Insurance Reviews

College Student Insurance (CSI Protection)

I have a renter’s insurance policy with CSI Insurance, which is an affiliate of Allianz Insurance. My policy cost $124 for one year of protection (for $5000 with a $50 deductible), which I found very reasonable. My house was broken into while empty over the Christmas break, and my …

Health Net of California

I made the right choice when I switched to Health Net of California as my health plan under Medi-Cal. The reason I’m saying this is because under the plan, I was finally able to get my power wheelchair which I was waiting to get for 4 years under the …

Progressive Auto Insurance

When I had to get new auto insurance because my last auto insurance provider was not making it cheap for me to move, Progressive was the first auto insurance company that I got a quote from. This may sound silly but I checked with Progressive first because I …

The General Auto Insurance

I was with The General auto insurance company for a few years and just in a few words: it is a mediocre insurance company. There really is nothing grand or special about them. It is great insurance if you just need liability and you need it quick and cheaper …

OOIDA insurance

As a trucker you may find it hard to get the best deal for your insurance that will cover all bad and mishaps that can happen during a road trip. This is why it is required to have a strong backup that can insure that everything will go wrong …

Farmer’s Insurance

The web of insurance can be frustrating. They love to take your premium every month but when it comes time for a pay out….watch out! After being customers of State Farm for over 20 years; our 18-year-old daughter had a fender bender; very minor, no damage to …

Birla Sun Life Insurance Premium Plus Plan

I am depositing monthly premium for the Platinum Insurance Plan of Birla Sun Life. One thing that attracted me most and in fact compelled me to take this insurance plan is the guarantee that it was giving me for getting the highest daily NAV over 7 years.
There are …

Life Insurance Corporation Gratuity Fund

I am working in hospitality industry. Previously, there was no provision for gratuity. However, latest government directives have made it mandatory for gratuity of employees like us. Thus, now I will also get gratuity.
My employer has taken the LIC gratuity plus for our gratuity. In fact, knowing all benefits …

AG Insurance (ex Fortis Insurance Belgium)

I have about 3 insurances bundled with this company - a legal insurance, house insurance and a vehicle insurance for a second car in the household. I actually landed with this insurance company because of the need to get an insurance protection against lawsuits. AG also provides this …

State Farm Automobile Insurance

Along with the purchase of my new car in August of this year, came a new insurance company. The four cars I owned prior to this one had been purchased for me by my parents and were therefore covered under my parents insurance policy. Since I was purchasing my …

ING Ashirvad Child Insurance Plan

Recently I got another child insurance plan for my son. Though, I am already depositing premium for one child insurance plan, but this product simply compelled me to take it as soon as it hits the market.
The child insurance plan in question is “ING Aashirwad”. This is an innovative …

Progressive Car Insurance

I was an Allstate customer for a number of years and pretty loyal to the company throughout that time (I still have the homeowners insurance). But, they kept raising my rates on the car insurance and, after a while, I decided to finally make a move away from the …

Intellicare Health Insurance

Living in a developing country is often frustrating. One of the major concerns is the lack of social services particularly a comprehensive health care system. That is why when I was seeking for a job, I opted for a company which also provides medical benefits. The company that I …

LIC Child Fortune Plus Insurance Plan

I was looking for a perfect insurance plan for my son. Since, the plan was for long term hence I researched a lot and finally settled with LIC Child Fortune Plus.
Now, I am using this plan to secure the future of my son. This is a Unit Linked …

AAA Insurance

I got so tired of finding myself on the side of the road waiting on help. I couldn’t stand the idea of not being able to know that everything was going to be ok. I’m on the side of the road at least once every few months due to …

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance tends to be a favorite in my family, and it’s not surprising when you look at the facts.
When I first started driving I was 17, I had grown up overseas so I hadn’t had the chance to …

State Farm Insurance

I’m going to tell you about why I like State Farm insurance. First of all I have had different types of insurance for years. I had to spread myself thin when it came to insurance. I was buying car insurance from one place, home from another and it became …

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

After being a customer of state owned insurance company since my adolescent age, I decided to switch to Bajaj Allianz Insurance for ULIPs. My decision to go for this insurance company in highly risky sector of insurance stems from wide ranging research from internet to asking old customer.
Last year, …

AAA Insurance

Choosing an insurance company is one of the most difficult choices I have made. The problem with insurance is that you don’t know how good your company/policy is until you have a claim. Well, I have been through several companies, and I think I have made a good selection …

Asurion Phone Insurance Program

When I purchased my new MyTouch 3G phone, I was advised by the salesman that I should also sign up for the insurance that T-Mobile offers through Asurion. After some hesitation, I agreed to purchase the plan - concerned that my new phone would face some sort of …

Safeco Renter’s Insurance (HO-4)

After enduring the process of working with GEICO to handle my Traveler’s renter’s insurance policy, which had increased dramatically in price without explanation, I was dreading the hunt for a new policy. I had formerly worked in property insurance and knew how high-pressure that environment could be both …

Geico Car Insurance Company

When I signed on with Geico I thought I would be saving a ton of money and getting the best service available. After switching to Allstate and having accident experience with Geico, I now realize that their service is not the top of the line.
In comparison to Allstate, …

Met Life Health Insurance

Metlife health insurance has been our health insurance of choice for the past 6 years My family has been major advocates for MetLife, including myself. I love Metlif for many different reasons but one of the reasons why I love Metlife is because it keeps us covered. It sticks …

Allstate Insurance

I recently switched my car insurance from Geico to Allstate after a recommendation from my father who had just switched. He gave my husband the personal contact number of his representative and my husband gave him a call. We are sure glad he did.
First of all, they …

Nationwide Insurance Co.

Having moved to Arizona from Louisiana, we were in need of finding a new auto insurance policy. We called Nationwide Insurance, as we had used them one other time before and not had any problems. But this time was different. They gave us trouble from the beginning. I had …

Car Insurance Through

Everyone wants a reliable insurance company with the best rate possible. My prior insurance company was Safeco Insurance. I’m a relatively safe driver, have not had any accidents in the last three years, and have not had a ticket for over 4 years. Switching to ( …

Himlayang Pilipino Insurance Memorial Plan

My family had a bad experience in with regards to Himlayang Plan. My dad insured my grandma way back in the 70’s or 80’s for a memorial plan. Come 2007 when my grandma died of old age, my mom and I went to their office branch here. The admin …

Aflac Insurance

I cannot say enough good about Aflac Insurance!! My husband and I, each, have an Accident Policy and a Cancer Policy with Aflac. First off, the premiums are only $25.00 per policy per month. That is very cheap for a supplemental insurance, that pays as good …

Geico Insurance

For the past 5 years I have been a proud owner of Geico insurance, ever since I started driving I have been insured with Geico and they have been providing me with excellent customer service, I feel like they care for my good being and they care about their …

State Farm insurance

About six months ago my family and I signed up with State Farm insurance for our auto and home insurance here in Eastern Oklahoma. Our agent ad Wade was very friendly and helpful. She found the best deal for us, explained everything to us in detail about our auto …

Inland Empire Health Plan

Inland Empire Health Plan better known as Iehp is a low cost insurance program in the Riverside and San Bernardino county in California that you and your family can receive for no money or little cost. I had enrolled because by being a single parent it can get pretty …

Travelers Renter’s Insurance (HO-4) Purchased through GEICO

Most people know by now that GEICO does not underwrite their own renter’s insurance (among other policies, such as homeowner’s policies, which they also underwrite through other carriers). In some cases, such as Travelers policies, GEICO will still handle the service and billing for these policies, but any …

Kathy Lapen – American Family Insurance

Like many people, I am always looking to cut costs in our household. One of the ways I tried to do this was by taking a look at our various insurance needs and shopping them around.
I’m a big fan of doing business with local insurance agents whenever possible so …

The General Auto Insurance

I just recently switched to this insurance carrier from my old one as it got very expensive. I used to need the full coverage but now that the car is paid off I can get liability and it would be cheaper. Well that is what I thought anyway and …

El Paso Low Cost Auto Insurance

I got my first vehicle when I was just 16. Of course having auto insurance is the law, so I got some immediately. My mother always went to El Paso Low Cost insurance, so she referred me. When I went to the office I noticed it was very small …

Geico Insurance

Having good car insurance is important but at times, often there are set backs that makes one wonder if they should go for cheaper. I have been busy during the economic downfall, of trending and cutting cost of phones, cable, lights, etc. and happened to see an ad …

AAA Insurance

I have had AAA insurance now for about a year. I previously had other automobile insurance that was just too high and didn’t even like the service. But AAA is very good and I don’t regret at all ever having it. AAA has saved so much money that I …

Geico Insurance Agency

I was needing to get insurance quotes the other day for automobile insurance and was absolutely dreading the task. Every time I have done this in the past I have found myself becoming very frustrated with the time it requires and with the poor customer service I so often …

State Farm

My favorite insurance is State Farm Insurance Company. State Farm offers great coverage at an even greater price. State Farm offers deep discounts for a variety of reasons, and that really helps keep my premiums low and affordable. I like that I deal directly with one person, my agent, …

Farmers Insurance Group

I have been doing business with this Farmers Insurance Group for the last 4 years. I decided to write a review on this group because of the excellent service I have received over the last 4 years. The office is staffed with about 7 agents and 2 customer service …

TKO insurance company in Holyoke MA

TKO insurance in Holyoke Massachusetts was not a bad little insurance company and there probably was only one or two things that really needed to be improved about this place but for the most part this is a great company to do business with and my experience was pretty …

Sanitas medical insurance

Sanitas is the private medical insurance that one of the companies where I have been working offered for the employees, so I decided to make use of it, as I was using the national public insurance before and I wasn’t happy with it at all. I didn’t have to …

Geico insurance in Newington CT

I want to say this right from the beginning, Geico auto insurance could possibly be the best insurance out there right now. There are so many good things about them that I don’t even know where to begin and tell you guys, just mark my words this company is …

Geico Auto Insurance

Being one that has not practiced my faith over the years due to my change in attitude towards the condemnation of your fellow man for whatever reason most would find unsuitable. I found this particular church (Franklin Congregation) style of worship to be very enlightening.
Insurance isn’t a pleasant topic …

Pronto Insurance

My Insurance carrier is Pronto Insurance. This company so far is one of the best ones and cheap ones I have found for Insurance.
They do not ask for a down payment up front which helps a lot if you don’t earn a lot of money. …

Metras Insurance Company in Chicopee MA

Metras Insurance company is a great company to do business with but they could have improved a lot of things in order to make their services a little better. First off their asking down payments for when opening a policy was kind of pricey and their monthly premiums were …

Maxicare Insurance

One of the benefit you should consider when applying for a job is to have a good health insurance provider. On top of the compensation and incentives, you must also think in long term and being employed to a company that offers a complete package of a health insurance …

State Farm Life Insurance

About ten years ago now, I opened my first life insurance account when I signed up with State Farm. It was a life insurance policy that I entered into along with my boyfriend at the time (and now husband). We were young, I think I was 17 and he …

USAA Auto and Home Insurance

I have had USAA insurance all of my adult life for my auto coverage, and have used USAA for home insurance for the last four years. I have always been very satisfied with the service I receive from USAA as a company, and also from individual customer service representatives …

Country Financial Insurance (car)

I have always been looking for an insurance company that will be able to help me out of any situation without me having to spend much time and efforts. And I found one. My friend got hired at the Country Financial as an insurance agent and he offered my …

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