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Verity, book written by Colleen Hoover

As she recognizes in her acknowledgments at the end of her book, Verity, Colleen Hoover’s books are mostly those of the romance genre. Her other reads are emotional and introduce characters that her readers cry with, laugh with and fall in love with.
Her book, Verity, is very, very …

Civilization, book by Niall Ferguson

Perhaps we all love to read the success stories of the stars or the rich. This book by Ferguson also offers a success story. Many of us love to travel and have been to countries in Europe, where we have probably wondered more than once why the West has …

My life and work, a book by Henry Ford

I recently read Henry Ford’s book “My life and work”. The book was written in a very businesslike and substantive manner, with no goofy deviations. “Pouring water” is not his method, only a businesslike approach and proper expenditure of resources, whatever it is: time, money, words.
It is …

Watching the English, book by Kate Fox

I immediately thought it was a foreigner’s impression of England. But no, this thorough study was written by a real Englishwoman, Kate Fox, co-director of the Sociological Research Center.
That is why I recommend this book to both Anglomaniacs - you will once again see that all the faults of …

How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, book by Ben Shapiro

The previous year marked a parade of broken monuments and cultural iconoclasm. It is an iconic phenomenon that expresses the destruction of European history. The rejection of Western culture and fundamental political structures. In his book, Ben Shapiro diagnoses the major destructive phenomena and phenomena of American society.
The book …

The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia, a book by Michael Booth

I undertook this book because I know very little about Scandinavians and their cultures. But, having acquaintances in a number of these countries, I heard things from them that appealed to me. For me the book opened a window for understanding the specificity of the Scandinavians, the possible reasons …

The Grapes of Wrath, novel by John Steinbeck

On May 6, 1940, John Steinbeck won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Grapes of Wrath.
The title refers us to the Bible, which is a metaphor - the author writes how heavy clusters - the grapes of wrath - are ripening and poured with rage in people’s souls.
Steinbeck …

How to feed a dictator, a book by Witold Szablowski

Dictators are people, too. So no matter how bloody a man may be, he needs to eat. And a cook who serves a tasty meal on time may well save someone’s life. Because delicious food, if only for a short while, makes even the worst dictators kinder.
Witold Szablowski …

Post Office, a novel by Charles Bukowski

Whether or not a “drinking culture” actually exists, its absence is bound to become noticeable. There is a particular type of excellent alcoholic among people who drink regularly, whose simplicity and carefree nature give no reason for disgust and anger to those around them.
A striking representative of dirty realism, …

Fugitives and Refugees, a book by Chuck Palahniuk

The book is more like a kind of informal guidebook to informal Portland; informality, in this case, is defined by those urban places where anyone and everyone can do almost anything they want with themselves.
That is, alcohol of all kinds and types, all sorts of drugs and types, …

MARTIN EDEN, a novel by Jack London

The name of the writer Jack London is firmly associated with adventure literature in readers. Well, who hasn’t read books about the Wild West, Alaska, gold prospectors, pirates, sailors, and cowboys cutting across the prairies? But, the skill of the author is not limited to the adventure genre. Some …

Into the Wild, a book by Jon Krakauer

Often I catch myself wanting to go off into the wilderness and live as a hermit. But I think that’s too radical because you never know what kind of help you might need.
In 1990, 22-year-old Christopher McCandless rejected all the material values of modern society, gives away all his …


I am so glad I read this book now. It has the power to take people back to their childhood! Despite the seriousness of the narrative and the events in the second part of the work, the first part took me back to my carefree years.
When you perceive everything …

TORTILLA FLAT, a novel by John Steinbeck

How little one needs to be happy! The sun would shine overhead, and the pockets warmed a bottle of wine and a fried chicken leg, and then the grass couldn’t grow, no matter what happens tomorrow. Maybe a vast meteorite will fall to Earth and destroy all life. So …

Tender Is The Night, a novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Tender Is The Night is an amazingly subtle and deeply psychological novel of the American classic. Many critics put above THE GREAT GATSBY, which the author himself called his favorite work. And it’s no accident: the book is mainly autobiographical.
Fitzgerald described the flip side of his outwardly luxurious …

AIRPORT, the novel by Arthur Hailey

Entirely by chance, I saw the novel AIRPORT standing lonely on a bookstore shelf and decided to read it. And as soon as I read a couple of pages, the book settled firmly into the first position of my desires, goals, and objectives for a few days.
A very worthy …

EMMA, the novel by Jane Austen

I have recently become interested in the novels by Jane Austen. I’ve already read Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and now EMMA. I liked the previous two books better. They are easier to read. They are not as drawn-out, but about everything in order.
The main character in the …

The girl on the train, a detective novel by Paula Hawkins

I hadn’t read a detective for a very long time, so I decided to relax, take a break. But with THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN it was hard to relax.
This book can hardly be called a detective. It’s more of a dramatic story. Three women, three personal tragedies that …

The collector, a novel by John Fowles

Collectors kill life in all its forms. No matter the object of collecting, this thing or creature is forever dropped from the usual circle of existence and life path. The collector seals the beautiful, hides it from prying eyes, makes the object an artificial value, whose fate gathers dust …

The Book Thief, a novel by Markus Zusak

Now I can’t even remember how long ago I read a book as emotionally heavy as this one. Children in the War, children during the war, children who lost their parents, starving children - all this is significantly better to live through and scroll through in your head.
If …

The Bafut Beagles, a novel by Gerald Durrell

Gerald Durrell has written many books, I have already written about his book “My Family and Other Animals.” If you want to learn about the African country Cameroon, not only that its national team is good at soccer, then the book “The Bafut Beagles” will help you a …

The winter of our discontent, a novel by John Steinbeck

Where do people get so many disgusting things from? From birth, upbringing, or environment? All these questions I tackled with John Steinbeck as I read his novel, The Winter of Our Discontent.
Usually, Steinbeck wrote about ordinary people, toilers fighting for their rights in this life. His characters are understandable …

It doesn`t have to be crazy at work, a book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Going on a trip? You never know when you’ll get a vacation. Learn to snowboard? On the weekend, you’ll probably have to work. Read a book to the baby in the evening? Now, just answering a letter. This is the “squirrel wheel” mode most ordinary employees of ordinary companies …

The Little Prince, a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This book will help you find common ground with your child. It should be read together at the age of ten. The book “The Little Prince” in the figurative form will tell you that you should be attentive and kind to people and nature. Reading together will replace your …


It’s crazy. It’s delusional. Likewise, it’s some kind of sexually turned filthy insanity. Anyway, everyone here is clearly off the rails. Especially Palahniuk himself. And damn, that’s cool!
CHOKE is a book about a silly boy who is confused about his awareness of the world. He doesn’t understand what’s …


I love titles like this when they simultaneously express the whole marketing and psychological concept. Like, you’ll never cry over small boobs again or lots of sex is unhealthy and stupid, I’m smart but I live like a fool, conclusion - you’re not smart.
This book is about how …

I, ROBOT, a fixup novel of science fiction short stories, by Isaac Asimov

I hope that you have not yet fallen into slavery to robots and at least sometimes look up from the screen of your smartphone?
Isaac Asimov is my favorite writerscience fiction writer, popularizer of science, and biochemist. He is the author of about 500 works, mainly fiction, primarily in the …

99 FRANCS, a novel by Frederic Beigbeder

In general, Orwell was right to die of consumption. Thanks to it, he did not have time to see to what extent he was right.
There are books, movies, ideas. Ideas that the Greek Plato, famous for his doctrine of the ideal state in which the place of government is …

A GALLERY OF WOMEN by Theodore Dreiser or the author’s reflections on life

A GALLERY OF WOMEN contains biographical sketches: Ida Hoshawood, Olivia Brand, Rona Mersa, Ernestina, Ermita.
Theodore Dreiser addresses a wide variety of social strata, seeking out the original, outstanding people in them.
In A GALLERY OF WOMEN Dreiser emphasizes the sexual; it is in the sex that he seeks …

“Jennie Gerhardt” by Theodore Dreiser or how to love everyone but yourself

I love, love, and will continue to love reading. No Internet or e-books can replace a tattered volume with exciting content. Recently I reread something by Dreiser, namely “Jennie Gerhardt.”
The novel is extraordinary. Although there’s nothing in the story itself that would make me completely enthralled. No sharp twists, …

THE GENIUS, a novel by Theodore Dreiser or what can compare to the happiness that love brings

THE GENIUS by Theodore Dreiser tells the story of the development of Eugene Vitla, an artist of great talent and personality. He, a connoisseur and admirer of beauty, remained hostage to it all his life.
The story of the artist is outlined in the traditional Dreiser reporter-biographical style, with …

FAHRENHEIT 451, Ray Bradbury’s dystopia about total stupefaction

Lately, everyone around us has stopped reading books. People are constantly staring into their smartphones, giggling at stupid videos. Any party ends with the guests watching a new TV series on the laptop.
On such occasions, I always think of Ray Bradbury’s great book FAHRENHEIT 451.
The author tells …


Who knows Palahniuk? He will understand from the first lines � It will be a crazy story! Of course, it’s a brain-wracking story. It’s beyond reason, but it’s an exciting book in some places. Unpredictable and exciting, with unique undertones.
The author has not strayed from his style. The …

LILA, LILA, a detective novel by MARTIN SUTER

What won’t you do for love? The question is rhetorical. You’ll do anything, and more. This is what the book is about, where on the one hand, forgery turns from a means to get love into the main obstacle in its realization, and on the other hand, how forgery …

PRINCIPLES, non-fiction by RAY DALIO

The book PRINCIPLES has become my board book and a rare example of a book that could give the basics. This book describes the principles of the old-school approach to business and life, but with a new modern perspective.
Although the principles described are still difficult to relate to …

SHOE DOG, non-fiction by PHIL KNIGHT

The word Nike is on everyone’s lips today; it is a successful, large company whose history began in 1964, and over half a century has reflected many economic processes. It is a story of how passion and love for one’s passion help build a successful business despite serious competitors …


Europeans have already worn out their tolerance! Soon they will be lying at the feet of any visiting stinking goat!
For me, the book reflects the thinking of modern European society. An essential characteristic of which is tolerance. From my perspective, this tolerance is being taken to the point …


The first-time traveler! That’s the first hitman in the history of world literature. A certain Yankee who got hit on the head with a crowbar in a fight woke up in 6th century Britain during the reign of King Arthur.
That is, he went thirteen centuries back from the …

SHANTARAM, a novel by Gregory David Roberts, or How an Australian junkie became the king of Bombay’s criminal underworld!

Gregory David Roberts’ book SHANTARAM has become an absolute bestseller. I have heard conflicting opinions about it from many friends. If the book is controversial, then you should read it.
And if you don’t like to read, check out the book trailer at the top of this review.
The author’s …

“Cat’s Cradle,” a novel by Kurt Vonnegut

The name of the world-famous writer Kurt Vonnegut has been familiar to me for many years. “Cat’s Cradle” is the novel that I chose to know Kurt Vonnegut. The work is very complex and multi-layered.
Vonnegut mesmerized me on the first page. I’ve never been particularly fond of games, …

A FAREWELL TO ARMS, anti-war novel by Ernest Hemingway

A FAREWELL TO ARMS, by the American Hemingway, Aldington’s DEATH OF A HERO, by the British, and Remarque’s ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT the German Remarque. Do you know what these three books about the lost generation and World War I have in common? Well, except for the general …

END OF WATCH, a novel by Stephen King

I am delighted that Stephen King continues to write. For the past few years, fans have received a new novel every year. I have read everything , and I am happy with everyone. The reading satisfaction rate is relatively high.
The trilogy about the retired detective and maniac Brady Hartsfield …


The book was a natural breath of fresh air - not all is lost in the young adult world. It hasn’t finally descended into stupid vanilla and no less stupid omnipotent kids!
It seems to fifteen-year-old Anna that the whole world is against her and is alone against …

The Call of the Wild, novel by Jack London

I started reading Jack London’s book a couple of days ago, and the first, after the introduction about the author, was the story “The Call of the Wild.” It was about the dog Buck who knew the world in all its glory.
Jack London is one of the few writers …

METAMORPHOSIS, a novel by Franz Kafka

I read this work at school, but my impressions remain to this day briefly about the plot. Although the story is read for a short time, you can think about it for a long time later. The work’s plot is quite strange and surreal, but this is Kafka!
One …


I’m not too fond of dark, heavy books, works that emanate from hopelessness. Why, then, did my choice end up in Tommy Orange’s book - There We Become Different? It’s simple: curiosity overpowered. The cover abstract promised unambiguously to debunk the “romanticized image of the Indians” in the readers’ …

SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK, a novel by Matthew Quick

In general, at first, I was interested in the title of the book since I bought it after the release of the film. My favorite actors were striking on the cover, and the title was based on the film - MY BOYFRIEND CRAZY.
I was interested in how you can …


Space has long been stirring up science fiction writers’ fantasies - it is understandable. The topic is fertile and almost limitless, even if you do not touch on extraterrestrial intelligence and all kinds of green men. I like movies about space, so I pinned my hopes on the book …


I did not expect anything supernatural from this book. I thought there would be an interesting, exciting, intense story about a maniac and his victim - a rich girl - and blah blah blah. But in the end, my expectations were smashed to smithereens.
The book is about what parents …

THE GOLDFINCH, book by Donna Tartt

Hey! Today I want to introduce you to one of the most famous American novels by Donna Tartt - FOP. I saw this book in a small attractive bookstore in London. Its cover just amazed me, and when I opened the first pages, it took my breath away!
It …

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