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  • I believe that people have learned to use religion as a means to hide who they really are, if that makes any sense

    • by Julie Wilder
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      I was raised in a very confusing world of religion. My mother was raised Catholic, and my father, well I’m still unsure. My mother wished for me to grow up in the catholic religion, but because my father did not practice, I could not be baptised and welcomed into the church.

      After my parents divorced, my father tried locating a church which he felt comfortable, and he brought along my sisiter and I. We visited Christian, Baptist, Penecostal, Non-Denominational and many more churches.

      Even now, as an adult and a mother of two young children, I have pondered the question as to what religion am I? I have finally

      realized that you can have a religion without having to go to a church and committing yourself to any certain group of people. I call it my own “Personal Religion”.

      I have met several people that frown upon this as if “my beliefs don’t exsist to them” or something. Why must I go somewhere, where I don’t feel comfortable, where it seems as if the “money offereing” is the only topic there, or it seems that the people are two-faced and back-stabbers? Honestly, I don’t feel that any religion today is what it should be.

      I believe that people have learned to use religion as a means to hide ...

      • who they really are, if that makes any sense. My religion does not discriminate, does not treat any two people differently, my religion honestly and openely helps people because I care, not just because I want to preach to them for my benefit, my religion teaches morals and respect 24 hours a day, not just when I go to church a few times a week.

        My personal religion may not seem to exsist to many individuals, but to me it is very real. It is how I feel, how I live my life, how I help others and how I teach others (religion aside) it is the very meaning

        of my life.

        Some people may call this Anarchy or Atheism, but this is simply not true. I do believe in GOD, heck, we were made somehow, right? And I do believe in Jesus.

        I just believe in the love of all living beings no matter where they came from, what background they are, what religion they are etc. Which in my heart, I feel that my religion is somehow more pure than those other religions out there today.

        So, the next time you doubt my love for GOD and Jesus, please re-read this review. Please do not judge and be open minded to “Personally Religious” individualls like myself.

    sally says :

    Religion is all about submission and recognizing the creator, but if you have created your on religion, who do you submit to?
    Moses says :

    In my opinion religion is man’s way of committing to a deity. One creates a set of rules to live by and endeavors to live by them. every one has a religion, even the atheism is a religion because there is a set of laws that govern the way an atheist lives. Julie believes in Jesus but choses not to be subjected by the existing mainstream religions but instead has decided to follow her own rules to guide her live a more fulfilling life. I think that qualifies this as religion.
    Kenroy Hunter says :

    If you create your own religion you submit to yourself because your religion is based off of your own standards of what is right and wrong. In short you are your own God.
    Adityaa says :

    There is only one Creator. And all religions say so. All the rivers lead to the Sea. Likewise all the religions lead to the Creator.
    Thierry Snipes says :

    re : I believe that people have learned to use religion as a means to hide who they really are, if that makes any sense
    It makes sense. I can see how people LEARN to use religion so that they fit in with societal "norms". When some people get passionate about their religious beliefs, they can easily get sucked into the Group Mind, and I think some people feel security when they’re in a social group - especially when it’s related to a person’s spiritual beliefs.
    Kenroy Hunter says :

    Personal religion in my view is the beliefs that people hold to that is not necessary the creeds of a particular religious group but based on how they perceive life around them.
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