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Seize the Impress Coffee bar & Cake shop in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I love coffee and coffee bars. Whenever I travel, I go out and look for the cutest coffee place in the area and whenever I’m home and I see a new caffe that serves coffee - I have to check it out! This coffe bar has existed for somewhat …

Saint-Petersbourg, Russia raw vegan market, Esh Fresh

I’m very passionate about veganism and I like to share my views on the places that offer vegan foods or products, because I really believe that future is vegan. However, for some reason I haven’t talked about any of the vegan places in Saint-Petersbourg here and I’d like …

Sandwi Chez chain restaurant (Barcelona)

The only people I know that aren’t in love with Barcelona are the people, who haven’t been there yet. Barcelona attracts millions of people every year and has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for years. Because of that prices in Barcelona could be rather high and I …

Damon’s Restaurant, Sheffield, England

I visited Damon’s Restaurant in Sheffield on the 13th April 2018 as part of a party of 13 people. It was my first visit here for about two years and my fourth or fifth visit ever.
Damon’s opened their American themed restaurant in Sheffield in the late 1980’s just a few …

Papas Fish and Chips, Cleethorpes, England

Papas in Cleethorpes is the world’s largest fish and chip shop. It is located in Cleethorpes on the east coast of England in north Lincolnshire where it can found on the Pier, with panoramic views looking out to sea and over the beach. It is one of many fish and …

Rome Lemongrass Gelato ice-cream shop

Disclaimer: this review was actually written a few months ago, but I don’t want to alternate it in any way, as I believe it’s the most genuine opinion on the place that I could give. I’m a queen of long intros, so skip this part, if you only want to …

Teremok Russian modern cuisine chain restaurant

“Teremok” is a chain restaurant in Russia, which is especially popular in Saint-Petersburg. It’s basically a Russian “fast food” place, but they call themselves modern Russian cuisine restaurant, which is also true. This place actually is a more modern approach to a traditional Russian cuisine and their main focus is …

Tseh 85 bakery

I’ve already written a review on one amazing place in Saint-Petersburg, which is Pitcher Coffee Bar and I want to talk about another food place this time - a bakery. Bakeries in Russia are everything and you’ve got to try the pastries or desserts from there if you’re ever in …

Pitcher Coffee Bar in Saint-Petersburg Russia

Did you know that Europe’s leading city destination this year is Saint-Petersburg, Russia? That’s true and Saint-Petersburg is actually always crowded with tourists, I think there’re might be more tourists in here than there are in Moscow. I can’t even explain how lucky I am to be staying in this …

Hunan Garden Chinese Cuisine restaurant

This review is actually really special for me, since it’s my last review for the place in Katy. I officially left Texas and I already miss sooo many things. You know this little coffee shops and restaurants that have just one location: those are my favourite. And this Hunan Garden …

Mo’s Irish Pub

Every time me and my boyfriend move to a new place we search for a new Irish pub. Those are our favorite kind of pubs due to their special atmosphere and spirit, along with the food and drinks that are traditionally served there. Mo’s Irish pub seemed to be the …

Froothies Juice and Smoothie Shop

So recently I found the new place that I’m now obsessed with. I found it when I decided to try an acai bowl and I googled the places where they sell them to find something nearby and I actually found this place that is like a mile away from my …

Fusion 36 Degree Coffee & Tea house

I’m a big coffee enthusiast and I always look for places that serve good coffee for reasonable money. Plus I’m a sucker for cute tiny caffes, where you can chill with your friends or your significant other in the evening, while talking and enjoying your drink. I found this …

La Dolce Via Bakery & Coffee House

Who doesn’t like dessert? Raise your hands! Well, you’re lucky if you did, because I’m obsessed with sweets and passing the bakery without coming in seems like a mission impossible to me. Looking for a nice bakery in my vivinity is my number 1 task when I move to a …

Fonias restaurant, Samothraki Island, Greece

In this review I am going to write about my experience at the Fonias restaurant in Samothraki Island, Greece.

The restaurant is situated in front of the parking that leads to Fonias waterfalls. From that place there is a mountain road that leads to 4 different waterfalls. The first one is …

Ouzeri 1900 tavern, Samothraki Island, Greece

I would want to talk you about a restaurant I have been to in my trip to Samothraki Island, in the summer of 2016. We visited this lovely island in august, with a perfect weather and not many tourists. Ouzeri 1900 Tavern is a restaurant in Chora, the capital of …

Pachia Ammos Restaurant, Samothraki Island, Greece

Today I am going to tell you about my experience at the Pachia Ammos restaurant, in Samothraki Island, Greece.

This particular restaurant is the only one restaurant that you will find on Pachia Ammos beach. Pachia Ammos is the most beautiful beach of this island, mainly because of its gold sand …

Fengari restaurant, Samothraki Island, Greece

This time I will review a small restaurant, Fengari, situated in the village of Chora, Samothraki Island, Greece.

First of all you should know that this is a small restaurant, located on the top of a building. As Chora is built on the cliffs, you will have a beautiful view of …

L’archetto II restaurant, Rome, Italy

This time I am going to review a restaurant in Rome, L’archetto II.
I visited Rome in this April, a perfect time to visit this beautiful city. It was a warm weather, everything was green, the streets were full of people and the main attraction were just marvelous to be seen …

ROKU Japanese food restaurant ( sushi + ramen + donburi )

Japanese cuisine, as we all know has now become popular throughout the world. We started to embrace their culture through their wide variety of delicious food. I and my partner are a big fan of Japanese food, I guess they (Japanese) have won our hearts through our …

Aurelio’s Pizza, Roseville MN

You wouldn’t think that this pizza place—located in an old strip mall in Roseville, MN—would be anything special, but it’s actually a well-known Chicago pizza chain (mostly on Chicago’s South-Side), and is the only store located anywhere in Minnesota.
After spending eight years living in Chicago, I was shocked …

The Burgery Company

If you are in the Emmaus,PA area and are looking to enjoy a great family meal, you need to stop by The Burgery Company! I just recently went with my family for the first time and absolutely loved it!

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the …

Steak n Shake, Springfield, MO

I love to check out local diners and eating establishments. I have eaten at this Steak n Shake location a total of three times and have decided that I will never return!
The Steak n Shake at 1550 S. Glenstone Ave. in Springfield, Missouri is at a prime location. It …

Olive Garden, Fort Worth

To celebrate my sister’s birthday, my family and I along with some of her friends decided to go to Olive Garden. Since we knew there was going to be many of us, my sister had called Olive Garden days ahead to place a reservation for 6 pm on a …

Perkins Restuarant in Fergus Falls, MN

I decided to treat myself the other day while I was in town and went to the Perkins Restaurant in Fergus Falls, MN, for lunch. It was on a Wednesday, in the early afternoon, and one of the reasons I chose that particular restaurant was that it …

Safra 18, restaurant in Barcelona Gothic quarter

It was written a lot about restaurants in Barcelona, but I believe my two cents can help someone.
This is one of the many restaurants in Barcelona Gothic Quarter, but I visit it more than others and here are my reasons why …

It’s located on the narrow street called Carrer …

Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Charlotte NC

I enjoy eating Italian food at various restaurants and Romano’s Macaroni Grill has always been one of my favorite places to frequent. RecentlyI arranged for my entire family to spend an evening together before Labor Day at the restaurant. In fact, I highly recommended this restaurant in spite of …

Noodles and Company Restaurant in Fair Lawn, NJ

Noodles and Company was recently opened a few towns away from me right next to my husband’s work and after having tried them, I must say I am absolutely addicted. Every dish of theirs tastes super fresh and I can tell I am getting top quality ingredients. They …

Bubba Gump shrimp restaurant at Pier 39 in San Francisco Ca

Want some amazing shrimp and great customer service? If you answered yes to both of those questions then Bubba Gump Shrimp Co at Pier 39 in San Francisco Ca is the place you want to go.
My sister, mother and myself recently went on vacation to San Francisco and …

The Melting Pot A Fondue Restaurant, Roswell GA

For our anniversary my husband surprised me by taking me for a weekend to Roswell to eat at the Melting Pot. The last time we were in Roswell, I wanted to stop by and try it, but time delays meant that we had to keep moving. When my husband …

Taco Bell Breakfast Experience

Sometimes I have to leave for work a little earlier than I normally would and I don’t always have time to fix myself a healthy breakfast. I try to avoid eating fast food when I can for health reasons, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
I was heading to work …

Calico County, Home Cooking Restaurant, Fort Smith, AR

Calico County is a staple restaurant for the Fort Smith area. Every time that I pass through Fort Smith, I try to stop by Calico County for some delicious home cooking. It’s only a couple of minutes away from the interstate, which makes it a perfect destination for a …

Hog Haus Brewing Company, American Restaurant and Bar, Fayetteville, AR

Hog Haus Brewing Company is one of several popular restaurants located on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They serve modern American cuisine and specialize in their house brewed beers. I had wanted to try Hog Haus for quite some time and I finally got a chance to give it …

Smoothie King Gainesville GA Location

I was headed up to Dawsonville one Saturday in the early afternoon, when I decided to stop by smoothie king for a little pick me up. I had Smoothie King a few other times before and I had always found their staff wonderful and helpful and their smoothies delicious. …

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria: Oakwood GA Location

I will be honest, I miss the days where I could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound. However, now that I am older, I have had to acknowledge that despite my wishes, I must be careful what I eat and how much of it. For the …

Cape May Fish Market, restaurant

I spend my summers in Cape May NJ. One of the highlights of our summer is always trying out new places and definitely new restaurants. This year’s first new restaurant was the Cape May Fish Market. A restaurant which came on the …

Bouchee Bistro, Patisserie, Fayetteville, AR

Bouchee Bistro is a local French bistro and patisserie that serves breakfast, lunch, and a variety of pastries. I went here recently with my girlfriend because it was Sunday morning so our usual breakfast spot, Rick’s Bakery, was closed. While I never thought I would say this, Bouchee has …

Jet’s Pizza Place, Allendale, MI

Jet’s Pizza Place has the best pizza I have ever had, as well as many other menu options from which to choose. All their food is delicious. What I love about their pizza is that it’s unique in that it’s very thick, deep dish style, with a crunchy, …

Hugo’s restaurant (burger place), Fayetteville, AR

Hugo’s in Fayetteville, AR is the place for burgers. Whether you’re a college student or a retired couple, this is the local spot where everyone goes when they want a great burger. There are lots of competitors in town, but none stand up to Hugo’s. This place is regularly …

Sassy’s Red House, Barbecue Restaurant, Fayetteville, AR

Sassy’s Red House is a great local barbecue restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My first impression of the restaurant wasn’t great. Parking was a hassle. There are five to ten paved parking spaces in the front and then a gravel lot around the back. It’s not the easiest lot to …

Pesto Cafe, Fayetteville AR

Pesto Cafe is located at the end of an old motel building. You would not expect to find great Italian food in a motel restaurant but expectations are completely contrary to the reality of this wonderful restaurant.
I will start with the atmosphere. In my most recent visit, I went …

Denny’s Apple Valley California

With over 1500 locations worldwide Denny’s restaurant is a pretty well know place to grab an inexpensive breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, not all Denny’s are ran the same.
I remember being a little girl for the first time ever eating at a Denny’s and loving it, as …

The Thirsty Scholar, Downtown Indy pub

A coffee, beer and wine bar……what more could you ask for?
The Thirsty Scholar is a local pub, located in Downtown Indy on the corner of 16th and Pennsylvania. To my knowledge and experience, it’s probably one of the only establishments in Indy with a cafe-like atmosphere that also sells …

The Artist’s Palette at Saratoga Springs in Walt Disney World

Before making your way to a Walt Disney World park, it is really wise to have a good-sized or a normal breakfast. Try to eat something in the morning, so in the afternoon, you only need a snack before it’s dinner time. This is the way I have always …

The Cook’s Shop restaurant (Windsor Ontario)

I am a little limited on time to write this review, and I do not think my insufficient vocabulary could describe how much I enjoyed dining at The Cook’s Shop. The experience was absolutely wonderful and I am not surprised that it is the Number One restaurant in Windsor. …

Nathan’s restaurant Brooklyn, NY (near New York Aquarium)

We found ourselves in a major crisis this afternoon: we had a screaming, inconsolably hungry two year old and the New York Aquarium that we were visiting had nothing we were interested in eating at around $10 per person. Remembering that Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog stand was still standing …

Frankie & Benny’s, Coventry Fletchamstead restaurant

Frankie and Benny’s is generally a reliably good - despite somewhat slow service - chain of restaurants, so naturally, I was keen to try out the newly opened restaurant in Coventry.
The first thing you notice is the ‘learn Italian’ CD playing through a speaker system into the car park …

The Melting Pot - A Fondue Restaurant

The Melting Pot is a dining experience like no other.
I first experienced the Melting Pot when I took my wife out after we got engaged. It was the perfect choice and we’ve been there several more times.
The Melting Pot experience begins when you sit down. Cheese fondue, made …

Cilantro’s Mexican Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia

When this restaurant first opened in downtown Savannah first opened, it was a new hotspot for Mexican food because they offered creative dishes at moderate prices in a convenient location. Since then, they’ve gotten some competition, but they remain one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.
Cilantro’s has …

Sisters of the New South, Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia

After driving to a favorite breakfast spot which happened to be closed that Sunday, I decided to try Sisters of the New South because of all the positive reviews they receive. While the food was fairly good, I probably won’t be returning considering other issues that arose while dining.
Pulling …

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