Railway Reviews

Taipei Taoyuan Airport MRT, Taiwan

I hate to go to or from foreign airports those have no rail transportation. It is simply because MRT or subway has clear station names, on time, and relatively cheap compared to other kinds of land transportation. When I visited Taipei for the first time in 2013, I took expensive …

Xin Zuoying train station, Kaoshiung, Taiwan

In Kaohsiung there are two rail stations with similar names. They are Zuoying and Xin Zuoying. The former accommodates all but high speed train. The later accommodates all types of train, it is, therefore, a very important station in Kaohsiung and most tourists arrive at or depart from this place. …

Rail transportation in Kansai area and Nagoya

Kansai is located in Central Japan with Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and few other smaller cities in the region, while Nagoya is a city located some 190 km to the north east of Osaka. These cities are very popular among foreign tourists because they are rich of temples, shrines, castles, …

Seoul Metropolitan Subway

For those living in Seoul, the subway is something they are more than likely to be quite well acquainted with. For anyone who is considering a visit to South Korea’s capital, they may rest assured that it is one of the better public transport networks possessed by any large city. …

Odakyu train from Tokyo to Hakone

Mount Fuji is very famous in Japan. This pushes me to find a timeslot to pay a visit to Fuji-san (as addressed by the Japanese) when I was in Tokyo. Mount Fuji can be explored through a number of ways and locations. I do not like to climb a …

VIA Rail Canada Short Distance Trip

As someone who doesn’t own a car, it’s essential for me to find efficient means of travel. Because I’ve had trouble with certain bus lines, I was excited to learn about VIA rail. Buying a ticket was convenient; I could arrange everything online from home, then scan in …

Amtrak (Southwest Chief train from Galesburg, IL to Albuquerque, NM)

I regularly utilize the Southwest Chief Amtrak train route from Galesburg, Illinois to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I absolutely ENJOY taking these trips!
The Southwest Chief route runs from Chicago to the Los Angeles area, so the train is prepared to accommodate several hundred passengers. I always travel coach class and …

Amtrak Train Service

I use to live in Chicago, but I moved down state to a small town called Vandalia, now I am about 300 miles from the big city. I enjoy the small town living, but I also miss my family in Chicago and that all around city lifestyle. I use …

Amtrack (Oregon to Montana)

We were so excited for our train trip to visit the inlaws in Montana, we were to ride from Oregon to Montana and it would only take over night. We wouldn’t have to drive over the scary snow covered pass and all the dangerous roads and we would get …

Blue Train trip from Pretoria to Cape Town

When the completion of my payment into the account of the Blue Train company came down to one last click of the mouse, a feeling of hope and very high expectation swept over me because I had been saving for a good three years just to have enough money …

Singapore Mass Rapid Transport

Singapore Mass Rapid Transport, or SMRT for short, covers for bus and train transport systems in Singapore, However, as tihs would be too vague, I will only be reviewing its train transport system.
I feel that the SMRT”s train operation has been rather effective and safe, …

Eurotunnel (Uk - France link)

I am reviewing Eurotunnel le shuttle, the train link between the UK and France. Eurotunnel is a 20 mile under sea tunnel that le shuttle trains use to carry cars and passengers onto the continent from the UK.
I have used this service a number of times and can …

Eurostar London - Brussel

There are many ways to travel between the United Kingdom and the European mainland, but probably one of the most comfortable ways is by taking the Eurostar. The high speed train (top speed 300km/h) takes you in just under 2 hours time from London St Pancars to Brussels Midi. …

Eurail Global Pass-Saver

We all know that traveling to Europe is expensive. On my last trip to Europe, I tagged along my mom and my sister. Expenses have been tripled so I wanted to make the best of our trip with the least expenses. Getting a cheap pass to travel to as …


The Tri-Rail system of South Florida is thought to be one of the more popular and most used forms of transportation on the Atlantic coast of the Florida. The train itself has stop offs that have city buses pick up at the stations for people who are traveling inside …

Shatabdi Express New Delhi to Bhopal

Recently I went Bhopal from New Delhi by Shatabdi Express. This was my first journey by this train. The journey becomes one of the most comfortable journeys that I ever took in India.
The train is the fastest train in India. I enjoyed the scorching speed that it took from …

Metro Goldline lightrail train

Awhile back, I went to work in Pasadena, CA as an Au Pair (nanny) for a year. This arrangement meant that there was a car provided for me by the family I was staying with, but it was only for work purposes (such as picking up kids from …

Kochuveli Express

People travel from Bangalore to Trivandrum have multiple trains to travel. When i for the first time in the month of October in 2010 went to the Indian Railways reservation counter to book the tickets for trivandrum i actually did not get the reservation even in tatkal scheme(instant reservation …

West Highland Railway

On a trip from London to Fort William, Scotland, I had the opportunity to travel using the Wst Highland Railway from Glasgow to my destination. This was a four hour trip and started at Glasgow Queen Street station. The prices are very reasonable and start from about £14.00 for …

Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express is considered as the best train in India. I travel regularly through this train if there is availability of berth for reservation. However, my recent trip by this train from New Delhi to Ranchi was pathetic and which makes me doubt about the capability of this train …

MARC Train

I have traveled on the Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) train on the Penn Line. Usually I travel from Union Station in DC to BWI airport or to Penn station in Maryland. The MARC train is used by a lot of people as a commuter train which …

Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok

Hua Lamphong is Bangkok’s main railway station. All tracks leading to north, northeast, and south, originate from here. To reach this place, take a subway (Bang Sue - Hua Lamphong line) and get off at Hua Lamphong. Exit from subway station, walk a little to the north and you …

Nikolaevsky Express

I recently had to travel between Moscow and St Petersburg, and bought a ticket on Russian Railways’ Train #005, the Nikolaevsky Express. I chose it based on the time of arrival into St Petersburg, as I was catching a flight out the same day.
This train was amazing. I’ve done …

The Glacier Express train

The Glacier Express travels a respectable journey of one-hundred seventy miles. Basically, it is a seven and one-half hour ride between Zermatt (a short distance from the Matterhorn) to classy St. Moritz in Switzerland.
The train’s windows are enormous allowing you to take in glacial scenery. …

SNCB Belgian Trains

I recently had to go back to Luxembourg for a day because of some errands to do. I do not like driving back as I just get pretty scared of the E40 highway where every hundred meters there are signposts which tell you the statistics of how many people …

STIB Metro Brussels

Moving around in Brussels city using its metro can be the quickest method of getting from one point to another. I was always afraid of taking public transport because I was more scared that I would be lost more than anything else. In the end, I thought I could …

Sembrani Train

Recently I had a one day business in Semarang, the capital of Central Jawa Province. Having finished with the business, that very evening I went to Tawang Railway Station in Semarang by a tricycle, to take Sembrani Train to Jakarta. I already had the train ticket, I therefore was …

Long Haul (Vol 1) - Railroads of Colorado (USA)

Long Haul (Vol 1) - Railroads of Colorado is a DVD that was released in 2005. It isn’t a film but a factual look at the railroads of Colorado and brings back many happy memories of my trip to Colorado in 2000 to celebrate my 40th birthday!
My travelling companion …

Gambir Railway Station

This is the main railway station in Jakarta. From here passengers can take a ride within Greater Jakarta as well as to other main cities in Jawa Island. The station consists of three levels. Ground floor accommodates ticketing offices, and kiosks selling various items from newspapers, soft drinks, to …

MTR Experience in Hong Kong

Going to different places in Hong Kong is made easy because of their transport system - MTR. Traveling from one island to another is safe, quick and hassle free. Not to mention..very cheap as well!
Whenever we go to Hong Kong, it feels like we’re not in a foreign country …

The Flying Scotsman journey

This is surely one of the defining forms of transport anywhere in the world. If you haven’t heard of it, I’d be surprised. It’s ‘The Flying Scotsman’ and it is one of the most famous railway engines in the world. Now, let’s be honest, you aren’t going to get …

The Edinburgh to Inverness Train in Scotland

If you are fortunate enough to find time to visit Scotland during your summer vacation, you may decide to visit the Highlands while you are there. Now Scotland is divided into the Highlands and the Lowlands. The Highlands aren’t necessarily all high and the Lowlands aren’t necessarily all low. …

Bangkok - City Airport Link (Sky Train)

The new Airport Link (Sky Train) in Bangkok just opened this year. It is very fast and will get you from the BKK Airport into the heart of the city in just 20 minutes with the express train. It runs above ground, above the highways (Sky Train). The …

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway, Bridgnorth, England

Although the medium sized town of Bridgnorth in Shropshire is a very attractive one, and a place I very much enjoy visiting, one of the problems it does have is that it is split between High Town and Low Town. As these names imply, one part of the town …

TGV, Train a Grande Vitesse

I love my country, the United States. But I have train envy which is a remarkable and wonderful way to see countryside. But the TGV, Train a Grande Vitesse, which means high speed train in French is basically a railway that runs through Europe which started in …

Washington DC Metro Rail System

While staying in Arlington, Virginia, we had several opportunities to use the Washington Metro Rail System for transportation. Overall it was an okay experience. Most of the time the cars were moderately packed with people so the ride was pretty comfortable. Although there seems to …

Albuquerque Commuter Train

The Albuquerque commuter train, also known as the Santa Fe Express, was an excellent way to spend an afternoon in New Mexico. My son had wanted to ride the “big train”, so we went to check ticket prices. The price for an all day pass from Albuquerque …

Paris metro

I just came back from perfect five days trip from Paris, France. I would like to share a few words about Paris metro. As I’m an active tourist, I would like to visit as more objects and museums, as possible. In that case is ready to spend some time …

Chemin de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL)

The CFL or the Chemin de Fer Luxembourgeois is the national railway of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I have taken this train numerous times primarily to go from Luxembourg to Brussels. CFL services most of the towns and villages within Luxembourg and outside of the country, there …

London Midland Class 150 DMU train

London Midland’s workhorses in much of the west Midlands area of England, in particular those lines which have not been electrified, are the old Class 150 diesel multiple units. These trains are now quite old, having come off the production line during the 1980s, and are in line to …

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Train

We live in Missouri, but travel a lot to Arkansas as a family. One of our favorite places is Eureka Aprings, Arkansas. It is right in the middle of the Ozark Mountians, and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation. One thing we like to do …

KL - Singapore train service

Two years ago, I planned to visit Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Singapore with my family. I then learned few transportation modes connecting the two cities, and finally decided to choose train service named Senandung Malam. The website of
Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) in which there was information about Senandung Malam, …

Waverley Station, Edinburgh

It is said to be the seventh-largest railway station in the world, but I find that hard to believe. Once, some three hundred years ago, it was a botanical garden growing all kinds of medicinal herbs, some of which would probably be illegal nowadays! It has had chequered …

Edinburgh Waverley Station to Aberdeen by Rail

I travel to Aberdeen fairly regularly and this is one of the most enjoyable train journeys in the UK in some ways. I should add, however, that the fares are not cheap and they look as if they may increase yet more in the not-too distant future. However, the …

The TGV Train from Paris to Agde

This was an exciting journey as I had never been on the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse/High Speed Train) before. Whereas Great Britain has had a rather fraught relationship with trains since Beeching closed great swathes of the network down in the early 1960 and Thatcher concentrated on …

State Railway of India

There is one word to describe the railway in India: confusing. Never have I been involved with such a mind boggling system to get from point A to point B. India’s railways are said to be the second largest in the world, behind China. Funny, because …

Wythall raiway station

Wythall railway station is a little bit of an oddity, in that it lies within the county of Worcestershire, but for reasons of practicality is included within the West Midlands area covered by Network West Midlands’ range of tickets such as the Centrocard. The centre of the village to …

Eurostar from London to Paris

I was anticipating the journey from London to Paris. First of all, the departure point was St Pancras Station in London, which has been done up at (no doubt) great cost. The result is a veritable palace when you consider the standard of workmanship the original builders produced …

The Edinburgh Glasgow Train

It is said that the Edinburgh to Glasgow – and the Glasgow to Edinburgh - train-line is the busiest in Europe. I don’t know about that. If it’s true, it’s strange that it should be in one of the smaller countries in northern Europe and not in the …

Dubai Metro (Red Line)

I was very thrilled that i was one of the first passengers that rode to Dubai’s new transport system, the Dubai Metro. It opened publicly last Sept. 9, 2009, and luckily at that time, i was working in Dubai and there’s one station quite close to my flat in …

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