Jewelry Reviews

Continental Jewelers

I worked in the Farragut North area of DC for many years and I walked by Continental Jewelers all the time. A few years ago, I moved out of the area and when I recently returned, the office building where the store was located had been torn down. …

Morbid Metals Body Jewelry

Quite a long time ago I got my ears pierced and after awhile I was having trouble finding earrings that would not irritate my ears or cause infections. When I was almost ready to give up and get rid of my piercings, someone suggested I try Morbid Metals …

Juicy Couture Charm Necklace

I’ve noticed that a lot of the teenagers around the city had this necklace, although at first I didn’t know what the brand of it was, it looked so gorgeous on their necks, so I decided to ask one nice little girl on my way to the city while …

Sterling Revolving Prayer Ring by Steven Lavaggi

I recently bought this Sterling Revolving Prayer Ring by Steven Lavaggi as a gift for my Mom who has a strong faith and loves jewelry. This ring was originally profiled on QVC, though I suspect you can buy it from other retailers as well. I found the …

Zales diamond/jewelry store

Zales is a diamond/jewelry store I went to in hopes of finding three pairs of earrings to place the studs I would wear that I purchased from Sally’s Beauty Store.
When I first walked into the store, I was nervous because I didn’t know much about diamonds or what to …

Open Heart Collection Necklace

I love Jane Seymour. I know. That’s an odd way to start a review about jewelry, right? Unless this woman was the inspiration behind the necklaces I’m reviewing and then it would make a little more sense.
I have been a big fan of Jane’s ever since …

Dana Dow Jewellers

I was shopping for Christmas presents at the mall the other day, and I decided to compare some prices on an earring for my husband. I intended to go to some of the jewelry stores I had been to or seen before in this mall, but the first one …


For some time now, I have been eyeing a pair of Mystic Fire Topaz earrings which I really would like to have. I was looking at a lot of places and I found 3 which sell affordable Mystic topaz earrings. However, a lot of these jewelry websites do …

Jewel Clean

I have tried 2 other jewelry cleaners before but nothing beats Jewel Clean. As with all jewelry cleaners, it comes with a standard basket where you can put the items that you want to be cleaned. This product, however, has no strong intoxicating odor. On the contrary, the smell …

Iza Malczyk

I have been making jewelry for the past nine years. It began mostly as beadwork necklaces, but about two years ago, I was introduced to working with wire and creating wearable art through the manipulation of these elements. I joined a website about wire jewelry and that’s how I …

Tiffany Legacy Ring

The Tiffany Legacy ring is one of the six signature engagement ring styles from Tiffany & Co. It’s a patented Tiffany design that is not carried by any other jeweler, and the ring is, quite simply, breathtaking. There is literally nothing like it in the world.
My husband (then fiancé,) …

Claire’s accessories jewelries

Almost everyone has seen a Claire’s accessory store and most girls and women have shopped there at one point in their life or another. In the last five years or so Claire’s came out with another line for older girls, stuff geared more towards older teens to twenty somethings. …

Breslauer & Warren

I attended the 90th anniversary sale at Breslauer & Warren, and as it was a charity event as well, I was also doing something good as well as shopping for myself. This jeweler is a well-established store in Calgary, and I had been here previously, but on this occasion, …

Ice Jewelry

After nine years with my husband, I finally convinced him that women really DO just want jewelry for holidays and birthdays. He always attempted to be original and creative and have a star named after me or something equally romantic. And, though it IS appreciated, I am a typical …

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is a untrustworthy company. My husband had given me a ring that had been in his family for many years. We decided to have the stones reset. We took the ring to our local Kay Jewelers. The ring …

Zales Outlet

I am not a huge jewelry shopper, and although I enjoy nice jewelry, I don’t really shop for it myself, and prefer to occasionally receive it as a gift. I became a jewelry shopper after my visit to Zales Outlet at Seattle Premium Outlet mall in Tulalip, Washington, because …

K-Mart Jewelry Counter

I have always wanted a mom ring. I am always hinting around to my husband to get me one. Finally this year for our anniversary he got the hint! He got me a beautiful mom ring from K-Mart. I never …

The Silver Mountain

I have spent years looking for places that sell decent, high-quality belly rings, and other than the gold ones in jewelry stores for hundreds of dollars, I have had to settle for cheap ones that fall apart within weeks. Today, I was walking through Chinook Centre looking for something …

VVS Jewellers Ltd.

Sometimes I can tell right away if I am getting ripped off at a store, and sometimes it’s harder to know. It is easy, however, to tell when you are receiving good customer service or not. My experience with VVS Jewellers Ltd. yesterday left me a bit angry.
I had …

12 C Silver Hoop Earrings - Zale’s

There are many times I just want to wear a pair of earrings. Many times I see woman who have multiple pairs of earrings in their ears. I am more so the type that just wants to wear one pair. I like to have a single pair of earrings …

Swan Jewelry Store, Far East Plaza, Singapore

Swan Jewellery at Far East Plaza is a pleasant, fine jewellery store where one can find diamond jewellery and other precious and semi-precious jewellery like emerald earrings, necklaces, lapis lazuli etc. They also have a good collection of amber earrings.
Jewellery at Swan ranges from a few dollars to …

Juicy Couture: Coral Pieces for Spring

This spring, coral is a really hot trend, and of course the uber-trendy Juicy Couture rose to the occasion. However, I wasn’t really happy with the products; they carry a high price tag, and they just aren’t that pretty in person.
The Couture Couture by Juicy Couture Coral Pendant Necklace …

Juicy Couture: Butterfly Jewelry for Spring

My sister loves butterflies, and she recently talked me into purchasing the coordinating Juicy Couture butterfly jewelry that came out for spring. I was a little disappointed with the pieces and am actually considering returning them; the quality just doesn’t seem to be worth the price.
The most expensive piece …

Juicy Couture: Mother of Pearl Jewelry for Spring

My absolute favorite jewelry line is Juicy Couture, because I’m crazy about the cute girly designs, and I love the intricate detail on each piece. The line is a bit pricey, but I watch for sales and can sometimes score a good deal on Juicy jewelry.
I’m absolutely thrilled with …

I found the most amazing place to buy great jewelry without a big price.
I looked around for months to try and find my daughter some inexpensive, but real gold jewelry for her first piece. I came across Sunshine Jewelry website. They have a huge selection of kids jewelry. …

Jewelry shopping at Mustafa centre

I have purchased gold from the Jewelry section in Mustafa centre many times by now. They have excellent collection of Jewelry items and the designs are really excellent. When My son was born, we bought a baby bracelet for him. It lasted for about 9 …

Felice Jewelry

I am wearing Felice ring at this time. Actually it is a wedding ring. We bought our wedding ring from Felice Jewelry Store. We bought from their store in Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta,Indonesia. This was the nearest Felice store from my house before.
Actually, there were so many choices …

Marquise Birthstone & Diamond Accent Mother’s Ring

I bought this ring for mother’s day for my mother. I love it and I think she will also love. I like it because it has meaning to it, it’s pretty and it was within my budget. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on an expensive …

Engraved Diamond Locket Necklace

My daughter celebrated her 14th birthday last August 30, 2008. She is very thankful for us. I never regret the day I born her and become my daughter. I really love my daughter and everyday I want to show my love and care to her.

Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum (4 ct. tw.)

My mother will celebrate her 58th birthday and I want to gave her a diamond ring because since I am only a kid I am dreaming to give my mother a diamond ring when I have already a job and now I am a professional I can give it …

I have been attached to for last six months and I am very much satisfied with its service and with the jewelries no doubt. There are varieties of beautifully designed jewelries and have a wonderful and helpful staff out there. They offer lots of contests and discount that …

California Accessories Eyewear Chain

While getting new glasses, I also needed to get a new chain for them. I’ve long learned the convenience and ease of putting chains on my glasses so that I can easily take my glasses off, keeping them handy around my neck, or even atop my head.
In the past, …

Fany Silvers at Uni Silver

I just bought a set of a silver ring in Uni Silver a week ago and I should say I am really satisfied with the kind of product I got from them, though it was my choice of the designs they have available, I think it is great that …

Just Jewelry Shop

We bought our wedding ring at Just Jewelry shop. My husband referred this jewelry shop and said that we can find the kind of wedding ring that we wanted right in this shop. A week before our wedding, as a part of our wedding preparations. We …

I have a tendency to be wary of online auction sites but was my first try to buy jewellery online. The first time, I bought a ruby ring from bidz for US$82. I love the ring and it has become a hot favourite with me. Since then I …

Pandora Jewelry

A couple of years ago, my supervisor took me to Bond Jewelers to buy a “special” bracelet. She had vaguely described what it was, and I was just excited to be getting new jewelry. What girl isn’t?
As soon as we walked in, she took me right over …

True Love Waits Sterling Silver Ring

This is an awesome ring. I purchased this ring for my cousin from a shopping center. The ring looks very pretty and simple at the same time. Since the time of the purchase my cousin has been showing this ring to all of her friends. She claims …

Vintage Collection Classic Porcelain Rose Button Earrings

It was my birthday and my husband gave me these beautiful ‘Vintage Collection Classic Porcelain Rose Button Earrings’ from 1928 Jewelry. I love designer jewelry and when I saw it was from 1928 Jewelry Company I knew it had to be good, reliable and of course uniquely designed. The …

Swarovski Crystal Shop, Bombay

When we wanted to buy a good gift for one of our corporate guests, among several things that crossed our mind was Swarovski crystal. After making some enquiries, we came to know that the Swarovski Outlet is available in CR2, an up market Shopping Centre in Nariman Point area. We …

Haier Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Having received the Haier Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Christmas this year, I was eager to give it a try, as I have various pieces of jewelry with small stones that are difficult to clean in between. I was pleased with how simple it is to get set up …

Cash4gold .com is a company that at first glance seems fishy.
I first saw their services on the television. They ask you to do simple things, like just MAIL THEM YOUR GOLD. In turn, they will send you a check!
This is what caught my attention. Think about how easily this could …

Freshwater Cultured Pearl, Citrine, Peridot & Amethyst Necklace, 18″

Freshwater cultured pearls were one of my favorites and that my husband obviously knew very well. So last birthday he gifted me ‘Freshwater Cultured Pearl, Citrine, Peridot & Amethyst Necklace, 18″‘, and made me extremely surprised. I was overwhelmed with joy and his expression of love and care. It …

4 Band Silver, Antique Looking Puzzle Ring

Puzzle rings have a unique aspect of being very intricate, and not including precise instructions, if the moment comes when it is dropped and separated, and falls into four connected rings. I like the look of puzzle rings, if they are not too clunky. During an internet search, I …

GemsTV Jewelry

I thought I would present this review since the gift giving holiday season is upon us and jewelry is a popular gift.
I have bought several pieces of jewelry from GemsTV and other jewelry shopping channels. I’ve found that I’ve made more returns to GemsTV than any other company. …

Cash 4

After seeing the commercials for the web site, I decided that would be a good way to empty my jewelry box of all the broken pieces of jewelry and unmatched earrings. I really had no other options for these pieces except tossing them in the trash so …

Cubic Zirconias

There was stage in my life when I was particularly interested in jewelry, for some reason, although my interest has since died of late.
Nonetheless, when my interest was still at the height of its existence, it was more inclined towards diamonds. I really wanted to have one or two …

Cash4Gold .com

I have been seeing the commercials on television for, saying that they pay you top dollar for your unwanted and/or broken jewelry. I have 2 gold rings and one silver ring with diamonds in it, so I went online and requested a mailing kit from to send …

D D & A Ingle - Jewellers

With my wife having a birthday in Novemebr, and Christmas following soon after, I’m always happy to pay a visit to the Ingle brothers on Carlton Hill.
They have been established for forty years supplying coins and medals to the collectors of Nottingham alongside a selection of antique and modern …

Tanishq Jewellery Shop, Visakhapatnam

This is a show room specializing in gold and silver Jewellery in Visakhapatnam. One can get contemporary and nice looking precious and semi-precious jewels set in gold and silver at this place. This is very popular with ladies who are crazy after gold and do not hesitate to pour …

Tiffany’s jewelry

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of distinct pieces from Tiffany & Co. While many girls would jump over hoops just to be able to buy their own Tiffany bracelet, I was lucky enough to have aunts who enjoy buying me precious presents. Bud the sad fact is, …

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