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Bose Bluetooth Speaker Model 415849

This is the Bose Color Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker Model 415849. I had not heard of the bose brand until recently when they started making headphones. When I was given this desktop speaker I didn’t see much use for it. I had headphones, speakers for the TV and the laptop …

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart watch

I first purchased this smart watch after doing some research when I wanted a Fit Bit. I realized there were many other alternatives available and this was one of them. It was also so much cheaper I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.
This watch looks very simple …

Sony TV - Bravia KDL-40R550C

I bought this TV about a year ago from Costco to furnish a new apartment. I had been getting along quite well just using the laptop but it made it hard to watch movies with anyone so I thought an investment in a TV would be a wise idea. I …

Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

I’ve been using this headset for pretty much everything when it comes to listening to things on my computer. It is great not only for gaming purposes, but also just for listening to videos, music, etc. The mic is also of extremely high quality, and considering it only cost me …

Cellulite massager Beurer CM 50

First of all,I would like to start my review saying that I am a person who cares about the way she looks.I have a healthy lifestyle and I am always looking for new methods in order to have a slim body.I do not believe in super power pills or massager …

Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6420/00

All women dream about having smooth skin.There are many options in order to have properly epilated legs,but my favourite one is the epilator.
Today I will share my opinion about the cheapest and probably the most effective epilator I have ever used:Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6420/00. I purchased it online last year …

Brother SQ9185 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Let me tell you as soon as I had my hands on my new sewing machine it was like Christmas because my heart had dropped in my stomach and I was grinning from ear to ear as I walked out of Walmart. Th Brother SQ9185 sewing and quilting machine is …

Yonanas The Healthy Dessert Maker

About 3 weeks ago this magical machine came right to my door. I can’t describe how happy I was about it, I have to admit: the marketing really affected me here. This Yonanas machine has been around for a while and their videos looked just too good to be true. …

Boat Rockerz 350 Bluetooth Headphones

Boat Rockerz 350 is one of the best Bluetooth Headphones I have ever used till date at this price range.
I got this headphone as a gift from my wife on my Birthday But looking on the cost I thought it will not have that good quality of sound and …


I am from Chennai Tamil Nadu recently we changed to a 2BHK flat since the hall is very big compared to our old flat our Samsung 22 inch LED TV was looking very small for the hall and the sound was not audible.Then we decided to change our old TV. …

Hiku - shopping list organizing device

The HIKU is a device that can scan items or take dictation and puts them directly onto your shopping list. It works well and makes shopping easier. It is portable and useful for creating organized and accurate lists. It retails for around $48 on amazon.

This product is a …

Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor

I play mostly metal music and that kind of genre requires a high amount of distortion from whichever amplifier you might use. Also if 7-string guitars are used and low tuned guitars in general, the amount of hiss and overall noise and feedback is really a problem. Since I bought …

Earise F12 Bluetooth Speaker

I really have to thank my fiend of getting this little speaker for me as a souvenir, because I love it. It’s a pretty decent music player.

My friend had thrown the box away because it’s in really bad condition after the “torture” at the custom and luggage checkout.
However, the speaker …

BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

The Boss AC-3 acoustic simulator was really an experiment for me. I usually always go for the original tone/sound and that kind of simulating effects are not really my cup of tea. The first time I came in contact with such kind of effect was on a Roland micro cube …

Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote

This Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote is another brand-less small gadget I bought from online.
I bought it because my family is going on a trip and I want us to be able to take family photos without having to ask others for help.

Furthermore it is really cheap, less than SG$3, including …

Remax RM-610D Earphones

I am quite a music lover, or rather I should say I like to be in my own world without having to do those unnecessary social interaction and hypocrisy.
So I like my earphones to be in ear and with great noise cancellation.

When my sister’s cheap compatible earphones broke and …

DKnight Magicbox II bluetooth speaker

Dknight Magicbox II is the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever bought. Not only it’s pretty good, it’s also pretty cheap. I love to listen to music. I listen to music at work, when I sleep and at the bathroom. But, sometimes if I listen to …

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan in my granny’s bedroom wasn’t working properly for quite few days. Every time we’d turn on the switch, the fan would work but it’d be slow and would never deliver a proper air flow in the room in spite of adjusting the regulator.
And every time we …

Xiaomi (Mi) NDY-02-AD 10400mAh Power Bank

I guess everyone carries at least one portable charger (power bank) with them whenever they go out. It has become an essential as our phones are now taking over our lives.

I’m a gamer, so a power bank is a must-have when I leave the house. We’ve about 8 power …

Marshall JMP-1 Valve Midi Pre-Amp

The Marshall JMP-1 preamp is an awesome unit. The first time I came in contact with this preamp I was blown out of my mind. It all began when I started to play more seriously and when I was in search of a sound of my own. I was all …

Lodestar/Robotsky/Sunlink 4 in 1 wireless mini gamepad volume control and selfie shutter remote

I really want to give a specific brand of this little device but unfortunately, it has been sold online under different brand names and sometimes none at all. In fact, it’s without a brand when I brought it from the online store. It’s just listed as a “4 in 1 …

8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller

8Bitdo whose slogan is “Everything old is new again” is a company located in Hong Kong and Shen Zhen that is known for their retro design game controllers.

After a very bad experience with the delivery service, I’ve finally decided to head down to the post office myself to collect the …

Remote shutter and game controller, 8Bitdo Zero

8Bitdo is not kidding when it claims that the Zero controller is the smallest controller. It’s is so small that it could be use as a keychain.

See how small it’s when compared to my hand?
However, being small doesn’t means that it’s frail, instead, it’s like it’s siblings from 8Bitdo, …

Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK7-M Electric 7-String Guitar

I play guitar a really long time (more than 20 years). The main genre of music that I am involved with is metal music. That said I tried a lot of guitars within this specific genre and the first model or brand of guitars that I was involved with was …

Individual Ink Cartridge for each colour vs A single Colour Ink Cartridge

We’ve entered the digital era, with everything made easy by technology, which in turn increase our reliance on electronic devices.
I see the increase need of device like the multipurpose printers and more hosuehold are owning at least one of them. And my family happens to be one of them.
When …

Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q Wah Pedal

The style of music that I play is basically metal, but I like to venture in some hard rock and blues stuff sometimes. The Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q Wah pedal suits all of those genres and does it pretty well. In fact, I must say that this pedal is the …

Fender Stratocaster Highway 1 Electric Guitar

I have been playing for a long time. Mostly, I am in the heavy stuff like all kinds of metal, hard rock etc. When I decided to buy this guitar I was well aware that this guitar, the Fender Stratocaster Highway one, will not be very suitable for this kind …

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

For the music I like to listen and play, which is good old heavy metal, trash metal and some kind of bluesy and fusion rock, I think that the TC Electronic Dark Matter distortion pedal does a pretty good job. The thing that most players should be aware of is …

Morley Bad Horsie 1 Wah Pedal

I play mainly metal music and some hard rock/blues sometimes, and the Morley Bad Horsie 1 wah pedal does the job very well in those genres. There is not much to figure out or reading the manual to understand how it works. And this is one of the great things …

Ronkoen i5 Plus Oled Smart Bracelet

There are many reasons why I adore my Ronkoen i5 Plus Oled Smart Bracelet but perfection is decently not one of them. This bracelet has a few flaws but I just love it in spite of them. The fact is that when you buy something cheap you cannot expect it …

Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier solo head Guitar Amplifier

The Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier is an awesome amplifier for playing more aggressive type of music like metal. The amplifier is quite versatile so although my personal opinion is the aforementioned, hard rock, rock and blues can also be played with this amplifier and the sounds are pretty awesome and …

Gamestop wired PS3/PS2 controller

I go to Gamestop for pretty much all my gaming needs so when my official PS3 pad broke, I immediately turned to Gamestop to get a replacement. Most of the pad is clear so you can see the inner workings, which I think is pretty cool. The design isn’t the …

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks On-Ear Interchangeable Headphones with 1-Button Mic and Music Control

I hadn’t heard much about SOL before I picked up a pair of these headphones.
This past year I went on the hunt for a pair of headphones that I could throw in my bag and go. I wanted something stylish, but I didn’t want to pay too much …

Blue Snowball ICE USB condenser microphone

After needing a new microphone for months, I finally broke down and dished out $50 for the Blue Snowball and you know what? it’s actually good. Definitely the best microphone I’ve used.
The sound I get is crystal clear. Usually my microphones make my voice sound really deep, but this …

Comfort Zone CZHV8USB Green Desktop Fan

Quite possibly the worst piece of junk I have bought this year! And after about two months of frustration, it finally went into the recycle bin.I think next time I am going to look for a tabletop fan made a long time ago. My grandparents owned one and it …

Lasko 20 Inch Premium Box Fan Model 3723

The time started getting almost unbearably hot even before summer was upon us. I figured that we were going to need at least one more fan, but I didn’t want something that wasn’t durable. I got the “Lasko 20 Inch Premium Box Fan Model 3723″ because it looked durable at …

Termozeta La gelatiera, ice cream maker

I always wanted to be able to make my own ice cream and I tried so many different recipes but final result was never creamy so I was always disappointed. I needed an ice cream maker but I did not want to spend a lot of money so I kept …

HP OfficeJet 4500

HP OfficeJet 4500 is a small range color printer by HP. It comes with a usb port , network and fax port. Its multifunctional i.e. it can print, scans, fax and copy as well. Setting up the printer is quite easy. It is a low budget printer and would …

HP OfficeJet 8600 Pro

Hp officeJet Pro 8600 is one of the most successful printers from HP. It an all in one printer and has features like scanning, copying and fax too. A small LCD screen in the front of the printer makes the interaction between the user and the print quite easy. It …

The Cobra CX112 Walki-Talkie Two Way Radio

After getting this device start out by holding down the power button until the device beeps.

Now that it is on and another walki talki device has also been turned on you can press the phone button to call the other device.

Hold down the grey button on the side …

Fujitsu Fi-7160Z Scanner

Recently we made a major change in our organization system and went completely electronic. I bought 6 fujitsu fi7160Z scanners and scanned the last 20 years worth of paper in a matter of a month. The scanner was packed safely by the company and I received the package with any …

Sharp AR-5726 Photocopier

Sharp AR-5726 is small heavy-duty black and white photocopier which comes with USB 2.0 port for printing directly from your pc or laptop. Sharp AR-5726 handles all office related tasks like copying and print jobs with ease while providing tons of features to control them. It has 3 trays two …

Pringles Party Speakers

I love the taste of Pringles. Compared to all other potato chips, I think it has the right saltiness. When I saw that Pringles have a promo and that you just have to send a code in the box to get Pringles Party Speakers, I decided to buy and redeem …

Vinsic 20000mAh Powerbank

Vinsic Powerbank is fast,stable current durable charger that holds a capacity of 20000mAh and can charge your smartphone several times. While equipped with a great body, it charging variations automatically sets according to the device being charged , whether its a Iphone or a tablet device. It takes at least …

Nova Home Appliance 16 Inch Oscillation Stand Fan Model Number LF40-Y404

This has been one of the hottest summers that I have experienced in a while, so I knew that I would need another fan. However, I didn’t exactly budget for one long-term so I decided that I was going to get something fairly inexpensive. That was the reason why I …

Netgear Arlo Security System with wireless wifi cameras

I bought this security system with the idea that wireless cameras would save me a lot of headache! For anyone who has set up a camera security system knows that the wires can be a nightmare! Which the Arlo system definitely solved by creating these small indoor/outdoor …

One Single Side USB Caller Headset Model Number EHP 501BK

I was looking for a sturdy caller headset which I would use for web conferences since my old one had stopped working. Although I had gone to multiple stores looking for a new one, I was unable to find a single headset that had a USB plug. Eventually the only …

Black and Decker Steam Iron Model IRBD02LA

Our latest iron is a Black and Decker Steam Iron of model number IRBD02LA. It was bought because the last iron from this brand that we had lasted us years without us having so much of a hitch using it, and it was also not as expensive as some brands. …

Ion Block Rocker, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I bought this portable speaker because it featured wireless connection via bluetooth and great sound, which was perfect for when I would coach Cheerleading at the school.

I loved the color of the speaker but soon realized that it wasn’t really practical when used mostly outdoors. But I chose the white …

Argom Tech Stereo Multimedia Headset with Microphone Dynamic 63

The “Argom Tech Stereo Multimedia Headset with Microphone Dynamic 63″ was recommended to me as an affordable and reliable set of headphones that I could video conference with. I was a little skeptical about the quality at first though, because the price seemed to be below the usual amount that …

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