Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods

by Irina Bernetckite


    Hey, coffee lovers! How many of us love mocha coffee, especially during the cold season? Probably a lot. And I’m one of them, but I started craving this chocolaty drink in August, which is fine, I actually came up with a nice peppermint mocha recipe, which I shared in my review on McCormick’s Peppermint Extract. But one day I was wandering around my local grocery store and I stumbled upon this Starbcuks Mocha K-cup pods, which were on sale. I do have an old Keurig coffee maker so I thought it was worth a try.
  • Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods
  • There are 10 k-cup pods in the pack and this pack is different from the one you can find at Starbucks, I think this one is made to be sold at grocery stores only. You can get a bigger one (18 pods) at Walmart for around $10.

  • Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods
  • This is simply the ground coffee with some natural flavours added. They also have Mocha Caffe Latte k-cup pods, which come with flavour packets, but those are dairy, so if you’re dairy-free, they are not gonna work for you. This also has the same nutritional value as the coffee, which means that it’s almost 0 calories.

  • Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods
  • So I brewed this according to the instructions on the package, using 8-oz setting and it came out pretty strong, but not too strong. I like the dark roast and this is medium and you can feel it.

  • Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods
  • As for the quality of coffee, for me it wasn’t as deep as medium roast I made with the czeve, but it wasn’t bad for the Keurig coffee, if you know what I mean. It tastes quite nice on its own, it really does have that chocolaty taste to it and I bet that it will be a great base for the iced mocha.

  • Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods
  • I only used 3 pods yet and I’m still “perfecting” the way I use it. First time, I tried it with the peppermint extract and some almond milk that didn’t froth and it was ok, but it was lacking sweetness and creaminess. The second time I used it, I tried it with frothed milk and some honey, but I didn’t like the way it tasted that much. Then I tried it with the frothed milk and peppermint syrup and it was pretty good. But it still lacks that creaminess you get from the original mocha, so I think about adding a little bit of cocoa powder to this to get the right texture.

    Anyways, this k-cup pods are actually a good option for those who love both the coffee and the chocolate. It’s not gonna taste exactly like Mocha from Starbucks since Starbucks uses a Mocha sauce in their Mocha recipes, but this will substitute the chocolate syrup and spice up your coffee break a little bit. So I hope this review was helpful and I’ll see you soon!


Alina says :

I remember when I discovered first Starbucks I was so happy, I’ve bought every day Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods. It was very tasty and it made my working days more beautiful.
I think I’m lucky because near my house it’s Starbucks.
I kindly recommend everyone to try Mocha flavored coffee k-cup pods, of course it depends of each one preferrence.
Jazmyn Taylor says :

re : How many of us love mocha coffee, especially during the cold season
I love mocha during the cold months Especially the peppermint one they offer, You feel the sensation down your throat
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