Baby care Reviews

Himalaya Baby Cream

I have recently tried Himalaya Baby Cream for my youngest son. Actually, my wife is not comfortable with our old choice Johnson and Johnson. More than the quality of product, she was concerned about the bombardment of negative news about it. When I decided to try a new product, my …

Himalaya Baby Powder

Himalaya Baby Powder has become a permanent product in my home. Ever since I had used it for my son two years back, I have fallen in love for this powder. I still remember buying it for the first time when I had read about carcinogenic substances found in a …

Gemcal P Suspension (Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement for Baby)

Gemcal P Suspension was prescribed by my pediatrics to my youngest son when he was only 6 months old. The baby was bending forward whenever I used to try him to sit. I discussed this issue with the doctor and the result was prescription for this supplement.

Gencal P is manufactured …

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream is wonderful product, particularly for new born baby. I have fairly good experience with various products in this category and I can say that this cream is among the best when it comes to protecting the tender skin of new born baby.

I was recommended to …

Patanjali Shishu Care Hair Cleanser Shampoo

Patanjali Shishu Care Hair Cleanser is a new baby hair shampoo which I have started to use. I had great hope from this shampoo before buying it. I must say at the outset that I am completely satisfied with what this baby shampoo offers.

This shampoo comes in a 100 ml …

Peditral ORS

Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) is considered as a lifesaving product which must be there in all homes. I used to keep Electral ORS which is hugely popular and is strictly based on WHO formula. The sachet is little bit big and may not be useful for the purpose of …

Nestle Ceregrow Multigrain Cereal

When my son turns 2 years old, I had to discontinue Cerelac as well as Nusobee Crescent Formula which sufficed his nutrition requirements. However, he was still having strong dislike for home made solid foods. At that time, I saw a TV commercial of Nestle Ceregrow, a new solid …

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Cream

I recently tried Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Cream and I loved it. My three month old recently had a diaper rash and this product worked better than others. She wears cloth diapers most of the time, so she tends to have irritation more than babies who wear disposable …

Elinfant Coffee Fiber Cloth Diaper

I recently started using cloth diapers and had my fair share of different experiences with the different types of fabric used in them. I imported an Elinfant Coffee Fiber Diaper because the idea of coffee fiber intrigued me as coffee is a natural odour repellent. So coffee fiber in a …

The Jeronimo 2-in-1 Tool & Doctor Play set

I bought this 2-in-1 play set for my 2 year old because she is forever playing fix it with her daddy. Yes, in the garage as well while he is fixing the car. Now we know that this is a safety hazard (for her getting hurt and for her unnecessarily …

Snookums Washable Nursing Pads

Being a breastfeeding mom and having been blessed with a very good breast-milk supply, one thing is a staple in my house…nursing pads! With my first born I only used disposable nursing pads but with my second I decided to try washable nursing pads. Reason: Calculating the cost of disposable …

Sudocrem Barrier Cream - Baby Care Cream

There’s a reason why the Sudocrem Barrier Cream is called a Baby “CARE” Cream and not only a Baby “BUM” cream, this cream is really suitable for almost all kinds of skin irritations and you can use it on sensitive skin.
This cream promises to soothe, protect and moisture and …

Bennetts Bum Buddy (Wet wipe and Bum Cream Case)

The Bennetts Bum Buddy is a two in one bum cream and wet wipe case. It can be used on your baby’s changing station or I just pop it into my baby bag. Bennetts has the Bum Buddy Traveller but I haven’t tried that one yet.

It comes in three colors, …

Parent’s Choice Unscented Baby Wipes, 800 ct

I personally love the 800 count box of parent’s choice wipes. I get unscented, but not for a particular reason like the perfume causes rashes or anything like that, I just feel like unscented smells fresher. Parent’s Choice wipes have got to be the only store brand/cheaper version of …

Nusobee Lactose Free Infant Formula

My youngest son used to have continuous problem with digestion and other stomach related issues. It was a weekly affair for me to take him to a pediatrician who used to handle the problem easily with some medicine (oral drops).
However, when he was 8 months old, there was …

Safety First Nail Clippers

Ever since I had this Safety First Nail Clippers, I had confidence that I won’t nick my toddler’s little fingers, again. I used this to them from infancy up to now. Such an awesome kind of nail clippers. For my my oldest toddler, I didn’t have a problem with …

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

Being a new mom, I am open to new baby products and brands. I am willing to pay for the products that best match the quality I expect. In a baby diaper, the main purpose for me is that it holds messes inside while keeping my baby comfortable. Other …

Pigeon Natural Children Toothpaste

When it comes to my toddlers, I always put into considerations the safety of the products to be used on them, but still be aware of their price. This toothpaste is a gift from my sister obviously for my children. It comes in 45g packaging, strawberry flavor with expiry …

Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Baby Wash

This baby cleaning formula has been around since 1997 although the brand had existed long before then. It is the number one choice of hospitals and is specially formulated to be mild so it doesn’t irritate baby’s skin or eyes. Hence, “No More Tears” badge on the front of …

Babyflo Baby Shampoo

My little toddler is a head turner because of his curly wavy hair. People who pass by would sometimes say, “oh he’s so cute with his curly hair”. Yes it’s really so cute, I love it when people notices him, but behind that, his curly and kinky hair …

EQ Plus Disposable Diaper

I have been using this EQ Plus disposable diapers for almost a year now for my toddlers, and in between those times, I try to look for less expensive disposable diapers but still of good quality. However, I always get back to EQ Plus diaper because the ones I’ve …

Oilatum Bar

I want to tell you my story about Oilatum Bar. My youngest son who is now turning two years old used to have recurring atopic dermatitis. As a newborn, I used Johnson Head to Toe wash because it’s the same brand I used with my older son and …

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

I was using Johnson and Johnson Baby soap for my youngest son who is just around 8 months old. However, I felt that this soap is not providing enough protection in the new season (monsoon). There were little bit of inflammation and itching on his skin.
I decided to …

Urbini Touri Travel System, stroller

Before our large family cruise I needed to purchase a stroller that was lightweight, easy to navigate, had a large underneath storage basket and a large canopy. I was struggling to find something that I loved and had checked every store to try out strollers. My son was 3 …

Bal Guti

This is one of the best product I have used for my baby starting 1 month and I am so happy with its results. It’s an Ayurvedic medicine which is used for baby’s health benefits.
I must say I am proud as a mother to take decision to use it …

Lactonic Granules

Breast milk production was always a concern for me during all of my children upbringing. Due to some unknown reasons, my wife was not able to product sufficient amount of milk. I understand how important it is to keep baby only on breast milk for at least first six …

B. Ve. Phos Children Tonic

B. V. Phos is one of the most popular children tonics of India. My family has used this tonic for all of children. Needless to say, I have also used this for my sons.
Its main ingredient is Calcarea Phos (which is basically Calcium), and is vital during the initial …

GoodNights Bedtime Underwear for Boys in S-M

My little boy is 4 but still has accidents overnight and so I find myself still needing to buy him pull-ups. I would rather pay the price for the pull-ups than have a wet bed every night. I have tried getting him to go to the bathroom before going …

Fisher Price Bubble Mower

I have a two year old son who loves to run after me and attempt to do the things that I do. So when I saw a commercial of a child, mowing the lawn along side of his father. I thought to myself, “I have to buy a toy …

Crayola Spin Art Maker

My youngest daughter got this for Christmas this past year from her grandparents and though we thought it was a little young as far as a toy for a 10 year old but it turned out that she really enjoyed it. Actually, all of my children enjoyed it …

Tatamia Peg-Perego baby chair

We received Tatamia chair as a newborn present from my friends. The chair is available in several colors, we have it in white. I like the design of the chair as it looks stylish and fits perfectly our interior. While it is rather big for our kitchen, it still …

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is a compact high chair intended for use only when strapped onto a chair you already own. This works with most kitchen chair and is only safe to use when strapped onto the chair. This cannot be used on …

Britax Boulevard 70 G-3 car seat

This review is of the Britax Boulevard G3 2013 model. The seat reviewed is 14 months old. This model has is the standard model and not the model with click tight. I find this to be a very good seat, but the improvement of the click …

BabyLand Cloth Diapers

Babyland diapers are a one sized cloth diaper offered for sale online many places. You can get them on Ebay and from DH Gate the cheapest, but they are also offered on Amazon and at many cloth diaper retailers who sell online. The range in price …

Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide for Kids and Toddlers

The Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide for kids and toddlers is designed for children ages 2 to 6 years. This is the largest slide Little Tikes makes, there is a smaller slide for toddlers. This slide is too large for most children under 18 months. …

Luvs Diapers with ultra leakguard

Luvs is a popular brand of diapers here in the United States. The top three brands of diapers are Luvs, Huggies and Pampers. What is different from the other brands in Luvs is they come in one style. They make Luvs Ultra Leak Guard and …

Little Tikes Easy Store Jr Play Table

This review is of the Little Tykes Brand Junior Easy Store Table. It is a picnic table designed for smaller children, aged 1-5. I do have several children and I can say that my children fit comfortably at this table beginning around 10 months and can …

Grovia All In One Cloth Diapers

I decided to use cloth diapers both to save money and to be environmentally friendly. I have tried many different types of diapers. My review is based on 5 years of cloth diaper use and from someone who is very familiar with cloth diapers. The product …

Britax Frontier 90 Car Seat

We purchased the Britax Frontier 90 car seat after owning the Britax Frontier 85. My review will involve comparisons between the two models. The Frontier 90 is the newest model on the market as of this review (September 2014). The Frontier 90 was introduced to the …

Munchkin Brand Plates 5 pack multicolored

These are great everyday plates for the toddler in your life! I have always used character plates for my son and wind up spending a fortune so he can have his favorite characters on the plates. While we love the character plates; they are not always practical …

Safety 1st Plug and Adapter Cover

This has to be my very favorite child safety/baby proofing item. I ordered it online from Amazon for 5 USD when it wasn’t available in my local Babies R Us but found it when I returned another day. Same price in both retailers so I suggest not …

BabiesRUs Disposable Supreme Diapers

In my experience with these diapers, they simply did not work out well for me. I was given a pack of these at my baby shower and I tried a handful and had horrible results with them every time. I definitely gave them a chance, thinking maybe …

Summer Infant ChangeAway Portable Changing Kit

I had the opportunity to use this changing kit several times when I was watching a friend’s newborn baby. As a “newborn” changing kit it is perfect but I wouldn’t recommend it for any baby over several months. The only reason I say that is because of …

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat Cave

My 2.5 year old son absolutely loves this Bat Cave play unit by Fisher-Price. His older cousin received it for Christmas one year and when he got too old for it he passed it down to my son. Before this toy, he knew of Batman but after this …

Toy State Caterpillar Construction 8″ Tough Trucks

My son received the CAT mini take apart trucks for his second birthday and he absolutely loves them. They are a 2 pack that consists of a dump truck and a wheel loader. They definitely have their perks as well as their faults but overall they are a …

Disney Cars Potty Training System by The First Years

This is the very first potty system we bought for my son just before he turned two to start his potty training. He is a huge Cars fan and especially loves Lightning McQueen. Aesthetically, this potty seat was the absolute best choice for my son. It encouraged …

Pampers Cruisers Diapers - any size

I have a 2.5 year old boy and have tried absolutely every disposable diaper brand you can think of. I have tried Luvs, pampers, Huggies, Store brands etc. and none can even compare to the Pampers Cruisers. Any Pampers brand diapers are good diapers but the Cruisers …

Power Blaster Buzz Lightyear Toy

Thinkway makes this Power Blaster Buzz Lightyear Toy and it is definitely the most advanced Buzz toy I have come across. I have a 2.5 year old son who is typical Toy Story fan and loves anything Toy Story; especially Woody and Buzz. My mother in law …

Huggies Pull Ups Big Kids Flushable Wipes

The Big Kids Flushable Wipes from Huggies has to be one of the best purchases I have made for both myself and my toddler. I was always brought up using wipes for myself when going to the bathroom and now that my son is potty training it’s only …

Octonauts Gup A Mission Vehicle Toy

My son has always been casually interested in the Octonauts on Disney Junior and became very interested when his great grandmother got him the octopod play set for Christmas one year. Since his interest in the Octonauts collection was growing, his grandmother decided to get him the Gup …

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