Cellular services Reviews

Telus mobility service

For years i have used Telus pay as you go services and was really satisfied with their services. My husband is a fisherman and while everyone else cannot get reception out on the water he is still able to which is something that is very important to us. There …

T-Mobile Service for Smart Phone 4G LTE

I got my T-Mobile service from Walmart and it’s actually the best service I’ve had since I started getting cell phone plans. So probably in 12 years, this in the best service plan I’ve found that matches my all around needs.
Of course having a plan that works …

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Carrier

As cellphone user, I look to have the best possible plan, that suits both my needs and my budget. I can be honest and say that I have fallen in the sticky web of contract phone companies and have lost money due to ridicules fees, and high rates. I …

SpotMobile pre-paid phone service (USA)

After going through several pre-paid phone services without saving a significant amount of money for various reasons, I decided to give Spotmobile a try. It’s been about two years since then and the business has already made noticeable developments. Spotmobile sets itself apart from other pre-paid services in two …

Zong cellular service in Pakistan

Zong is one of the cellular service providers in Pakistan. It is a China Mobile company that claims to have a customer base of over 300 million on their website. Zong totally shocked everyone in Pakistan recently by being the first cellular service provider that supports 4G. Recently, many …

Kyocera Brio Cell Phone (iWireless prepaid)

The Kyocera Brio is a cell phone for use on the Sprint network and works with the iWireless prepaid phone plans. This particular phone model is very similar to a Blackberry phone, but it is not considered to be a smartphone. Although it looks like a more advanced model …

iWireless Cell Phone Service

I live on a rather tight budget and cannot afford to have a cell phone, or so I thought. The ones I had previously cost between $50 and $100 dollars upfront plus the monthly service plan fee and insurance. I went for awhile without one because I couldn’t afford …

Straight Talk Cell Phone Service

Straight Talk cell phone service is provided exclusively through Wal-Mart. Straight Talk is a subsidiary of Trac-Phone. The company offers cell phones three basic month-to-month calling plans and a variety of phones suited for the most subtle or most avid cellular phone user.
Straight Talk offers two basic cell phone …

Reachout Wireless (free cell phone)

I recently enrolled in this government program that provides free refurbished CDMA cell phone and free monthly minutes. I saw it in a flyer and I applied because our household qualifies due to being in a low-income category. The application was quick. It took about two weeks to get …

Net 10 Bring Your Own Phone Sim Program

It was in February 2012 when Net 10 launched this program. I have been a Net 10 customer for several months so I was very excited about the possibility of being able to use a non-Net 10 branded phone with my service. I paid $14.99 online at …

Straight Talk Cell Phone Service

I was on a cell phone plan that I averaged three hundred dollars a month in cell phone bills (although I thought my bill was supposed to be around eighty dollars for unlimited everything).
I told a close relative of mine about my phone bills. She told me she was …

Verizon Wireless

I have been with Verizon Wireless for about 4 years now. I did not change to Verizon by choice. I was with Qwest mobile and they sold out to Verizon. I would have changed to ALLTEL but Qwest offered bundle rates, so I stayed with Verizon. I …

T-Mobile Customer Service (over the phone)

I have had to call them a lot recently in regards to my former cellular phone as I have recently left the T-Mobile company and am currently looking for another cellphone provider. Their customer service representatives have been for a large part widely unhelpful and some of them are …

Straight Talk Prepare Cell Phone Plan

I used to have a contract through Verizon for my Cell Phone, and I never had a problem or complaint about them. After a few years of being there they did away with my $40 a month plan and upgraded me to a $60 a month plan, after I …

Boost Mobile

I was a customer of Boost Mobile for about 1 year. The service is very good. I was under the 50 dollar a month unlimited plan. The service gave me unlimited, talk, text and web and really did satisfy my wildest dreams. The service never really ever gave me dropped …

Singapore Telecommunications

Singapore Telecommunications, or SingTel for short, is a local telecommunications provider and has one of the greatest numbers of subscribers in Singapore. It has a great variety of plans, for students and for adults alike, which I feel is good and helps both parties; subscribers and the …


$99.97 per month
When it came time to renew my phone service I was not quite happy with the service I had prior to this one. I chose T-Mobile service because I had been hearing many great things about the company. I had read up on the company prior to …

Fring VoIP

Fring is a free application that can be downloaded from the Android Market, here. It is free to download and to install. It earns money from you because you need to pay credits in order to use this VoIP service. It offers several payment options including credit card, Paypal, …

Sun Cellular Network

Sun Cellular Network is one of the phone service providers here in the Philippines. It is available in post paid and prepaid card. I am using the prepaid card right now. I bought this prepaid card around 7 years ago. At that time, it cost around PhP50 (Philippine Peso) …

AT&T Wireless

With various choices available to Americans on cellular service, and the expanding growth of the industry more so than ever, it is necessary to find the right carrier that fulfills your individual needs. I recently embarked on a quest to try out the larger, nationwide carriers and give my …

Globe Prepaid Sim Card

Globe has been the preferred network in my workplace, and I personally favor it over the other giant telco. There’s probably no sensible reason, as far as I’m concerned, of using a prepaid cellular service other than making online shopping a little convenient: I couldn’t activate Gcash in …

Smart Buddy Unli Prepaid Sim Card

The need to switch to a prepaid network arose out of family matters. My contacts are split between two networks. A large portion of which are corporate contacts from work and happens to be my network of choice, whereas the rest, of a different network, are taken …

Tracfone Cellphone service

If you are looking for a cellphone but dont want to be trapped by a contract and are not interested in paying insane prices, you should probably begin looking at TracFone as a prepaid service provider.
I started using Tracfone when I was in middle school, and I am currently …

AT&T Telecommunication Services

AT&T, Inc. is by far the most fraudulent telecommunication provider I have ever received services from. For the entire year that I received bundled services from them, my bill fluctuated every month ranging from $50-$90 dollars. My actual bill was supposed to be $60 a month. I …

Sprint Cellular Phone Service

We recently switched out cell phone service to Sprint because they offered a plan where we could have 3 phones on the same plan for about $100 per month. This was the most basic plan we could find, since we did not need any extras. We already …

Airtel Cellular Servies

Of all the cellular service providers in India, Airtel is considered to be the best by many in terms of connectivity, range, tariff plans and especially services they provide to their customers. I have been using the service for more than two years now and during this period I …

Digicel Jamaica

My choice local GSM service provider is Digicel Jamaica and they have been so ever since I got my first cell phone back in 2002. The Digicel Group first started providing cellular service to Jamaicans in April 2001 and has never looked back since.
The establishment of this cellular …

Smart Telecoms Products

I have been patronizing Smart Telecoms ever since it started its company here in the Philippines. Actually, I own a Smart prepaid sim card which I’ve been using for about 10 years now, I didn’t switch to any telecommunications service provider even at ones, though a lot have been …

BSNL Cellone in Jaipur

BSNL stand for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. It is Government controlled Communications service provider in India. Probably the biggest one.
There has been lots of complaints about BSNL customer services. Truth be told, BSNL does not have the best Customer Service. This is mainly because it is under government and …

T-mobile caller tunes

T-Mobile caller tunes is a service provided by T-Mobile which allows you to purchase your favorite songs and make them the ring your caller will hear. I just purchased a new cell phone from T-Mobile solely for personal use to communicate with friends and family, and I decided since …

Globe’s Customer Service

Globe’s customer service is something that I think needs more work. Whether it was online or on the phone, I just can’t find the satisfaction whenever I talk to their representatives. I guess the online version is easier though and I don’t have to shout out what I want. …

Verizon Wireless Cellular Services

My cell phone provider used to be Alltel, before Verizon took it over. Now, I am the unsatisfied owner of a cell phone with a Verizon plan that does not provide good service. I, like many other people having to switch the cell phone providers I’m sure, had such …

Straight Talk Wireless

My experience with Straight Talk Wireless has been nothing but positive. I found this carrier after trying out several others. It’s given me a consistent signal at the best price.
Straight Talk Wireless is a prepaid service that is offered through Wal-Mart. Customers can either buy a card with minutes …

Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200

Almost the only thing that beats my impression of the Virgin Mobile prepaid wireless is my experience with their Broadband2Go internet service. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and have no looked back.
There are two hardware choices with this service. Customers can choose to purchase an Ovation MC760 …

Rogers Wireless

I was a Rogers customer on and off for almost ten years but after this latest experience I had with them will never be a customer of theirs again. The first experience I had with them was as a home phone customer. Overall, in the approximately two …

Virgin Mobile Wireless Cell phone Provider

I used Virgin Mobile wireless for several years and was pleased with the performance. Recently, I found another provider who gives unlimited phone service for a lower cost. Anyone who doesn’t need unlimited service would do well to look at Virgin Mobile.
It’s tough to beat them for service and …

BSNL 3G Cellular Service

When I decided to switch to 3G, there was not much option. In fact, other than BSNL not a single operator was offering 3G service. So, I decided to take a new connection of BSNL.
My experience with this operator as far as 3G is concerned is of mixed nature. …

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Mobile Service

Since I like to be different most of the time, I decided to buy myself a Virgin Mobile SIM card so as to make use of Virgin Mobile as my network of choice but it was admittedly their cheap out of bundle data prices that turned my lure into …

Tata Docomo Cellular Service

My experience with Tata Docomo is simply scintillating. Though, this is one of the latest cellular services providers in my region, but without an iota of doubt, it is providing the best service in all respects.
There are so many positive stuffs associated with this service. To start with, the …

Verizon Wireless

I believe that Verizon Wireless is great and I have enjoyed using their service. The price for Verizon service is somewhat higher than other carriers but I believe that the price is worth it. With Verizon Wireless I have not had any problems with the signal or …


I used T-mobile service for about 1 year and they have fairly good service but it is not as great as it could be. I have had signal issues with T-mobile but there aren’t major signal issues in my area. My major problem with T-mobile is that …


I have had Sprint service before and my overall opinion of Sprint service is that it’s very horrible. From the time that I left the store with the Sprint phone there were nothing but problems. The main issue that I had with the Sprint phone was that …

Boost Mobile Service

I have been a Boost Mobile Customer for the past 3 years, I have had 5 different phones with them my most current is the Incognito. Boost Mobile Service depending on what type can be good, for instance the CDMA service which runs directly from the sprint network works …

Verizon Wireless prepaid broadband Device

Verizon Wireless is a prestigious wireless service that is located in the US. It’s one of the most popular wireless companies around. So much that I have been a true fan of them for a few years now. I recently needed to purchase a new broadband service because the …

Virgin Mobile

I went on a Virgin Mobile phone service with an unlocked phone of mine. I had a bad experience with Bell and Rogers. For Rogers, they took too long to get back to me on my questions. I got a phone service from them, and it was painful …

Afridesign Premium SMS Service

I must admit, the deal-clinching feature of Afridesign’s premium SMS service was the lure of the price, which was around US$29 for the low return option, with a subsequent pricing structure of US$14 a month.
The high return option was much more expensive, six times as much in fact and …

Exactmobile Mobile Phone Content Service

Since I have never had all that much interest in mobile phone content services that are accessible through my mobile phone credit amount, I had never really explored such a service until Exact Mobile ran a campaign during the FIFA World Cup, through which soccer content was made available.
One …

Nokia OVI Mobile Application Virtual Store

With my previous trouble in locating Nokia compliant software application products, the need for a centralized location in which all Nokia supported applications can be found has been suitably satisfied by the Nokia OVI store, which I have become somewhat of a regular customer of since I discovered it …

Vodacom Streaming Web Television Service

Since I am a serious fan of my sports, the transition period when moving from school to home, or anywhere else for that matter, can sometimes prove to be a frustrating period in which I am missing some serious sporting action.
While listening to the on-goings through the radio served …

AT&T Cellular Service

Although I had been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for almost eight years and was very pleased with their cellular service, I decided to switch to AT&T due to the fact that I desperately desired an iPhone. AT&T is the only cellular service provider that offers the iPhone and …

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