Sport Reviews

Ultrasport F-Bike

I used to keep fit by jogging. But as I got older I found that niggles in my ankle and knee joints were getting more frequent and taking longer to heal. In fact, there came a point when I was spending more time recovering than actually jogging. …

Edelweiss Liquid Chalk, 250ml

Edelweiss’s product is the first and only liquid chalk I have ever tried. I’ve always used chalk balls in the past but my new indoor climbing gym insists on the liquid variety - and for good reason.
I was happy to make the purchase because using liquid chalk, of any …

Iron Gym Training Bar

“Get Strong…Get Ripped…Quick!” that’s what the on-box ad copy for the Iron Gym from Pro Fit purports it’s going to do for your body. But, does it live up to the claim? Let’s take a closer look.
Iron Gym isn’t so much a “gym” per se’ as it is a …

Pop Up Pugg Soccer Nets

Portable pop up soccer nets are a must have for all soccer coaches. This is a great tool for players to own as well since they are easily transportable when a group of friends just want to play small sided pick up games in the park.
Usually sold in …

Marucci Elite BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Marucci Elite BBCOR baseball bat is one of the best bats on the market for collegiate and high school play. It is an extremely balanced bat with great pop and a very comfortable grip. It also has a three piece design with a composite handle, alloy barrel, and composite …

Fox Float f140 rl, Bicycle Fork

For years I’ve been riding Fox forks and never been fully satisfied with them. In 2009 I had Vanilla, Float, and Talas in my arsenal. The reason I had all those forks is I could never find the right one for me. I changed forks every few months hoping …

Universal nutrition - lava

Universal nutrition promises that their product lava is the energy boost you need to achieve your maximum results. Can this product keep the promise?
“Lava” was the first supplement I had ever bought when I started weightlifting. The store did not have the protein I wanted so I had …

Specialized P2 Cro Mo Dirt Jump Bike (2010)

I have been a keen Mountain Biker since I was a youngster, so needless to say I have tried out many different styles and makes of bike. Upon purchasing my Specialized P2 I jumped straight on it to ride it home.
At first I was shocked by the blistering …

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

It was my sophomore year of college, and after a previous year of using a brake-less $20 piece of junk bike I found off craigslist, 3 flats, 2 cracks decided that it was time to invest in a nicer bike for my daily mile commutes to campus. After …

Century BOB XL

The Bob XL is great product for any martial artist looking for a free standing punching dummy. The Bob (Body Opponent Bag) is a very well made product from century martial arts that is one of the best options if you’re unable to have a hanging bag in or around …

Head Youtech Graphene Speed Pro tennis racket

So firsts things first when it comes to sports equipment and im particularly tennis rackets there seems to be alot of cheeky marketing going on with these so called new technologies. If you play to a high level you will know what I mean by this, alot of rackets …

Penny Skateboards 22.5 x 6″

Upon purchasing my first penny skateboard I was stoked! I had never owned one personally but pretty much was born on a skateboard so I had ridden some in the past from the small 22.5’s to the wider ones I believe to be called nickles which makes since when …

Innova Dart disc golf driver

I have been playing disc golf for several years now, and I have putted with a variety of putters. I got my start like a lot of other players, putting with a distance driver or midrange disc. As I recall, I spent my first ten rounds or …

Discraft Buzz disc golf driver

I have been playing disc golf for several years now, and I definitely seem to favor Innova discs. However, there is one disc by Discraft that is unparalleled. I’m talking about the Buzz. I don’t even know how to give the Buzz a good enough introduction. …

Innova Firebird disc golf driver

After a couple years of playing disc golf, I decided that I really wanted to develop my overhand and sidearm game. Luckily, there is one disc by Innova that fits both of those niches quite nicely. The disc I’m talking about is the Firebird.
This disc …

Innova Orc disc golf driver

When I first started playing disc golf, I went through a fair amount of drivers very quickly. Honestly, it was because I lost them faster than I care to remember. There was one driver that I managed to hang onto for a long time though. It …

Innova Monarch Disc

I have been playing disc golf for a few years now, and I’ve thrown a fair variety of discs. I originally picked up the Innova Monarch when I was still somewhat new to the game, thinking it would be a great disc for turn over shots between one …

Custom Terry Symmetry Precision Bicycle

I was able to get a Terry bicycle custom made for me late last year and have been riding it all season long. The Terry bicycle company makes custom road and racing bikes for women, they are super lightweight and everything about them from the materials to the design …

Lebron in game 4 of 2012 NBA Finals

It’s no secret that Lebron James wants to win his first Championship. Last year Lebron got his team to the finals and lost to the Mavs. After this happened numerous memes came out. “He doesn’t show up to the finals”, “He’s not clutch”, “He can’t score in the 4th …

Heelys Wave Shoes for Women

Heelys have long been shoes that were made for children and teens, but recently the company began making the wheeled shoes for adults. Reading about how the shoes could be used in sport and to increase fitness, I decided to buy a pair and learn how to Heely. I …

Finis Tempo Monofin (Women’s-Size Dolphin-Style Recreational Swimfin)

I bought this monofin a few years ago as part of a mermaid-tail project. I still have it today, and I don’t regret buying it, even though I only use it occasionally. It’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
For those who don’t know, a monofin is …

St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series Season

As an avid Cardinals fan that is excited about the upcoming 2012 season, I would first like to look back at the previous season. It had so many ups and downs and ultimately ended in grand fashion. In mid-August it looked like they would be competing for third place …

The Krown Pro Skateboard

The Krown Pro Skateboard is a full size skateboard sold online. I bought it recently because I just started skateboarding and didn’t want to pay full price for an elite board. I expected it to be very functional and well built. Here are my findings:
The woodmake is really solid …

O’neill Reactor Convertible 3/2 mm Surf Wetsuit

I bought the O’neill Reactor convertible wetsuit in a sale 2 years ago as my previous O’neill wetsuit was now around 4 years old and starting to fall apart.
This wetsuit usually costs around £80 but only cost me £48 compared to my previous O’neill wetsuit which I paid around …

Balance Buddy Bike

The balance Buddy Bike is an ideal first bike for kids rather than having stabilizers like most first bikes there are only the two wheels and there are no pedals on it. The idea is that the child pushes the bike along with their feet and after using a …

Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag

I bought my Dakine tour snowboard bag a few years ago to use for trips to the local ski centres
dry slopes and occasional holidays.
The bag I bought is the 165cm one which is big enough to take my 153cm snowboard with bindings attached and still have room for my …

Ride EX Snowboard Bindings

I bought the Ride EX snowboard bindings 2 years ago mainly because they were in an off season sale where the shop were selling off old stock from previous seasons this meant the bindings cost me £75 instead of £125.
The Ride bindings have metal base plates unlike most snowboard …

Troxel Equestrian Helmets

I’ve been riding horses for about five years now. And I’ve come to understand that riding can be a very dangerous sport. Around 20 people die a year from horse related accidents. That number may be small but no one can really say if they are completely safe or …

Babolat Pure Drive GT racket

I have been playing tennis for most of my life, and have experienced a wide range of rackets, ranging from Wilson to Dunlop via Head and Yonex. I have developed a love story with Babolat of late however, after trying out some of their newest products. As a junior, …

WWE Divas Division (2010-2011)

There is no secret that the WWE Divas division has gone down hill.We have lost Mickie James,Michelle McCool,Layla(injured),Gail Kim,Maryse,and Melina.We have come from the almighty and powerful Chyna all the
way to Kelly Kelly.I think WWE needs to stop hiring models.The company as of …

Opp Country Club

I played a little out of the way golf course while visiting friends in Alabama. The country club in Opp, Alabama is a pretty basic little golf course that I happened to play one weekend because they had organized a scramble tournament. I do not envisage ever going back …

Los Angeles Dodgers 2011 Season

I am a Los Angeles Dodgers fan. Or was until the team’s crash and burn at the hands of financially embattled owner Frank McCourt. I was pretty disillusioned over the team’s performance in 2010 and downright disappointed by their 2011 season.
I don’t care that the Dodgers finished over .500 …

Arsenal Football Club

I have been an avid and ardent supporter of Arsenal Football Club since I was a child, fancying its attractive football as well as its players. In addition, Arsenal’s IPO listings have always been rather stable, safe to invest with a fair amount of assets under its …

Loftus Versveld Stadium

Since I had previously been to this stadium for one of the games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games, I thought it would be quite interesting to see how the stadium is run after the professional manner in which it was in the duration of the World Championships.
I …

Lush Longboards Mako Longboard

I started longboarding because it’s a great crossover sport for surfers or snowboarders looking for something to do when they can’t get to the snow or surf.
This board I bought is a Lush Mako made by the British company Lush Longboards it is a 44″ pintail shape board made …

2011 NBA Finals

I watch the NBA a lot and I believe that this was one of the best finals that I’ve watched. The match up was between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. The Dallas Mavericks won the series in 6 games and I was very proud of …

“The Decision” By Lebron James on ESPN

The decision is a program that aired on ESPN about a year ago that Lebron James showed up on to announce which team he was going to play for. He was currently a free agent with the Cleveland Cavaliers and there were several other teams that …

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is a quarterback that played in college for the Auburn Tigers. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers. I believe that he’s a wonderful quarterback. He is very versatile and he can almost do anything that’s expected of a quarterback. He …

Basketball Player Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is a NBA player and he has played for the Dallas Mavericks his entire career. I am a big fan of basketball and I love watching him play. In my opinion he has nearly everything that you can look for in a good …

UFC 127 (Penn vs. Fitch)

UFC 127 was a good card. In this review I’m only going to talk about the main event, B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch. As soon as the bell rang, Penn charged out strong, throwing a few punches, then to everyone’s surprise, shooting for a take down. Fitch initially fought …

Florida Panthers - Bank Altantic Center

I was never much of a hockey fan growing up as a child or as an adult, until I met my husband. I never used to watch any sports other than wrestling and that got old for me as I grew up. So, the idea of me liking a …

WE Tactical 1911 Desert

In this review, I will provide an in-depth review of the WE 1911 Tactical Gas Blowback Gun (Desert.)
I’m an avid airsoft fan. Like a lot of “airsofters”, I participate in skirmishes at my local airsoft community. Like all soldiers in the field, you want a good sidearm to …

Jaguar XJS Jumping Saddle

When I bought this saddle, I knew very little about them, and horses in general. My trainer found a used Jaguar XJS and told me to buy it, so I did. And why not? It looked great, it was made from dark, high quality Paris leather. After becoming more …

2011 Omaha Limited Edition Baseball Bat

I just bought this bat approximately three weeks ago. I got this bat because one of my teammates had a 2010 Omaha and I loved the feel and pop of the bat. The bat is all black with silver font. I personally think the bat looks very nice. Most …

Chelsea Football Club

I was introduced to Chelsea Football Club as one of the bigger teams of the English Premier League, as one of the traditional, so called ‘Big Four’, with Leeds United not lagging too far behind Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, in no particular order.
I only recently started looking …

Liverpool Football Club

Whenever I catch a glimpse of Liverpool in action these days, I get a bit sad that one of our greatest rivals has succumbed to being reduced to an ordinary team, and as an Arsenal fan, contending with the likes of Manchester City, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur in addition …

MTN ODI Cricket Series South Africa Vs India

This is one event I always look forward to, to kick start the new year in terms of the sports calendar and this time around the local summer MTN One Day International Series featured the Indian cricket team as opponents for South Africa’s Proteas.
After having sat through the drawn …

Real Madrid Football Club

For as long as I have been a keen follower of the game of football, Real Madrid always posed as the benchmark in terms of success at club level, having won the most sought after club prize in the world of football a record nine times.
Admittedly though, I only …

Barcelona Football Club

I personally think if anyone claims they love the game of football, no matter what team they support, they have to love watching Barcelona Football Club in action, with their short passing, patient game that is characterized by a team of highly skilled individuals that fight for each other …

Arsenal Football Club

In my experience, Arsenal is more of the extravagant team in the English Premier League with the aim of preserving the purists’ approach to football and their focus is more on how they play instead of just playing for results.
As an onlooker, this makes for some great entertainment for …

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