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  • The problem arise when after a week the land line is still not working
  • I explained to her that I work in the billings section as well, I know how it works and I know that we shouldn't be overdue
  • We agreed, that's the best way to not pay more and have no benefit at all

    • by shishuhan

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      My husband and I are internet addicts. We don’t usually travel but we spend most of our time just surfing the net and discovering new things through it. Early this year, we have moved to a new place, because of that we had to terminate the service of out previous internet service provider which is Bayantel since their relocation fee is the same as acquiring a new one. So, we have just decided to just change to a new ISP. It so happened that a sales agent dropped a flyer about the new Globe Tattoo at Home bundles in our gate. I checked on it, desperate to have an internet connection right away.

      At that matter, Globe didn’t fail me. I texted the sales agent in that Sunday morning and at that night the DSL was installed, though the bundled land line is not yet working. The plan also has free speed boost for a month, so at night it reached 3mbps when our plan is just for 2mbps. I was really glad, I

      even posted the speed test result in facebook. The problem arise when after a week the land line is still not working.

      We called and requested for them a lot of times for it to be fixed. After several technician came to check and fix it, finally it was up. The connection was fabulous specially at night. I told myself, the price of P1299/mo for a 2mbps speed bundled with land line is really a great deal. Then there came the problem again.

      When finally the landline was fixed, the internet connection was lost. It took several calls and stress to gain it back. There were a lot of report from technicians that it was already fixed but it only happened when we demanded that they should check our modem directly and see what happened. When it was up and running again, and after we paid two bills on time, we received an overdue bill. Of course we called and expressed our frustration.

      The customer service agent was reiterating that we did not pay on ...

      • time but was saying that our payment posted before the due date. The call was escalated, the supervisor is saying the same thing, trying to explain how the bill cut-off works. I explained to her that I work in the billings section as well, I know how it works and I know that we shouldn’t be overdue. Until she stumbled upon one email advising them to apologize as payments we’re not included in the bill but we are not overdue. This is really frustrating, agents on their hotline should be able to explain how the billing dates and cutoff works, instead they will tell you your wrong when in fact they are the one not studying their craft.

        The speed boost is only free for a month, so before it expires, we have it cancelled so we will not be charged. So even if we did, the next bill, we were charged again. Text agents said it’s an error again. After that, the internet connection was lost again. A technician came to fix it.

        It was okay again afterwards, but on that night when the technician said there shouldn’t be any connection related problem again, the connection died again. We’ve had enough of the problems. We’re requesting for it’s termination since it’s bringing us nothing but stress and extra expense since we can’t continuously use it. Of course they didn’t allow us, said we have to pay the pre-termination fee which is around P7000. We will not pay for something that has no value to us, the agent offered reclassification, the internet can be cancelled but the land line will still be active until the lock-in period ended.

        We agreed, that’s the best way to not pay more and have no benefit at all. The agent promised the reclassification will not extend the lock-in period, only to find out weeks after the reclassification took place that our lock-in period started again from the date we maintained land line only subscription. This is really deceiving, we have given up all our hopes in fixing this. We have just told ourselves, never again with Globe.

    Azriel says :

    We are also connected to Globe Landline bundle with 5mbps (i think) so far there have been no issues aside from the very slow wifi that it gives out (mainly due to the type of router they gave us perhaps). But my brother is able to use the connection in his online games to no avail.
    If suddenly there is no service, we would immediately call Globe and get a reference number. If the service downtime reaches at least 8 hours, we are already demanding for a rebate. we ended up not paying for a month’s service due to the no. of no service when they were still upgrading their system.
    Now, everything seemed normal and well great. We would not give this up for a bayantel since theirs was much worse. Also, if you have a globe internet and landline bundle, did you know you can also request for a free globe to globe and T/M calls for free in your landline? We availed of this so all calls to globe cellphones are free when we use our landline.
    Jevy says :

    Did you pay for the reclassification? and how much are you paying for the landline only? I’m planning to drop my internet too. I’ll lose my online job if I’ll stick to globe internet service. I have internet connection issues since day 1 and I cant afford to call globe every single day to report a problem. I have to reset my modem more than 5 to 10 times a day and I’d be lucky if I have internet connection straight for 4 hours without interruption.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi Jevy. If you are looking for a stable and strong internet connection you have to take understand how the connection works. Do you have a PLDT or DSL provider office near you? if yes then you might as well get a DSL connection. DSL connection speed depends on how far you are from the telephone company operations building. So the nearer you are the faster the speed and stability of the connection. If you opt to get a cable broadband, then you have to consider how many people are using the same service in your area because that would affect the performance of the cable internet. if you get an upgraded plan then you will be given more bandwidth share in the area. If you choose a wireless provider, it is mandatory that the installer check your location first if their device will be able to acquire signal. it would be better to do the test in the exact location in your house where you do your online job. hope this helps.
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