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Ryanair lowcoster airline

So pretty much everyone, who travels around Europe knows this lowcoster. But if you don’t know - it is an Irish airline that offers the lowest fares for a variety of destinations around Europe. It is also the biggest cheap airline here in Europe, so most of the time, when …

Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport

This is my first visit to Kaohsiung for a leisure trip of 10 days in Taiwan. I chose Kaohsiung as my entry port because of two main reasons. First, it has warmer weather than Taipei does, and second, I wanted to see a quieter town first and more hustle and …

New Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, India

Last week was my second visit to Delhi, the capital of India. Both of my visits were for joining a regional technical meeting. During my first visit which was in 2006, the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport was small, slum, and not very well organized. This time it is much …

Air Tahiti Nui Airlines Hostess Services

I live in French Polynesia, Tahiti and my daughter and grandchildren live in America. In the past, I flew to the US to pick up the two grandkids and bring them back to Tahiti for their summer vacation. However, this year the children are older, so I decided to …

Kansai International Airport

I have entered Japan several times through Narita Airport in Tokyo, but using Kansai Airport near Osaka last month was for the first time. At first I thought that it was a usual airport as in many other places. But my impression changed as soon as I experienced the services …

Mandalay International Airport

I arrived in Mandalay International Airport last December from Bangkok. Unlike in Bangkok (Don Mueang) Airport where there are always long queues for immigration process, and took me more than half of an hour in my last two visits there, in Mandalay Airport the process is relatively quick. There were …

Low cost food court at Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok

Have spare time but know nowhere to have low cost meal in airports? Usually this question arises during meal time, and you find only two categories of restaurants in airports, expensive and very expensive ones. This also applies in Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok where a cup of instant …

Saigon Tan Son Nhat Airport

It is the air hub in southern Vietnam. It has both domestic and international terminals, which is separated 15 minutes away (on foot) one to another. Although there are a number of air carriers using this airport, I recommend you to use Vietnam Air should you continue flying from international …

Blue Air

As a fairly frequent flyer and someone who has tried different airline companies, I would like to share my experience with you.
For now, I only travel in Europe, mainly between Athens, GR, and Larnaca, CY. For such short trips, I believed that a cheap airline was the way to …

Napier (NPE) to Auckland (AKL) flight by Jetstar Regional

This is a photo-based review of my recent flight from Napier (NPE) to Auckland (AKL), in one of the Bombardier Q300s operated by Jetstar around New Zealand.

The exterior of the aircraft is very well-kept; I was surprised considering the age. Although this particular aircraft (VH-SBI) is about 12 years old, …

Air Asia, Airline

I am a frequent flyer. Limited by my budget, and required by circumstance, I often use budget airlines. I understand the implications of flying economy class and have no qualms about travelling light, with little to no leg room, and having to pay extra for any additional little comforts. …

British Airways

I am a member of airlines group from past 5 years and want to share something.
I agree with some complaints that passengers had to face on their trips at the airport,with ground staff and even with their travel agents but i don’t agree with what has been said …

Thai Lion Air

If you plan to fly Lion Air, then better think twice. This company changes the schedule pretty often, and always directs customers to visit their office should they need their complaints to be resolved (emails are not replied). Last July I traveled from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Bangkok (Thailand) by …

Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh is the nearest large airport to my hometown in Ohio, so I frequently fly through this airport both to visit home as well as a stopover to other destinations. We actually have 3 airports about equidistance from home, but this is easily the best, and it’s one of …

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

As the nearest airport to my home, I frequently fly out of the Savannah/Hilton Head Airport, and the close proximity combined with a small but functional space make this one of the best airports through which I’ve flown.
For me, the close proximity makes this airport an easy choice, but …

Lufthansa - Star Alliance

Hello travelers,
Well, I’m a traveller too and that’s why I’m here to tell you a bit about my experience with this air company, during my trips from São Paulo (Brazil) to Stockholm (Sweden).
Firstly, I chose Lufthansa because of the price (I travel only in the economy class) and the time …

Wattay Airport, Vientiane, Laos

Wattay is the only airport in the capital city of Laos, Vientiane. The distance between this airport and Vientiane city center is claimed to be 3 km, but I think it is slightly longer as my taxi took me between 12 to 15 minutes from my hotel to the …

LCCT Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of Kuala Lumpur is located far away from the city center, though it is easy to get there from the Central Station. The cheapest way to get to LCCT is by Air Asia Skybus which costs you around US 2.75 dollars. Taxi fare will …

British Airways

I have travelled with British Airways for the first time in November. We were flying back to New York on holiday and although we would normally chose to fly with United Airlines due to them being the only company which does direct flights from Edinburgh to Newark we sought …

Zest Airways

Before booking a round trip flight with Zest Air, I have been forewarned already of their delayed flight schedules. I thought that it might have been just an isolated situation, but unfortunately, I experienced it too.
I spent the 2012 Christmas holiday in Boracay and booked a round trip flight …

Blue Airlines

I spend a lot of my time travelling, mostly from Eastern Europe to England and back again, i decided i was spending a lot on tickets when in fact cheaper airlines existed.
For a three hour flight i didn’t see the need to have every comfort to me available …

Qatar Airways

I arrived at Johannesburg airport the 20th July 2012 to embark on my journey to the United Kingdom with a stop over at Doha international airport. One month prior I booked my flight with the understanding that the stop over at Doha International would be six hours, to my …

Jet Airways

A couple of weeks ago, I flew from Singapore to Indore, India on an educational trip with Jet Airways, one of the leading airlines in the afore-mentioned country. The trip consisted of 2 flights each way, with New Delhi being the stopover point and I was flying on …

SkyWest Airlines

Dealing with airline travel is sometimes more trouble than its actually worth. In some cases, it would be better to just rent a car and drive to the destination I was going to fly to. While in Washington DC, visiting the Smithsonian Museums, I was informed of a family …

Delta Airlines

When I fly, most times I use South West Airlines. This is mainly because most of the time I can get last minute flights at a pretty inexpensive rate. Just recently I flew Delta Airlines from Baltimore (BWI) to Detroit (DTW). I was visiting a friend who …

Southwest Airlines

In all of the times I have flown in airplanes, I don’t think I have ever flown on Southwest Airlines before. My flight was booked by a relative who was paying for the trip to Orlando. I can’t say whether or not I would fly on Southwest Airlines again …

JFK Airport

When it comes to flying with New York City, I have always had one airport that I want to fly into. And that airport is JFK International Airport. I have been to Newark and La Gauda and I can say with absolute certainly that JFK will always be my …

South African Airways

I’ve taken two South African Airways flights - one on a smaller plane, another on a larger plane - and both were fantastic, especially for a plane. Although I didn’t have too many reasons to deal with any customer service reps, the service on the plane was friendly and …

Kalstar Air

During my one week visit to Pontianak (Indonesia), I planned to have a one day tour and stay a night in Kuching (Malaysia) as the air distance between both cities is only 50 minutes. Until April 2012 there were only two air carriers connecting Pontianak and Kuching. I chose …

JetBlue Airlines

It had been several years since I was on back on a Jetblue Airlines plane and things had changed from my first trip a few years ago. It used to be one of the cheapest airlines to fly and one that seemed to be one of the best. That …

AirFrance airline

After flying to South Africa on both AirFrance and South African Airways, I’ve come to believe that the US is getting severely underserved on American airlines. Both of these companies were far superior to any American company I’ve flown; AirFrance was relatively comfortable, provided above average customer service and …

Economy Class U.S. Airways

First off, I’d like to say I don’t recommend attending a flight on U.S. Airways, why? Well because throughout the whole ride, it wasn’t comfortable. If I had to rate its comfortability at best it’d be 4/10. There’s more, the flight is small and has no additional features. Expect …

US Airways from Harrisburg to West Palm Beach roundtrip

This was my first flight and I’m glad I chose US Airways. At first I was very nervous about going through their check in procedure. Everything in Harrisburg and West Palm Beach went well. The security officers in each airport were very friendly and helpful.
As I boarded the …

United Airlines Flight from Tucson to Las Vegas

I recently booked a flight from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada through United Airlines. I was taking a trip to visit relatives and taking my one year old son to see his cousins. I don’t really like flying so I was anxious about the trip and couldn’t wait …

Insel Air

Recently I had the pleasure of flying on Insel Airlines. I was flying from Miami to Port au Prince. I was not familiar with Insel, but now I can say, “Im glad I flew with Insel.” From top to bottom it was a pleasant experience. The staff was very …

Melbourne airport transfer

Compared to airports in Sydney and Perth, Melbourne airport is very compact. The three terminals (international terminal is positioned in between two domestic terminals) are located side by side within walking distance. It apparently eases passengers to move from one terminal to another. However, airport transfer to the city …

Sydney Airport Transfer, Australia

Sydney airport has three terminals, T1 for international and T2/T3 for domestic flights. If you are a foreigner/stranger and arrive at one of Sydney airport terminals and nobody picks you up to the city, then you may want to board a city train, taxi, or shuttle bus.
By train, it …

Korean airlines

I am someone who travels a lot - I have flown with a number of different airlines from Qantas, British Airways and Virgin.
I was really happy with the service I received on Korean. It is a 4 star airline and I initially tried it out as it offered …

Air Baltic

I traveled with Air Baltic Airlines at the very end of the last year and the very beginning of this year from Munich to Tallinn and back. So totally that made 4 flights as I traveled through the airport of Riga. I chose Air Baltic because it was the …

Jakarta Airport, Terminal 3

This relatively new terminal is dedicated for low cost air carriers. Until recently only Air Asia makes use this terminal. Unlike the other two old terminals where you can drive your car to drop or pick up passengers for free, up here every car has to pay parking fee …

Alaska Airlines

All my life I had only flown on United Airlines. That changed recently when I wanted to visit family that had moved to Anchorage, Alaska. I would finally choose a different airline.
I had seen United pretty much offer less and less. There was only 1 flight out of O’Hare …


Ryanair’s main goal of their services are to provide the cheapest flights possible inside of Europe. They have created a way to make cheap flights and fill them with the biggest amount possible of people with lightweight luggage. They have created a great service specially for their prices.
The first …

Express Jet Airlines

When it comes to flying anywhere, over the last ten years since the 9-11 disaster, I have always found myself getting to the airport two to three hours earlier then my flight. For the lines at check-in can be long, but the lines at security are even longer. I …

Ethiopian Airlines International Routes

I have flown with Ethiopian Airlines on a number of occasions, including on the international route between Nairobi (Kenya) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and from Addis Ababa to Johannesburg (South Afirca). Ethiopian Airlines is a rapidly-expanding, profitable African-owned airline which flies to an extensive list of domestic Ethiopian, continental …

China Southern Airlines

I have flown with China Southern Airlines on a number of occasions, including on the international route from eastern Australia to Guangzhou (China), and the domestic route between Guangzhou and Nanjing (China). China Southern is one of Asia’s largest airlines, both in terms of fleet size and …

Delta Airlines

Although it’s not my least favorite airline, Delta Airlines really lacks a lot of quality that it had when I flew more frequently. I flew home from Las Vegas on two Delta flights, and it was a bit of a mess.
My first problem with Delta was their boarding procedure. …

Continental Airlines

I hadn’t flown Continental in quite a while, and I’m pretty sure I will never fly them again. Although my flight was decent enough, it was no thanks to them and their awful customer service.
I booked my flight through an outside travel site (probably Orbitz), and after checking my …

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

I do not fly on planes much, but since I live in the Atlanta area I always use the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport. This airport is considered the busiest airport in the U.S.A, and I can see why because every time I am there I am amazed …


Being a low cost carrier, I decided to take this airline flight to travel from Kochi and Chennai in India. I was really happy to travel by this airline and for opting this out despite several other airline flights between two destinations. My journey by this airline both to …

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

I’ve been a frequent flyer since I’ve decided to leave home and it’s been already 10 years from that decision. I’ve flown from Mexico to the Caribbean, from this last one all the way down to Singapore to finally settle down in Europe and from all the airplanes I’ve flown …

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