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  • Unfortunately, they didn't give me anything to look forward to
  • But the other cell phone service provider was always coming up with promos and lower rates that I thought I could try them out
  • I believe that's not their fault because most of the other networks are so congested that the subscribers themselves want to throw their phones away
  • I know with text messages it's not really that important

    • by Honey

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      My first pre-paid line was with Globe, and I was really happy with them. Unfortunately, they didn’t give me anything to look forward to. Promos were unknown to them that time but I stuck with them because their networks weren’t congested.

      But the other cell phone service provider was always coming up with promos and lower rates that I thought I could try them out. I’ve gone back to availing of Globe’s services and I am content with them.

      There are plenty of promos available to post paid line subscribers as well as

      pre paid subscribers. The network isn’t that congested and messages will arrive on time, calls are successful; except when you’re trying to call other cell phone providers.

      I believe that’s not their fault because most of the other networks are so congested that the subscribers themselves want to throw their phones away. When I went to Globe’s store, I got a new phone that wasn’t really all that good and I just gave it to my eldest nephew who wanted to have his own phone.

      My only complaint is that when I had ...

      • activated my voice mail, they said it would be activated in 24-48 hours. It’s been more than a week and I still have no voice mail.

        I know with text messages it’s not really that important. But for someone like me who receives dozens of calls I would much prefer that I have voice mail.

        And also there’s my mom who doesn’t know how to send text messages and only calls me. Although my dad knows how to type in text messages with his cell phone, he would rather call me so that

        everything is understood clearly.

        There customer service is fine, and I have had the chance of calling them up dozens of times already; friendly and very courteous. One representative even said, ’sorry ma’am I really don’t know the answer to that, but if you’d be willing to hold for at least 5 minutes I’ll go ahead and ask my supervisor about your concern’.

        Really honest fellow, unlike other representatives who think they know everything and end up unhelpful. I’m sticking with Globe, not because I have a contract with them, but because it’s an honest company.

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    Antonio A.V. Arucan says :

    I am now in Thailand and my phone 0917 4765 164 in now in roaming but I cannot contact Philippines by SMS or by call. One more is I cannot also contact a local Thailand cellphone or land line. Please advice what I have to dial for local and for the Philippine call.
    MEV says :

    Hi Antonio,

    Try to put 639(and the 9 digit of your number).
    Ken says :

    Yes, it’s true. I tried roaming with globe several times when I went abroad, Dubai, Thailand, etc., it never works.
    trina says :

    how can i activate my voicemail?
    MEV says :

    Hi Trina,

    As per Smart website

    For STK and 32K SIM holders,
    go to SIM Toolkit and select SIM Connect.

    For 64K SIM holders,
    go to Smart Menu and select SIM Settings

    If you do not have SIM Toolkit or the Smart Menu yet, text GET MENU to 9888 to download.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    hi Trina. Globe Telecom as of this writing do not offer voicemail services even if it is a feature on your phone. if you have a data plan you can just use third party application that use the internet to receive voicemail. you can do a research online to help you choose which one would suit your needs. Hope this helps.
    Cath says :

    I am a prepaid Globe user. Of all my years of registering to their promotional services such as UNLITXT and what not, I have never been disappointed until now. II have been using their SUPERUNLI25 promo for a while now and have to say that it is quite a hassle to register to it because there is a limited number of users. I feel like it`s always a battle to get a registration slot for 24hrs. I had NO IDEA that there was such a thing as exceeding the number of allowable message sending to access number 8888 so now I am BLOCKED for the whole day because I was trying to register to SUPERUNLI25. Now I cannot register to ANY 8888 unlimited texting services. Frankly, I`m pissed off. Basically, wala man lang warning? If I had known that I was about to exceed the number of allowable messages I would`ve stopped trying for SUPERUNLI25 and gone for UNLITXT20 or COMBO20. Now I am stuck with a limited amount of load to text with until this same time tomorrow and it sucks. Fix that Globe. At least give a WARNING message before you block loyal consumers from participating in your promos.
    joemr says :

    the current capping limit for internet usage is too unfair for the consumers… especially those recently applied for an account… my bandwidth usage limit for 2Mbps is only 5 GB which is too small… i hope globe will change their fair usage policy because it is too unfair for the consumers…
    Jules Li says :

    This is not only the case with Globe Telecom, but it’s also true with most carriers. They simply don’t have the spectrum to allow unlimited bandwidth usage. If they allowed everyone to use it without a cap, it would probably be too slow to even use. I don’t like the cap either, but I believe it’s important to realize why it’s in place. It’s not something that they do just to make the customer angry.
    Marius de Jess says :

    This has happened to me already three times or more, but I noticed it only some almost three months back.

    You see, I don’t use my Globe mobile except very rarely, but I keep track of my load expiration date and time.

    Then three months back I noticed that my load had decreased and I had not been using my mobile for any voice calls, moreover I have accumulated almost 1000 reward text messages for having loaded my phone sim regularly with prepaid Globe cards.

    So I went to the Globe business office at Gateway Mall in Cubao to complain.

    The Globe service man was very nice and he saw right away that my load had decreased for no use whatever from my part, and the lost load amounted to 100 pesos.

    He refunded the loss by loading my sim with a free 100 pesos load from Globe, and I saw him writing a message to Globe to explain the refund of a hundred pesos.

    I was glad, and he told me I would not experience anymore disappearing load.

    The second time of disappearing load happened some over a month ago, and it was the same thing: I noticed that my load had decreased even though I had not used my mobile phone.

    I went again to the Cubao Globe business office to complain.

    This time the Globe person a guy admitted that yes there was a loss of load, he told me he would ask the Globe office to investigate, and I would receive a text informing me of the cause, etc.

    But he did not refund me with Globe load to make up for the disappeared load and I forgot to ask about a refund — it was only when I left that I realized I forgot to demand a load refund to make up the for the lost load.

    Then last Tuesday, today is Friday, Sept. 4, 2015, the same thing happened again, my load decreased further and without any use from me.

    This time I said to myself that I would insist on a refund of the lost load.

    The lady attending to me told me yes, you have lost 120 pesos worth of load, and there is no record of any use from you during the covered period.

    Now, here is the routine I noticed with this woman which was also employed by the guy who attended to me last time, and did not take the care to refund me with load from Globe to make up for the loss.

    She told me that she had already informed the Globe office to make an investigation, and I would receive a text which would explain why, etc., etc., etc.

    I asked her whether she would right away refund me with load from Globe to make up for my loss of load, and she told me that the Globe office would investigate and I would receive a text, etc., etc., etc.

    This time I was firm, I insisted that she should arrange for the refund
    right then and there, because it was obvious that load has decreased without any use from my part.

    What happened now?

    I was adamant, so she had to comply because it was obvious that Globe either made a mistake or Globe is into a scam or there is something wrong with Globe’s system of charging.

    She took a form and filled it up and told me that yes I would receive the refund of 120 pesos she then went over to one of the persons manning the other counter which is into money matters i.e. receiving payments from postpaid subscribers.

    I am not into postpaid subscription but prepaid subscription all the time but I have heard of postpaid customers also complaining of charges for which they can’t recall having used their mobile phones.

    So I waited, then there appeared a text from Globe informing me that it was awarding me with 120 pesos worth of free load from Globe.

    That ends my visit to Globe office last Tuesday.

    I tend to think that either the Globe system is defective and they have not fixed it yet for so long already, and they reap the benefit ensuing from the defect, or Globe is really into what I could call an institutional dishonesty.

    If you readers have any similar experience, don’t be contended with a reply from the Globe business office persons that they will make an investigation and you will receive a text message, etc., etc., etc.

    Insist that Globe right away refund you for the missing load with refund load.
    allan says :

    I am using globe postpaid with plan 999 data package with 5gb data allocation. The handset they give is sammsung note 4 with LTE capability. Globe told me that my browsing speed is 4g. So i have set my phone into 4g network, but unfortunately, even i am connected to 4g connection the internet speed is so slow. I’m not experiencing the expected speed. And sometimes the network connection change from 4g to hsdpa, which is a little bit slower. I think globe is controlling the internet speed and you can not get much from what are you paying to them.
    gina says :

    is the Globe Telecom can trace up the anonymous text messages from the prepaid subscriber? thanks
    MEV says :

    Hi Gina,

    Try to contact Globe for your concern,

    For Smart Postpaid Smart Prepaid Talk N Text

    Toll free via SMART SIM — 888
    Via Hotline — (02) 888-1111
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi Gina. These type of requests can be done but has to go through court jurisdiction. If the text messages are bothering you, let’s say these are scam or spam messages from another Globe subscribers, you can file a complaint by calling their hotline 211. But if you are receiving death threats, prank messages,and/or obscene messages, or the number is not from Globe you have to report it to the Nat’l. Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Main Office Tel(02) 926-7722. Email Address: ntc[at]
    Hope this helps.
    allan says :

    Hi gina, if the anonynous text mssge. is from a postpaid number, globe can give you informations, but if it ia a prepaid number they can not tell you who owns it.
    Maryanne says :

    Globe has charged me P 2,400 plus last month for alleged internet usage on my cellphone, which I did not use. After appealing to them, they waived the charges. This month they charged me again, for this month`s alleged usage, but I still haven`t used the Internet on my cellphone. Now they are insisting that I pay. I can prove that I didn`t use the Internet on my cellphone, but they won`t listen. This is unfair I`m not the only one who has been having this problem. Is there still hope that this problem will be fixed? P.S. My theory about the disappearing prepaid load It`s being shaved off my alleged Internet usage, and since you`re on prepaid, there`s no bill to check.
    John says :

    This is similar to an issue that I was having until recently finding the cause. You didn’t mention which type of phone you have, but it’s highly likely that your phone is downloading updates and loading data in the background, which charges to your data account. I have an android and it was set to download data in the background, which was taking away from my usage. You should follow the steps to check these settings on your phone, depending on it’s model.
    me.glenrose says :

    This happened to my father once, they charged him over 8,000 pesos cause apparently the internet usage on his cellphone was on the moment they handed him his postpaid phone (during the introduction to the phone, the attendant may have activated it). so it has been running for quite a time that when the bill arrived it was wopping However, My father was able to request the debiting of the account, since he let them check on actual usage or traffic made, which he did not do.
    john allen says :

    what is sim card rejected..??? what does it mean
    MEV says :

    Hi John,

    Your sim card is rejected due to the following reasons
    a.) Your mobile is locked to a other mobile network operator. However, you can unlock your phone through any cellphone technician.
    b.) Your sim is already expired due to a long period of non-use or non-reloading your sim.
    c.) Your Phone is damaged.
    Jules Li says :

    If the sim card is rejected this means that the phone is incapable of reading it. This can happen if the incorrect pin code is entered repeatedly. It’s designed to lock for security reasons when this happens. If there’s not code set, it’s likely that you’ll need another sim card. They’re usually not very expensive.
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