Jewelry Reviews

Kanz jewelry

Recently my friend purchased gold bangles for herself and her sister’s daughter from Kanz jewelry. I am very much impressed with the designs of bangles. Those are light weighed bangles but with heavy look. By just looking at the bangles I thought that they weigh more than 40 gms. …

Larimar Jewelry

A few years ago while I was on a cruise of the Southern Caribbean, I happened upon a stone that was in a lot of the jewelry. This stone, although not precious or semiprecious jewel, was a very unique light blue with small very light blue/white “clouds.” …

Jewerlry store White Marsh Mall MD

I like jewelry, well made jewelry. When I purchase an item I expect satisfaction,and that is what I received from Gordon\’s Jewelry Store at White Marsh Mall. My son purchased an opal bracelet for me for my birthday last year, it was absolutely beautiful. However, last year …

Tanishq Jewelries

Thanishq is a very big and famous brand or company which has the very good collection of gold and diamond jewelries. All over India we can see many Tanishq showrooms and even in Bangalore there is one situated in MG road. Bangalore is the capital city of …

Beijing Pearl Market

Walking along Beijing’s rather rustic, and to be quite frank, dirty street east of the Temple of Heaven, I found myself pleasantly suprised to stumble upon the Hong Qiao Pearl Market. Five floors of knock-offs, shoes, beaded bags, wallets, silk robes, pearls, jade, and millions of other little knick-knacks …

Leather Kenneth Cole Jewelry Box

My mother and I are like best friends, and we share this Kenneth Cole Jewelry Box to store all our jewels inside.
The color of the box that we have is basic black, as the blue one doesn’t look so nice. It has a leather exterior and lined with …

Titanium Era Wedding Rings

I think I might choose a Titanium Era Wedding Ring when I do get married someday. You know why? Just last month, my best friend got married, and she was wearing this wedding ring by Titanium Era, and you bet, it was so gorgeous looking.
I managed to …

Kay Jewelers Wausau Wisconsin

I had just recently upgraded my diamond at Kay Jewelers in the Wausau Mall. When I walk into that jewelry store, it is always a wonderful experience. This store has a large selection of all different kinds of stones and styles of jewelry. The selection of …

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone with its meaning taken from two different languages. ‘Lapis’, is the Latin word for stone, while ‘azula’ is the Arabic word for blue. This gemstone is a wonderful bold blue, which looks absolutely stunning set in jewelry. The vibrant blue produces a very exotic …

Ganjam Jewellary shop

Ganjam is a very big and famous jewellery shop. In India it is very well know and very trusted shop for gold and precious diamonds. Recently the Ganjam has released many latest designs of jewelleries and all of those jewelleries are made of gold and real diamonds …

Riddle’s Jewelry

Dickinson’s Riddle’s Jewelry is an amazing place to find almost anythign you want. However, I find their customer service to be lacking. The sales people are extremely pushy and act as though everytime you enter the store you must leave with something. I’ve encountered this many times and have …

Ganjam Jewellers

Ganjam jewellers is another shop which I love to go to, because it is the unique shop in Bangalore which is very famous all over Karnataka state in India. And here one can get to see many different varieties of jewelleries and especially the diamonds of different varieties with …

Krishnayya shetty

Krishnayya shetty is a very famous jewellery shop, which is very famous in Banaglore, which is the capital of the state Karnataka in India. Diamonds are my favourite jevel and I love to clollect Diamond jewellaries. Once I had been to this shop 3 years back and …

Vummidi bangaru jewllers-chennai

VBJ-as known widely is there since 1900.its secret lies in its exclusiveness.they have rare designs are also the traditional range.they also specialise in contemporary designs which is mostly seasonal in nature.their ruby-diamond collection is simply superb.their bridal collection is mind boggling.they even have silver puja articles which are very …

Equip Jewellery

I love Equip Jewellery stores; mostly because their items are so inexpensive, yet so bold and incredibly desireable.
Even tough most of their items are made of sterling silver, plastic, and inexpensive materials, I have to say that they have outlasted some of my more expensive items by months at …

Ajanta jewellery

Ajanta jewellery is located in hamdan street abudhabi.Its having ground floor and first floor with well designed lighting arrangements. In the ground floor all the gold items are there. In the first floor silver items and gift items are there. In this shop the gold ornaments are more …

Swarovski Crystals

Caring for your Swarovski Crystals will ensure that you will enjoy them for a long time.
Always remember not to drop your jewelry with Swarovski Crystals, especialy if its a charm bracelet. Piece of Swarovski Crystals (usually heart-shaped, clover-shaped, cross-shaped & other shapes) usually cannot withstand a hard drop. …

Ganjam jewellery shop

Hi friends, those who like gold and diamonds for them I have a good news because, in India I have discovered a very good jewellery shop the name of the shop is Ganjam which is world famous and it is situated in the city called Bangalore which is the …

Tarina Tarantino costume jewelry

I love this website! It is the best place to find costume jewelry from Tarina Tarantino’s covetable line. Here you’ll find whimsical pieces inspired by Barbie, Hello Kitty, and Alice in Wonderland. They are absolutely fabulous- very original and very well made. Too bad everything is very expensive- most …

Zales jewelry

The jewelry I have purchased from Zales in the past has had remarkably good quality and I have had absolutely no problems with them. However, upon trying to have a diamond replaced in my engagement ring (which had been bought elsewhere), I was not very pleased with the service …

Southeastern Gems Atlanta GA

I must say that I have not been entirely impressed by Southeastern Gems. After my husband and I spent $3,400.00 on my beautiful platinum and diamond engagement band, I would have expected much better quality. Two months after recieving the ring, a diamond fell out. About the same time, … is an excellent jewellery auction site .Where we can get all kind of real jewellery to artificial jewellery and also now they have introduced electrical items, computers and laptops.
I have bid on a gents watch and got one before the estimated time by FedEx.
There was a scratch …

Liquid Silver Jewelry

Liquid Silver makes a very beautiful jewelry that is easily obtainable price wise. Sometimes craftsmen use beads with the jewelry in order to add to it’s beauty. The silver is melted down into long tubes with an opening that is approximately 1/4 inch, then a long length of wire …

White Gold Jewellery

I find that white gold jewellery is worth your money. Because it has an amount of gold content in it, it retains the gold ability to never tarnish. Also it is very clean, because it never tarnishes. All you need is a cloth and some water and hey presto, …


I am an antiques dealer so I have many occasions where I acquire old sets of heirloom silver that must be cleaned. Often times these pieces have elaborate raised designs which make hand cleaning very laborious. But I have learned that really is the only way to clean valuable …

Fantasy Bead Necklace

My friend was sporting an absolutely stunning gold necklace the other day that was just to die for! I about fell off my seat when she told me she purchased it from Walmart last week! It looked like it was worth probably five hundred dollars, and looked …

Helzberg Diamonds

For years I have bought my diamonds from Helzberg’s and for years I have ben satisfied. They have an excellent selection, friendly helpful staff and excellent prices. They also have programs where you can trade up your diamonds for the next size. They offer low or free financing most …

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

Everyone loves good pearls. They are a classic that will never go out of style. One of the best things is that they can be worn everyday or for special occasions. You shuld have more than one strand, in different sizes. This particular strand is 16 inches, …

Murano Glass and Gold Plated Bead Bracelet

The fashion this year is big and bold, with patterns, accessories and Jewelry. this bracelet is the perfect compliment for todays fashions. It will deffinetly spark interest. You would not wear this to a formal dinner, but for every other occasion it speaks volumes.Murano Glass Beads …

Jewelry Box for Necklaces

If you are like I am and love necklaces, you have had the sad experience of going to your jewelry box and finding your favorites all tangled up together and in some cases, having to throw them out because the chains are just ruined. This is the perfect solution. …

Inspirational Woman’s Necklace

I found a very interesting and unique Woman’s Necklace while doing my on line shopping. If the person you are buying for is a devote of Ghandi, she will be thrilled with this necklace. It actually consists of two pendants, one in silver with a quote from Gahndi, “Be …

Sterling SIlver Three Ring Set

This is one inovation in the jewelry line that I particularly like. Three seperate rings that can be put together in different combinations or worn seperately. This set consists of three sterling silver rings, one plain and two with diamonds all the way around. You can wear …

The Beadery Craft Projects Hemp Jewelry Kit

The hemp jewelry kit that I purchased is from The Beadery Craft Projects company. It is kit #s4s8. The hemp jewelry kit is a delightfully fun kit for making five projects. The hemp jewelry kit comes with beads and supplies to make a necklace, ring, keyring, …

How to find good diamond

“Diamonds are girls best friends” is very true. I would say 90% of women are diamond lovers. A woman can change from bad to good mood just by looking at a solitaire diamond. What make them so special is when the light shines into a diamond, you can see …

Georg Jensen Jewelry

Georg Jensen is a Scandinavian luxury store that sells silverware, antiques, time pieces as well as gold and silver jewelry. They have shops and retail outlets in several countries and a total of seven stores in the US. I visited and browsed several of their retail shops here in …

TJ Maxx

Jewelry can be rather difficult to find, especially at good prices. I have found that for jewelry that is fairly trendy, reasonable in terms of cost, and that does not tarnish, T.J. Maxx is usually the place to go. Usually, they carry a pretty wide variety of …

Birthstone Ruby

The name “ruby” was derived from the Latin word ‘rubens’, meaning ‘red’. The red color of ruby represents love, romance, and passion. Ruby is considered a very rare and precious gemstone. Both ruby and sapphire are composed of mineral called corundum, one of the hardest minerals on earth. Only …

Platinum Jewelry

We all know about Jewells. In that Platinum is good for our life. ‘White’ color is the symbol of Love and Affection. Platinum is also white in color. Platinum is the symbol of Pure, health and wealth. For a good healthy life, astrologers recommended only platinum ring or any …

Jewelry for the Holidays

Jewelry has long stood for the importance a person acquires. The kings and queens of old used rings to sign important documents. The gold band used to significent “together for ever”, for couples who get married. Today we use jewelry to signify things that are most important in …

Jewels India Exhibition

I would like to review my visit to Jewelry exhibiton held at Bangalore in the month of Sept 2006.I visited this exhibition along with my wife on the second day of the fair.As I work for a jewelry company in Bangalore I do know the intricacies of jewelry and …

Charm braclets at Walmart

Today I wish to continue onward with my opinion about Jewelry. My friend whose birthday will soon come has everything and it is hard to select for her the perfect gift. I went to the Local Walmart Store, in Holland, MI and spoke to the gal behind the …

Jayanthi jewelery in Chennai

Two years ago I recieved a gift Gold ear ring and matching necklace from Jayanthi jewelery in Chennai.I personally liked both the ear ring and necklace.The ear ring has four ruby stones with a white shining stone in the centre.It is a ring with a hanging ring interlocked …

Wooden Jewel Box

When I visited a nearby Kmart shop last sunday I bought this Wooden Jewelry Box.It is white wash finished with flower decoration on the outside.The decoration was artistic and it is well suited for the white background.It has two doors with small Knob to open them.One side of …

SK jewelry Singapore

For my birthday a few months ago ,I recieved a gem set jewelry with neclace and ear stud from SK jewelry Singapore.It was gifted to me by my husband.I liked this set very much.
This ear stud and necklace has gems and diamonds.It is very attractive.Ear stud is …

I was drawn in to because new customers get $10.00 off their first purchase. The bidding part is pretty fun. It’s a kind of live auction with a countdown. The prices for some of these semi-precious stones are very low. However, the overall quality …


In the past, I have owned jewelry stores, myself. My family has many jewelers who sell high end jewelry throughout the world. I only say this to convince you that I know a great jewelry buy when I see it! I want to write about THE MAIN STREET COLLECTION …

Cartier Diamond and Rose Gold Love Ring

The Cartier “Love” collection is one of the most timeless jewelry collections. Introduced in the 1970’s, this line has since become a classic. While people are often familiar with the “screw” motif, in which a bracelet or ring is studded with (what appear to be) tiny screws, the diamond …

Pink Sapphire Jewelry

I love Pink sapphire jewelry! My birthstone is a sapphire and my favorite color is pink, so together, it’s perfect! I’m such a girly girl and I love wearing pretty jewelry, especially pink sapphire jewelry. I have two rings and a necklace with pink sapphires. All of them are …

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