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Panel Station, a paid survey website

Due to lockdown, we all had free time. I was one of them. At one time I searched online how to make money from home. There were many options. One of them was “paid surveys”. It looked promising. There are websites that claims to pay you for your honest …

Wordreference.com, web dictionary

Wordreference.com is an amazing online dictionary that I use all the time when translating something from English to Italian or vice versa, but not only then. I use it when I do not know some word or even if I want to know some not so common meaning of a …

Tapastic (Website)

I’m not a professional artist or anything. I am just a newbie who enjoy drawing and reading webcomics in my free time. That’s when I came across a good platform – Tapastic.
Tapastic is a website for reading and sharing of art creations, mainly webcomics but all art forms are …


Stumble Upon is a website that lets you list your interests and then we scour the internet for matching web pages that you can quickly shuffle through, liking and disliking to help guide the search algorithm.

You can log into Stumble Upon with Google, Facebook, or an email address, and fortunately …

Comixology.com comic books website

When the usual comic books shop outlets packed up in preference to maintain a few branches in the city, I no longer bothered buying comics but when one of my favorite show continued in comic book format, I just had to check out my friend’s recommendation of buying comic books …

Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb.com)

I’ve been coming to IMSDB.com for a couple of years as my other source for reading free screenplays as I continue studying about screenwriting. I learned about it through a mailinglist which I used to subscribe to and the members there even add a cautionary note when reading scripts here. …


I started with DA around 2008. I enjoyed the site and liked how most of the users there were like minded people that enjoyed art. Back then there were a lot of professionals on the site, the site itself was still young and most of the people/users there had …

Miniclip.com - online free games

While studying and working for hours and hours, I really like the idea of having a little 10-15 minute brakes, because you just simply can’t work/study non-stop. Taking a break, and relaxing as best as you can during your break is extremely important. It’s much like …

Blog building with Blogger

Some time ago, I decided to combine all of my tutorials into one pile and make a blog. I didn’t knew much about blog making tools, I googled the phrase “build your blog free” and came across blogger. I think it wasn’t bad, I liked blogger.

Ideone - online code writing and compiling tool

If you like trying out different programming languages, then you might have came across a problem of dealing with all of the different environments of different programming languages. Ideone ( ideone.com ) , is a very helpful and easy to use tool, it is an online code …

Improve typing with typeracer.com

We use computers and smart phones all the time. Now, it is really hard to imagine the life without any of those devices. That’s why typing is a basic skill which is very important. Now, the most common keyboard is qwerty keyboard. You might have never seen other …

Deviantart, website

Since I always had an interest in art since I was young, I jumped at the discovery of this site. A middle school student, I was slightly naive in my ambitions, probably not helped by being surrounded by artistic friends. I saw them getting noticed and receiving donations, making …

Irononlogos.com website

This is perhaps the absolute worst internet company I have ever ordered from in my life. Let’s just say that ordering from them resulted in fraudulent charges posting to my credit card and then I had to go through a whole fraud case because of them. I’m …


When a friend of mine suggested that I check out the website 99designs.com I was both excited and hopeful that I would finally be able to make money using my skills in Graphic Design. I figured that all I would need was enough time to get used to the …

Blowout Cards, sports card forum

Blowout Cards Forums is perhaps the most popular sports card forum on the internet. With thousands of daily users, it’s easier than ever to connect to others that have the cards you want or want the cards you have. However, the massive base of collectors that frequent this site …

W3school (Service) - A Website that teaches to code

I was always interested in creating websites. I always wanted to play with code snippets and wanted to earn the pride of being a web-designer, but I didn’t knew where I could get all that stuff. I didn’t had much money to spend, as I was a student, and …

The Escapist (Online Magazine)

Coverage of video game media on the internet has become comparable to the 24/7 cable news media outlets. Websites conjure up much to fill the space and provide their audience with content to keep them coming back. Gamespot and IGN may be the most noted examples, yet …

Red Letter Media

If you’re a regular visitor of YouTube over the past few years, chances are you’ve come across the world renowned critical deconstruction of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Clocking in at 70 minutes, it features a film school grade examination presented by a narrator, who is …

SliceThePie.com - music reviewing website

What is Slice the Pie?
Slicethepie is a music reviewing website. They pay music fans or in others words YOU to review music from both professional and amateurs musicians and artist who want to know what music fans think of their new tracks.
How does it work?
You just have to log …


While recently looking for ways to easily make some extra cash while at my boring job which requires me to sit for hours with a computer and nothing to do, I decided to try answering surveys online for money. I eventually came across …


You might have heard of this website before. It’s called DeviantArt and I made an account on this website about a year ago and I want to share my impression.
On DA, artists post pictures for others to see. You can comment on the images, critique them, favorite …


With over 554 million users and more than 135,000 new users signing up every day, Twitter is fast becoming my favourite social media website. Gone are the days of sitting down and writing long letters and emails to friends and family. With Twitter, you can send short …

Addic7ed.com Website

When it comes to finding subtitles for movies or TV shows, it can be really hard to find ones that are done properly or are not viruses as soon as you try to open them in your computer. I was ready to give up on my searches for a …


Figment.com is a site where aspiring authors–particularly younger people–write stories/poems/articles and share them with others. I’ve been using it since October of 2012, and I have to say, it’s really a confidence booster.
The site itself seems to have a very friendly, welcoming feel to it. At …


Kungfu4less.com is a very convinient martial art store website. I have bought items from their online store for about three or four times and they never failed me. Their prices are incredibly low and affordable compared to other martial art online stores. I bought a …


I am a big fan of KPOP and fan fictions. Asianfanfics.com is a well-known site for KPOP fans. I have been a member for a few years now and you can say that my experience with AFF have been satisfactory.
As a reader, I am satisfied with the huge amount …

Kelly’s Closet Website

I tried out various places online when looking for information and products for cloth diapering my son. One of the shops I found was Kelly’s Closet. The site is very easy to navigate with the sidebar menu and contains a lot of information for using and caring for cloth …


MyFitnessPal.com is a web-based tracker for your health. On the site you can track macronutrients and caloric intake daily, track weight loss, track various measurements, track activity, and set realistic goals for your health. The site gives you the ability to add different people, friends or people to help …


Fiverr is a website that lets sellers offer services to buyers in their online community. I’ve only been a seller and have never bought anything on this website so all I’m going to talk about is the selling aspect of it.
You can sell video testimonials, voiceovers, graphics, animation …

tastykitchen.com Website

Tasty kitchen is an online community for cooks to socialize with people who love cooking and to share recipes, and membership to the website is free.
The website is hosted on Wordpress so the layout of the site is clean and easy to navigate. The colors are minimal which is …

Lingeriediva.com website

Lingerie Diva is a website I found while I was searching around for some lingerie to purchase. The lingerie stores in my city are okay at best, but they are not large enough to carry a decent inventory within their stores.
I searched lingerie in the Google search engine which …


I just recently discovered a website I want to tell you about called Makeuseof.com. This is actually a daily blog that was originally launched in 2006 and is based in Denmark. Makeuseof.com declares its main goals are to guide us through the web and internet, tell us about …


This is the Japanese version of deviantArt I found years ago. I was randomly browsing deviantArt when I stumbled upon this, and I was confused when people in forums liked to talk about something called “Pixiv”. I thought it was a name of a software like Adobe Photoshop, but …

RealPajamaJobs.com - The Work at Home Jobs Database

I came across RealPajamaJobs.com while browsing ReviewStream. I was just answering some questions when I saw a request to review this website. Since I am one of those that are interested in new money making opportunities, I decided to check this site out and see what opportunities await me. …

Bing Rewards Program

It has been my experience that a lot of “rewards” programs are not actually so rewarding. A lot of times, it seems like they take up your time and attention, only to provide you with a discount that they should have been giving you all along. However, …

Retail Me Not.com - Online Shopping Discounts

Any time I am doing any online shopping, I always check retailmenot.com to see if there are any discount or coupon codes available. I have gotten great results, but there are a couple strategies you should know to get the most out of this website!
DO check retailmenot.com anytime …


Mommasmoneymatters.com started out as mommasmoneymatters.wordpress.com but as the lady behind the blog gained an audience while blogging up to three times a day she decided that the blog should be able to support itself. This lead to the website of www.mommasmoneymatters.com commonly referred to as M3 that I know …


Explain-health.com is a website I found while searching for various medical information using generic search terms in order to find a resource for educational purposes. I noticed the site toward the top of Google results, despite rarely being satisfied with what tops the lists I decided to check out …

Cosplay.com cosplayers’ community website

As someone who’s a little bit interested in anime and manga, I like seeing good examples of how people can represent their favorite characters in real world with themselves. Cosplayers spend lots of time and sometimes money to do it - it takes making good costumes, going to scenic …

DeviantArt artist community website

In a nutshell, DeviantArt is Facebook designed for artists. Wait, DeviantArt has been around since 2001, which makes it OK to say that Facebook is DeviantArt for people who have problems with artistic self-expression, right?
I have been using this site for three years, mainly for discovering new art. What’s …

Tatoeba.org example sentences online database website

Tatoeba.org is a large database of example sentences in different languages. That is, you can search for one or another sentence and whenever there are any results, the sentences are listed with their translations in different languages. And here’s why it can be helpful: your command of one or …

Duotrope web site: an online marketplace for freelance writers

First things first: Duotrope is the biggest and most convenient online reference of magazines, web-zines, publishing agencies and websites who are open to unsolicited submissions. This fact, however, is more telling of the industry’s sad state rather than the site’s quality. And sadly, it’s going to switch to paid …

Pixiv art community website

If you’re into manga or anime, you should check this site out right now - I’m serious. Even if you only have something to do with visual arts, this site is still a must-see for you. At least you will know where more than half of anime/manga related art …

Bookcoverarchive.com website

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. Wait… if you can’t say much about a book from its cover, then it’s a poorly designed cover. And maybe, the book itself is poorly written, too, since nobody seemed to think that its content is worth good cover art. …

Houzz.com architecture and interior design website

I have always been interested in architecture and interior design, but when I discovered this site, I understood how much I had been missing out on before it happened.
To put it simply, Houzz.com is the biggest, best organized and designed architecture and interior design site ever. There are …

Nutrition Data web site

As a frequent gym visitor, I care about what shape I’m in, and I know it quite well that diet is as important as workouts. These days, it’s pretty difficult to orient oneself in the multitude of different packages on the shelves of grocery stores, and though most of …

Lang-8 online language learning site

There are many ways to learn a language. One of them, which is the most popular, is to bury oneself in textbooks and dictionaries - maybe in “listening practice” CD’s, too. You can hire a coach, if you can afford to. But probably, his command of the language you …

Skyscanner.com Website

I, like most people, am looking for the best airline deals out there. With the high prices it has become necessary to look at “nearby” airports and not just use the one closest to my home. Skyscanner.com makes the process very simple. It doesn’t open up …

Payday Loans from cash4u-online.com

The other day I decided that I was going to try to get a payday loan to pay off some of the Payday Loans I have already taken out for Christmas. It is a very lengthy process when you have to fill out all of the forms online and …

King.com Game Website

When I am trying to unwind at night I like to play games online. I am a member of many game sites and one that I joined many years ago is a website called King.com. I thought that it was a very interesting website because you can deposit money …

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