Chronometer nutrition tracking app

There are lots of apps for counting calories and watching your macros, as population has been acting like the weight loss and being skinny is the number one world problem. I’m not gonna lie: I care about staying slim too, but I have overcome the obsession with calorie counting apps …

Amway Nutrilite Daily

While working in a hospital since last few years, I have learned that a supplement should be taken with care. That is why when I felt need to take a multivitamin and multimineral supplement, I tried and tested many products. Amway Nutrilite Daily is one such product which I have …

Botanical therapy calming pillow spray

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting into your bed, under a cozy blanket after a long, hard day. But sometimes, no matter how exhausted you’re, you still can’t fall asleep. You toss and turn, but the sleep just doesn’t come to your house. I’ve researched that problem a lot and …

Spring Valley Sublingual liquid B complex supplement

I usually don’t share my thoughts on the medicaments and supplements online, but here I found a very nice and affordable B Vitamins supplement that a lot of people might be interested in. I’m not a certified doctor and I can’t give you medical advice, so please don’t take this …

Clue period and ovulation tracker app

Attention: this review is about the periods and is meant for the girls only. Tracking your period is really important. I think every girl nowadays knows that. There are multiple reasons behind that, but I’m not gonna go into much details since I’m sure every woman already knows them. I’m …

Nature’s Bounty Melatonin

How many of us struggle with falling asleep once in a while? Probably about 99% of us do. We all have our stressed, deadlines and all that stuff that just doesn’t let our minds rest. Plus we always mess up our sleep schedule on holidays. In High School I used …

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey protein cookies n creme

Hi there! Today I want to review something incredibly popular nowadays: protein powder. I also want to say something before I start: I’m not a nutritionist, professional athlete or anything like that. My boyfriend actually works on gaining muscle and that’s why he purchased this protein powder. And I’m just …

Tetmosol Medicated Soap

It was more than 10 years when my brother had asked me to use Tetmosol to get rid of severe skin inflammation and rashes coupled with itching. At that time, I had used many medicines without having complete cure. Tetmosol worked wonderfully. Since then, I used and let my …

Yogi Peach DeTox Tea

So have you seen all these fancy DeTox teas all over the instagram? The ones that promise to help you lose weight, reduce bloating, heal the pain, cleanse your skin and all that other stuff. And have you seen the prices for those? Yep, it’s $30-60 per a 2-weeks program. …

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