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Drivetime, Bridgcrest Financing & Avirex Warranty Company

For seven years I had dealt with numerous issues either purchasing a car or replacing needy parts and ultimately started using my Chevron-legs to get everywhere. In August of 2015, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Drive-time at 8341 Indiana Ave in Riverside, CA hoping we could …

Wal-Mart Pharmacy Springfield, MO

The Walmart pharmacy located near at 1923 Kearney St. in Springfield, Missouri is the absolute worst Pharmacy I have ever done business with in my life. I have to use the service frequently because unfortunately this is the pharmacy that my doctor chooses to use to initially fill … Customer Service

My experiences with customer service has always been in a gray area. Some times the customer service is really great and other times it’s quite a nightmare. I would like to start with my more pleasant experiences with Customer Service.
One Summer, I ordered a few things for …

Maple Street Car Wash (Russell Springs, KY)

Maple Street Car Wash in Russell Springs, Kentucky is located immediately off exit 62 from Cumberland Parkway. The best feature about this car wash is the quality of the soap. They must use a concentrated mixture. The pre-soak comes out pink. Considering the amount of tree sap residue on my …

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning

I understand that this company which serves the greater metro Atlanta area is well received and I am in no way trying to go on a smear campaign as I describe my recent rather unsatisfying experience. I hope to inform other people out there that normally take everything that …

Art Climbing Center (Indoor Bouldering Wall in Seoul)

There are quite a few climbing gyms in Seoul, which is indicative of how popular the sport is here, and although choosing one to use regularly might just be a case of picking wherever is closest, there are actually quite a lot of differences between venues that are worth considering. …

Care One at Valley Senior Care Facility

Having recently moved my elderly 92 year old grandfather to this senior care facility and getting a real good idea of how they operate, I can safely say they are the best nursing home I have seen. I have a lot to base it on because through my …

Jacoby and Morris DDS Dentistry, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

I started going to Jacoby and Morris Dentistry many years ago when Dr Justin Morris was fresh out of his dental residency. He came into the practice with Dr Jacoby and was recommended to me by family members who knew him personally. I have to say he …

Care One Cresskill Rehabilitation Center

We recently moved my 92 year old Grandfather out of this rehabilitation center and into a Care One top rated nursing home because he absolutely hated this facility. He would call us up every day telling us he had to move somewhere else and he would cry over …


I have sold and bought many items on Ebay, and have had little problems with all of my transactions. Ebay is an extremely easy way to buy and sell online, and it includes a vast variety of categories which make it so much easier for you to buy anything …

Weather Busters NJ HVAC Company

I very recently had a new furnace and central air system replaced in my townhouse and used the Weather Busters. I couldn’t be happier with their services. With the Winter approaching, we decided we needed our furnace cleaned and found the Weather Busters through Groupon. They …

Crunch Fitness, Gym Chain

Let me preface this review by saying that although my body isn’t as fit as it used to be, I am a former competitive volleyball player and know my way around a gym pretty well. After gaining some weight, I decided to research an affordable gym that I could …

Soapmaker and Candlemaker supplies from

When I started making my own melt and pour soap I ordered supplies from various websites. I noticed a lot of the websites offered a lot of natural and unnatural products all of which were similar to each other. When I stumbled upon I saw that …

Chopsticks from

We were recently planning a 30th birthday at our local hibachi restaurant and wanted to provide our guests with memorable favors as a thank you for coming. I researched high and low for the perfect Asian themed party favors and decided on chopsticks. Some upper end chopsticks …

When the time was nearing for my husband and I to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary I knew I wanted to do something special for him. It’s so much more difficult to find a gift for a man than a woman in my opinion as us gals are …

Track On Courier, Delhi

My brother sent a consignment on 20th May through Trackon Courier from Cochin to Delhi. I was supposed to get the consignment, as told by the courier people, on the very next day. The consignment contained some important documents which I needed urgently for some official work.
I waited the …

Fresh Till Death Tattoos

If you are looking to get a great looking tattoo in a very clean environment with very professional artists, I strongly suggest you take a walk into Fresh Till Death Tattoos, located at 2313 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA 18109 !
When you first walk into the lobby, you will notice …

Save on Scents ( )

Save on Scents is a supplier for wholesale fragrance oils and fragrance crafting products. I have a small business crafting custom perfumes and designer duplications, as well as bath/body products and candles. After using a lot of different suppliers, I have decided that Save on Scents provides …

Speech Therapy and Associates

Speech Therapy and Associates located at 3124 West Main Street in Dothan, Alabama is an amazing facility that has only been open around two years at most. The speech therapists that were once at the now closed Spectrum opened an office together. They have a tutor and an OT …

Esso Clerk at 3800 Kingston Road, Scarborough

I usually stop on my way home from work to the Esso station at 3800 Kingston road because it has gas at a slightly cheaper rate than the standard price. With stations just up the street that have a lower price like Pioneer and Shell, the Esso station …

Pink N White Nail and Hair Salon Nampa, Idaho

If you’re looking for a great place to get your nails done in the Nampa area, I strongly suggest trying out Pink “N” White Nail and Hair Salon located on Caldwell Blvd. and Orchard Street. Every worker in the salon is extremely friendly and goes out of their …

Color Me Mine, Aventura Mall, Aventura, Fl

When I stumbled across Color Me Mine, I was very excited to see a family friendly and art positive space amongst the countless high-end retail stores and posh restaurants featured in the area’s mall. If you’re not familiar, Color Me Mine is an commercial …

SmartStyle in Wal-mart, Martinsburg, WV

I hate getting my hair cut, not because I love my hair or am scared, it’s just something that’s not very important to me; it’s more of a nuisance to me than anything and I hate spending money on getting hair cut off. That being said, I was in …

Supercut Poway, CA

I was anxious as I drove to this Supercuts for my first haircut after moving to California. I had never been to a Supercuts before, but had heard they were “hit or miss,” especially for long haired women like myself. Because most of the haircuts I have gotten, regardless …

Sanctuary Spa in Tradition, Port Saint Lucie

Salons existed everywhere nowadays, but I have never been to one that has the full treatments like massages and such. Mostly, I just get my hair cut at places that call themselves salons. I had heard about the Sanctuary Spa in Tradition before because they are right next to …

Cakes in a Cup, San Angelo TX cupcake shop

For San Angelo, this was the first cupcake shop in town. Originally working out of a corner of a flower shop, they have grown enough to get their own place (with more hours and Saturdays). I really only stop by when I’m in need of a sugar fix, but …

Angels for Animals Animal Shelter

This charity has a big presence in my hometown, and I think they do pretty good work placing animals and getting work done. Although I’m sometimes unhappy with how they spend their money, it’s a pretty reputable charity if you’re interested in donating, a fun place to volunteer, and …

Gizmo’s Tatto Studio in Dallas, Texas

I decided to go to Gizmo’s Tattoo Studio to get my blacklight tattoo after spending several months researching studios in Dallas. My desired tattoo was an interlocking set of infinity signs - a pretty complicated design for a 2in by 1in space, especially for blacklight ink - but Robert …

The Tile Shop

My fiance has been working on remodeling our kitchen for the past few months. When we finally got to the point in which we needed to decide what tile we would use for the backsplash we were stuck. We checked local home improvement stores but their selection was mediocre, …

The Parlor Salon

I’ve been going to have my hair cut at The Parlor by Jen for the last 3 years. Previously I was going to Erik of Norway and while the stylists there did a good job of cutting and styling my hair, they were not very pleasant people to deal …

Frenz Designing Hair and Nails Salon

I go to Frenz salon about every 3 weeks to get my nails done. The salon employs two manicurists and both can perform the Shellac and OPI gel manicures that last up to 2 weeks as well as traditional nail color. It’s not very conveniently located for me, but …

Otto’s Wine Cask Liquor Store

The closest liquor store to my home is Otto’s Wine and Spirits. It’s very conveniently located about a 5 minute drive from my household and I also pass it every day on my way home from work. I always go here for specialty beer, cocktails, wine and anything else …

Tosa Liquor Milwaukee WI

My fiance and I have been to Tosa Liquor a few times when we’re heading over to a friend’s house and need to bring our own drinks. It’s convenient since it’s right on the corner of the intersection we need to turn off and there is always ample parking …

Amy B. and Co Salon

I’d purchased a Groupon deal for Amy B. and Co. salon for their signature facial. After using another Groupon for a spa deal, I’d realized how much I loved a relaxing facial, so when this great deal became available I knew I’d have to take advantage of it.
I …

East Town Spa

I purchased a great Groupon deal for a combined spa pedicure, massage and facial at East Town Spa located in downtown Milwaukee. It was the first time I’d been to that spa though I used to live in the area and knew of its existence. The building itself is …

Brother’s Custom Bicycles

I have recently had some issues with my driver’s license. I had moved to Florida from Indiana, and had gotten my license transferred over from that state after arriving here with no difficulty. I have never before had any serious issue with my driving record. One day while driving …

SL Link Beauty and Slimming

I came across SL Link Beauty and Slimming pamphlet and came to know of the threading service offered. So I decided to give it a try as not many places in Singapore offer threading to shape the eyebrows. To know better about their services, I decided to …

Personnel Staffing in Gadsden, AL

Right now there are a lot of people out there struggling to find jobs. I have used a staffing agency in the past to search for employment, but this agency in particular has been the worse experience. I do not like to write negative reviews, but I …

Little Shop of Crafts (Pottery Painting Store)

My friend and I wanted to do something a bit creative and different on a Wednesday night so we decided to paint some pottery. I haven’t done this since I was very young, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to do it as an …

Gorant Candies, Inc. - Chocolate Company in Youngstown, Ohio

Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, I thought Gorant candies were available nationwide, but it wasn’t until I moved out of Ohio that I realized how fortunate we were to have them. The store on Market Street is full of Gorant products made at their nearby factory, as well as …

Charter Communications (Arden, North Carolina service area)

When I first moved to Asheville, North Carolina, I typed in what cable services were in the area and what kind of high speed internet services they offered. It seemed like the only one available (other than satellite services) was Charter Communications - whom I’d never heard of. I …

Aveda Hair Salon

I was recently in Victoria and in desperate need of a haircut, so on a whim I popped into Aveda salon.
I was impressed immediately by the professional air in which the receptionist and stylists conducted themselves. Although they couldn’t see me right away, they made an appointment for …

Adelaide Spa at Royal Crown Plaza in Asheville North Carolina

I purchased two Groupons to go to Adelaide Spa as a (belated) Valentine’s Day couple’s activity for my boyfriend and I. We got the Simply Spa package which cost $65 each on Groupon, apparently regularly $135. The treatment which lasted a little over an hour was hardly worth the …

Broadway Dance Center in New York City

I first made my way to Broadway Dance Center to take a dance class when I was around 18 years old. I lived about an hour and a half train ride away, but after looking at the website, it seemed like the studio had a lot to offer, …

Angela’s Birch Bay Market

This farmer’s market is unique among it’s kind– they run an indoor swap meet the 5 days the are open, and they building an artisan mall in the smaller of the two buildings. Their prices on bulk supplies and produce are in general 40% less than the surrounding grocery …

Great Jones Spa

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I decided to treat each other to a massage and a day at the spa. New York city has a lot of varieties, however Great Jones came up over and over again because of their additional amenities. Besides the various treatments that they …

Magenta Photo Studio

My family and I recently took pictures at Magenta Photo Studios in Brampton Ontario. I found the Studio while I was christmas shopping at The Bramalea City Centre. It’s located on the first floor. After seeing the wall display I couldn’t resist. Their photos were absolutely amazing.
I have been …

B & M Removals & Storage

I used this removals firm when I moved house six months ago. They are reasonably priced, the removal men are friendly and I would recommend them as long as the furniture and household goods you require them to handle are not too expensive. I know that you …

Workout Anytime Gym

I was staying at my parents house for the weekend and decided to join my Dad at the gym he regularly attends. The gym is a small gym located inside a plaza at the back of a group of plazas. The gym is small but clean and well …

Toula’s Bridal Store in Canfield, Ohio

Two of my close friends are both engaged, and we had the opportunity to visit Toula’s to try on dresses. After visiting a few other stores, this is by far my favorite. We even got a recommendation from Jacqueline’s Bridal to try Toula’s if we couldn’t find anything in …

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