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Munich, Germany
  • When I first came to Munich at 2005, I was very impressed by its Railway transportation services

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      When we come to Munich, especially through the air transportation, we will use S-Bahn train from the Munich Airport to reach the city. We will also used S-Bahn train in the inner city to take us to certain destination by going to certain S-Bahn station. S-Bahn is a modern Mass Rapid Transport in Munich, operating since 28 May 1972. It has several time modernizations, and has become one of the finest mass rapid transportation system in the world. This S-Bahn was operated by S-Bahn Muenchen, a subsdiary of Deutsche Ban. At the beginning, it was developed to prepare for the 1972 Olympic Games transportation. It connected west part to the east part of the city.

      When I first came to Munich at 2005, I was very impressed by its Railway transportation services. We can buy S-Bahn tickets via automated ticket box in almost every corner of the airport. Of course, there is also instruction in English too. But if we found trouble to buy through the ticket box, we can go to the lockets,

      and the officer will be happily to serve your needs. It was really made my trip easier. At the beginning I didn’t notice that we can buy ticket for daily, weekly and monthly. They have also different ticket rate for different circle area. Munich by its transportation system divided into several circle area, but in general, it has inner and outer circle. If we want to go from the airport to to the “City Centrum” (this is a call for Marient Platz, the most famous tourist attraction in central city), we will need ticket to cover both outer circle and inner circle. Inner circle cover areas near City Centrum. After buying ticket in the ticket box or locket, we will not checked by S-Bahn officer or S-Bahn Police. This is an interesting experience for me. Usually in my country, If we use train transportation, the officer will check starting we enter the station and on the train. They will only some time do sudden inspection to random people, once you get caught not ...

      • buying ticket, you will be fined for 60 Euro, and your passport will be marked. In the period of 3 months when I was staying in Munich at 2006, I have experienced twice random ticket checking.

        The first impressions came across my mind when I first time saw this train are modern, fast and on time. It has modern interior with luxurious seat, and if we have run out of seat the there is a comfort hanger in roof to be hold. When we reach some destination, we will hear the announcement in 2 different languages, English and Deutsch / German. But English announcement only for the main routes, like from the airport to Hauptbahnhof (Central station) and to Marient Platz. Other connected route only announce in German. In one route, the train arrived every 10 minutes, and stop in every station only for not more than 5 minutes. What I was very impressed is the on-time schedule. When I really checked the time according to Station clock, it showed very precise time

        for arrival until seconds. It is very different compared to my country, because we have to wait until hours if the train was late to come. When I was on the train, I did not feel any significant vibration, even when we put a full glass of water in the compartment, the water will not blow out from the glass, even a single drop.

        In the Hauptbahnhof (central station) we can find information related to the city, tourism objects, railway map, and any other travel information. I can take the brochures for free, and ask for help if we can not find the information. When we ask young people, usually they are always welcome to give us direction or information related to the place, and tourist destination. In German they are very care about disabilities. Every train always has some special place / seat for the disabled. In every station there is also an elevator for people who use a wheel chair. It was the finest service for the mass railway transportation I have ever had.

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