Medicine Reviews

Sensur Oil Roll On (Natural Pain Reliever)

Headache is a constant phenomenon with me, specially during summer season. Taking pain relief medicines, like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen have its own problem as overdose can have adverse reactions. My search for natural pain relief medicine ends with Sensur Roll On.

Sensur was recommended to me by one of my …

Tetmosol Anti Fungal Dusting Powder

I was discribe Tetmosol Dusting Powder dermatologist when he had diagnosed jock itch on my groin area. There was itching coupled with red rash and my self medication could not handle it. The doctor had immediately diagnosed the problem and prescribed this powder along with an antifungal medicine in tablet …

Neosporin H Ear Drops

My son was complaining of ear pain since last few days. He was also having liquid discharge sometimes, especially when he was having cold. I tried some herbal medicine at home for a short while which didn’t give any result. Consequently, I had to take appointment with an ENT specialist …

Seroflo Inhaler 250 with Dose Counter

My mother develops serious breathing problems whenever there is sudden seasonal change and also when she visits any new areas. It used to be a big concern for my family. However, Seroflo Inhaler has given her much needed relief.

My family doctor had prescribed it to my mother few months back …

Xone - Ceftriaxone Injection 1 gram

My youngest son was diagnosed with meningitis. He was having high grade fever and crying a lot. When symptomatic treatment didn’t give any results, I rushed him to my pediatrician. The doctor had told me about meningitis by just physical examination, but had also prescribed certain diagnostic tests. Reports confirmed …

Hahnemann Pain Fighter Oil Homeopathic Medicine

Pain Fighter Oil is a homeopathic treatment for muscle pain which was suggested by a homeopathic doctor for me. I love the way this medicine has worked for me. It is even loved by my mother. I was actually looking for a pain relief massage sort of oil to alleviate …

Moov Pain Relief Specialist Cream

Moov pain relief cream has been a part of my family first aid kit since last few years. It is one of the best products available in the market for back pain as well as chronic neck aches. My parents are quite old and they have used it regularly with …

Sumo L 650 ER (Paracetamol Extended Release Tablets)

Paracetamol is my first choice as a medicine for the treatment of body pain and fever. Recently, I had started to realize that my old brand is not giving optimum result when it comes to body ache. That was Paracetamol 500 mg. There was no issue with fever, though. I …

Duvabel - SR (Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride) Tablet for Premature Labor

Isoxsuprine is the most popular medical composition for the treatment of premature labor. I have also experienced its effectiveness during the last pregnancy of my wife. And, the brand which I had used then was Duvabel SR. It immediately relaxes the uterus and stops contraction. The relaxation helps in averting …

Urikind - K (Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid Oral Solution)

My wife was complaining of urinary tract infection at regular interval. The urine culture test followed by antibiotics used to be followed. Later, doctor advised us to go through whole abdomen ultrasound which we did. The result was little bit shocking and worrying. She had stones in both of her …

Flagyl 400 (Metronidazole Tablets IP)

Flagyl 400 is an antibiotic medicine which can be used for the treatment of variety of bacterial infections, like lungs, urinary tract, stomach and intestines, among others. It is my preferred medicine for dysentery. I remember a physician prescribing it when I had severe diarrhea coupled with stomach cramps.

Flagyl …

Hicope Syrup (Hydroxyzine Oral Solution IP)

My youngest son has gotten allergic reaction because of reason unknown to me. I used a medicine which I had kept at my first aid kit without any success. I also saw red bumps coming out at various locations of his body. I had to immediately rush to my pediatrician. …

Alkanil Syrup (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate) for UTI and Kidney Stone

I was having burning sensation while urinating along with some other minor urinary problems like having strong and persistent urge to urinate. I understood that I have gotten urinary tract infection. First of all, I tried to correct the anomaly at home by drinking lots of water. But, that did …

Azivent 500 (Azithromycin Tablets) for Respiratory Tract Infection

Dry cough is one of the main symptoms of COVID - 19. I was having recently cough problem. Naturally, I was frightened. That was not completely dry, little bit productive cough. Still, I went ahead and got myself tested for COVID-19 which turned out to be negative. Next step was …

Atarax Drops (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride Drops)

My son had a case of allergic reaction after using an antibiotic medicine for viral fever. It started with small red bumps which developed into big red rashes within one hour of giving medicine. He was also crying indicating unwanted sensation like itching.

I had to rush him immediately to …

Oflokem Eye/Ear Drops

The onset of summer started with bacterial infection in my right eye. It had turned reddish and there was itching along with little bit of swelling. Due to national lock down in view of COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to visit a doctor. I talked to a friend who …

Patanjali Divya Rasraj Ras

My cousin is undergoing treatment for neuro - muscular problem. He had a short paralytic attack. After hospitalization, his physical conditions didn’t improve much. A relative suggested us to see an ayurvedic doctor, which we did. The doctor had prescribed him Divya Rasraj Ras medicine. This is the first time …

Hexigel (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) Antiseptic Mouth Gel

I had a painful case of mouth ulcer only recently. The oft repeated treatment, like taking a Vitamin B - Complex capsule a day, didn’t work. I had to talk to a dentist who after examining the ulcer told me that there is nothing to worry about. He prescribed Hexigel …

Grilinctus Cough Syrup

Cough Syrup is one thing for which I always use with caution. There is quite high possibility of side effects in this case. I live in an area where sudden temperature change is a mundane phenomenon. And, in this climate, I am prone to cough problem. Recently, I have used …

Volini Pain Relief Spray

I have tried different products for sprains and body aches. And, I have found Volini as one of the best. I don’t like taking pain relief tablets as overuse can lead to many side effects. Further, cream is also not a regular option for me because of work related issues. …

Permom (Permethrin) Cream for Itching and Lice

I had become victim of a serious itching problem along with rashes in the last summer. I tried everything that had given me relief previously in more or less similar circumstances. Unfortunately, nothing was working. I had to speak to a dermatologist who prescribed some tablets along with Permom Cream. …

Mifegest Kit for Pregnancy Termination

Mifegest Kit is widely used for the purpose of abortion of pregnancy of maximum 10 weeks. I had given this medicine to my wife only recently when the pregnancy test kit showed positive result. My sister who is an OBGyne had prescribed this kit.

Mifegest Kit is a combi pack of …

Gudcef - CV 200 Antibiotic for Respiratory Tract Infection

Gudcef - CV 200 is an antibiotic which was prescribed to me by a physician for the treatment of respiratory tract infection. I had cough since one week and a cough syrup was not giving any positive result. I had to consult a physician who diagnosed lung infection. The doctor …

Religel Pain Relief Ointment

I had recently developed low back pain problem. When pain killer tablets were not giving optimum result, I decided to go for a pain relief balm or ointment. I was recommended to use Religel Ointment by one of my friends. This was actually the first time when I had heard …

Crina - NCR 10 mg (Norethisterone Acetate Controlled Release) Tablets

My wife was prescribed to take Crina - NCR 10 mg tablet when she was going through menstrual disorder, like continuous vaginal bleeding and pain in lower abdomen. She was also prescribed to take a combined contraceptive pill simultaneously. Crina NCR 10 mg was supposed to be given for …

Gudcef - CV 200 (Cefpodoxime Proxetil and Potassium Clavulanate) Tablets

I had serious case of cough problem in this winter. My regular cough syrup couldn’t help and I had to rush to a physician. The doctor after proper examination prescribed some medicines. He didn’t advise any diagnostic test and asked that the combination of medicine in prescription should help me …

Calcarea Phosphorica 6X for Brain Tumor

My brother is a long term survivor of Glioblastoma Brain Tumor - Grade IV. You will hardly find any GBM patient who is still fighting it out for six long years. The battle for him is long and what helped him is Ruta 6 and Calcarea Phosphorica 6X. I …

Descon Contraceptive Tablets

My wife had developed dysmenorrhea six months after giving birth to our last baby. She was having serious menstrual cramps along with irregular bleeding. I had to take her to an OBGyne. After proper examination, the doctor prescribed a contraceptive pill along with another medicine. They are supposed to be …

Minmin Tonic for Anemia

My son was recently diagnosed with Anemia. He had developed pale skin and loss of appetite. The pediatrician asked for blood test where low hemoglobin count along with slightly lower Red Blood Cells was seen. The doctor prescribed Minmin Tonic and a Vitamin D3 supplement. Well, Vitamin D3 supplement …

The One-a-Day Allergy Relief 10 Mg Tablets Loratadine by Boots

During spring time, I always have problems with hay fever and I tested a variety of products which claim to fight this condition. One of the most effective pills are , in my opinion, the One-a-day allergy relief tablets created by Boots.Unlike other similar tablets, they are not habit-forming and …

Magnesium supplement, Magnerot

I have used a variety of Magnesium supplements but the majority of them were poorly absorbed. My doctor prescribed me Magnerot by Worwag Pharma and to my surprise, it does a great job. After taking these pills for three months, my body feels much better and they did treat my …

Aristozyme Digestive Enzyme

The OBGyne prescribed my wife Aristozyme to control prolong digestive problem during the first trimester of her latest pregnancy. She has developed serious digestive problem coupled with gastric issues.

I bought one 200 ml bottle of Aristozyme which costs Rs. 81. It is manufactured and marketed by Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. …

Trimox CV Dry Syrup for Bacterial Infections

Trimox CV dry syrup was prescribed to my youngest son for the treatment of wounds on his head. It is actually a powerful antibiotic which quicken the wound healing process apart from keeping off any possibility of spreading of infection. He had three wounds on the head and when we …

Osteoporosis Treatment, Bio - D3 Fem RF Capsule for Vitamin D deficiency

My mother is under treatment for osteoporosis and weakness of bone. A bone density test had confirmed this disease when she complained about continuous mild pain on her spine and arms. Her 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D test was also abnormal showing the level of Vitamin D well below the normal …

Aceclo Plus Tablets for Pain and Fever

Aceclo Plus is my favorite medicine for tackling any sort of pain, body ache and headache, among others. It was first prescribed to me few years back for headache. Since then, I use it whenever required.

Aceclo Plus is manufactured and marketed by Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. which is one …

Divya Arshkalp Vati Tablets for Piles

My wife is suffering from mild piles for quite a long time. We don’t want to go for surgery. I had previously given her Himalaya Pilex, but the result was not satisfactory. A herbal medicine expert suggested me to try Patanjali Divy Arshkalp Vati. I have recently used many …

Tremnil 2mg (Trihexyphenidyl Hydrochloride) Tablet for Muscle Spasm and Cramp

Tremnil 2mg tablet is used in the treatment of Parkison’s disease and related symptom. My experience with this medicine is for an altogether different reason. My brother who is a long term survivor of Grade IV GBM Brain Tumor patient was prescribed this medicine for muscle spasm. This …

Rexcof DX Syrup for Dry Cough

Recently, I had the problem of dry cough. The cough was persistent and my regular cough syrup couldn’t solve the problem. The throat was also becoming quite itchy. I consulted a physician who prescribed an antibiotic and Rexcof DX.
Rexcof DX is manufactured and marketed by Cipla which is …

C B Max Injection to relieve pain

My wife complained about severe pain on her buttock. General pain management medicines couldn’t give any relief to her. Gradually, the problem was increasing and within a week it had become very tough for her to bend forward. I fixed an appointment with a physician. The doctor quickly diagnosed the …

Zinnat ( Cefuroxime) Antibiotic Tablets

Zinnat is a broad spectrum antibiotic and it is beneficial for a wide range of common problems. It can cure bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and many other infections.
Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections. I do advise you to see a doctor before starting to take a certain antibiotic. …

Satrogyl - O Dry Syrup

My youngest son was recently down with diarrhea. The regular medicine couldn’t tackle his condition for 3 days. Then, my pediatrician prescribed Satrogyl - O syrup along with Probiotic and Peditral ORS.
I bought one 75mg/30 ml pack of Satrogyl - O syrup. It is manufactured and marketed by Alkem …

Amoxyclav 625, antibiotic medicine

Amoxyclav 625 is an antibiotic medicine which I was prescribed when I had a wound over my thigh. It worked wonderfully and the wound got healed within two days. Since then, it has become one of my favorite antibiotics for the treatment of variety of bacterial infections.

Amoxyclav 625 is produced …

Evion LC (Vitamin E Acetate and Levocarnitine) Tablet

My elder brother who is fighting brain tumor stage IV has complained about muscle stiffness. I visited neuro physician and discuss this new problem. The doctor first asked me to get blood test done for Valproate Toxicity. The blood test result indicated the existence of this toxicity.
Well, my …

Megaheal Amorphous Hydrogel Wound Dressing with Colloidal Silver

My last son was born through caesarian delivery. After the delivery, the OBGyne had prescribed Megaheal for wound dressing. It is one of the best products available in the market in this category. I have seen and experienced its effectiveness in quickening the healing process of wound.
I used …

Solu Medrol (Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate for InjectionUSP) 500 mg

Solu Medrol is a powerful corticosteroid which has saved my brother’s life on at least two occasions. My brother being a Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain Tumor Stage IV) patient needs steroid to continue living independent life to an extent. However, sometimes the steroid in medicine form can’t control inflammation of …

Cloben G, bacterial and fungal infections cream

Cloben G is a very effective cream to be used for variety of bacterial and fungal infections. It was prescribed by my pediatrician to my elder son who is 12 years old. He developed ring like rashes on right hand. When the first line of treatment with a homeopathic …

Dupact (Undenatured Collagen Type II Capsules)

I was having knee pain recently. Doctor had prescribed Collagen Peptide Sodium liquid oral solution for 14 days. I got relief. After this, the doctor asked me to take Dupact 40 mg capsule. This medicine was prescribed to me continuously for two months. I am now feeling much better.
Dupact …

FCN - 150 (Fluconazole 150 mg Tablet)

My wife had recently developed red rashes on her right breast. She was feeling itching sensation along with pain. When general antifungal treatment didn’t give any result, I took her to the doctor. After proper examination, the doctor prescribed an ointment along with Fluconazole Tablet. The prescription was for FCN …

Colihenz (Citicoline Sodium Tablets)

Colihenz was prescribed to my brother when he was admitted to hospital. He is a long term survivor of glioblastoma brain tumor Grade IV. Recently, he developed serious problem when dexamethasone was laid off. We had to admit him in the hospital where he was symptomatically treated for seven …

Collashot (Collagen Peptide Solution)

I was prescribed to take Collashot for 14 days by my doctor. I was feeling pain in the knee whenever I used to stand up after sitting for a while. It was natural for me to get tensed as knee pain below 40 years of age is not something worth …

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