Shopping Reviews

Saint-Petersburg Alenka Confectionery Store

I’ve already written quite a bunch of reviews on different places in Saint-Petersburg, most of them being cafes and other food places. But I haven’t talked much about souvenirs and the products that are made in Russia and that are actually unique and cool to bring to another country. And …

Saint-Petersburg candy shop, Volshebnaya (Magiс) caramel

The spring is in full swing now and the number of tourists in Saint-Petersburg is increasing with every day. That really makes me want to tell more about interesting places here and there is more than enough to visit new every day for 10 years. This time I want to …

Tezenis underwear store

There are so many underwear brands and designers out there and it’s impossible to say which brand has the most beautiful bras and panties. However, most girls seem to go to Victoria’s Secret first, when they need new lingerie. I’m not saying VS is a bad brand and I love …

Aliexpress Shopping App

I have been with Aliexpress for at least 5 years and it is very popular here in Russia, but according to the reviews on the website, people from all over the world use it too, just not as much. So what is Aliexpress? is an online retail service, consisting …

Iherb natural products shopping app

Iherb is truly one of my favourite stores to buy skincare, supplements, makeup and fun foods from. For those who don’t know what it is, Iherb is a California-based natural products online store with one of the largest selections of high-quality natural products. However, I’ve only visited their full-version website …

Office Depot School and Business Supply Store

So I am officially one of the few people left in the world to recently discover Office Depot. I have always known it was a store to buy school and business supplies, but when you have budget friendly stores such as Walmart or Dollar Tree, it’s hard to see Office …

TJ Maxx Clothing and Home Goods Store

OMG! When it comes to shopping at TJ Maxx, no one does it better than me which is probably why I am there every pay period. At first I was only shopping at TJ Maxx for the clothes and handbags, but I think the more my personal taste has evolved …

Bed Bath and Beyond Housewares Store

If you are a cook or someone who enjoys home decor than Bed Bath and Beyond is definitely the store for you. Depending on what you are looking to buy will determine how much you are willing to spend. However, if you are anything like me you will walk in …

DSW Shoe Store

I am a huge shoe lover! I have at least 30 pairs of high heels because there is nothing better than walking in a nice pair of heels. Before DSW came to Gainesville I was limited in the types of stores I could shop for a nice pair of heels: …

Vitamin Shoppe Health and Nutrition Store

Before I started exercising, I would not have referred to myself as a health junkie, and honestly, I still will not refer to myself as that; however, since I have decided to go down the path of a healthier lifestyle, I have decided to learn about healthy and proper nutrition …

Waldo Flea Market

Saturday and Sunday have officially become my favorite days of the week; not because I have the weekend off from work, but because it’s the only time the Waldo Flea Market is open for business between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. Not only has shopping at the Waldo Flea …

Pros and Cons of Buying As Seen on TV Items

Hello, my name is Juan Leon and I want to demonstrate the true disadvantages and certain advantages of buying as seen on T.V. materials.
Believe it or not, these items are bringing in great revenue to those who mass produce and sell them for all of us to love …

Gainesville FL, Pier 1 Imports Home Decor Store

Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means home decorations are about to marked down, and with Black Friday in a couple of days I will definitely be able to save a lot of money in one of my favorite home decor stores, Pier 1 Imports.

The Pier 1 Imports store …

Gainesville FL, Hair and Wig Supply Store

One of the things I look for when it comes to a great hair store is the quality hair being sold because I am always changing the style of my hair, so it is important for the hair I buy to be able to last for at least two months. …

Gainesville FL, Target Store

You may say Target but I affectionately say Tarzhay. When I say I am a loyal Target customer, I mean I am in there shopping every week. Depending on what they have on sale, I can usually save more money than at Walmart,and I just found out from a sales …

Gainesville FL, Tuesday Morning store

I must admit I used to fear going into Tuesday Morning because me shopping in there would have meant I was officially 30 years old, and I had started to care about trinkets that go in and around my house that people of a certain age usually care about.

My …

Gainesville FL, Ross Discount Store

Ross is a discount store that I used to shop a lot to find a lot of great clothes and other things at a discount, however, between the store’s issue with theft and their adolescent clothing, I hardly shop in there anymore and if I am in the store it …

Gainesville FL, Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

Michaels arts and crafts is a store I tend to be on the fence about. It is a decent store depending on what I am looking for, but the problem with that is I have to either be looking for something in particular or there has to be a good …

Gainesville FL, Joann Fabrics Store

I love to sew but unfortunately I do not have the luxury of living in a metropolis where there is an abundance of fabric stores to shop. I do, however, have a local Joann Fabrics store which is pretty good about keeping a nice supply of fabrics and other arts …

Gainesville FL, Publix Supermarket Store

Publix Supermarkets in the south are as ubiquitous as McDonalds or Starbucks: once you have been to one you have been to them all. Publix is a great grocery store to find quality food at reasonable prices, especially with their weekly BOGO (Buy one Get one) sale.

One of the best …

Gainesville FL, Kohls Apparel and Housewares Store

Shopping at Kohl’s is one of my guilty pleasures and a necessity to my retail therapy. Before a couple of years ago, I would always have to travel to different cities to shop at Kohl’s because at the time Gainesville did not have a Kohl’s store. I was so excited …

Gainesville FL, Victoria’s Secret Pink Store

I never really put much thought into what I consider to be the younger sibling of the Victoria’s Secret brand called Pink. Pink is under the Victoria’s Secret umbrella, and the line primarily focuses on lounge wear and lingerie for collegiate students.

Although the Pink line does offer clothing and lingerie …

Gainesville FL, The Loft Apparel Store

The Loft is one of those stores I heard about, but never wanted to go in because it just wasn’t my style. Granted, I heard great reviews about the store, but if a store doesn’t fit your style then it just doesn’t fit your style.

When I first walked into the …

Gainesville FL, H&M Trendy Apparel Store

Since I started driving to Orlando to shop, I have always been familiar with the trendy clothing store H&M. At first I thought it was a juniors clothing store because the advertising is sometimes marketed for young adults, but once I had the opportunity to shop there and I have …

Gainesville FL, Sephora Beauty and Cosmetics Store

Next to Ulta, Sephora has become one of my favorite beauty stores to shop for great makeup. Sephora offers a wide selection of makeup brands for every complexion and they offer free classes for those who are part of their Beauty Insider club.

I didn’t even know Sephora even existed until …

Gainesville FL, Books a Million Book Store

I remember accompanying my mother to Books a Million when I was younger. I remember the massive aisles filled with bestsellers and authors who names were an enigma to me at the time, who would eventually turn in to my favorite authors. There were toys and games and a coffee …

Gainesville FL, Hobby Lobby Store

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores to shop for my hobbies because it has everything all year round. I never knew what Hobby Lobby was until one came to Gainesville a few years ago, and ever since then I have been hooked.

For the serious hobbyist, Hobby Lobby is …

Gainesville FL, Charming Charlie Accessories and Jewelry Store

Charming Charlie is an accessories and jewelry store located in The Oaks Mall. I have passed by the store a bunch of times, but never ventured in because I thought it was very upscale and beyond my budget. While I was exiting The Loft clothing store, I decided to stop …

Gainesville FL, Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Store

Victoria’s Secret is just that–Victoria’s Secret. The brand is the leader of lingerie sales in the U.S., and probably around the world. Considering my style preference when it comes to lingerie, I am very limited in Gainesville unless I shop online which tends to be even more expensive than shopping …

Gainesville FL, Sears Store

I don’t even know how to begin this review because I am at such a loss of words at the decline of Sears. I remember growing up how Sears used to be the store everyone and their mother and grandmother shopped. The clothes were stylish and affordable; you could get …

Gainesville FL, Rainbow Fashion Store

There have been few times where I have judged a store in a bad way and was wrong about it, and Rainbow Fashion is one of those times. I first came across Rainbow Fashion while I was in Ocala, FL shopping at TJ Maxx. Rainbow Fashion was a few stores …

Gainesville FL, Main Street Liquor Store

I can’t believe that I have been living in Gainesville for the majority of my life, and I am just now discovering the Main Street Liquor store. The store is located on Main Street in the Main Street Plaza that is a strip of stores, and I have always passed …

Gainesville FL, Sally Beauty Supply Store

Sally Beauty Supply store is one of my favorites stores to shop for my beauty and hair care needs. They carry a wide range of brands for every type of hair and skin, and even though the prices can be a little higher than retailers who carry similar products, Sally …

2nd and Charles New and Used Bookstore

When I am not working or on parent duty, my time is either split between a fabric store or a bookstore. Before 2nd and Charles opened, I was completely unaware of the bookstore chain until I went to go to Books a Million only to find 2nd and Charles in …

A Simply Unforgettable Party Shop

It’s almost Halloween and I’m just now shopping for a Halloween costume for my son. Personally, I’m done with dressing up for Halloween since graduating from college, but my son is still young and enjoys the idea of being someone else for a day.

The Simply Unforgettable Party Shop was one …

Gainesville FL Dollar Tree Store

Dollar Tree has been a store that has been around as long as I remember. I would shop there occasionally for things here and there, but not enough to where I would consider myself a frequent shopper. It wasn’t until recently where I have needed more office and school supplies …

Gainesville FL Marshalls Discount Store

Marshalls is a discount retailer that just opened in Gainesville August 2016. I’m so glad to have a Marshalls closer to home because I used to have to drive to Jacksonville, FL just to shop there. At the grand opening I received a free Marshalls shopping bag and I won …

Gainesviile, FL, Five Below Discount Store

Five Below is a new discount store that just opened in the Butler Plaza area in Gainesville, FL. I never heard of Five Below until the grand opening, and I was just happy that the Butler Plaza project included this store to be one of many they are bringing to …

Wal-Mart Super Center Sewing and Crafts Department

When it comes to looking for sewing, knitting, and jewelry making supplies, Wal-Mart has been added to my list of stores in addition to Joann Fabrics, Michaels, and other similar stores. I never knew Wal-Mart had a sewing and crafts section until I managed to make my way to the …

The Bay (HBC) Gift Registry

Initially, my fiancee and I were not planning on creating a wedding registry. But after getting sick and tired of being asked “Have you created your wedding registry yet?” or “Where are you registered?”, and being told “You have to have a registry!”, it became clear that some guests …

Michael’s Arts and Crafts store

I recently attempted to do some shopping in the Michael’s Arts and Crafts store located at 4824 Brown road, in Lake Orion, Michigan. I say “attempted” to do some shopping because the experience became so frustrating that I eventually put back the items that I intended to buy and …

O Shopping Home TV Shopping Service

O Shopping was discovered by my father last year, 2013. He is the one that likes to watch home television shopping program ever since. He likes to find products on television that he will request me to buy as a gift for him every Christmas and his birthday.
One …, online clothing store

Recently, I have started purchasing everything I could possibly think of online. Including clothes. I started off going to the most popular clothing sites for older teen girls/young adults and I noticed that the prices were just ridiculous in most stores. And the prices are not high because of …

Shilin Night Market, Taipei

If I go to visit a foreign country, I will certainly buy some souvenirs to bring home. I prefer durable goods such as wall decorations, t-shirts, accessories, a good pen and key rings instead of food. When I had a chance to visit Taipei to join an international conference, …

Publix at Twelve Oaks in Savannah, Georgia

I’ve been going to this Publix for quite some time, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Although the store is very clean, offers great sales and coupons in addition to having overall friendly service, the food quality and selection is not very good.
The first problem I have …

Joann Fabrics and Crafts Store

I go to craft stores all the time and this one by far is my absolute favorite. The staff there is very friendly and helpful and they have such a wide selection of products. I don’t do a lot with fabrics but anyone who lives in the …

London Bride Couture-Bridal Shop in London

Every woman loves shopping and every woman loves shopping for that one special occasion of her life. Every woman wants to look her very best and be remembered with flawless beauty on that special day.
Located in London is Bride Couture, a bridal shop which offers designer dresses from …

Primark Clothing store - Margate, England

Primark is that multi clothing store on several floors that I used to love getting lost in when I was a child but now as an adult I think it is the worst place I could shop at and even dread going past the stores on busy days.
Primark offers …

Ocean City Coffee Company

The Ocean City Coffee Company produces perhaps the best coffee I have ever tried. I’m very in to flavored coffees and seasonal blends and they have well over 100 varieties of flavored coffee. They taste amazingly fresh and are roasted daily. I stumbled upon this boardwalk …

Basin, Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World

If someone had told me that a store called Basin was opening in Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World, I would have asked them what was Basin. I had never heard of the store before. It was an unknown, but I was curious about it when I saw the …

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