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  • When I recieved my check I noticed the post mark was for May 19, 2006

    • by Bullionpro
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      This site is the sites. I first thought this site would be great but after what I had to go through just to get paid was insane. It started as usual, and was quite easy to earn cash, however when I requested my payout it was a different scene all together.

      I requested my payment on March 13, 2006. Apparently due to fraud reasons all payment requests are held for 30


      Come April 13, 2006 I sent the support staff a message asking what is going on with my payment. I was informed that payments are sent on the first of each month only no exceptions.

      Then come May 1, 2006 my check was still not issued. Finally by May 5, 2006 a check was finally issued for me.

      I waited for it to arrive in the mail and it ...

      • did not show up until today May 24, 2006. During this waiting time I contacted support several times with no contact.

        Finally a staff member contacted me and assured me that my check was sent out on May 5, 2006 and there was nothing they could do because they are not the post office. Keep in mind that SnapDollars is in Toronto, Ontario and I am in Ottawa, Ontario.

        Mail travel

        time for these 2 major cities is 2 business days. When I recieved my check I noticed the post mark was for May 19, 2006.

        Explain that SnapDollars. They lie to the people that make them money and response time is easily 7 days waiting time for support.

        The will only pay by check and charge you a processing fee on top of that to pay you. INSANE SITE STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

    May says :

    I redeemed $ 53.26 with correct mailing address 5 month ago in May 2012, but I have never got anything from snapdollars. Their support Sam keep telling me check has been sent. dru[at] told me he will check this issue in Sept 19. They ignore all my inquires after Sept 19. There is no real person answer the phone calls to their published phone 1-(866) 760-7627 at business hours for all their extensions. I have filed a complain to BBB. I will not stop to deal with this.
    May says :

    UPDATE: At the same time I fought with snapdollars, I noticed so many complains all over the Internet for snapdollars’s wrong doing, so I posted on website to start a class action lawsuit to against snapdollars. Right after I posted this, snapdollars contacted me and paid me immediately. After such a long time battle with them, I closed my account with them and stay far away from them.
    seeks justice says :

    January 05, 2010 I joined Snap Dollars September 15, 2006. It took `til November 2009 to have enough in my account to cash out and now they refuse to pay me. I cashed out Nov 17, 2009 and my new balance dropped to zero, as expected. Then the last week of December the money showed up in my account again, and I saw that they`re withholding my check, claiming not to have my mailing address. I gave it to them, as required, when I cashed out. How could they have lost it? Meanwhile, they require I keep reading their emails `til I receive my check this of course makes more for them. I tried again, the last week of December, to cash out, though this would require an additional 2 months wait, but they took away the cash-out button. The internet is full of complaints against them for fraud and failure to pay. Here`s my gmail for other victims who wish to contact me about taking legal action and filing criminal charges. They`re HQ is in Canada. Anyone there know who to contact to press charges? Snap Dollars won`t respond to my emails asking for my money. reformonlinesurveys Jan 06, 2010 I finally heard from `Snap Dollars support` today, and now they are giving me a different excuse for not paying, in addition to still claiming not to have my mailing address. I gave this to them more than once and downloaded and saved this page. Now Snap Dollars is claiming that they won`t pay me because I don`t have at least 15 in sign up offers. I have more than 15 in this category, even though they have often failed to credit me for sign up offers and completed surveys. Furthermore, sometimes after emailing them usually this would take several tries , they`d credit me by placing the amount in the miscellaneous category rather than credit me under sign-up offers. Before I could reach the minimum 30 to cash out, they raised it to 40. This obviously did not work for them so they`ve just lowered it to 30 again. But it`s a moot point, since they don`t pay up regardless. Snap Dollars has caused me much stress and mental anguish, not to mention the many, many hours of my time over these past 40 months, and still counting. Because there are so many others with complaints against Snap Dollars, I`m creating this blog. Please email me or post here if you`re interested in joining forces to press criminal charges against them or start a class action lawsuit. Let`s work together to reform corrupt online survey sites. reformonlinesurveys
    quick note by anonymous :

    Took forever to earn enough points for a payoff and, guess what? No payoff ever came. SCAM SCAM SCAM I can’t say it enough
    Galega says :

    They have always been scammer. You should have read others experience on ReviewStream before investing your time and money there. They won’t pay, and that’s certain.
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