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In my opinion, if you want to work with the website, you need to be careful of the following points . Basically, this website claims to make you earn easy money when you complete some offers. This could be true becasue of marketting. This website provides other companies …

SurfJunky is a SCAM!

I recently signed up with SurfJunky hoping to earn some extra cash. SurfJunky says that users can get paid up to $0.75 per hour just by logging in and leaving their computer on. The concept is pretty simple. They payout on the 15th of every month. Here’s my experience:
I …

Ebay Nigerian Scam

I was selling something on ebay for the first time and I was scammed into sending my item before I actually received the payment. I know it sounds stupid but the people that do this are very skillful and they made it seem as if I was going …

I came across this website by accident and I was really curious about it that I had tried availing of its service. The website is a finance-related service. It provides offshore banking service to Switzerland, Panama, Cayman Islands, Austria, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Isle of Man and Luxembourg. This is …

It has become increasingly difficult to find ways to earn off the internet. Scams abound and if you are not careful, you will fall into one. Readbud is one such trap waiting for unsuspecting internet-preneur. I was in my usual paid-to-post, when I chanced upon a discussion on …

At-Home Professions seminar

At-Home Professions seminar
I personally think that this seminar is a scam for the money of uninformed people. Sure, the company has its awards and acknowledgements, but the training should not cost as much as it does and the seminar speaker was sneaky in her approach to lure the audience …

People String and Global Home Worker Alliance Home Business

Frenkly, I do not know what are your feelings about the matter in question, however, to tell you fair and square those people made a fool of me, and beyond dispute not only of me.
It all started one day when I browsed through work-online sites and found this …

This review is to help warn people about a person named Scott Davenport and his so-called online business called the last while I was laid off from my job,and like so many people,decided to try working from home.After a few weeks of fruitless effort trying to find a … Scam

I joined Readbud (Get Paid to Read Articles) upon the invitation of an online friend. I read first the mechanics of this site and immediately I had some doubts about this site. It gives easy money to members because one has to just read and rate the article …


It’s true folks: when something is too good to be true, it usually isn’t. This was the biggest nightmare I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t called SMC a full scam- you can make money from it and it is legit; But they are shady, misleading and they prey …

Free Electronics Emails

I get these types of emails all the time and I just really get annoyed by them. I tried two of them once just to see what would happen and it only cost me about $20 but I did get a free ipod touch from them though. I have …

Ignotius Work From Home Scam?

I was desperate and needed a work at home position to supplement my income due to health problems. I came across a work from home company online, Ignotius which promised me access to many companies who will hire me. There was a picture of the college student who …

Survey Head

I am very frustrated with this paid survey site Survey Head! I’ve been a member for two and a half months, have completed dozens of surveys that were usually long and irritating and I still haven’t received credit for taking them. The site says that it can take anywhere …

Deal Barbie Pays

I should’ve known by the name “Deal Barbie Pays” that this website was a scam but I gave it a try anyways. I was looking for an extra way to make money online and I came across this website which basically is a get paid to complete offers and …


I joined Clixsense in order to make a couple of extra dollars doing absolutely nothing but clicking on ads and watching them for about 15 seconds. I would earn about a penny with each add I would click on and that was not something I really enjoyed but I …


I joined fusioncash a month ago and I was really excited when I made $25 in less than a week. I thought I had finally found a website that I could make good extra money with. I didn’t have to really take surveys instead I had to complete offers … Turned Scam

My main concern even before when it comes to ptc site is its stability because I’ve joined lots of ptc before and out of 10 almost 7 of them are scam. Luckily, I’ve found few who really pay well each time I’ve reached my payout. One of the paid …

A.W. Surveys Absolutely Scam

A lot of people online might tell you that there is a survey site wherein did pay well and it is the A.W. Survey site but my experienced with them is absolutely terrible. After all my hardship answering their surveys and referring people to their site it was just …

Blog Advertising Store Scam

I must be to fool when I thought that I could earn money by writing reviews for Blog Advertising Store. I already read some reviews from others in their blogs about this website. They said that we should not bother to write review for Blog Advertising Store because they …

Dry Tech lead finder business opportunity

The Dry Tech lead finder business opportunity is a complete joke. If you ever get a flyer in the mail saying that there is big money too be made as a lead finder for the company Dry Tech, toss it in the trash because that is where these fliers …

Survey Head Surveys

I had to write this, I just saw another review on Survey Head Survey site that said it is a scam. I can tell you first hand it is not a scam. I have just received my second payment from them via pay pal. Both my payments took right … Scam is a scam site, they sell anime and claim that they do not sell homemade DVD-Rs or fake DVDs, but if you look carefully at all their product descriptions they usually fit a typical 26 episode show on three discs, no legitimate anime company, such as Funimation, Bandai …

A.W. $urveys scam

When you’re on the internet looking for extra ways to make money, you have to be careful where you go. Some places look and sound great, but then you find out they are scams, set up to specifically steal your money or mislead you, either directly or with …

Blogadvertisingstore Scam

This is about scam again. Some people already warned me about this They said that I should stay away from this site because they never pay our reviews. Even there are few group of people that claimed about getting payment from this site, but there are many more … Scam is a scam site. They say you can play free games online if you download their software. After you register and install their software you have to restart your computer. But when you try to use the software it doesn’t work. Instead of free … ; 1-877-421-6678

According to their advertisement to give free consultant regarding immigration matters, I contacted them to ask a few minor questions concerning 6 immigration forms that I had already been filling out. At first the guy named Al Boyce I talked to seemed very professional and efficient in the service … scam

About a year ago, I learned about a site called which offered a free telephone number that could actually earn you money. The idea was that you’d get this phone number to use which would allow your real private number to remain just that - private. …

CDMT models and Talent Mount Pleasent South Carolina scam

I submitted my daughters photos to CDMT models and talent out of Mount Pleasent, South Carolina .I was immedietly skeptical because they emailed me back super fast saying ‘’We love Natalie ,we would love for her to attend a call back on May 1.” At this point I am …

Doubleday Book Club

Doubleday Book Club is similar to other music and movie clubs, actually I think they all may be ran by the same place. You can join the club getting 7 books for free or for 25 cents, you have to agree to buy 4 more in a year, when … scam is a Paid to click website. Basically you earn money for clicking on ads. You are supposed to earn a cent for every ad you click and every ad that your referrals click. Bux has referral packages so you can buy referrals. At first it seemed like a … scam

I felt stupid when I lost around $300 reinvesting in Megalido. At first it was performing really well and I had 2 payouts but of $100 each so it attracted me a lot and decided to reinvest in a bigger amount. Few days before my awaited cashout which is … scam

This is the first site that scammed me, deep into my heart it’s really hurting especially when you believed it on the first place. The website was beautiful and the customer service was available online whenever you want it. Luckily, i wasn’t able to join it properly as my …

$2,000 including a large up front registration free of $500 was invested in an investment agency which is tied under
They claim that if you give them money they will put the money in the horse industry through a special software betting system which they have developed which has … Scam

Like many others out there, I have spent several hours searching the internet for ways to earn money at home; rather it be a work at home job or a work at home business. Most have turned out to be scams. I came across a website called, and … scam

I first was referred to the website earlier on in the year, by one of those blogs on the internet which supposedly link people to good sites where they can make money fast online. At the time, I needed money fast and was very attracted to this site, … Scam is a paid to click site that offers you to get paid per every view of an advertisement. Then if you reached 5usd you will be paid instantly via alertpay. I was convinced that this ptc wasn’t a scam because it had an appealing layout, a dedicated forum … Scam

I registered for this site hoping that its not a scam site like the first one which I joined. Their website really caught my attention and gave me the impression that they are a very professional site. I first joined in their affiliate program since they do give a …

Zenith Infomedia Scam

There was time when I decided that being either an employee or an employer doesn’t fit me. So I think the only jobs fitting me is working on the internet as an independent contractor or something like that. I believe that doing online data entry or typing jobs is … Scam

I went to this site few months ago as part of my continuous journey to find a legitimate moneymaking site. I saw them in, showing there that is one of the 20 most trusted ptc in the net. From reading the information there, I became interested to … scam

I am very fond of writing. I especially like to right Internet contents and reviews. That is I am very interested in all the information about writing. I was very satisfied when I bought last year the program The price of the program was $49. It is the …

Surveyhead Scam is another survey site that promises to award you for doing OTX surveys. They do offer other surveys but very rarely will you get a survey not from OTX. OTX only allows you to take one survey per day. They can be hard to qualify for but I … scam

Beware of this HYIP scam. Almost one year ago while I had my own hyip monitoring site, I found To be specific they found me. They send me an email saying to sign up in their site and they would add a bonus to my account to monitor … Scam

I found about a year ago when a friend referred me. At the time netwinner was a site where you could go online and play a number matching game to win gift cards. Some of the gift cards they had available was walmart, home depot, Lowes, Kmart, … scam

For those of you who have not yet been a victim of this site, you will definitely stumble upon this site if you plan to work from home. It claims to be an auto-surfing program. Auto-surfing means just to keep the browser open and their ads will run in … scam

I was looking for a legitimate work from home job and I stumbled upon this This is the site that appears on top of google search lists when you type in Home based jobs.
The professionalism with which this site was made,it made a positive impression in my mind,that … scam

I know many of us are dying to earn or even receive a pie of the money rotating in the internet on these days. I know people who are making money online a full time work and had scammed me too! I joined in August 2008 because I … scam

Ever heard of They run away with my money! So beware to join sites like this. I thought it is another good and promising site as compared to other PTC sites like Neobux, and Clixsense because it received 50,000 members in less than a month. It is …

A.W. Surveys Scam

A.W. Surveys is a site where you write your feedback about sites and earn money for it. When I first saw the site, I decided to try it out, and found out to my delight that I actually got $27 in just 5 minutes! I thought, this was the …

Virtual Sports Cash Scam

Honestly i’m not a gambler, after i’ve been searching for a while in internet i found someone who reviews this product :
I read their reviews and man i was shock that the author could make money from $100 to $3,157.28 in 6 weeks. That made me purchase the ebook.
The … scam

This is a ptc (pay to click site) that offers you 1c per click and 1cent for your referral click. If you upgrade then they give you 3 cents. Fortunately I didn’t upgrade because I never upgrade before getting the money from the site first.
I always do the research …

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