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  • After running through every cell phone company around through the past ten years, and having cell phone bills that have totaled $2000.00+ on more than one occassion, I decided to try the Cricket Wireless Service, and it is that has been the single best decision I have made in my years of having a cell phone
  • In my opinion it is no better or worse than any other carrier

    • by ShaNichole

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      After running through every cell phone company around through the past ten years, and having cell phone bills that have totaled $2000.00+ on more than one occassion, I decided to try the Cricket Wireless Service, and it is that has been the single best decision I have made in my years of having a cell phone. Cricket offers everything that all the major cell phone carriers offer, but at a lower price. For $42 a month, inclusive of tax, I get unlimited minutes and text messaging, and

      my first month of service was free. I had the same plan with T-mobile right before getting my Cricket phone, and I was paying $100 plus tax, and I was under contract.

      Intially I was a little nervous to go the Cricket route because I figured with such a low price for my “plan”, the service must be crappy. But, I was wrong. In my opinion it is no better or worse than any other carrier. Granted, I sometimes do get dropped calls, but,

      • that happens no matter who you have your cell phone service with, so you have to take the good with the bad.

        For me, what sealed the deal with giving Cricket two thumbs up was the fact that I was able to get service on a recent trip to Las Vegas. I am from the Philly area, and I took a trip to Las Vegas for a friends wedding, and I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to call home to check on my kids for

        a few days without buying a phone card because with such cheap service, it seemed too good to be true that my phone would work on the other side of the country, but I had no problems at all.

        The only negative thing about Cricket I would say that the variety of phones isn’t great, but, they do have a smart phone option for those who are into that.

        With that said, if you are looking for a reasonably priced cell phone truly without and hidden fees, Cricket is a great option.

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    CW says :

    No hidden fees with cricket? BULLSHIT, I have been with cricket for over 3 years on phone service and they most certainly do have hidden fees, for example they charge you an extra 3 to pay your bill in the store. They change thier plans like 3 times a year and can`t even keep employees long, I can`t tell you how many I have seen come and go over the years and none ever last longer than 6 months. Not only that but the protection plan they charge you an extra 5 a month for is crap too because when you need to replace your phone or something good luck with that. Some friends of mine bought new phones and they screwed up in a bad storm, they both had the plans but do you think cricket replaced them? NOPE they had to buy new phones again and don`t miss your payment because they will drop your PP and not let you pick it back up because your phone is now used. MyBackup? 2 a month for that to save your contacts in thier data base but when you need to transfer it to a new phone they charge you 10 to do that. Need to change your ? 15 Need to switch phones to another you had lying around? 15 One time they had a plan where I was paying about 49 a month on a 40 unlimited plan with calls, text, picture text, mobile web, 411, caller ID, call waiting, call waiting ID etc… including the instore fee then they changed thier plans, they told me I could stay on my plan but I would have to pay a reconnect fee if It disconnected or I could switch to a 45 plan with the same features, pay LESS and no longer have the reconnect fees in the future. I reluctantly switched to the 45 plan…. BIG MISTAKE, They lied and I ended up spending 53 on that plan so I ended up having to drop to the 35 plan that just has calls and text and I still spend 40 a month on that. They do let you do a 20 bridge pay if you can`t pay your whole bill and that gives you a 7 day extension to pay the rest, BUT you can`t call and talk to customer service if you have one in place. Not that they are much help from BANGLADESH. I recommend you stay away from cricket
    Shanichole replies :

    All of the issues you are talking about for the most part are stated in your contract when you sign up. 1. yes, you do have to pay 2 if you pay your bill in the store, but if you pay online it is free 2. paying 53 on you 45 phone bill is probably just tax, you pay tax at McDonald`s right? 3. My backup is very helpful. Also, there is no reason to pay the store to put new numbers on a new phone. You can access the numbers from your online account to add them or sync them yourself in the settings menu of your phone. 4. The protection plan is for device malfunctions… not being stupid enough to let them get wet in a storm 5. yes,customer service is a pain, so just go into the store and talk to someone more competent. IMO- cricket is still a better value
    Violet says :

    I used Cricket cell phone service before it was discontinued in the area I lived in Michigan. I never experienced a single problem with the service. No dropped calls.. No non-sending text messages. The phone that I had was very durable.

    The only issue I could foresee in traveling with a Cricket phone is that their service is not widely available, particularly in the midwest. I’m not certain what company’s towers, if any, that they use to provide service throughout the midwest corridor…?
    Brooke says :

    Cricket is alright but in my opinion Virgin Mobile is way better. They are also a tiny bit less expensive in their plans. You can get a plan for about $ 35 with Virgin Mobile and their is no contract. I used to have Cricket but now I switched to Virgin Mobile and I couldn’t be happier.
    nitakb says :

    Virgin Mobile is pretty fair in their plans in my opinion. I have been with them a bout two and a half years now and I have experienced no real problems.

    Coverage is amazing, their phones are decent, a little pricey, but worth it if you think about how much a two year contract is and how much more most higher end phones run. There’s no extra sign up fees. Just buy the phone, online or in store, (I recommend online because shipping is free) and then sign up by making an virgin mobile account and picking a plan. Plans start with $ 35. Unlimited text and data. You get three hundred minutes through. Which is more than enough for if you’r not are not a big talker.

    Data is in 3G/4G speeds, but slows down if you go over 2.5GBs (this is in the fine print that many people don’t read). They will tell you if you’re going over too your limit. Through email. You still have unlimited data, but it’s slower. This is the only thing that’s not all that great. Although you’re not being charged for going over.

    You can pay online or with a top up card. Which is basically putting money on a card and then putting it on a phone. It’s perfect for young people who are just starting out and need responsibility or if you don’t want money being automatically taken out of your bank account. But they also have an option to have the debit/credit card on file but not automatic pay.

    There phones are also good too, even though most of them come out about a year after they released from other carriers. They are almost always running a sale. So if you wanna switch, you can do that easily too. No hassle, just buying another phone, keep your number and be happy.
    Mindy Simms says :

    Where I live Cricket phones do not work well, the signal is weak in most areas where other cell phones work quite well. My family decided to use verizon’s pay as you go phones. You just buy the phone and pay a set amount each month. It costs me and my husband 100 dollars a month to have unlimited everything on my phones, no hidden fees or charges.
    Somilia Smith says :

    I had Cricket in Chicago a few years back and was quite upset to find they had no service in LA when I moved here. Two and a half years later, I have Cricket again and so far things have been pretty good. The smart phone I have sucks because I cant load any new apps but the internet and music download program is pretty good. Some texts or calls dont come through or come through really late, but not sure if that’s a problem with the phone or the service. Either way, beats the 100 bucks a month I was paying at T-Mobile.
    brebre2534 says :

    I too have Cricket and have had no problems. I pay my bill on line and it is free. There plans seem to be much cheaper than other cell phone places. I have unlimited everything talk, text and data and only pay 50.00 dollars a month. I think Cricket is the way to go. I was also to get a I phone 5c and pay it out monthly
    Treia Shafer says :

    re : After running through every cell phone company around through the past ten years, and having cell phone bills that have totaled $2000.00+ on more than one occassion, I decided to try the Cricket Wireless Service, and it is that has been the single best decision I have made in my years of having a cell phone

    I agree with you 100% I love Cricket and I love the fact that its just one flat charge they don’t overcharge you and just in case you don’t have the money to pay the bill you can pay $ 20 and they keep it turned on for 7 more days.
    Danny says :

    I am sorry but I have to disagree about the flat rate. I had Cricket for a couple of years and one issue that I found very annoying was that my bill would slightly fluctuate month to month. I was on a prepaid, unlimited talk and text plan that was $ 35.00. Every single time I went to pay online it would be a different rate. I contacted Customer Service and they were terrible Most of the time they spoke horrible English and they would advise me that my bill would be straightened out on the following bill. It wasn’t. It was a nightmare because I never knew if the difference would be pennies or dollars

    Another issue I had was dead zones. I live near the Canadian boarder and would loose signal anytime I went to Niagara Falls and it’s surrounding park location. If I stood in one place it would be decent but if I moved an inch the call would drop.

    Maybe they have worked it out by now but I am super skeptical.
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